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Valentine’s Day

Deciding what to do on Valentine's Day can be a major chore, especially for single ladies out there. 

It can be a frustrating time of forging through millions of Facebook events, restaurant promotions specifically for two and condescending Whatsapp messages of pity from friends in relationships.

Why not break a world record while trying to find love? Something for the CV as well as a future cuddle buddy would be IDEAL, and the event raises money for two great causes as well.

Valentines Day Love GIF

An official Guinness World Record attempt will take place at the Custom House Quarter on Valentines Day 2019, and it looks absolutely unreal.

If you're single and ready to mingle, or just want to go along for the laugh (or have a competitive streak that can only be tamed by breaking records…) make sure to head to the CHQ speed dating event.

They need more than 655 attendees to beat the current record, and one of them can be you.

Maybe you're looking for a future life partner to walk down the aisle towards (seriously) or perhaps you're just bored this Valentine's Day like millions of us, round up your single friends and join the queue for a night to remember.

marge simpson episode 20 GIF

Tickets are €15 per person and include a drink on arrival (very much needed), snacks and entertainment on the night. If you show your ticket to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum within three months following the event, you get two-for-one entry. Second date alert?

Take home some hilarious stories, not to be told at family events, and maybe even some romance? Who knows what lies in store.

All proceeds from your tickets will be going to Movember Ireland and Breast Cancer Awareness too, so you'll feel extra wholesome after finding a match made in…well, not heaven but close enough.

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC

Get your tickets on Eventbrite, and based on your answers when registering you will be split into categories based on orientation and age (over 18s lads) to match you with your perfect date.As perfect as basic algorithms can manage at least.

Dates per person last three minutes each, so you'll get the sparks of love or just a few snippets of nice conversation/small talk, either way it's a win-win.

Matching will be done on a little app, where you can keep track of everyone you meet throughout the night. Think socially acceptable cyber snooping, like Tinder with a tracker.

valentines day cupid GIF

A link will be sent out to the app via email in January, and your profile can be created before the event.

The app basically acts as your wingwoman on the night; when you meet someone you can scan their QR codes and swipe right or left after the date based on if you're into them or would rather hide in a bin than ever see them once more. 

If you both swipe right, you'll receive each other's contact details, and then LOVE WILL BLOSSOM. Hopefully. If you remember your phone charger.

For more information on the event where you'll find your future baby daddy, follow the link. Y'all are welcome, enjoy breaking records for a good cause.


When it comes to finding love in the modern era, technology has taken over as the avenue of choice for hopeful singletons.

Pop the term ‘dating site’ into Google and you are rewarded with over 65 million results (that’s a lot of singles) so to say we’re spoiled for choice is a blatant understatement.

From Tinder to Plenty of Fish to Match.com, there are literally hundreds of thousands of places to meet people online.

That’s not to say that people don’t meet each other organically anymore, say by bumping into each other at a bar or randomly meeting on the street, but with 59 percent of people thinking that online dating is a good way to meet people, and 27 percent of adults aged 18-24 currently using dating apps and websites according to The Pew Research Centre, it’s definitely a popular method of looking for love.

However, some people are becoming jaded with the current state of (love) affairs, and seek a more hands on, up-close-and-personal method of finding the one.

Matchmaking has been a long standing tradition in Irish culture, dating back to the 1500s. Many communities had their own professional matchmakers to make the pairings in the village or town.

While Ireland has moved on from those days, matchmaking is still a booming industry in the 21st century, at a time when convenience and technology is the name of the game, matchmaking companies provide a more personal investment opportunity in finding the one.

“As people get into their 30s, some of them lose their wingmen as people settle down, so we decided to become the wing men in a very safe environment,” says Feargal Harrington, who runs Intro Matchmaking with his wife Rena, who have thousands of members on their books.

Rena and Feargal were match made themselves by Feargal’s brother, and Feargal says that if he and Rena had been shown each other’s online dating profiles, they probably would have been very reluctant to meet each other.

One match-made date turned into six-and-a-half-years of romance, and now they are making the same thing happen for up to 100 potential couples each week all over the country.

Matchmaking is different to other forms of dating, because the prospective daters know that the person they will meet is genuinely looking for love, unlike online dating where people’s motives can be questionable.

“They know that everyone is invested, physically, mentally and financially in actually meeting someone for a long term relationship or marriage. The people who joining Intro Matchmaking are sincere and they want something long term,“ he said.

The appeal of matchmaking seems to be the human element. There are no algorithms slotting people together based on corresponding traits, there is a real team of people in a room in Dublin figuring out who is best for you to meet with.

