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It's wedding bells for one Kilkenny hurler.

TJ Reid has announced the happy news that he is set to wed his girlfriend, Niamh De Brun.

The sportsman popped the question to the former Miss Ireland contestant at the Europe Hotel and Resort in Killarney, Co Kerry.


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The 31-year-old took to Instagram to post a snap of him and his fiancee celebrating with glasses of champagne.

He captioned it, ''Let the celebrations continue. Cheers to my wife to be @niamhdebrun.''

Niamh also posted a picture of her staring at her diamond ring.

She wrote, ''I said yes” followed by another snap captioned, ''Champagne for breakfast. Still in shock.''


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Fans and friends to to the comments to express their congratulations.

One said, ''Heartiest congratulations @tjreid12 and @niamhdebrun…what a wonderful occasion…enjoy the celebrations…''

While another wrote, '' Will ya look at that ROCK!''

Massive congratulations guys.


Kylie Jenner has a lot on her plate right now.

Between her family warring with her former best friend Jordyn Woods due to the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson and her own relationship troubles with boyfriend Travis Scott, she hasn't got much time for anything else.

Except that her fans are convinced she is expecting baby number two.


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And it's all because of an old wives tale that they have spotted in his Instagram posts.

The 21-year-old uploaded an adorable snap of her with her daughter Stormi lying on her chest. 

She captioned it, ''My baby is stuck to me like glue lately."

She then posted a sweet video of herself and her one-year-old, who is clinging to her.

Kylie is heard saying, ''Girl! You've gotta do things without me!" to which Stormi replies, ''Yeah.''


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So what are fans taking from this?

That Stormi's being super clingy with her mum is a sign that Kylie's pregnant because "babies know."

One said, ''Maybe you’re pregnant and she knows.''

While another wrote, ''My daughter did that when I was pregnant with #2.''

Watch this space guys, the fans could be onto something. 


It's been a good few weeks for Chance the Rapper.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram to announce that he and his wife Kirsten Corley are gonna be parents for the second time.

He posted a note that said, ''We pregnant again. It's a girl. JESUS CHRIST. WE LOVE YOU GOD.''


New baby droppin September

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The Grammy award-winner revealed that the baby girl is due in September.

The couple are parents already to three-year-old daughter, Kensli.

Chance the Rapper, real name Chancelor Jonathan Bennet, joked that,he had a “new baby droppin September”.

Fans were delighted for the couple. 


The Bennetts

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One said, ''That's so freaking awesome!!!!!!! Congratulations to you guys!!!!!!''

While another wrote, ''The caption omg. Congrats loves.''

The couple wed this month in a star-studded ceremony, watched by 150 friends and family reportedly including stand-up comedian David Chappelle, Kim Kardashian and his mentor Kanye West.

Massive congrats to the couple on this happy news. 


It's always refreshing when a celeb speaks candidly about what they're going through – because life isn't all sunshine and rainbows as we know.

Justin Bieber has been vocal about his struggles with mental health problems and he took to Instagram to reveal how he's been feeling lately.

And it's seriously relatable.

The 25-year-old posted a snap of him alongside his manager Scooter Braun and  Kanye West, and he got brutally honest about the shit time he's been having lately. 


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He captioned it, ''Just wanted to keep you guys updated a little bit hopefully what I’m going through will resonate with you guys. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird…''

He continued, ''I always bounce back so I’m not worried just wanted to reach out and ask for your guys to pray for me. God is faithful and ur prayers really work thanks…the most human season I’ve ever been in facing my stuff head on…'

His fans were obviously worried about the singer but also penned messages of support. 

One said, ''Honesty is sexy bro! Good to share our struggles with such a powerful medium like Instagram!''

While another wrote, ''Justin, thanks for reaching out. It's okay to not be okay. It is not a sign of weakness, it is being HUMAN.''


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Justin opened up about mental health before when he told NME how fame has affected him.

He said, ''I’m struggling to get through the days. I think a lot of people are.''

He continued, ''You get lonely, you know, when you’re on the road. People see the glam and the amazing stuff, but they don’t know the other side.”

We applaud Justin for being so transparent about his struggles and making us feel a little less alone because, as we all know, life ain't easy.


Another member of Glee has tied the knot and we're offish feeling old.

