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Science has upped it's game.

Most researchers seem to be pretty busy with conducting medical studies and making valuable scientific discoveries for society's gain, but this latest survey really takes it to the next level.

Bloom & Wild have worked with London Metropolitan University to undergo an experiment to figure out when the 'love hormone', AKA oxytocin, is released.

The anti-anxiety and stress reducing hormone is pretty special, the chemicals are made when you're in love, and having some KICK-ASS sex. We heart it. 

The study measured how the brain reacts to receiving certain gifts, and it's led to some pretty interesting, and useful, results. We're not hugely surprised at what topped the list, they're all unreal.

Research also suggests that people in the first three stages of love reported higher oxytocin levels that last for roughly six months to a year. At a chemical level, can presents recreate this high of lovestruck heartbeats?

Scientists reported that the subjects of the study showed an average increase of 73pg/ml in the hormone oxytocin after getting chocolates, and 62pg/ml after receiving flowers. Feeling loved comes in all shapes and sizes, it would seem.

The official top five items or experiences included on the list which trumped having sex were; chocolate winning the number one spot, then flowers, food, shopping and booking a holiday.

Receiving chocolate apparently creates a high increase in oxytocin the same rise in oxytocin comes from sex, so a quick nip down to Butlers could solve your stress issues. 

Flowers can spark the same feeling as love, relationships and sexy times, and a study by Havas Worldwide revealed that 57 percent of millennials think that food is better than sex. Damn.

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Retail therapy also made the list, according to the experiment. The neurologist David Linden, in his book The Compass Of Pleasure, explains that the experience of shopping triggers dopamine circuitry in the brain's mesolimbic pathway.

In plain-old-English, the mesolimbic pathway is a key part of how we experience entertainment and happiness, so having a sneaky online shop at ASOS is good for you. Thank God we have a valid excuse to do this now…

Booking a holiday is better than having some intimate. alone time with a partner, according to research. 16% of Brits claim to support this, so those Aer Lingus January sales must have had people feelin' pretty damn euphoric.


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To carry out their research, Bloom & Wild and London Metropolitan University split 30 volunteers into three groups.

Each were to receive a gift of flowers, chocolate, or water, and took saliva samples before the gift arrived, and then again 10 minutes after delivery, and finally 40 minutes after receiving the gift. 

It just goes to show, chocolate should always be cherished. We're in a loving relationship with Cadbury's Dairy Milk, and there are zero signs of a break-up coming our way.



Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is a day of love and celebration. It is a day where mums get to enjoy breakfast in bed, receive handmade cards covered in glitter and are gifted bunches of delightful blooms to show them how much they’re loved.

It is a day many of us look forward to, but we must remember that it isn’t easy for everyone. It is a day that causes major heartache and upset for people all around the world, for their own personal reasons.


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Many have lost their mums, others have poor relationships with them. There are women who have spent their lives dreaming of becoming a mum only to have that dream cruelly snatched away from them.

Bloom & Wild have acknowledged just how difficult and emotional this holiday can be for people and what they’ve done for their customers is beyond admirable.

The florist offered customers the option to opt-out of receiving emails about Mother’s Day. They have sent a thoughtful email to their customers, including blogger Lottie L’Amour who shared a screenshot of their message.


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The email read: ‘Want to opt-out of Mother's Day emails? No Problem. I wanted to get in touch as I know that Mother's Day can be a very sensitive time for some of us. So if you don't want us to send you any Mother's Day reminders this month, we won't. Just let us know by opting out here. Then we'll do the rest. And don't worry, if you opt out we'll still keep you up to date with everything else, like normal. Best wishes.’

Bloom & Wild have received heaps of praise for their kind gesture. They thanked everyone for the support: ‘We've been so overwhelmed by the positive response to our recent opt-out email. We just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words and we hope we can make things the tiniest bit easier for some at a tricky time.’

Fair play to Bloom & Wild for thinking of those who struggle with Mother’s Day.