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So, while popular culture has painted a picture of the eligible bachelor vs the desperate woman, it turns out quite the opposite is true.

And while we're pretty sure most people are able to see through these inaccurate and downright offensive stereotypes, science is here to debunk the myth once and for all.

A new study conducted by dating website eHarmony found the 71 per cent of single men felt “significant pressure” to find a romantic partner compared to just 58 per cent of single women.

Research also found that men were more likely to feel lonely when they're not in a relationship, with 47 per cent of participants admitted that it was one of the worst things about being single.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, eHarmony psychologist, said: “Surprising though it may seem, it's single men rather than women who feel under more pressure to find a partner.”

“They also report higher levels of loneliness. This challenges the traditional idea of the happy-go-lucky bachelor who is more suited to single life than his female equivalent,” she added.

What's more, the study also revealed what people miss most about the single life. Answers included things like personal independence, time for new hobbies and the freedom to enjoy new sexual relationships.

Rather surprisingly, just 41 per cent of people said they would rather be with themselves than with the wrong person, while 77 per cent said they suffered from loneliness whilst single.

Romain Bertrand, of eHarmony, said: “ Of course, it's encouraging to see that many people actively enjoy being on their own and have strong ties with family and friends.

“However, we also know that many singles feel burnt out and jaded by casual dating.”

There's ups and downs to everything, really.


A very high number of women have started to freeze their eggs as they are unable to find an equally intelligent partner.

In a study by researchers at Yale University, it found that fewer men are entering higher education, and therefore, educated women are finding it difficult to find their perfect partner.

According to The Independent, there is an "over-supply" of highly educated females, and the intelligence gap between men and women is becoming wider.

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The study examined 150 women in the US and Israel, who have had their eggs frozen throughout eight clinics.

90 per cent of them said that they were "preserving" their eggs because they have not found a partner yet.

81 per cent of the women said they have a college degree.

Author of the study, Professor of Anthropology Marcia Ihorn, said: "There is a major gap – they are literally missing men.

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"There are not enough college graduates for them. In simple terms, this is about an over-supply of educated women."

To further that, a fertility doctor who took part in the study explained: "[Straight] women tell us frequently that they are freezing their eggs because the men they meet feel threatened by their success and so are unwilling to commit to starting a family together."


As if we didn't know it already, woman are the stronger sex.

There has been a long standing myth that women are weaker than men, and it has been brought up time and time again throughout history.

However, according to research, women have a stronger chance of survival and we're born with it.

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Steve Austad, an international ageing expert at the University of Alabama, spent two years studying why women live longer than men.

He found that no matter where you are in the world, women generally live about five to six years longer than their male counterparts.

Steven believes females are more "robust. Pretty much at every age, women seem to survive better than men."

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In his study, the researcher noted that from a 2010 study, women were less likely to die from 12-15 causes, which include cancer and heart disease.

The only exception was Alzheimer's disease, which women are more likely to pass away from.

Steven said: "Once I started investigating, I found that women had resistance to almost all the major causes of death."

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Kathryn Sandberg, director of the Centre for the Study of Sex Differences in Health, Ageing and Disease at Georgetown University explained: "If you look across all the different types of infections, women have a more robust immune response.

"If there's a really bad infection, they survive better. If it's about the duration of the infection, women will respond faster."

Weak, my a**.



When you're applying your face in the morning, whether you're a BB-cream-and-go kind of girl or you're more into a full contour and highlight, do you ever stop to wonder why you're applying makeup?

Is it because you want to look professional at work, feel confident in yourself or highlight your best features?

Or is it to 'trick' men into thinking you are attractive? Because that's what 63 per cent of men seem to think.


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A new study by YouGov found that 63 per cent of men think that 'women mainly wear makeup in order to trick people into thinking they’re more attractive.'

As suggested by the survey service, a percentage of men think that women are 'just thirsty for the male gaze,' which is why we apply eyelash extensions, lip liner and contouring kits. 

C'mon lads, we did not just spend an hour and a half getting tiny pieces of mink stuck to our eyelids with industrial strength glue just we we can bat them in the direction of a man.

And even if a woman decided to add a bit of extra effort to her makeup look to impress someone special, we highly doubt it's an attempt at trickery. 

