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From the gorgeous Snowflake Martini to the classy Elder Flower Royal, these festive cocktails are perfect for your Christmas do or even to sip by the fireside! They are also super easy to make…

Almost every cocktail uses simple syrup which you can whip up in seconds by adding sugar to boiling water (50/50) and letting it cool. You can also use a mason jar instead of a cocktail shaker to get in the bartender groove.

Blackberry Whiskey Sour

You will need:

40ml of Irish whiskey

4 blackberries

25ml Lime juice

25ml Simple Syrup

1 egg white


First, Add four blackberries into a cocktail shaker (or a mason jar) and muddle (squash) them. Add in the whiskey, lime juice, simple syrup and ice and shake for 10 seconds. Then add the whites and shake for another 8 seconds. Strain into a martini or Nick & Nora glass if you want to be extra fancy!

Snowflake Martini


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You will need:

60ml white chocolate liqueur

60ml Vodka

20ml Cream liquor

2 tbsp. heavy cream

2 drops Vanilla Essence


Add all the liquids into a cocktail shaker, add a cup of ice and shake for 15 seconds, strain into a chilled martini glass. Rim the glass with crushed candy canes for an extra festive feel!

Baileys Martini

50ml Baileys (or other cream liquor)

40ml Vodka

60ml espresso, simple syrup to taste.

Add all ingredients to a cocktails shaker and shake for 15 seconds. Strain into a martini glass-or whatever you have!

Maple Old Fashioned


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You will need:

60 ml of whiskey (preferable bourbon or Rye)

2 teaspoons of Maple syrup

3 dashes of Angostura bitters (you’ll find these in most off licences)

orange peel for garnish.


Add all the ingredients into a glass filled with ice, stir like mad for 30 seconds to chill and dilute the cocktail. Garnish with orange peel to make it all Christmassy!

Elderflower Royale


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You will need:

35ml gin

20ml lemon juice

10ml simple syrup

10ml elderflower cordial

Prosecco for topping up


Add ingredients into a champagne flute, stir and then top up with chilled prosecco (YUM). Garnish with a sprig of rosemary!


February 14th is a day dedicated to love, either for a partner, or if you're single (which apparently, is better for you anyway), for your amazing friends. 

And while a nice dinner can be a great way to show someone how much you care about them, a tasty drink is always welcome! 

The delicious recipes below will make sure your party for two or more is off to a good start. 

1. Coconut strawberry daiquiri

2. Cardamom rose gin cocktail

3. Cranberry lemonade margarita

4. Champagne punch bellini

5. Heart shaped cocktail



6. Traditional sangria



It's safe to say we all love a good brunch to top off a weekend.

One of the reasons we love the indulgent millennial meal is the booze we are allowed ordering alongside our eggs benny – without feeling guilty. 

While Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Bellinis are brunch time favourites, we have found some inspiration on the Internet to mix it up a little and up your cocktail game this weekend. 

The Sicilian Slush

Campari, gin and freshly squeezed orange juice make this summery cocktail an absolute treat.

By Epicurious

Sparkling Grapefruit Sangria

Prosecco, grapefruit juice and sliced strawberries, need we say more? 

By How sweet it is

Tiramisu Martini

A twist on the Espresso Martini, this cocktail is even better than dessert.

By The Cookie Rookie



*NO SPOILERS* Don't worry lads.

After last night's Battle of Winterfell, most of us need a good, strong drink. Luckily, some of our favourite alcohol companies have released limited edition Game of Thrones spirits to celebrate the final season.

Did someone say 'cocktails'? We did. Big bag of cans with the White Walkers sounds good to us.

confused jon snow GIF by Game of Thrones

1. White Walker Whiskey by Johnnie Walker Scotch.

Johnny Walker is our new bestie. The veteran scotch brand and mixologist master Gabe Orta has created six special serves alongside the White Walker Whiskey.

This is exactly what we need to numb our emotional trauma of character deaths. Each of the half-a-dozen drinks is inspired by the iconic HBO series, and are easy to make at home. 

'Rooting for the Night King' is an ice-cold mix of whiskey, but add coconut soda to create the 'Army of the Dead''. Targaryen fans can make a fiery blend of burne rosemary, whiskey and cinnamon syrup in the 'Dragonglass Old Fashioned.'