Yes, Rachel Berry aka Lea Michele has married her long-term boyfriend Zandy Reich in a stunning ceremony.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram to post a fab snap of her and her husband as they walked down the aisle.
And we're IN LOVE with her dress. 


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The pair said I do in Northern California in front of close friends and family, including Glee’s Darren Criss and Scream Queens’ Emma Roberts.

Lea posted the beautiful picture of the wedding, captioning it, ''3/9/19'' followed by a love heart emoji.

Her fans took to the comments to express their excitement at the couples big day.

One said, ''Your dress is the most beautiful wedding dress i seen so far. I'm soo happy for You darling.''

While another wrote, ''You are literally glowing and you look beyond happy. That is all we ever wished for you.''


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After the ceremony the couple threw on casual versions of their outfits, as they got ready for a night of partying.

They told People, ''We are so excited to be married and grateful to be surrounded by our friends and family.''

They continued, ''And most of all, we’re so happy to spend the rest of our lives together.''

In February, Lea revealed that Glee creator Ryan Murphy would be officiating on the big day.

Massive congrats to the adorbs couple – we hope you have the best married life. 



The weather right now leaves a lot to be desired, so dreaming of distant lands is our new favourite pastime.

There are plenty of travel bloggers out there who live charmed lives, being paid to venture from exotic place to exotic place. 

We've compiled a list of our favourites, who's sea and sun-soaked feeds are making us uber jealous. 

1. Gypsea Lust


A photo posted by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

Probably the most famous of travel bloggers, Lauren Bullen travels the wide world with her equally as cultured boyfriend (who also happens to be a travel blogger).

Her Instagram is literal goals, showing off more exotic destinations and blue seas than you could ever dream of.

2. World Wanderlust


A photo posted by Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) on

Brooke Saward is the author of travel tome World of Wanderlust and has the perfect Instagram to match. 

Hitting all the best holiday destinations, this Australian twenty-something definitely isn't afraid to fly solo.

3. Kirsten Alana


A photo posted by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) on

Kirsten is a travel photographer, and her list of destinations is endless.

The unique and best thing about her Instagram page is the detailed descriptions of her travels which caption each striking image. 

4. Daniel Kordan


A photo posted by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) on

Landscape photographer Daniel takes the most unique and surreal images of one-of-a-kind terrains. 

You wont find your typical blue sea and cocktails snaps here, but intense and striking landscape imagery. 

5. Madeline Joy Relph

Madeline's 'gram is so envy-inducing, we kind of can't stand to look at it.

The blogger has roamed through India, Morocco, Turkey and Bali, and that's just in the last few weeks.

6. Emilie Ristevski

If you prefer a more rustic take on travel photography, Emelie's 'gram is for you.

Emelie also regularly discusses her travels through her photo captions, so the snaps are informative as well as stunning.

7. Jessica Stein


A photo posted by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on

This blogger has a massive following and a huge list of travel destinations on her feed to go with it.

The globetrotting travel guru makes the most of all of her trips, taking pictures of food, friends and amazing scenery.

8. Round the World Girl


A photo posted by Elise  (@roundtheworldgirl) on

This Insta pro stands out from the crowd with her account that promotes active living.

Be it rock climbing, hiking, cave diving or scuba diving, this girl never stops.


The road of marriage never did run smooth, eh?

Deffo not  in the age of social media, that's for sure.

And even if you're an A-List celeb like Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, you're not spared from the pitfalls of it. 


A post shared by Hailey Rhode Bieber (@haileybieber) on

Before she was Mrs Bieber, Hailey dated singer Shawn Mendes and it seems the pair have stayed in touch.

Justin took to Instagram to post a few snaps of his model wife and Shawn couldn't help but press like.


While Justin's fans went wild about this, the singer wa  forced to step in and say something. 


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After a fan account uploaded a screenshot of Shawn’s ‘like’, Justin replied, ''They’re riends relax.”

To the point.

And  fairly, eh, fair, right?

Exes can be friends especially when one of them is not actually MARRIED, fyi. 

And judging by the OTT PDA posts from both Hailey and Justin about each other, we think that their relationship is a-okay and no amount of ''likes'' will rock it. 


Binky Felstead has always been open about life as a single mum – and it ain't easy. 

The former Made in Chelsea star is mum to the CUTEST toddler India, who will celebrate her second birthday in June.

