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Liam Hemsworth has made his first statement regarding his break up with Miley Cyrus, which was announced last weekend.

Posting to Instagram, the actor wrote that this will be the only statement he will make on the matter, and wished for only positivity for his long-time lover;

"Hi all. Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward."


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"This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets. Any reported quotes attributed to me are false. Peace and love."

Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their split seven months after they wed, after dating on and off for almost 10 years after meeting on the set of The Last Song.

Hemsworth has maintained a silence on social media since the frenzy began worldwide over the news. The 29-year-old's comments came after it was reported that he told Daily Mail Australia;

"You don't understand what it's like. I don't want to talk about it mate," just days after the separation news broke.


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Cyrus has been posting to her Instagram followers, writing cryptic notes about progress and personal change;

"Don't fight evolution, because you will never win," she wrote, adding that "change is inevitable."

"Like the mountain I am standing on top of, which was once underwater, connected with Africa, change is inevitable."

The Mother's Daughter singer added; "My dad always told me; 'Nature never hurries but it is always on time'….It fills my heart with peace and hope KNOWING that is true. I was taught to respect the planet and its process and I am committed to doing the same with my own…"


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A rep for the singer said last Saturday;

"Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers.

"They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy."

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Thank God for Miley Cyrus. She has fully MADE our Valentine's Day by essentially sharing her entire wedding album, and we're lining up in droves to see it.

In honour of the (apparent) most romantic day of the year, the 26-year-old singer gave her fans an inside look at her picture-perfect nuptials to actor Liam Hemsworth.

She posted candid photos of the bride and groom to her Instagram, and she was looking absolutely gorgeous.


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She captioned the first image; "My Valentine every single day." Too cute, Miley. You're both stunning.

The next image shows the happy couple embracing, with the caption; "Thank you for always bending down to hug me…I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine!"

There is a definite height difference, so we have mad respect for Liam for bending down. The bar is super low…


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Next up is a photograph of the happy pair smiling at someone out of range of the camera, but we get a glimpse of an unreal wedding cake.


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Miley and Liam wed in a small, intimate ceremony at their Tennessee estate on December 23, and the general public had no clue it was happening.

Fans first began to suspect that the actor and singer, who met on the set of The Last Song in 2010, were exchanging vows when clips of their celebration began to spread on social media.


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Miley confirmed that herself and Liam married after 10 YEARS of dating on St. Stephen's Day.

The Nothin' Breaks Like A Heart songstress shared a photo of herself in the beautiful Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, and we were FLOORED.

Keep the pictures coming, gal. We crave them.

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Miley Cyrus stopped by Howard Stern's Siriux XM show yesterday to chat about her new song, Saturday Night live and her guest slot on the upcoming fifth series of dystopian Netflix thriller Black Mirror.

She dropped Nothing Breaks Like A Heart with Mark Ronson only a few weeks ago, and we are LOVIN' it. 

She's set to perform Happy Xmas (War is Over) with Ono Lennon on SNL, and will more than likely appear in a sketch or two. The buzz surrounding Black Mirror began when Cyrus was spotted filming in South Africa.

She commented about her involvement with the smash hit show (which honestly shakes us to our core) in a coy manner, but we all know it's damn truth and we cannot wait to see her act.

When Stern quizzed the singer on her guest role, she said; “If you guess it, then I will shake my head ‘yes.'” She nodded, confirming that our TV drama dreams have come true.

“The minute I say I never want to do something again, all of a sudden, there I am,” she added.

“I hate everything, but it was the first time I’ve left somewhere feeling really proud of my work…but you know if I like it that might mean it’s horrible.”

Speaking about her character on the show, she described her as having “a lot of dynamic”, and also mentioned the horrific wildfires which raged in California and destroyed her home. 

“There’s a lot of dimension to it, and actually it was while the devastation of Malibu was happening, and it was a really weird learning experience for me, because I was so far from home and the show is already really dark, and it’s already kind of eerie when you’re there the whole time," she said.

The Malibu songstress was also questioned on her friendship with fellow pop goddess Ariana Grande, and Miley claims that she texted the Thank U, Next icon following her much-publicised break-up with Pete Davidson a… cat emoji?

“I thought it was slightly even making her feel good, like maybe I was hitting on her a little bit.” I mean, Ari is a queen, so we support this.

We can't wait to see Miley hit our Netflix screens when the anticipated next season of Black Mirror is released, the countdown begins.



One thing is for sure Miley Cyrus knows how to make fun of herself and today was no exception.

The 21-year-old singer posted strange but hilarious videos of herself singing her hit song, Wrecking Ball –Broadway style.

The videos appeared one after another on her Instagram account this afternoon and it’s pretty obvious that Miley wasn’t taking herself too seriously in these renditions.

Let’s face it, it’s just Miley being Miley, and we love her even more for it.



Miley Cyrus has hit back at claims surrounding her controversial performance at London’s G.A.Y. nightclub.

The claims mostly surround the 21-year-old’s performance of her hit song, Wrecking Ball and the rant she had about the song’s meaning, beforehand.

Miley implied heavily throughout her rant that the hit song was in fact about her ex fiancé, Liam Hemsworth.

But Cyrus has now taken to Twitter to insist that her on-stage rant was not about her ex, but just an attempt to get the crowd riled up about her performance.