Image credit: extravaganzi.com
Price: €38 (£33)

The GOT-'Old Fashioned' features Zacapa Rum, Dram palo santo bitters, Angostura, rosemary stalk and smoked cinnamon syrup. Yum.

Make the 'Hold the Door' (SOB) with whiskey, berry soda and blackberries and raspberries as a garnish. 'Sword in the Darkness' is made with vermouth, bitter liqueur, Angostura, Pimento bitter, brandy cherries and whiskey.

Your head will be spinning in no time, get ready to forget the pain of watching this brilliant show.

GIF by Game of Thrones

2. Ommegang's 'Game of Thrones' Beer

'For the Throne', 'Winter is Here', 'Valar Dohaeris', Bend the Knee', 'Fire and Blood', 'Queen of the Seven Kingdoms', 'Mother of Dragons', King in the North' and 'Hand of the Queen' are all new flavours brought our by Ommegang to commemorate GOT.

Brewery Ommegang are a craft outpost in NYC, and first teamed up with HBO back in 2013. It has since created, brewed and released over 10 special beers to pay homage to the show and it's characters.

The collection also features imperial stour, red kriek ale, golden ale and smoked porter, and can be bought on drizly.com's website.

Image credit: parched.asia
Price: €8

3. Game of Thrones Chardonnay wine

Remember all of the episodes in which Cersei Lannister drinsk deviously out of a goblet of never-ending wine?

Well, now that can be you. Picture yourself as Tyrion, always sipping his storage of vino and plotting ways to defeat evil.

8wines have released a Game of Thrones 2016 Chardonnay with bursts with tropical fruit like guava, mango and honeydew melon along with zesty lime, peach and white blossom aromas for feverish fans.

Image: 8wines
Price: €36.15

4. Cardhu Game of Thrones 'House Targaryen' gold reserve single malt scotch whiskey

Eight Scottish distilleries have collaborated with Westeros' ruling families based on their independent traits: Lagavulin paired with House Lannister and Cardhu aimed at House Targaryen.

The Night's Watch got theirs from Oban Bey Reserve, in a gorgeous blac bottle, but we love Cardhu's House Targaryen's gold reserve single malt scotch whiskey.

The fiery spirit of the fierce female leadership of Daenerys Targaryen has fuelled this whiskey on behlaf of legendary women and their unwavering perseverance. The drink involves notes of baked apple with spices, cloves, nuttiness and caramel character.

Image: CraftShack
Prices: €35.80 upwards

Interestingly, the Cardhu Distillery was created by Helen Cumming and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth during the 1800s, a period when the whisky industry was basically entirely male-dominated.

We love a fierce female. You can snag the whole collection here.

One last thing; You need a KILLER glass to drink away your GOT-related sorrows in. We've found the perfect goblet to tackle that freezing cold winter.


5. The Weirwood Tree Goblet by EMP.

Image; www.emp.ie
Price; €39.99

We couldn't let you drink such outstanding alcohol in a regular glass, now could we? A true fan appreciates the metal, stainless steel version of the mysterious tree.

The tree is featured in the godswood of Winterfell, and has carved faces in it's bark. It's rumoured to be key in the final series, mainly because of Bran Stark.

Drink responsibly, lads, but enjoy these gorgeous Game of Thrones collaborations this season.

Feature image: Golf Digest/HBO


BYOB is usually something you associate with a pre drinks party, but one Dublin bar is putting a twist on the concept that we absolutely love. 

Drop Dead Twice, which began as a pop-up back in October, has been made a permanent feature at its location at The Stage 19 on Francis Street, Dublin.

The bar invites guests to openly bring their own alcohol (not sneakily stashed in your clutch) and have a selection of bespoke cocktails made using the spirit of their choice.


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Whether you choose to bring vodka, gin or whiskey, Drop Dead Twice mixologists are well able to get creative when it comes to concocting the perfect cocktails.

The team draw on their expertise to come up with original and unique beverages, using a wide range of fresh and homemade ingredients.


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The premise is simple, just book in for a two or three hour session and bring your booze to the bar.