India's dad is former MIC star Josh ''JP'' Patterson, who split with Binky 15 months after the birth.

The 28-year-old has since been vocal about the struggles of single motherhood and how tough she is finding things. 


A post shared by BINKY FELSTEAD (@binkyfelstead) on

She told Women's Health, ''Of course there are times where I think, ‘F***, I’m on my own and I’ve got a baby.''

We hear you, Binks.

On top of that, social media has been a pain in the arse for her, with snaps of seemingly happy families everywhere. 

She said, ''I was home with India and I would see on Instagram that everyone was out and about and I just felt really isolated.''

She continued, ''I can get quite low scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these happy, or what looks like happy, families – mums and dads and babies”.


A post shared by BINKY FELSTEAD (@binkyfelstead) on

While her love life might be quiet atm, she has been working at her fitness – and her Instagram snaps show her hard work (those abs are enviable).

Binky says that people aren't used to seeing her in this kind of shape.

She said, ''People remember me being bigger back in Made in Chelsea. Not bigger but I was curvier and I didn’t ever go to the gym, so my body has changed.''

She continued, ''All other girls who are on Instagram posting in bikinis didn’t get criticised because they’ve always looked like that. But because I’ve lost a bit of weight they feel like they can say something.''

We think she looks fab – and that she's kicking ass at being a single mum – India is so lucky to have her. 


We live our lives on Instagram these days and the slew of perfectly made-up faces can be tough to see every day – mostly because it's just so unrealistic.

While there are many beauty bloggers, influencers and MUA's generously using photoshopping and facetuning apps to re-shape and overhaul their entire appearances, it's refreshing to have those who are lifting the lid and showing us exactly how much they can edit the snaps you see.

Irish beauty influencer TooDollyMakeUp aka Jen Morris took to her Instagram Stories to get real about the FaceTuning app – and we were all ears. 


A post shared by J E N M O R R I S (@toodollymakeup) on

She made interesting points – all of which she assured was not to upset anyone, but show how easily an image can be edited.

She said, ''I use FaceTune full disclosure FYI but never to this extent…''

Then she went on to show us exactly how she used the app – firstly, by changing the tone of her skin slightly, then by making her cheekbones appear sharper before smoothing out the skin on her cheeks.

Jen is aware that FaceTune is normalised in the influencing industry and thinks is down to the fact that it's free and easy to use.


A post shared by J E N M O R R I S (@toodollymakeup) on

She told SHEmazing, ''I really don't think it's going anywhere soon. I mean, look at someone like James Charles who is massively successful and is a very talented marketer and influencer openly using FT and even has tutorials on how he completely changes his facial features in the majority of his images.''

On her Stories, she continues to show us the extent in which people edit their images – she enhances the size of her lips before doing the usual Instagram stuff of altering the warmth and lighting.

Phew – that's a hell of a lot of work, isn't it? 


A post shared by J E N M O R R I S (@toodollymakeup) on

When asked what she thinks of a small amount of FaceTune for aesthetic reasoning, she is a fan but only because a lot of her content is makeup-related.

She said, ''Sometimes the camera just does not capture colour or texture the way it looks to the naked eye so I like to use FaceTune for that reason. I use it to make details pop, to make the texture of glitter show. At the end of the day 'Do you boo boo' if you want to FaceTune ​​​​​​ the life and soul out of your pictures do it but people are going to see you in person so just be aware!''

So why did she open up about the app on her Stories?


A post shared by J E N M O R R I S (@toodollymakeup) on

She said, ''I just wanted to show people that not everything you see online is what it seems. I feel sorry for younger girls looking at these hyper-real IG MUAs with no pores or texture to their skin sitting at home wondering why they don’t look like this no matter what they try!''

She added, ''I don’t think FT is bad, I just think people aren’t aware of it so that can be quite damaging to their self esteem similar to the effect that magazines have had in the past and to some extent still have!''

Jen's words of wisdom are ones to take away from all of this – ''Don't beat yourself up if you don't look like people on IG, half the time we don't look like ourselves either.''

And to that we say – amen. 



Getting lip fillers has become a front-and-centre kind thing in the media, thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner and Megan Barton Hanson being vocal about using them.

While there are zillions of clinics and aestheticians that can safely give you a fuller pout, there are just as many places that will put yourself at massive risk.

And no-one wants that.