And with a success rate of 1 in 4, the odds of finding a long term bae through matchmaking seem to be in your favour.

While the success rates are high, some people scoff at the thought of matchmaking for fear of looking desperate.

“The people who go to matchmakers are confident people with their lives lined up, they know what they want out of life and now they want someone to compliment what they already have going for them, not fix them. People have to be truly ready.“

“There is nothing embarrassing about being proactive in wanting to meet someone. Matchmaking puts you in a pool of people where every other person has honourable intentions.”

Looking deeply into the wants, needs and intentions of those seeking a matchmaking service is something Jennifer Haskins, creator of Two's Company, specialises in.

With a background in psychology and counselling, the Dun Laoghaire resident uses her own life experience to make the perfect pairings.

"We pick up on things people don’t even know about themselves after doing this for so long," laughs Jennifer, who has almost 9 years experience in match making behind her, and utilises her past dating and relationship experience to benefit her clients. 

"I had tried online dating, and speed dating and gone out to social events. I then signed up to an agency and I met someone, and I realised that this was a really good way to meet a partner. It was much more professional and I just felt very safe."

After starting Two's Company, the demand was so high that Jennifer's phone was ringing constantly, as people who were jaded with the current dating scene sought her services for a more humanistic experience.

"What’s happening today is the young people, they’re going out and because they have the likes of tinder and all these online apps they just don’t seem to communicate anymore, they just stay in their own groups."

"I don’t think they’re making the effort, whereas years ago if you think about it these things weren’t available so people had to communicate they had to and they wanted to. That’s not happening now."

While Jennifer firmly believes (and has the testimonials from her clients to prove) that romance isn't dead, she does think that young people are going about finding love the wrong way. 

"There is no courting, no 'lets talk', no 'lets get to know each other', no 'lets find out if there is anything more than the physical,' its purely surface."

And while women may complain that men never approach them or that guys just are not forward enough, expert Jennifer does feel that there are reasons for this.

"If a guy approaches a group of girls, he runs the risk of rejection not only from the girl that he’s interested in, but also from her friends."

"I can understand when guys say how hard it is, because it must be and it’s not easy to walk into a group of girls and say hi because people can be cruel."

"They can be very off hand and they can kind of give him the brush off, and then the guy has to walk away with his tail between his legs and back to the group of lads who have just witnessed this, and then he’s going to be slagged."

We all make judgements about people before we even know them, be that online through their social media or out at a bar with the girls, and this could be what is holding so many people back from finding the one. 

"Pre-judging is something I encourage people in my business not to do, because you do not know what that person is going to be like until you turn up to that date and meet them face to face."

"You have no idea. You need to park the judgement and just wait and say no, I’m going to wait until I get to know them a bit better," says Jennifer.

Jennifer cites the added pressures of modern life as another element which comes between people finding romance.

"The stakes have been raised and the sense of being driven to achieve, people are staying in college longer, so then when they do get the job that they wanted it’s time to climb the ladder there."

Then, after years of focusing on nights out and climbing the career ladder, people wake up one day and realise that the want kids and marriage, and it hits them like a thunderbolt. 

"They are amazing, attractive women and I’m surprised men aren’t beating the door down to get to them, but that’s just not where their focus is."

The focus on authenticity is what sets agencies like Two's Company and Intro apart from the other forms of dating available. 

There are no secret partners, no suspicious motives and no hidden agendas, everyone is signing up with the same intentions, which is why it's such a shame that people would give up on love before exploring all their options. 

"I think a lot of people have (given up on love) and it’s an awful waste because there are so many people out there that really want a relationship, and I suppose that the difference between what we do at Two’s Company and the likes of Tinder and all the rest, because on the sites there would be a lot of hook ups and one night stands, and were all aware that with the dating agencies there is a very high level of buy in."

"You have a buy-in on a financial level but also on a physical and emotional level, as you have to be transparent and say this is me, this is what I’m looking for.

"They have to be transparent and prove that they are who they say they are, they have to sign a contract to say that the information they have given us is honest and correct and that’s a big ask, so I find when people come to an agency there is that level of authenticity and honesty."

Because after all, why would someone pay hundreds of euro to lie about their agenda to a matchmaking service, when they can do it on the internet for free?

The only agenda behind match making agencies is to help people find someone to spend their life with. 

Jennifer reminisces on the correspondences she keeps up with happy couples who she has personally paired at Two's Company, and it is clear from the smile on her face that the news of engagements, marriages and babies from these couples gives her a true sense of delight. 