If you are booked in for two hours, Drop Dead Twice recommends bringing a naggin per person, which will get you four cocktails.

If you are booked in for 3 hours they recommend bringing a shoulder per person, which will get you six or seven creative drinks.

The fee is pretty damn reasonable, at €25.00 per person for 2 hours and €30.00 per person for 3 hours.

The team talks you through what you like and what you don’t like before whipping up a selection of cocktails for you and the gals.

It's definitely a brilliant and boozy way to spend an evening. 


If you haven’t heard of Dylan hotel, you are sorely missing out. The Irish-owned five-star boutique hotel is renowned already for it’s red brick Victorian building, lavish decor and high-quality food, as well as it’s amazing proximity to the Irish city centre.

Tucked into a side avenue near Baggot Street, this gem is still relatively private despite it’s location, as if the building itself is housing a treat only a special few experience.

Dylan Bar has everything going for it, but we decided it was high time for us to try out their brand new Christmas afternoon tea menu: Spice and All Things Nice. We felt we deserved some five-star treatment, especially since the cost is only €45 for great service and even better food.

The design of the hotel is immediately striking; while it may be aesthetic Victorian brick on the outside, within the building is modern, contemporary design. We were seated by the fireplace by incredibly attentive staff, and after perusing their extensive afternoon tea menu, our eyes were swiftly on the prize: Christmas cocktails.

Their limited edition cocktail menu is inspired by the magical spices of the festive season; ginger, nutmeg, clove, star anise and cinnamon. It’s pretty mouth-watering stuff, if we do say so ourselves. Seeing as we value journalistic integrity, we had to taste as many as possible. *winks*

We definitely weren’t disappointed; their Winter Wine Warmer is an extravagant version of mulled wine, except far, far classier. Made with a mix of homemade citrus, star anise and clove syrup added to classic Merlot, the twist on the aromatic Christmas drink of the gods goes down a treat.

The Festive Pudding cocktail is a reimagined version of the classic winter dessert, made with allspice Guinness syrup, fresh orange and lime juice, old fashioned bitters, eggs whites and of course, Irish whiskey. Any connoisseurs of whiskey will adore this drink, trust us, it has a kick.

Next up on our list was the Apple & Cinnamon Crumble, made with Zubrowska vodka, goldschlanger, apple and lime juice, vanilla infused honey and topped off with a cookie crumble rim. Talk about being in heaven, the Dylan mixologists were infusing the atmosphere with subtle yet heartwarming Christmas vibes.

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate appreciators can enjoy the Polar Express either hot or cold. Created with Hennessey V.S., Bailey’s Frangelico, and chocolate and vanilla cream, you’ll be rolled out of the place after one (or five…) of these.

Other divine drinks on offer include the Zenzero Negroni, which has the highest alcohol content so brace yourselves, and Before Santa’s Here for another whiskey.

Last but by no means least, their Summer in December is a rum and gingerbread syrup blend for a summer mood with a winter cheer, and they also include their version of an Irish coffee; the Dylan Christmas Coffee mixed with their secret spice syrup.

The designated drivers can also try a range of mocktails which are as good as the real thing. Dylan Bar also has refreshing bubbly, for any Prosecco queens out there, and a variety of tea and coffees. Heaven is a place on earth, and it’s located at Eastmoreland Place.

With all of these gorgeous drinks, we had almost forgotten about all the luscious cakes and sweet and savoury treats coming our way. Almost. They served us the carefully crafted food on a three-tiered plate, and we had a try of their spiced scotch egg, turkey and sage pie with cranberry chutney and pulled ham on granary bread and brie and cinnamon spice apple. 

The savoury selection was delicious, and we couldn’t leave without trying their sweet and subtly spiced buttery homemade scones and indulgent desserts. Pistachio slices, gingerbread cupcakes topped with whiskey icing and a meringue snowman with chocolate and nutmeg mousse were just a taster of what we were offered.

Sitting by the fire, breathing in the mulled wine and eating our weight in macaroons, we realised that we honestly need this lifestyle 24/7. It’s extra, it’s lavish, it’s Christmas magic, and everyone deserves a treat like afternoon tea at Dylan Bar. Don’t miss out, it’s only offered until the New Year so snap up a reservation while you can.

