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Yankee Candle have come out with a new autumnal range, all about cosy campfire smells, and we’re obsessed!

Now that summer has come and gone, we seriously can’t wait to get cosy in front of the fire, with our fluffy socks and warm jammies on, sipping giant cups of hot chocolate. We love when the leaves turn colour, and there’s a crispness to the air that allows us to don our comfy knitted jumpers and stylish winter boots. 

Not forgetting that signature smokey bonfire smell which instantly takes us back, reminding us of every little detail about the season which we know and love.

That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to hear that the famous candle brand, Yankee Candle, have brought out their own autumn collection, centered around that classic campfire aroma. 

The first scent is called Warm and Cosy. If the name itself isn’t enough of a selling point, then perhaps the combination of cedarwood, cashmere, and eucalyptus will convince you to give this scent a whirl.

The next candle is A Night Under The Stars, coloured a deep midnight blue. If you were to give this scent a sniff you would be entranced by the woody, spicy fragrance which sparkles with a constellation of rose, leather and driftwood notes. 

The third candle available in the collection is called Crisp Campfire Apples — basically autumn in a jar, right? This scent of freshly picked apples cooking over the fire in the crisp night air is joined by middle notes of cinnamon stick and oak leaves.

The last candle in the autumn campfire range is called Pecan Pie Bites. This sweet and spicy scent combines the fragrance of cinnamon leaf, burnt sugar and raw honey with notes of white hazelnut, pecan and dark chocolate — ideal for the sweeter fragrance fan in your life.

All of these candles are available on amazon, priced at £23.99 for a large candle with up to 150 hours of burning time.

We for one, can’t wait to stock up and enjoy that blissful campfire smell all year long.



Primark have released a special new collection to celebrate the autumn season, and it really allows your style to…bloom *winks*.

rose flirt GIF by Lil Yachty

Who said roses can only be the theme of Valentine's Day? Primark are going above and beyond to prove that rose patterns can be worn at any time of the year, including Autum/Winter '19.

The rose print collection focuses on femininity, with soft frills, vibrant reds and bussy bow necklines. We can't think of anything better to fit into our autumn wardrobes, especially with these low prices.

First up, Primark's rose print full-length dress with a cinched waistline priced at just €25:

Primark, €25

What a look. You'll be the centre of attention in any room with a bold colour choice like this one.

Next up- Primark's floral rose print blouse in deep red for only €15;

Primark, €15

The frilled sleeves and shoulders really add to the chic vibes this blouse is giving off. The pussy bow neckline is an added feminine touch.

The next skirt has a colour change from the deep reds of the previous two items, if you want more of a springtime look;

Primark, €18

Did you really think they'd only offer you one type of rose print blouse? Hell no.

Primark's petal blouse with cream colouring really makes the red pop in this final piece. From the frills on the shoulders and sleeves to the collarbone neckline; you really can't get more glamorous.

Primark, €15

The whole collection has a maximum price of €25, so what are you waiting for? Stay rosy this autumn. The rose print range is out now in all Primark stores.

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Autumn is coming… which can only mean one thing. The highly anticipated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, PSL fans prepare to experience the original taste of Autumn when it returns on September 5.

 With a combination of Starbucks Espresso Roast, pumpkin pie flavoured sauce and steamed milk, topped with heavenly whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices – cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves – the PSL is set to get you craving cosy afternoons and wooly jumpers. 

We all know Ireland can throw us a curveball when it comes to the weather, so even if it’s too warm for the pump-king of lattes, Starbucks has you covered. The PSL can be enjoyed hot, iced, Frappuccino style or as an iced cold foam macchiato.

Vegan PSL fans, Starbucks have got your back. A vegan sauce is also available, so you too can enjoy the PSL’s acclaimed taste. Scrumptious with a dairy-alternative such as almond or oat, the drink of the season can be enjoyed by removing whipped cream, without compromising on its deliciousness. 

All their drinks can be customised in a number of ways including choosing no whipped cream, or enjoying their smallest size, Short. 

Register for a Starbucks loyalty card or use our mobile app to earn exclusive Starbucks rewards. Once you’re a Starbucks Rewards™ member you can try Pumpkin Spice Latte before it officially appears on menus next week.

Spice up your life this September and share your reunion with PSL on social using #TheOriginalPSL @StarbucksIE


Summer coming to an end can be a troubling time for all of us. Why should we have to cope with Ireland's gloomy, cold seasons once more? It doesn't seem fair.

What can be the best stress reliever during difficult and chaotic moments in our lives? Food, obviously.

Deliveroo has revealed how the return to school and end of August can affect our food preferences, and we're not one bit shocked at the rise in alcohol orders during September.

september 21 GIF

Summer 2019 is leaving us behind *pause for sobbing* and it's time to ditch the bikinis for uniforms and work clothes. According to Deliveroo, healthy orders significantly increase in September…what?

