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Thank God for Miley Cyrus. She has fully MADE our Valentine's Day by essentially sharing her entire wedding album, and we're lining up in droves to see it.

In honour of the (apparent) most romantic day of the year, the 26-year-old singer gave her fans an inside look at her picture-perfect nuptials to actor Liam Hemsworth.

She posted candid photos of the bride and groom to her Instagram, and she was looking absolutely gorgeous.


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She captioned the first image; "My Valentine every single day." Too cute, Miley. You're both stunning.

The next image shows the happy couple embracing, with the caption; "Thank you for always bending down to hug me…I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine!"

There is a definite height difference, so we have mad respect for Liam for bending down. The bar is super low…


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Next up is a photograph of the happy pair smiling at someone out of range of the camera, but we get a glimpse of an unreal wedding cake.


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Miley and Liam wed in a small, intimate ceremony at their Tennessee estate on December 23, and the general public had no clue it was happening.

Fans first began to suspect that the actor and singer, who met on the set of The Last Song in 2010, were exchanging vows when clips of their celebration began to spread on social media.


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Miley confirmed that herself and Liam married after 10 YEARS of dating on St. Stephen's Day.

The Nothin' Breaks Like A Heart songstress shared a photo of herself in the beautiful Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, and we were FLOORED.

Keep the pictures coming, gal. We crave them.

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields are serious #couple goals.

The singer recently shared how he proposed to his wife, Ayda Fields, and the story is straight from a Rom-Com.

The power couple has recently celebrated their eight year anniversary, reflecting on all the wonderful milestones they have accomplished together.

Just last week, Ayda posted a photo of their wedding day, celebrating her and her husband’s strength to brave the ‘journey’ they have travelled together.

“Thank you for taking the midnight train to anywhere with me. It's been the journey of a lifetime. Happy Anniversary! I love you!”

It seems the Let Me Entertain You singer has reciprocated his wife’s public declaration of love.

In honour of Romance Awareness Month, Robbie posted an adorable photo of the two laughing and holding hands.

The singer wistfully looked back at how he proposed to the love of his life.

“Every time I used to think of Ayda and pull a card from a deck it would always be a queen, so I took her to the place that I first laid my eyes on her and gave her four queens.

“Each card said one word each. Will… You… Marry… Me?”

As if the heartthrob wasn’t cute enough with his cheeky comments and sexy stare.


Swipe across if you’re feeling cheeky this Friday

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Since the start of their of their fiery relationship, Ayda and Robbie have had two children together: five-year-old Teddy and three-year-old Carlton.

And have revealed that they are thinking about having a third.

Perhaps all the recent romance can be traced back to the couple’s increased time together.

Both Ayda and Robbie have joined the The X Factor panel this year, joining Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson as judges.

The talented pair have extremely busy careers, but it is sweet to see them taking time out of their day to remind each other how much love they share.



If the content of your jewellery box represents a whole host of treasured memories, then it's very likely you view your collection through a sentimental eye.

More than just an accessory or adornment, jewellery – for you – symbolises cherished relationships, poignant moments and heartfelt unions.

Whether the happy recipient or choosing for someone else, you need your jewellery to have meaning and significance, right?

Here at SHEmazing, we're with you on that one which is why we're so enchanted by Thomas Sabo's Together series.

The series symbolises the bond between two people as a sign of eternal love, with the exquisite “Forever Together” ring the clear stand-out of the stunning series. 

Take a look at these beautifully dainty designs.






Let's just say it. Amy Schumer's boyfriend seems to be the most loving boyfriend in the WORLD. Sorry lads.

Not only does he post pictures of her all the time, he also posts messages to say how proud he is of the comedian. 

But now, the furniture-maker took to Instagram to say goodbye (temporarily) to his lady love. 

"Nothing I hate more than saying bye to this human," he captioned a photo of the couple at the beach.

Late last month he also shared a black and white photo of Amy with the caption, "When you find her, risk everything."

AWWWWW. We just can't deal. 



Long-distance relationships are never easy, and when you're each on different continents things can really be tough.

Omar and Sue have been together for a year and a half, despite the fact that he lives in Los Angeles and she lives in London. So when Omar decided to propose, he knew it had to be really special.

Turns out his lady is a big fan of the musical Rent, so Omar secretly flew into London and organised a theatre-themed flash mob involving some very talented singers… and a few of Sue's friends and family. He even changed the words of Seasons of Love to reflect their relationship. Aaaaw!

The hardest part? Keeping his arrival to England a secret. "We speak on Skype every day, use Facebook all the time, and just always want to know about each other's lives" said Omar in the video description. "So, to fly over to LA from London and pretend I'm still there was quite a challenge!"

To say we got a little bit emotional watching this would be an understatement!