Enjoy the Spice & All Things Nice menu in the Dylan Bar until January 1 2019.

Call 01 660 3000 to make a reservation or email reservations@dylan.ie to have your Christmas injected with the warmth of festive food and drink.

Feature image: Instagram/@dylandublin



It's essential to vote in the upcoming referendum to repeal the 8th amendment, and with 50,000 extra people registered, the country is counting down to the day.

In the run up, we're doing the usual – working, cocktails with the gals and keeping on top of our appointments, including our nails. 

Chipped Nail Bar Dublin is offering FREE nail art this week with every mani, all in  the name of reminding people to get out and vote next Friday. 

All voters with a polling card get free nail art of their choice with their polish, shellac or gels.

As well as getting some nail embellishments, there's also a chance to win €250 worth of manis and cocktails from Chipped's neighbour, PYG. 

With cocktails at two-for-one most days of the week, that's a lot of espresso martinis and gin. 

To win, all you have to do is post a picture of your mani to Instagram with the hashtag #CHIPPEDPYGtails.

Then tag you bestie who you would share you two-for-one cocktails, and double your chance of winning by following Chipped on Insta. 

The winner will be announced on the day of the referendum, so get artsy with those talons. 


Lads, there's actually nothing better than finding a gorge new watering hole – and last week we hit the JACKPOT!

Kennedy’s Pub, dating back to the 1850’s recently completed their stun new of their new cocktail bar ‘Kennedy’s Station’, which is located downstairs within the historic Dublin pub and former workplace of Oscar Wilde.

We went for a little gawk last week, and we were far from disappointed. 

The new owners of the Dublin 2 venue have pushed the boundaries by launching a cocktail bar within what was once viewed as a traditional Dublin publican, steeped in history.

The Mahon family, who own the ‘Pig ‘n’ Whistle’ group of 12 bars and restaurants in New York, bought the venue in 2016 and realised the potential to introduce a cocktail bar downstairs.

Who doesn't LOVE a cheeky espresso martini of a Thursday? 

The snazzy new cocktail bar is located within a bustling office area in central Dublin 2, nestled between Grand Canal and Grafton St.

Brothers Rob and John Mahon have taken the lead on the venue renovations, which also saw the upstairs pub get a revamp, spending a small fortune upgrading both the pub upstairs and new downstairs cocktail bar.

The upstairs pub has become synonymous with Irish rugby and is now one of the most popular destinations to enjoy live matches in Dublin (COYBIG, and all that jazz). The pub boasts craft beers and delicious gastro-pub food, with a distinctive menu offered by executive Head Chef Darren Cooney, has been introduced to both the pub upstairs and the bar downstairs.

 Speaking about the venue revamp, Rob Mahon, Managing partner of the ‘Pig ‘n’ Whistle group, said, “We are so happy with how renovation has worked out, keeping the more traditional rugby pub upstairs and introducing a modern cocktail bar downstairs. We are surrounded by a lot of large office buildings here and we realised a really good cocktail offering was missing from the area."

"Along with the bar investment, we have brought in some really talented mixologists, specialising in some Dubliner cocktail favourites, including Whiskey Sours, Mojitos and Espresso Martinis, all for only €10 each. Kennedy’s Pub is so historic however, that we knew we needed to keep the traditional rugby pub upstairs, and just give it a facelift and some TLC”.

Gals, get yourselves to Kennedys glitzy new cocktail bar – you'll be glad you did. 


Is there anything more beautiful than Paris in the spring?

The cherry blossom flowers in the Père Lachaise, the trees burgeoning along the Seine, and the Parisians flooding the terrace of cafes and bars craving for some sun rays… 

While a glass of rosé or a fresh beer are go-to beverages for French people when the summer comes, Paris also has plenty of cocktail bars where you can try delicious and incredibly Instagrammable drinks to celebrate the City of Light. 

1. Experimental Cocktail Club

2. Gravity Bar

3. Le Syndicat

4. Bluebird


Apéro au top au @lebluebirdparis

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5. Les Justes Pigalle

6. Jefrey's


Whether you're entertaining friends, hosting Christmas dinner, or even just relaxing by the fire, the festive season is a great time to get creative in the kitchen. 