Despite the fact that men think women are hiding something with makeup, the same cannot be said of the perception of men with beards.

Only 36 per cent of individuals think that a man with a beard is using the fuzzy face fluff to hid facial imperfections. 


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Overall, 43 per cent of people feel that women wear 'too much makeup,' which is reflected in the experiences of women who feel that have been 'makeup shamed' for their full faces.

Famous YouTube makeup artists Nikki Tutorials has actually started a campaign to end makeup shaming among women. 

Makeup can give people a confidence boost, which is nothing to be ashamed of, and it definitely doesn't mean women are trying to 'trick' people with their powders and lipliners. 

We mean, if a guy really thought we had naturally shimmery eyelids and matte plum lips, then more fool him. 


'Ashamed', 'exhausted' and 'resentful'. These are all words used by millennial women who earn more money than their male partners.

According to a new report, more women than ever are taking on the role of breadwinner in their relationships, but instead of it being an exciting time, it's turning out to be quite the opposite.

A new report by Refinery29 found that a woman making more money can be seen as a disadvantage.

In 2015, 38 per cent of wives made more money than their husbands in the US, and with that number continuing to grow, it's leading to problems in relationships.

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And to further problems in a relationship, the study also found that these women are still expected to do the majority of household work and childcare.

The author of the study wrote about her own experience, saying that people think it's strange that she earns more moola than her boyfriend.

But, in this day and age why is it so strange for a woman to be on top of her game when it comes to work? It should be celebrated.

Instead, Ashley received comments like, "I just feel like it's a man's job to take care of his woman," and "Do you ever think you might be selling yourself short?"

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While being the breadwinner comes with immense responsibility, the women surveyed in the study all said the same thing: They'd rather be breadwinners than live with a partner who was unhappy at their job.

As you read through the findings however, a similar conclusion derives from the narrative; women will stick to their higher-earning job, once they are happy in that job.

Since they love the work they're doing, it's not as much about money as it is about fulfilment.

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So, while it may be difficult for some men to come to terms with their partners earning more, and some women may feel resentful for doing the majority of the work, it boils down to the inner workings of your relationship.

Once you and your partner talk openly and honestly about your aspirations, you'll find out what works best for you.

And for anyone who thinks it's a "man's job to take care of his woman," welcome to the 21st century. Millennial women are killing it in the business world and that's not about to change.


Most of us think that guys don't really have a clue about periods, right?

Some do, some don't – it differs from man to man.

But, it turns out that they might know a whole lot more than we think.

Teva recently conducted a survey which questioned 5,000 heterosexual men in relationships from 12 countries in Europe to find out how much they really know about menstruation – and it actually surprised us.

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When asked about the length of a period, the guys got it spot on, with the average answer of 5.2 days for women who don't take contraception, and 4.6 days for ladies who do.

And when it came to the top problems us women experience when Aunt Flo is in town, they answered pretty accurately with mood swings, irritability and pelvic pain.

However, one thing they still haven't copped onto is how sore our cramps can be, as the study found that they don't think periods are that painful.

And, for some reason, most men surveyed either didn't know or didn't believe that women get periods every month…

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Dr Iñaki Lete, who led the research, said: "Prior to hormonal birth control becoming a contraceptive option, men had little awareness of what a woman experiences during menstruation.

"In the 50 years since the first contraceptive became widely available, men have become increasingly aware of how their partner experiences menstruation.

"These findings reflect wider societal changes, particularly where couples are encouraged to discuss previously taboo topics such as menstruation and contraception."

So, it looks like your boyf may know more about your body after all.



Realistically if you are a woman who exists in society, you have probably had something mansplained to you at some point.

In case you didn't know there was a term for this sexist phenomenon, mansplaining is when a man speaks "condescendingly to a woman about a topic he believes her to be ignorant of, when in fact his own knowledge of the subject is materially incomplete," according to Urban Dictionary.

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The possibility that she may know more about the subject than he does is something that the mansplainer simply cannot compute. 

The women of Twitter are currently sharing their horror stories with mansplaining, and some of the tales are making us pretty mad. 