"Everybody you meet you just want to look after them and you want it to work out, and you know that you don’t have total control, you’re not god, and you can’t play god, all you can do is just hope that it works."


For many millennials (myself included) being single is something of a lifestyle necessity, based on our increasingly hectic work lives and social calendars. 

While singledom is nothing to be ashamed of, Valentines Day can be a marker of time that leaves me thinking: 'Wow, another year alone.'

Now, I'm definitely not one to throw a pity party, but with almost two years having gone by since my last relationship, I do occasionally wonder if I'm a romance repellant. 

Even though I choose to remain footloose and fancy free, the day that's in it can cause insecurities about the lack of success in my love life. 

Yes work is going great, I have brunches scheduled every Sunday for the next six months and frankly my hair has never looked better, but where is future bae?

Seriously, what are they doing at this exact moment in time, and how very dare they enjoy their lives without me being in it yet?

No matter how great various other aspects of my life are going, Valentines Day never fails to make me ponder on all the faults of my past relationships, from the long term to the casual to those which started as a Bumble chat and never went any further. 

Like, if I hadn't mentioned on the first date that I fancy Louis Theroux, would things have worked out?

If I hadn't caught my ex cheating, would we still be together with him taking various mistresses on the side? 

These thoughts are dredged up from the graveyard filled with ghosts of ex's past, so rather than celebrating Valentines Day, it feels more like a mental funeral procession, dedicated specifically to mourning the loss of all my past encounters, good and bad. 

And the most annoying part about all this is – I'm not upset in the slightest that I'm single. In fact, I can't even imagine where I would squeeze a romantic relationship in around work, pastimes and spending time with my friends and family. 

However, when you're bombarded with images of designer tokens of love via social media all day, it's pretty hard not to wistfully consider what life would be like with a partner. 

The problem with being single for so long, is that you become entirely self reliant – which definitely isn't a bad thing, but bare with me. 

When you've been single for say, two or three years, or maybe you're someone who has never had a long-term relationship, you become accustomed to making all your decisions alone, plotting your social calendar without having to fit a partner in, 

This has led to believe that while I may just be a romance repellant, it could also have a lot to do with the fact that it would take a pretty extraordinary person to come along, make me look up from my emails or G&T, and be like 'hey, there could be something here.'

So for the sake of not wanting to turn into a Moaning Myrtle every February 14, until extraordinary bae makes an appearance, I should probably consider appreciating the other loves of my life instead of moping after romantic love. 

My sisters, my brother, my parents, my best friends, my work wives, my extended family and my cats (cliche alert) are all more than worth being put on a pedestal today, way above any amorous clinch.

So, rather than considering the mistakes of the past, I'll be focusing on the present this year, and making sure I reach out to the people who love me right now and not pining for the stranger who will in the future. 


Valentine's Day is mere hours away, but if you're anything like us you've left everything to the last minute. 

Perhaps it's the fact that Wednesday isn't exactly the ideal day for the romantic holiday to fall on, or maybe you'd rather not buy into gimmick of it all – but even if flowers and chocolates aren't your thing, it's still a good excuse for you and your partner to indulge in a well-deserved date night. 

We've done some research and compiled a list of the of the country's most romantic restaurants, any of which would provide the perfect setting for a last-minute Valentine's dinner. 


Luna, Drury Street, Dublin 2

You've got to try: The Pollo, Cavolo e Funghi, Tarragon ( or Chicken, Cabbage, Mushrooms and Tarragon to you and me). 


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L'Ecrivain, Baggot Street, Dublin 2 

You've got to try: The Aged Irish Beef Fillet – G'wan, treat yourself! 

Kai, Sea Road, Galway 

You've got to try: The Quinoa Cakes, Ricotta, Salsify and Asparagus – a dangerously delicious combination. 


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Tannery, Dungarvan, Waterford 

You've got to try: The hazelnut parfait, poached pear, glazed puff pastry *drools*

Amicus, Paul Street, Cork 

You've got to try: The Espresso Martini – Java Organic Espresso, Kettle One Vodka, Kahlua, Simple Syrup (em, yes please!)


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The Honest Vegan, Belfast

You've got to try: The Cauliflower Buffalo Bites – trust us! 


Is it just us, or does it feel like Valentine's Day crept up on us out of nowhere this year? 

January felt like the month that would never end and now all of a sudden we're in the middle of February with not a second thought given to how we're going to spend the most romantic day of the year. 