We were getting kind of bored of Ice Bucket Challenges, until we saw this!

Justin Davidson from Manhattan, Kansas told his girlfriend Shelby Muha that he was going to help her with her Ice Bucket Challenge – but he had a few tricks (and a ring!) up his sleeve!

Watch this romantic Ice Bucket Challenge/proposal (though it gets a bit awkward from about 1.20 onwards, when you’re just watching them kiss each other for a good 20 seconds!).



Stéphane Rolland thinks Kim Kardashian will walk down the aisle in a ”romantic” wedding dress.

The French fashion designer also thinks that Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci has created the gown.

He said, ”I think she is going to be for sure romantic…It depends on who will be the designer. They are friends with Riccardo Tisci…. so I would not be surprised if he is doing the dress.”

But fashion insiders are convinced Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz has created a bespoke gown for the bride, especially after Kim was dressed by Lanvin for the Met Ball earlier this month.

As for the groom, Stéphane would like to see Kanye in a classic suit for the couple’s nuptials.

He said, ”I would appreciate to see him very elegant, like a long grey or black jacket. Very French and English-inspired. And not with a bow, but with a tie.”

Kim and Kanye are front row regulars at Stéphane’s shows and the designer has styled the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star a number of times in the past.

The designer will be a guest at the top secret wedding this weekend.




There’s a fine line between acting romantic and just borderline obsessive.

Whether it’s with your boyfriend or just a crush, there’s no reason why any girl should become overly attached to a guy.

Here are some tell-tale signs you’re just getting too attached:

You want to hear from him 24/7
Remember, he has a life outside yours – the same way you should have one outside his.

You get angry when you don’t hear from him
You need to accept that he won’t think about you every second of the day.

His name always pops up
Do you find yourself randomly mentioning his name in the middle of a conversation? If so, take a few steps back.

You always make yourself available
Don’t cancel plans for him, especially if he wouldn’t do the same for you.

Wedding bells
You imagine what your kids will look like and what kind of house you’ll live in.

Your happiness depends on him
Never let your happiness depend on someone else because it will just end in tears.



Living together means spending A LOT of time with your other half. This time is usually used for relaxing but sometimes you need to put away the dressing gown and slip into something, sigh, less comfortable.

You won’t regret it though! Use these tips to keep your relationship from getting into a rut.

1. Date night
This should be spent away from the home. Go to the cinema, a romantic evening walk or a dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, McDonald’s will do. The important thing is to get out of the house together.

2. Communication
If there is an issue, talk about it! Holding it in will only put distance between you and manifest in unhealthy ways like screaming matches!

3. Small surprises
Make his favourite dinner or clean the bathroom. We know, gross. The sacrifices we make for love!

4. Sacred Sundays
Use Sundays to properly catch up with each other. Lie in, talk, make a nice breakfast, there are countless ways to spend a nice day together.

5. A sexy surprise
Summer isn’t here yet so we are still snuggled in our fluffy dressing gowns but sometimes you need to shave the legs, wax and slip into something a bit sexier. We think he’ll prefer this to any dinner you could cook!



There was a great crowd for the Irish premiere of new movie, Cuban Fury, which was held at the ODEON Point Village last Friday, 7th February.

Star of the film, Nick Frost and 98FM’s Dermot & Dave were among the familiar faces who turned out to see the film, along with loads of excited fans.

The movie is due for release today, so get yourself and your Valentine to a cinema for this great romantic comedy.



Millie Mackintosh and her husband Professor Green are on a romantic break in Paris for Valentine’s Day and she wants everyone to know it!

Following speculation that their marriage was in trouble after only five months of marriage, Professor Green decided to straighten things out and lost his cool on his Twitter account. 

Now it would seem Millie has found her own way to end speculation by uploading some intimate pictures to her Instagram account.

Millie uploaded a photo of Professor Green standing in their Parisian hotel room where you can visibly see her lingerie.

She captioned the sexy image with a series of hashtags that seem to say that she and her husband may be feeling worse for wear this morning: “#findthemenu #thishangoverrequirescarbsimmediately#pariswhydoyoudomeso #breakfastinbed#happyhallmarkholiday.”

The couple appear to be having a great romantic break, which is always nice to see, especially today!

millie colage



Even if you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day you can cuddle up and watch one of these – even better we reckon.

1. Edward Lewis – Pretty Woman
A millionaire who swoops in and saves you from being a prostitute, buys you expensive clothes and jewellery and falls deeply madly in love with you? Don’t mind if we do.

pretty woman

2. Rick Blaine – Casablanca
“We’ll always have Paris.” Major ugly cry.


3. Noah Calhoun – The Notebook
He built her a dream house. Need we say more?

the notebook


4. Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice
The original bad boy penned by Jane Austen in 1813.