The alcohol orders rise by 14 percent as we realise that exams and essay deadlines are back in our lives once more.

The end of summer has broken our hearts, but at least we got to enjoy Love Island and let our pasty skin tones get a tad bit more…red? There were glimmers of sunshine and plenty of rain showers, but it was a good time all the same.

As the nights become shorter, we're less likely to stay out dining late or visiting Dublin's best beer gardens, but Irish adults still need some vino to take the edge of the darker September evenings.

Back-to-school season means that rather than venturing out in dark, dreary weather, it's much easier to order a Prosecco Fiabesco from DRINK! or a Coors Light from Herlihy’s instead on Deliveroo. 

With the end of summer comes the end of the 'beach bod' goals. The month is associated with changes and positive progress, with healthy food orders rising by 22 percent last August.

From salads and falafels and miso salmon to super-sub sandwiches, Sprout and Co and SuperSubs see a rise in Deliveroo orders during the month of September. Look at you go, gals. 


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September is also seen as a 'new beginning' time of the year, but we all dread the darker nights accelerating from here until December. It's depressing as f*ck.

The darkness weirdly makes us feel more tired at an earlier time, which means that Deliveroo orders start coming in earlier in the evenings too. 

Last year, the average order time in June was 8:01pm, whereas by the time September rolled around, the average order time was at 7:34pm. Mad what the sky can do to us, isn't it?

So we’re making some new changes with the addition of salads and other healthy orders, but then we need a drink as a result. It's safe to say that September has us in a state of total flux.

angry zac efron GIF



Ah Penneys – our go-to high street haven for all things affordable and on trend. 

The fashion HQ has been giving us some seriously stylist pieces of late – but one in particular has caught our eye. 

When we spotted this plaid mini-dress in store, we knew we had to snap it up before every blogger in town got their hands on it. 

Dress €16. PVC cap €6.00, Boots €17, all Penneys, Turtleneck €16.59 ASOS

The gorgeous mini dress comes in a similar print to that coat we've seen all over Instagram, and the addition of the quadrant of side buttons is an adorable bonus detail. 

We're also all about the wrap-over style – making this piece super versatile. 

For something a little edgier when we head out for drinks, we're teaming it with this PVC baker boy cap and yellow suede boots, throwing the dress over a slim-fit black turtle neck. 

Dress €16, Boots €17.00, Backpack €14.00 and Coat €28.00, all Penneys

For day time, we're opting to add a white t-shirt underneath, black tights, and some plain black booties. 

A cosy suede biker jacket looks gorgeous oversized, and red accessories tie in to the subtle hint of red in the plaid. 

Best of all, this versatile dress is only €16.00 and it's in stores right now. 



Start stocking up on fake tan. It seems the warm and sunny days of summer are officially at an end.

Autumn has arrived and with it comes cool temperatures and light winds.

Ireland will be experiencing highs of 14 degrees in some areas, the coldest it has been in two months, according to Met Éireann.

On the west coast, rain is expected to start on the Atlantic coast before sweeping inland across the rest of the country overnight.

Temperatures will reach lows between 5 and 9 degrees tonight with light breezes.

Today and tomorrow is expected to alternate between sunny spells and scattered showers. So, at least we will not have to suffer through consistent downpour.

For Dublin, however, temperatures will be slightly higher than that of the western and northern regions, reaching a high of 18 or 19 degrees tomorrow.

However, don’t count on outdoor plans this weekend. Although it will be warm and humid, Met Éireann predicts on-and-off-again showers with moderate winds on Saturday.

The North will have a wetter weekend and can expect heavier showers.

Although Sunday will clear the clouds a bit in the afternoon, scattered showers will occupy the eastern counties with a high of 17-22 degrees.

We will miss clear skies and summer sunshine, but hopefully the rainfall with start replenishing the Irish Water shortage.

Who would have thought we needed more rain in Ireland?

Overall, we should prepare for a humid, rainy weekend with slightly cooler temperatures than it has been of late.

As of now, next week is predicted to have the same forecast as this weekend, with dryer intervals in the east and south.



Our absolute favourite thing about the autumn months is the cosy, comfortable clothes. 

From trusty ankle boots and fur coats, to scarves and knitted jumpers – we seriously love an autumnal wardrobe.

At the moment, we are scanning the high street, picking up gorgeous bits and bobs as we go (our bank account is paying the price!)

We have seen SO many stunning knitted jumpers, that are stylish and cool, but also warm and cosy – a winning combo. 

Check out our favourites:

1. Fringed Cable Knit Sweater, Mango.

2. Patch Embroidered Jumper, Topshop.

3. Oversized Chenille Sweater, Zara.


4. Jumper in Oversized with V Neck, ASOS

5. Weekday Balloon Sleeve Knit, ASOS.

Image result for Weekday Balloon Sleeve Knit

6. Aware Knitted Pullover, Vero Moda

Image result for Vero Moda Knitted Roll Neck Jumper

7. Lime Green Cold Shoulder Knit Jumper, River Island

8. Heart Patchwork Marled Knitted Pullover, Amazon.

Related image



Goodbye summer, we hardly knew you! 