Sure, shops have been full of heart shaped chocolates and cheesy cards for weeks now, but in the typical 'ah sure, it'll be grand' fashion, we've failed to put any solid plans in place. 

But never fear, we've put together a list of cute date ideas that require little to no preparation. Your partner will feel extra special without ever having to know that you almost forgot – you're welcome! 

1. Take a stroll around Pheonix park

Or any park for that matter.

After spending most of winter cuddled up indoors, it's about time we make the most of that tiny wee stretch in the evening. 

Sure, it's going to be absolutely baltic out, but at least you can bond over your shared hatred of the Irish winter. 

2. At home spa day 

Let's set the scene.

A steamy hot bubble bath, scented candles and as much chocolate and vino as your heart desires. 

Take turns giving massages or apply face masks and settle in for a night of pure relaxation. 

3. Game night 

Dial up the cheese factor with a personalised game of Scrabble. 

The rules are simple – the only words that count are the ones that fit into your chosen theme e.g. words that have meaning to your relationship/ dirty words/  made-up words – you get the picture. 

4. Romantic breakfast before work 

Given that Valentines' Day falls on a Wednesday this year, it's likely that most people will hold off celebrations until the weekend rolls around. 

However, if you do want to mark the occasion in some shape or form, why not get up early and treat your partner to a gourmet breakfast. 

Cook at home, or head to your favourite café – there's nothing like a little romance to put a pep in your step before work. 

5. Hit up your local arcade 

You'd be surprised what effect a healthy dose of competition could have on your love life. 

Challenge your partner to an intense game of air hockey or make a show of yourself  on the dance machine – you might not be crowned the new 'Pinball Wizard' but you'll have a gas time trying. 



February 14th is a day dedicated to love, either for a partner, or if you're single (which apparently, is better for you anyway), for your amazing friends. 

And while a nice dinner can be a great way to show someone how much you care about them, a tasty drink is always welcome! 

The delicious recipes below will make sure your party for two or more is off to a good start. 

1. Coconut strawberry daiquiri

2. Cardamom rose gin cocktail

3. Cranberry lemonade margarita

4. Champagne punch bellini

5. Heart shaped cocktail

6. Raspberry limoncello prosecco

7. Amour rouge

8. Traditional sangria

9. Ombré grapefruit mocktail


10. Love Club


  • 50ml Jawbox Small Batch Gin
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • 5ml grenadine
  • 10ml sweet vermouth
  • 1 egg white
  • Redcurrants to garnish


Dry shake all the ingredients for about 30 seconds. Add ice and shake again until cold. Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with redcurrants.
Jawbox Small Batch Gin is available from all good licensed retailers including O’Briens Wines.


Featured image: Pass the Sushi



The day of love is fast approaching, and our mass preparation has begun.

From gift buying to restaurant planning, for many no stone goes unturned on Valentine's Day. 

So why not go all out this year, with a romantic manicure, inspired by the day of love? 

Sure look, even if you're single AF (guilty), it is always nice to be on trend, right? 

So if you are getting your claws done this week, have a look here for some inspiration. 

rihanna nails GIF

1. Simple little hearts. 



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2. Polka dots of love.

3. Heart tips! 

4. Loads of love for these beauties.

5. How cute are these?

6. We love these blue bad boys.


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart 

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7. Holographic hearts for the WIN.

8. Okay, these are our faves. 



We all know that the most important person to show love to is yourself, and the occasional treat doesn't go astray when it comes to showing yourself exactly how you feel about you. 

Whether it's some new perfume to put a pep in your step or that covetable pair of boots you've been eyeing up on the shop shelf, if there was ever a day to buy yourself a delectable pressie, it's Valentine's Day: 

Topshop jacket €60.00,  SOSU Parfum de Nuit €49.95,  MAC Strobe Cream €34.00, River Island Boots €87.00

 Aluxe sunglasses €15.00, Wildfox T-shirt €95.00,  Hello Kitty x ASOS hoop earrings €10.81, Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Fragrance Combining Trio €85.00

Double Breasted Belted Mac €69.99, Benefit 'BADgal Bang' €27.00, Huda Beauty palette €65.00, Compact Bronzer €27.00



Whether you're planning a steamy weekend away, or a wine night with the girls, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to add a little va-va-voom to your wardrobe.

From lacey lingerie to beautiful blouses, PrettyLittleThing have got everything you need to ramp up the style stakes this February.

Why not strut your stuff in shades of reds mixed with sharp blacks, or go classic with neutrally tones and cheeky harness detailing, or take thing up a notch with a sensual little lace number?