Miley went onto say in her tweets that she doesn’t usually respond to reports, but she didn’t want hateful things being said about people she cares about.




Well it’s good to see that Miley and Liam are on good terms, but still that rant seemed a little too coincidental for our liking.



In case you didn’t know before that Miley’s hit song, Wrecking Ball was about her ex Liam Hemsworth, well you do now.

The singer gave quite a controversial performance at G.A.Y. London nightclub last night with her poor remarks surrounding date rape. But it seems the singer wasn’t done there, as she decided to have a rant about her ex.

The singer swore throughout her rant and revealed that the song was very much written to haunt Liam.

“… and every time you get in your car, you’re going to hear my f–king song on the f–king radio, you piece of s–t. That’s right. And then I’m gonna take all my clothes off, I’m gonna sit on a big, giant d–k—sometimes two—I’m gonna swing around, and then I’m gonna hold the record for the most-watched music video on Vevo. So then—you know, you can tell a lot about a person—I think you can tell how big their d–k is by how much confidence they have usually, and if I was a dude I’d probably have a really big d–k, ‘cause I feel really good about myself now. So I’m gonna tell those motherf–kers that broke my heart, particularly one, to suck my fat d–k and to enjoy hearing this song for the rest of your life. This song is called Wrecking Ball.”

Well safe to say, if Liam had any doubts before about the song, he doesn’t anymore.



Miley Cyrus has finally spoken about her “scary” illness, which forced her to cancel many of her March tour dates.

The 21-year-old singer was on the Ryan Seacrest show, when she admitted being rushed to hospital was a “scary time” for her.

“You have no idea. I was on this medicine for five days, everything was all good, and on the sixth day, I just woke up and it was so scary.”

The Wrecking Ball singer said, that despite being very sick in hospital, she still wanted to perform, but doctors wouldn’t let her.

“When you’re allergic to something, you’re basically poisoning yourself, so I had just basically been poisoning myself with something I didn’t know I was really scary allergic to. It was so scary. It was insane. I was begging the doctors, ‘Let me out to go do the show!’ It was basically, ‘No way.'”

Miley revealed she is finally on the road to recovery but, still needs to be careful as her illness could return at any time.

“It can come back within those 27 days, but I’ve been really good. I just have to now be more careful and I’m trying to figure out how I can get a fashionable yet good ID bracelet so I can actually have something that says I am allergic to this medicine, because I can never get anything like this again.”



Miley has always been raising eyebrows when it comes to her strange onstage antics but, it seems Cryus’ own godmother isn’t even impressed with Miley’s recent performances.

Dolly Parton said in a recent interview that Miley needs to calm down with her controversial ways and let the music do the talking.

Dolly spoke about her goddaughter’s recent transition and how difficult Miley has found it to leave her Disney image behind.

“If I didn’t know how smart and talented Miley is, I might worry about her. She was very proud of the work she did as Hannah Montana, but people were gonna leave her there forever. And she was just smotherin’ and chokin’ in it. So she felt she had to do something completely drastic.”

Dolly said that Miley’s new album is good and the 21-year-old singer should just focus on her song lyrics and nothing else.

“‘Wrecking Ball’ is a great song. The whole album is great. So I’m hoping that now she can relax and show people how talented she really is. Cos the girl can write. The girl can sing. The girl is smart. And she doesn’t have to be so drastic.”




It seems like Miley Cyrus has decided to lighten things up a bit.

The Wrecking Ball singer is still stuck in the hospital after having an allergic reaction to medication she took for her sinus infection.

A few days ago, the 21-year-old singer took to her Twitter account to express her frustration:

“Shut the f*ck up & let me heal. stop scaring my family, friends, & fans,” she tweeted when she heard the rumours about her hospitalisation.

But, Miley’s latest Instagram snap showed a different side to her as it seems as though she is staying on the positive side of things.

“This hospitals full of a bunch of QUACKS (get it??? Quacks) #pennyeveninthehospital #stayinglightlovingandpositive #imissbangerztour #tryingtonotbebitter,” wrote the singer.

We hope she gets better before her postponed Bangerz Tour in August.



From twerking on a married man to sticking her tongue down a woman’s throat, it seems like Miley Cyrus just can’t get enough attention.

The orally fixated Wrecking Ball singer recently shared a snap of her latest tattoo on the inside of her lower lip – that’s right, you read correctly.

This must have been painful.


At least the attention is off her tongue for once!



Just when you thought Miley’s Wrecking Ball routine couldn’t be more ridiculous, in comes comedian Jason Byrne.

We can’t look away.



There’s no denying that A-list designer Roberto Cavalli knows exactly how Miley Cyrus likes to wear– or not wear – her clothes.

With plenty of glitter and unsurprisingly tight hot pants, the Italian designer gave the 21-year-olds’ fans a taste of what’s to come for her Bangerz tour.

The Wrecking Ball singer also dropped a few hints as she said the tour is “literally based on animals.”

After the teddy bear themed performance at MTV’s VMA, it isn’t surprising that Miley would go for an animal theme once again.

The tour is due to start in Vancouver on the 14th of February – Not a bad way for the twerk master to spend Valentine’s Day.





and here’s a picture that never gets old……