As the days get shorter (and colder), we can't help but be kind of excited about the chillier months to come. 

Warm coats, hot drinks, and all-round cosiness is what this time of year is all about.

Oh, and warm and wonderful manicures – because we said so. 

Nothing beats a fresh pair of nails, especially when they're a lovely autumnal shade. 

Check these out, my lovelies:

1. This AMAZING ombre.

We're squealing! 

2. The PERFECT nude.

Simple, and gorgeous. 


How amazing are @sophie_murray1s nails 

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3. Green with envy. 

How cool are these?


Three easy coats, no top coat, of "You Goth to be Kidding Me" from @pepperpotpolish Gothic Family Jewels collection. This was a little more crelly like, so it did need that third coat. Such a pretty deep emerald! . . These five vampy cremes are launching September 13 at noon PST for $10 each or $45 for the full set. But!! Spend $20 or more and you can use the code PEPPERPOT for an extra 15% off, bringing it down to $38.25 for the collection!! . . **Bonus happy rant** I love, love, LOVE wearing dark colors and these all are so dark they're nearly black in some lighting… Know what I mean? But what's the worst part about dark polishes? REMOVAL. I avoid them because I hate the mess they make when it's time to take them off. These babies, however, do not cause a scene. I removed a six day old mani from all ten fingers with three cotton balls and zero curse words . I was over the moon! I rarely post things like this in my descriptions, so I hope that shows you how big of a deal it was for me. Dark colors that come off without struggle = AMAZZZZZINGNESS. . . #prsample #pepperpotpolish #gothicfamilyjewels #gothicnails #gothvibes #fallvibes #darknails #vamp #vampypolish #greennails #yougothtobekiddingme

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4. Pumpkin spice nails. 

Very festive. 

5. Halloween nails.

It's never too eary. 


#nailmoco # #nail  #gelnail #gelnails #nails # #autumnnails ##halloweennails #

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6. Gorgeous navy nails. 

Warm and wonderful. 



Summer has drawn to a close (judging by that weather outside) and our minds have turned to the autumnal style season.

Penneys might be renowned for it's epic chunky knitwear and designer dupe jackets, but this season the store is stepping up their game in the accessories department. 

From metallic glitter heels to tassled blogger-esque earrings, we need it all:

Sequin Bagpack €16.00,  Rings (set) €6.00

Bee belt €4.00, Black Sandals €19.00

 Earrings €4.00, Tassle Earrings €3.00

 Silver Boots €17.00, Heels €24.00

Red Pearl Trainers €18.00, Earrings €4.00



Scrolling through the Penneys tag on Instagram, we couldn't help but notice one particular item popping up again and again. 

Whether it's a trendy blogger or just one of the gals, there is a particular dress we just can't seem to get enough of. 

Penneys have completely hit the sartorial nail on the head once again with this one – and it's in stores now.

The dress is this gorgeous yellow number, sprinkled with burgundy florals – perfect for autumn dressing. 

From the high neck to the flattering shift cut, we're beyond obsessed. 

And don't even get us started on that stylish sleeve ruffle detail. 


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It's officially the new 'the star dress.' 

And at sixteen quid, you can't really go wrong.

If only they had it in multiple colours…



This is not a drill – Zara have just dropped their latest collection and pay day is just around the corner. 

The A/W collection from the high street haven is awash with designer-inspired accents, and we're obsessed with the fringed, feathered, velvet and embellished textures.

From patchwork knitwear to pearl-encrusted winter boots, we're so ready to step into the new season (even if it is still summer.)

Autumn florals dress €39.95, Embroidered blouse with bow back €39.95, Blue boots €69.95

Heron print kimono €59.95,  Patchwork jumper €39.95 Heron print shorts €29.95

Beaded runners €55.95, Embroidered shorts €49.95 Orange dress €29.95

Fringed top €39.95, Pearl studded leather boots €79.95, Embroidered suede skirt €59.95

Polka dot dress €39.95, Embellished bucket bag €35.95, Embroidered velvet dress €49.95



Penneys has come through this season, with a selection of the most delectable A/W coats we've seen in a long time. 

The designer-inspired pieces look high-end AF, and we're struggling to choose our favourite style. 

While this rainy day would be the perfect time to invest in a new coat, these pieces won't be in store until the end of August, so we have a bit of time to pick our trophy coat for the upcoming Autumn season. 

 Check coat €40.00, PU aviator  €40.00

 Brown faux fur collar coat €50.00, Shearling Coat €30.00

Slogan back padded  jacket €25.00,  Pink shaggy faux fur coat €45.00