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Bad news for fledgling relationships – science says that if you're not careful, new love could cost you your closest friendships. 

There is nothing better than the first few months of a relationship – the time spent dating, learning more and more about one another and the excitement of a dalliance with a new person in the bedroom. 

However, science says that if new lovers aren't careful, they could end up neglecting their friendships and lose some of them all together. 

According to research led by Robin Dunbar, head of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, for every new relationship a person embarks upon, they lose two close friends. Not ideal. 

'If you go into a romantic relationship, it costs you two friends,'  Dunbar told The Guardian

Dunbar's previous research suggested that most people have five very close friends. However those who get into relationships end up with only four. 

'Those who have romantic relationships, instead of having the typical five 'core set' of relationships only have four. And of those, one is the new person who's come into their life.'

Finding new love is exciting, amazing and can be all-consuming, and it's totally understandable that when you get a new partner, you want to spend all your time getting to know them.

However, keeping on top of your current friendships with those who have always been there is vital to avoid losing them to your new girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Spending time cultivating a new romantic relationship can leave current strong friendships by the wayside to wither. 

A recent poll shows that 92% of people have been ditched by their best friend for a boyfriend, so that's a lot of friendships which have the potential to be ruined by new love. 


Look, it's not a pleasant situation for anyone.

You're single for like a million years, then you happened to magically stumble upon someone who –  at first – seems to tick every box.

Plus he's so gorge to look at that it hurts and basically you can't believe your luck.

''It's finally happened,'' you proudly tell the gals over G&T's. ''He seems to good to be true, tbh.''

And bam! there's your first clue – if it seems to good to be true, it usually is. 

I've had three relationships in my 24 years, plus a few shorter dalliances and I genuinely never bought the whole excusing-someone's-trash-behaviour-because-you-fancy-the-arse-off-them thing. 

Or maybe I've been lucky to have never gotten tangled up with a narcissist before…whatever. 

But, oh boy, it happens. 

Doesn't the quote go like -'' people tell you who they are in the beginning, you just choose not to listen.''

But if you want to avoid heartbreak a few weeks/months down the line, then listen up: if you see more than one of these red flags listed below – run. 

They're non-negotiable, just like your self-respect.

1.  He shows signs of controlling behaviour.

You'll probably read that and say ''omg, obvs! I wouldn't put up with that, no way'', but it can be extremely subtle.

And if they're seasoned at it, it can happen almost without you noticing the first few times – or worse, noticing it and letting it slide.

Warning phrases can be anything to telling you he doesn't like you wearing your hair a certain way/a lot of make-up to ordering for you in restaurants and putting you down in the the pub in front of your mates. 

Don't fall into questioning your self-worth. And never let some pr*ck make you feel less than beautiful. 

2. He's mean with money 

If he's tight with money, he will be mean in other ways – with his time, his affection, his words.

It just shows bad character and you don't need to voluntarily associate yourself with someone like that. 

3. His actions don't match his words 

Who doesn't love to be told they look fab?

The problem here is when the person you're dating is saying all the right things but in the next breath he's giving you unprompted stories about his ex/past sex life or ogling another person in the bar.

The word for this is: fake. 

I'd rather only get the odd – GENUINE – compliment off a boyfriend but for him to treat me like well. I think that's kinda fair. 

4. He passes comments on other women/people in geneal 

I mean, I'm laughing as I type this, this should be a shut-and-close-case of ''he's a sh*thead, what are you doing with him?'' BUT, here me out.

It's early, early days with someone and he says something rude and you're shocked and you pull them up on it, fine, ok. It's when the actions become repeated and they become the norm.

My advice then? He's not a good person, and deffo not worth your precious time. 

5. Something just feels ''off''

This is the worst one. Because it's not tangible.

If you're battling paranoia in the beginning, it won't probably won't get better.

Your gut can tell when something's not right. We might ignore the uneasy feeling in our stomachs, but it's there for a reason. 

Basically, if you're holding back a bit, it's more than likely because you've picked up on energy that he's giving out  – that's what you ''can't put your finger on.''  

Look, you know if someone genuinely good for you or not. 

I read this the other day and it struck a chord with me; ''no amount of physical attraction or good sex is worth clinging to someone who does not make you feel at peace with yourself.'' 

And to that we say hear, f*cking hear. 


If you're anything like us, you usually prefer the book to the movie – take Harry PotterTo Kill A Mockingbird, The Shining, to name a few. 

So brace yourself for August as the box office is getting ready to welcome a whole wave of book adaptions for books becoming movies and TV shows.

And if you're a fan of darker fare like thrillers, horrors, crime and sci-fi then get excited because most of these books are along those lines however, there are a few lighter stories in the mix as well. 

So pull up a chair and get stuck into whichever book takes your fancy…

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is the first in a trilogy so if you just can't get enough of Rachel and Nick, jump into China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. It hits screen on August 15th. 

Three Seconds

Crime lovers, listen up. Scandinavian crime lovers, really listen up. This book scooped Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year by the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers in 2009. 

Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen star in the movie version so we have a feeling it's going to be a hit. 

We The Animals

The book, centred on three wild brothers who live a rough childhood in rural upstate 1980's New York. has already created quite a buzz. 

Try get it read before August 17th, when the movie will arrive in cinemas to (more than likely) blow your mind.  

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

This science-fiction horror novel by Steve Alten was first published in July 1997.

Plot: there is a prehistoric shark that's thought to be extinct. But….it isn't. 

The Darkest Minds

Everyone loves a good dystopian novel, right?

It's the whole group-of-teens-on-the-run-from-the-government thing and the movie adaptation will star Mandy Moore, who is amazing in everything she does. 


Everything is about to change. #TheDarkestMinds

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The Little Stranger

If you're looking to be terrified then look no further.

The setting for this supernatural gothic drama horror ghost story (yes, it is all of that) is a dilapidated mansion in 1940's England.

It looks so, so good – you'll easily finish the book before it's August 1st release, starring Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

This one is gaining so much attention already – and it's all down to Netflix.

Lara Jean is the teenage protagonist whose love letters to her past crushes are accidentally sent to them. 

This is the first book in the trilogy – you can get cracking on P.S. I Still Love You and Always and Forever, Lara Jean once you've finish the first one. 


Sometimes (especially in the morning) we love coffee more than we love our significant others.

It perks us up, warms our bodies and basically gets us ready for the day ahead.

Much like a romantic partner, don't you think?

So, it makes total sense that scientists have found that drinking coffee can actually play a huge role in our relationships.

Happy Coffee

A study in the Journal of Family Psychology examined 68 newlyweds to find out the secret to relationship satisfaction.

During the research, couples were asked to speak about their interpersonal experiences (conflict, sex), relationship satisfaction and the amount of sleep they get each night.

The scientists discovered that the more sleep people got, the happier they were in their relationships.

And here is where the coffee comes in. A lot of our physical and mental strength relies on sleep, and we all know how grumpy we can get if we have a sleepless night.

café, chain, coffee

Therefore, coffee was found to give people "self-regulation" for when they didn't catch their zzzs.

The experts said: “Caffeine moderates the relationship between sleep deprivation and depletion by replenishing self-regulatory resources (e.g. overcoming a fight with your partner).

Basically, if we have a sleepless night, we don't make wise decisions, and coffee steps in as a temporary solution to make a balanced judgement.

Now, get thee to Starbucks.


Huge congratulations are in order as Grace Mongey aka blogger Faces By Grace has announced her engagement to long-term boyfriend Chris Gernon.

Her fiancé popped the question at her dad’s favourite spot along the pier.

Grace’s sister captured the monumental moment on camera, and the photos are just too cute.

The blogger looks completely shell-shocked in the moving snaps, “He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Actually can’t believe it, still shaking!”

She gushed: “I’m the happiest girl right now and I love you so so much Chris. Thanks for making my dreams come through and for being so thoughtful.”

Grace’s dad passed away from cancer nine years ago so the spot Chris chose is extremely meaningful.

Their daughter Sienna was even there to witness the magical moment.

“I am yours forever and I can’t wait to be your wife! I still can’t quite believe it, you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been! In such a happy buzz and can’t stop looking at my hand! Is this real?” she shared.


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Grace showed off her dazzling engagement on Instagram and it is absolutely gorgeous. “There she is in all her glory! The most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and exactly what I would have picked!”

“I’m so overwhelmed and love it so much!” she added.

We are delighted for Grace. What an incredible time for her!


So, everyone knows the way to a woman's heart is through her Pinterest boards, right?

They basically act as a window into our inner most wants and desires – even if they are just full of quirky cushions and expensive kitchenware.

If anyone is ever looking to buy us a gift (hint, hint), all they really have to do is take a quick scroll and pick the first scented candle that crosses their screen – simples!

Well, one man who figured out this genius hack years ago has been dubbed the “smartest man alive” by thousands of people who are only raging they didn't think of it first.

Meet Jordan and TyAnna.

The couple have been happily married since March this year, but Jordan admitted he'd been chasing his now-wife for three years before they actually got together.

"I had been trying to convince TyAnna to let me take her on a proper date," he told BuzzFeed News. "She finally said yes for Valentine's Day our senior year."

When TyAnna finally agreed to a date with Jordan, he began searching for the perfect gift to win her over with.

After becoming frustrated with his lack of suitable ideas, a mutual friend suggested that he take a look at her Pinterest page for inspiration.

Deciding it was worth a shot, Jordan created an account and began quietly following TyAnna's account for gift ideas throughout their relationship.

"She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small or handmade … so I like to get things right the first time," he said.

Over the years, he said he's gifted her "a sapphire nose ring, lip glosses, and earrings" inspired by her Pinterest pins.

Until recently, he had managed to keep this clever little hack to himself, but when Deray McKesson recently tweeted to ask if anyone still used the site, Jordan just had to share this nugget of information with the world.

Needless to say, people were beyond impressed with his initiative.

Of course, TyAnna now knows about Jordan's secret account, but she says she actually wasn't surprised at all.

