Why Monica Geller is the best ‘friend’ of all the Friends!

Impulsive? No. Able to leave a mess alone? No. 

But a great friend? Most definitely!

Monica Geller is 100% the best of all the friends and we're here to explain why – we know we all have our favourites, some of us are Joey stans, while others are always going to be team Rachel. But in the grand scheme of things, these are all the reasons why we think Monica is the best friend out there!

She’ll always be there for you

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Yeah, yeah, we know it’s corny, but with Monica, it’s true! Just like the theme song says, she’ll always be there for you – especially when things get hard. She takes Rachel in when they haven’t had contact in years and Rachel has been nothing but snooty and rude. She knows she’s taking on a person who will need a lot of emotional support and does it anyway because it’s the right thing to do for a friend (even an ex-friend!) in need.

She feeds everyone

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Is there any better kind of friend? We all want a Monica in our lives to provide all the snacks and also be the base for all of us to hang out at. Nothing beings people together like food and Monica’s passion for it draws everyone to her.

She always hosts the big things

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And never complains! Every thanksgiving, every Christmas, every birthday, she’s there, ready and organised to throw you a big bash and celebrate. She offers up her home, her cooking skills and time to put something together to celebrate her friends. It’s not easy doing the preparation or the clean up after those kinds of events, but she’s the hostess with the mostest and enjoys hosting for her friends.

She’s very honest

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Sometimes a little too honest – but that’s usually when you need it most. She’s straight up with her friends about their relationships, their jobs and their life decisions – some might call her judge-y, but sometimes it’s nice to have a sounding board in your life. Someone who you know will be straight up with you about how your new haircut actually looks, or if that turtleneck really suits you or not. She’s honest with Ross about his relationship with Emily, makes Rachel really think about whether or not she wants Joshua and ironically helps Chandler through all his heartbreaks to become a better man – especially when she tells him about the 7 erogenous zones!

She’s super competitive

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So you want her on your team on games night! A friend like Monica is great to have for every trivia night, sports day and competitive event! She’ll stop at nothing to win, making the stakes that much higher and the game that much more exciting!

She’s great at giving love advice

But that’s because she’s been through it all! Fun Bobby, Old Guy Richard, Paul the Wine Guy, SUPER Young Guy Ethan, and Richy Rich Pete – until she found her Prince Charming in Chandler. With all that experience with good and bad relationships, it’s another reason she’s great at giving advice to her friends about their relationship.

She’s a really fun drunk

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Your little ‘Harmonica’ is a really fun drunk – and not in the super messy way like Ross and Rachel! She brings the party while also hosting the party – an organised fun drunk! You just know she’d be great for a bop on the dancefloor – especially with the routine!