10. If there is one thing worse than mansplaining, it has to be catcalling.

9. Just because menstruation has the word men in it, doesn't make them experts.

8. You would not get away with that in Ireland, that's for sure. 

7. This is just insulting. 

6. Those of us with unique names relate…

5. Don't try to school an expert fellas…

4. Is nothing sacred?  

3. Because pregnancy is definitely an area of expertise for men.  

2. It even happens at work. 

1.  Those who are not on the receiving end of sexism probably shouldn't try to explain it to those who are. 

 Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Women are better multi-taskers than men. We've been told by our male counterparts for years that this is just a myth, but now, there's some science to back it up.

According to a research piece in the Royal Society Open Science, female sex hormones define a woman's ability to do various tasks at once.

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The researchers asked 83 people to participate in the study who were then required to walk on a treadmill while performing a number of cognitive tasks in order to test the left side of the brain.

The findings saw that men and menopausal women were less able to carry out the tasks at hand while simultaneously walking on the treadmill.

However, younger, pre-menopausal woman could carry the tasks out sufficiently.

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"Women under 60 are surprisingly resistant to this effect," the researchers wrote. "Overcoming this interference appears to be a trait unique to younger females and implies significant gender differences at the top of the hierarchical chain of locomotor control," scientist Tim Killeen told The Telegraph.

"Whether this finding is generalisable to other examples of multitasking, such as driving and talking, walking and texting is speculative," he added.



First dates are one of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever do.

Your palms are sweaty, your mind is going a mile-a-minute, and most of the time, it seems like you just can't relax.

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A million things run through your mind, such as: 'Does he think I'm weird?', 'Am I talking too fast?', and 'I hope I don't have spinach in my teeth!'

Unfortunately, none of us are mind-readers, but thanks to a Singles in America survey, it turns out some guys are thinking quite the opposite.

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Surprisingly, of those who were surveyed, two-thirds of men are actually thinking about… commitment on a first date.

Yep, and what's more, 27 percent of guys have already made their minds up about kids before they even go on a date with you.

Who knew?!



Jodie Marsh is done with MEN.

The former model has revealed that after her last divorce, she not only never wants to date guys again, she never wants to marry again either.

Jodie ended her marriage to James Placido after only eight months last year, and as far as we know, it was messy.


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While she hasn't given details of the break-up yet, she did indicate in a previous interview that the police had to get involved.

And when it comes to moving on, Jodie believes she'll never fall into the marriage trap again.


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"I'm not against having another relationship, but at the moment the people I fancy are women and I am only sexually attracted to women," she told the Daily Star.

"I will never get married again. It was the worst mistake of my life," she added.


Women are so used to undergoing beauty treatments every day/week/month that it's become a total norm for us.

Eyebrows plucked? No bother. Quick leg wax? OK. Manicure and pedicure? That's heaven.

Now, don't get us wrong, we feel the pain. But, most of us are so used to our standard beauty treatments by now that we just put up with the sting.

However, it's a total different story when a man sits in the treatment chair, as you'll see from this video by Buzzfeed India.

At the start of the video, one of the men says that he has a "high pain tolerance," so the treatments should be no bother to him. Right? 

Nope, he was wrong, so wrong. One guy chimes in that it's "not worth the pain, it was destructive," and another thinks it was just, "pain, pain, pain, PLUCK, pain, pain, pain."

Watch the video below to see how they got on: 



We all know sleep deprivation can lead to some major health issues, but according to researchers in Duke University, loss of sleep effects women harder than men.

The study surveyed 210 men and women aged between 18 and 65. They were asked about the quality of their sleep, and frequency as well as other health measures like psychological distress and physical well-being.

The researchers found that not getting enough sleep on a regular basis is linked with hints of higher rates of inflammation, elevated stress levels, blood sugar regulation problems, increased hostility, and a heightened risk of depression… But, only in women.

As well as that, the more problems women had sleeping, the higher their body mass indexes were.

Yep, we're thinking WTF too.

The researchers suggest that this is because women don't have as much testosterone which can protect the body's cells from inflammation and may also protect the brain and other organs from sleep deprivation and stress.

As for the weight gain? Well, the authors of the study think that the balance of our hormones are to blame and can be thrown totally out of whack if we don't get enough sleep.

The researchers suggest that rather trying to boost your testosterone levels, developing a solid bedtime routine should do the trick, and giving yourself more time to fall asleep will help, too.

So now you have ample opportunity to tell your other half to shut up in the middle of the night. It's justified, right?