And no we're not talking about roast potatoes and brussels sprouts – we're talking margaritas and prosecco spritzers. 

That's right. 2017 is all about the Christmas cocktail. 

Gone are the days when wine and lemonade meant the height of sophistication, nowadays it'll all about delicate mixtures and Insta-worthy garnishes. 

But never fear, because we've rounded up the best Christmas cocktail recipes that are sure to impress this December. 

1. The Holiday Berry Sparkler

A combination of cranberry, cider, triple decker and Smirnoff Ice, this fruity cocktail is simple to make and relatively inexpensive. 

It's crowd pleasing flavours and festive colours make in the perfect addition to any Christmas party. 

By The Gastronom

2. Festive Cranberry Margarita

A Yuletide twist on an old classic. 

This warming cocktail strikes the balance between sweet and spicy with a delicate mixture of silver tequila, cranberry juice and cinnamon sticks. 

By danikasea

3. Hot Toddy


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Need a little pick-me-up on these cold winter evenings? Say no more. 

This comforting combination of sweet honey, whisky and spice will do just the trick. 

By Mrs D-Daily 

4. Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz

Now you're talking! 

Gin, soda and pomegranate juice? We can definitely get on board. 

By Clink Clink Drink 

5. Frozen Red Wine Smoothie 


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It might be freezing outside, but it's warm by the fire – and what better way to keep cool on those cosy nights in than with a festive red wine smoothie? 

Don't let the name put you off. The frozen blueberries, cranberry juice and vino actually sounds oddly delicious. 

By Kiju Organic 

6. Christmas Cranberry Sangria


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Bring a little sunshine into your home this Christmas with a festive take on a Spanish classic. 

Created using combination of prosecco, soda water, fresh cranberries and flavourings, this Insta-worthy drink can be made in batches, saving you time and money.

By Simply Delicious 


In need of a decent night out?

Well, you're in luck, because the world's best bar is on its way to Dublin. 

Later this month the team from The Dead Rabbit will leave their home in New York City and descend on Dublin's most exciting new cocktail bar, The Sidecar at The Westbury, for an exclusive five-day residency.

From September 28 – October 2, visitors will be transported back in time for a showcase of 1850’s New York merged with the sophisticated glitz and glamour of a 1930’s party.

Customers can indulge in an innovative cocktail list created by Beverage Director Jillian Vose as well as a delicious pub grub food menu at The Sidecar. 

The bar's founders will also be on hand to shake up some of their most popular cocktails including:

  • Spell SpokeSlane Irish Whiskey, Hibiscus, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Ginger, Lime, Chamomile and Citrus Bitters

  • Eye CandyTeeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey, Peach, Fig, Cinnamon, Lemon, Chamomile and Black Cardamon

  • Heretic Bombay Dry Gin, Mezcal, Elderflower, Pine and Muscat.

After setting up business in 2012, Belfast natives and owners of The Dead Rabbit, Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, say they're looking forward to setting up a residency on Irish soil.

 “This is the first time we’ve done an event of this scale in Ireland. It’s great to be coming home and we’re looking forward to bringing The Dead Rabbit to Dublin.”

“The Dead Rabbit is an Irish Pub so having it in Ireland is going to be special. We’re excited to see what The Westbury team have put together”.

We can not wait to drop in. 



So, Barry's Tea have just launched their very own cocktail range, and it's kind of amazing.

The ''tea-inspired cocktails'' were created by mixologist, Conor Myers, for the Barry's cocktail bar at this year's Taste of Dublin festival.

There are three recipes on offer and to be honest, they all sound delicious. 

  • Golden Dew – Barry’s Gold Blend, Tullamore D.E.W. Whiskey, ginger & Irish honey cordial, lime & ginger ale.

  • Berry Fizz – Barry’s Very Berry Tea, Hendrick’s Gin, cranberry juice, Irish elderflower cordial, fresh lemon & soda water.

  • Green Tea Mojito – Barry’s Natural Green Tea, Skyy vodka, basil syrup, fresh mint, lime & soda water.

These babies are only around from June 15 – June 18, so make sure to pop down to the Taste of Dublin festival to get your hands on one.