Irish clinic Consultant Clinic, which also has clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London, has taken to social media to blast people choosing non-medics to get lip fillers – and the results are scary. 


A post shared by The Consultant Clinic (@consultant_clinic) on

They uploaded snaps of the treatment-gone-wrong (which should be avoided for if you're in ANY way squeamish) and told teh story of a woman who wanted to get her lips done for a wedding but went to a beautician to get them, in a non-clinical home setting.

They wrote, '' We post for public interest and your safety and information – to make you aware of exactly what risks you're taking by choosing a non medic as your injector. The beautician, couldn't have done a better job of an intravascular injection if she had tried, and blocked off her arterial supply, by injecting a huge blob of filler into the vessel, starving it of oxygen and life.''

The horrifying story continued, ''The lips became ischaemic, and were agony. The tissue of her lip rapidly died and rotted on her face, and yes you can see correctly – actually FELL OFF.''

The Clinic does say that this can happen with even highly trained practitioners but the fact that the doctor didn't recognising ischaemia and necrosis is dangerous. 


A post shared by The Consultant Clinic (@consultant_clinic) on

The post continued, ''Is this a risk you really want to take with your face, the essence of your identity and self-esteem? Thank you so much to the lovely @dr.alaa_aref for allowing us to use her images, and for helping to raise awareness.''

People were horrified by this tale and took to the comments to say so. 

One said, ''This is terrible! Frustrating to see such poor injecting, poor understanding of anatomy and poor management (or non existent rather) of a serious complication! We need some serious regulation in this industry!''

While another wrote, ''This is so, so heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what she’s feeling now. I really hope there’s a way out through surgery and that the practitioner gets held accountable for this.''

Take this as a major warning – if you're going for this type of procedure research you will be messing wth your face BEFORE you have it done because the alterative is so not worth it. 


Over the weekend, there was mass speculation after it was reported that Kylie Jenner was suspicious that the father of her child and long term boyfriend Travis Scott had been unfaithful. 

TMZ reported that Kylie had discovered some kind of evidence that Travis had cheated on her, and that Travis cancelled a tour date to deal with the situation, however a rep for the rapper denies the claims. 

In a statement to E!, Travis's rep 'strongly' denies allegations of cheating: 'The reason he stayed home from his show tonight was very much because of illness.'


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Further fuel was added to the fire when Travis deleted his Instagram yesterday.

Fans are speculating that the KUWTK alum saw something in his Instagram tags or DMs that she wasnt pleased with, and that Travis deleted his Instagram as a gesture to Kylie. 

A source told People: 'Kylie had a rough week.' 


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'She is still devastated about Jordyn and had an argument with Travis after she checked his phone and saw something that she didn’t like.'

However, is has been reported that the couple have worked things out, and that the incident will not cause Kylie and Travis to split. 

At a concert last night, Travis told the crowd to 'remember to keep your family first,' and also referred to Kylie as wifey, a source told Us Weekly. 


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Back in December, Travis was forced to defend himself against cheating allegations after a YouTuber created a hoax video which appeared to depict Travis kissing another woman. 

The YouTuber, who goes by the name Christian Adam G, admitted to staging the photo, dressing and posing as the rapper and even cutting and styling his hair to mimic Scott's trademark blonde-tipped dread style. 


Selena Gomez has spent the night in the studio, making her fans' dreams come true by confirming her big return to music.

Her last bout of music was a verse in Taki Taki, but only a minor feature. The fans want full-length tunes on an ALBUM, God damn.

The singer decided to update her fans about her artistic projects, and it looks like she's officially back;


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"This week, next week and every week," she captioned the Instagram video.

After dropping her new collaboration with J Balvin, Benny Blanco, and Tainy called I Can't Get Enough, Selena shared a video of herself and her girlfriend looks hard at work.

Unforch, the video doesn't include any audio, so we have zero clue what exactly she's recording. We wonder if the caption is a hint about the song itself?


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The fans are freaking out, which is hardly surprising. Her fanbase remains large, even though Ariana Grande overtook her last week as the most followed woman on Instagram.

According to E! News, Selena's been putting in long hours in the studio, so let's hope she's working on a whole album;

"Selena has been in the studio working hard. She's putting in long hours and spending all day working on new material. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she was in the studio for eight hours without a break."


Feature image; Instagram/@selenagomez