"I thought it was really really sweet but I wasn't surprised because Jordan really goes the extra mile to make me happy," she said.

Bravo, Jordan. Bravo.


Let's face it, when it comes to romantic gestures, it's all about that personal touch. 

Sure, flowers and chocolates are nice, but an extra special gift requires a lot more planning and creativity – and that's exactly what this woman's boyfriend (AKA our new favourite person) did.

Berlinda took to Twitter over the weekend to share a photo of the gorgeous necklace she had received from her boyfriend, Angel.

But this wasn't just any necklace.

The 22-year-old had gifted Berlinda with a necklace made from the petals of the first bouquet of flowers he gave her.


The viral tweet has since garnered over 80,000 likes, and as expected, people can not deal with this adorable gesture.

Speaking to the Press Association, Angel said: “I was looking to do something special to show my appreciation for her and the things she does. I came across a video of how they make the necklaces with the scorpions inside of them and I thought to make my own spin off and put something meaningful inside of the necklace.”

After creating the pendant, he then attached it to a silver Pandora chain before presenting it to Berlinda on their three month anniversary.

Although the couple have only been together for a short while, Angel said Berlinda “brought out a side” to him that he “never even knew existed”.

“I know how much she loves flowers so I thought it would be meaningful as she can now have a piece of the first bouquet of flowers with her wherever she goes.”

We're not crying, you are!


They made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala, and now Selena has finally opened up about her love for her new fella.

The pair have been dating since January, and while they've been pictured together numerous times, this is the first time the singer has commented on her romance.

In an interview with Miami's Power 96.5 FM, Selena told the hosts, "I'm taken."

Image result for selena gomez and the weeknd

"I'm the kind of girl that loves tremendously big. I just have always been that girl," she said.

"I will give my heart and my soul to the person I love. It's just how I operate. With that comes a lot, you know?"

It seems like they're pretty serious!



It looks like Daryl Dixon is officially off the market, ladies.

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is all loved up with actress Diane Kruger, and they took to the streets of New York to show off their, erm… affection.

According to E! News, Norman and Diane went out on date night during the week where they went to a bar and hung out there for four hours.

When they left they bar they were all smiles and according to eye witnesses, they "made out for half an hour" on the streets, before heading off to another pub.

"They looked like they had a great time!" the eye witness said.

Norman and Diane have been sparking romance rumours for several months now, after first being spotted in Barcelona together.

They first met on the set of Sky in 2015.

We are kinda, sorta, totally loving this new romance!


With the amount of high-profile break-ups last year (we're still not over Brad and Angie), you’d be forgiven for thinking love is well and truly dead in celebville.

However, we are wholly encouraged by the sight of Matthew McConaughey and his stunning wife Camila Alves on the red carpet this week – a pairing that reminds us that the concept of romance and soul-mates and all that jazz IS alive and well.

Indeed, so smitten is Matthew with the 34-year-old – and so reluctant to leave her side – he was hilariously snapped photobombing his wife. And if that's not a modern sign of love I don't know what is!

So fear not, ladies: here are eight couples that certainly prove a point:

1.  Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

2. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

3.  Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

4.  David and Victoria Beckham

5.  Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

6. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka 

7. Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston

8. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

All the ultimate couple goals right there.


Friday the 13th wouldn't usually be the best day to search for romance, but one Ryanair flight passenger felt the flutter when she laid eyes on a fellow flyer. 

An online search has begun to reconnect the two people, who met last week on a flight from London to Dublin.

Vera Fedderson, who lives in Dublin, met a mystery man at the baggage claim but was too shy to ask his name. 

Vera's friends are taking things into their own hands by sharing a Facebook post, pleading with anyone who might know the blonde's potential suitor. 

"She would love to meet him again, and she is gorgeous," Vera's friend Leonie told Donegal Woman

"Vera had to collect her bag from baggage claim and he said his friends were waiting for him to pick him up. And that was it."

Vera described the man who caught her attention as dark blonde, about 5ft 11, and wearing a white shirt, grey jacket and a leather bag.

The only details she knows about her future bae is that he is British, lives in London and was visiting friends in Dublin for two days. 

The dreamboat, who sat in seat 9D, made eye contact with Vera several times during the flight, but their potential rom-com-style love became a missed connection

The pair were on Ryanair fight FR2371, from London Stansted to Dublin, at 10.05am on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. 



The rumours have been circulating for a few weeks now, but it looks like Perrie Edwards thought it was the right time to make her new relationship Instagram-official.

The singer and Arsenal football player, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, have managed to keep their new romance on the DL, but sent Little Mix fans into a craze last week when they followed each other on their social media platforms.

Last night, Perrie shared a picture of her new fella, along with her two dogs. She simply captioned the pic with a heart-eyes emoji.



A photo posted by Perrie Edwards  (@perrieedwards) on

While nothing has been confirmed yet, a pictures speaks a thousand words, right?

From that infamous break-up with Zayn, to splitting up with former Skins actor, Luke Pasqualino, we hope Perrie's enjoying her new relationship.