Or maybe you're looking for something more casual? In that case, nothing says Netflix and chill quite like a satin pj set and matching underwear.

Celebrating Galentine's instead?

Gather the gang and slay the night away in fierce co-ords, statement cut out detailing, figure boosting fabrics and dramatic plunging necklines.

€22.00 // €15.00
Matching Set €28.00
€22.00 // €35.00
€35.00 // €35.00

Prices start at just €12 and all styles are available at www.prettylittlething.com.

Whatever you get up to this Valentine's Day, make sure to do it in style.


Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 

Sure, it's all a bit commercial, but what holiday isn't these days? –  and hey, it's nice little pick-me-up after a long and dreary January. 

From flowers and chocolates, to jewellery and lingerie, there are countless ways to say 'I love you' on February 14, but here at SHEmazing HQ, we happen to think some things are better said with words.

Which is why we've rounded up some of this year's most unique Valentine's cards. 

So, whether you're in a long-term relationship or things are just hotting up, we've found something to suit every couple. 

For the couple who met online

For the loved up couple 

For the couple who are past caring 

For the 'non-official' couple 

For the couple that don't do romance 




With Valentine's Day just around the corner, our minds have wandered to the recesses of our underwear drawer with destain for the over-washed wisps of plain cotton which lie within. 

It's definitely more full coverage and comfy than Victorias Secret-esque, but that's all about to change. 

Thanks to Lidl, you can now shop for a sexy lingerie look while your grabbing the weekly shop.

Kimono €7.99, Bra €7.99, Briefs €5.99

Amidst the affordable avocados, stacks of eggs and the beloved crisps aisle will soon live a seriously seductive range of lacy lingerie – but not for long with these prices. 

The Esmara lingerie collection is monochrome, suiting everyone's taste.

The gorgeous Glenda Gilson is the face (and abs) of the line, and while frankly the seasoned presenter would look good wearing a plastic bag, the stunning selection of lace delicates and silk kimonos are oh so flattering. 


Ladies kimono €7.99 each

Whether you're entertaining company for the night or lounging in PJs with the girls this coming Valentines Day, a robe is an essential. 

Lidl is launching a selection of three silk kimonos, in classic black, racy red and an eclectic geometric print. 

Would it be rude to purchase one for every mood?

Lace body €8.99

As Glenda demonstrates to great effect, a lace bodysuit is an unusual and flirty way to showcase your figure with a retro feel.

The slightly high cut of Lidl's monochrome bodysuits is extremely forgiving, and we can picture them teamed with jeans and barely there heels for the perfect Valentine's date night outfit – or a night on the tiles. 

If you're feeling like a more traditional piece, a negligee is the way to go. 

Lace bodies €8.99 each, Lace negligee €8.99 

This black lace slip with a bow tie detail could be paired with any kind of briefs, and is exactly what we can picture the likes of SATC's Samantha reclining in with a glass of wine. 

Whether you're treating yourself or planning on treating your partner, a classic bra and underwear set is a crowd pleaser (if you're into that). 

Bra €7.99 each, Briefs €5.99 each

Lidl is stocking a selection of black and white lacy bras and knickers to mix and match. The sizes include 34B, 36B, 36C, 38B and 38C.

The collection lands in stores tomorrow so if there was a day of the week to do the weekly shop, it would be February 1. 


This February, instead of swiping right on Tinder, grab a paint brush and your best mate and spend the evening sipping Prosecco, while creating your very own masterpiece. 

As part of their Craft Collective series, Galway's Tribeton is hosting a dating event with a twist: an evening of art and, hopefully, conversation! 

We all have a friend who's not right for us but may be perfect for someone else.

So, find your platonic pairing and be two of 20 men and 20 women looking for love in the luxurious surroundings of Tribeton.

Guests will be treated to a glass of Prosecco or pint of beer on arrival before checking out the talent and grabbing a seat to join the class.

As part of the ticket price, PaintClub provides all the materials required and step-by-step instructions to make your way from blank canvas to finished masterpiece by the end of the night.

Absolutely no experience is necessary, and you may just find the person of your dreams over the top of a canvas!

Located on 1-3 Merchant’s Road in Galway’s City Centre, Paint Dates @Tribeton costs just €100 per pair with the caveat that attendees must come as an opposite sex twosome

So grab a friend from the 'friend zone' and come have some fun and paint and date! For more details see www.paintclub.ie

To make a booking see www.tribeton.ie or for more information follow them on social media @tribeton.