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Ah, Galentine's Day. Our saviour from the horrors of Valentine's Day, AKA the only day of the year where showing love and men being romantic is socially acceptable.

Whether companies are using female friendships as a marketing tool or not is a WHOLE other discussion.

For now, we're just gonna bring Leslie Knope vibes for 2019's Galentine's Day, which falls the day before Valentine's Day, and celebrates the power of galpals.

Of course, you don't need to be single to celebrate the special day that is Galentine's; You can snatch all them sexy roses from your boo and high five your ladypals at the same time.

day celebrating GIF

1. Channelling the OG Renaissance Romantics:

2. Spreading those holidays around for the gals: 

3. Don't forget, there are SO many alternatives to the most romantic day of the year:

4. Valentine or Valentino Day though? Respect fashion, innit:

5. Honestly, we prefer a Valentine's pupper instead of a rose:

6. Broke girl hacks:

7. Real-talk, stay in school kids:

8. Marriage vibes:


10Life hack:

11. Sending respect to the new Queen of Both Being Single and Releasing Smash Singles, Ari:

12.  The OG Leslie Knope is of, course, a feature in our memes this Galentine's Day:

13.  Don't forget all those marytrs who died for their fellow femalez:

14. Get the coin, not the groin:

15. The TEMERITY, how dare they?

16. Google needs to get it's sh*t together:

17Humpback whales have BFFs too, they probably chat about trashy boys and online shop together too… 

18. Wine + lady friendships + female empowerment = JOY.

19.  Lets get SPOOKY:

20. The eternal struggle:

We gotta make Leslie Knope proud, ladies.

She deserves it for inventing this incredibly special day, but don't forget to show love to the women in your life 24 hours a DAY, are we right?

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Feature image: LAist 



Being single on Valentine's Day definitely isn't the ideal situation, but choosing to celebrate your love for your friends instead of your lack of romance IS. 

Boohoo have just dropped their Valentines range, and among the luscious lingerie and silky night wear, are a series of empowering slogan t-shirts that are perfect for spending the day with your platonic nearest and dearest.

Romantic relationships can be fleeting, but your girls are there for life, after all. 

Galentines Slogan T-Shirt €7.00

Our personal favourite os this slogan t-shirt, which completely encapsulates the mood. 

Rock up to your gal's drinks in this yourself, or get one for every member of your squad – after all, it's only €7,00.

Here is how we are styling ours:  

 Lace body suit €18.00 (to be worn over t-shirt) , Leopard print heels €23.00, Textured earrings €7.00, Black skinny jeans €23.00

Layered necklaces €4.00, Bum bag €13.00, Chunky boots €32.00, Leopard midi skirt €16.00

Shaggy cardigan €42.00, Beaded handbag €23.00, Mom jeans €26.00, Metallic heels €18.00



When we think of the ideal relaxing Valentine's Day, whether single or coupled up, oftentimes the plan fo the night can involve a delightfully steamy bath. 

The obvious choice for making a bth extra special is a bath bomb from Lush – and for a night like Valentine's we would be tempted to reach fo the SexBomb bath bomb. 

However, Lush have just revealed their new Valentine's collection fo 2019 – and it's millennial perfection. 


A post shared by LUSH UK (@lush) on

Included in the collection is a duo of bath bombs that have gotten everyone talking. 

Shaped like two very suggestive emojis, the Aubergine and Peachy are inspiring us to send some risky texts. 

The limited edition bath bombs are available online now, and will be rolling out in Lush stores from January 7th if you need to do the sniff test before purchasing. 


A post shared by Lush Cosmetics North America (@lushcosmetics) on

The Aubergine boasts an uplifting scent, with bergamot, fruity ho wood and saucy litsea cubeba. 

With green, blue and purple bath swirls forming as it dissolves, it's damn pretty to watch. 

As for Peachy, the clue is on the name.  Essential notes of grapefruit, fresh peach juice and davana make for a sweet and citrusy bath scent. 

We#ll see you in the virtual queue picking up these bad boys for ourselves and the gal pals as the ideal Galentines Day gift. 


Whether you're going to celebrate Valentine's day or Galentine's day, why not get the night started with a few fancy cocktails?

Created by world-class bartenders for Diageo Reserve, we have some exclusive recipes to impress your bae on February 14.

They're super simple and amazingly tasty, so if making these drinks is all you do on V-Day, we'll take that as a day well spent:


Ciroc Pink Diamond 


• 35ml Cîroc vodka

• 45ml cranberry juice

• 35ml champagne

• 10ml fresh lime juice (around half a lime)

• 1 lemon for the twist



1. Add Cîroc vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and ice to a shaker and shake for 8-10 seconds.

2. Strain through a fine mesh strainer or sieve into a chilled champagne flute.

3. Top with the champagne.

4. Garnish with an orange twist. To do this, use a vegetable peeler or sharp knife to remove a 1cm-wide strip of peel from the orange (try to get as little pith as possible), twist in opposite directions over the glass to release the oils.



Tanqueray Rose  


•    35ml Tanqueray No. Ten gin

•    5ml raspberry liqueur

•    10ml fresh lemon juice 

•    5ml light Agave nectar

•    2 fresh raspberries

•    Soda Water



1. Gently muddle the lemon juice, agave nectar & raspberries in the bottom of your glass.

2. Add Tanqueray No. Ten & raspberry liqueur.

3. Stir ingredients with ice.

4. Top with soda/sparkling water.

5. Garnish with an orange wheel and any red berry.



Ketel One Valentines Blush


•    35ml Ketel One vodka

•    10ml elderflower liqueur

•    20ml cranberry juice

•    10ml fresh lemon juice 

•    10ml light Agave nectar

•    Mint leaves

•    Frozen cranberries

•    Soda water



1. Gently muddle the lemon juice, agave nectar & mint leaves in the bottom of your glass.

2. Add Ketel One vodka & elderflower liqueur.

3. ¾ fill a glass with crushed ice.

4. Add frozen cranberries.

5. Stir ingredients.

6. Pack with crushed ice.

7. Top with soda/sparkling water.

8. Garnish with sprig of fresh mint & frozen cranberry.



Don Julio Romance


•    35ml Don Julio Blanco

•    15ml orange liqueur

•    40ml fresh orange juice

•    40ml hibiscus tea

•    5ml hibiscus syrup

•    Fresh ginger pieces



1.    Make hibiscus syrup by dissolving ½ cup of cane sugar into ½ cup hot hibiscus tea. Leave to cool.

2.    Muddle some fresh ginger pieces into bottom of a mixing glass.

3.    Add all of the remaining ingredients and half fill the mixing glass with ice.

4.    Stir the ingredients until the mixing glass chills to a frost.

5.    Strain into a Champagne coupe glass.

6. Garnish with some ginger strips wrapped in orange zest.


Having a movie night with your besties is the perfect way to ring in Galentine's Day with your single pals.

Galentine's Day is all about celebrating female friendship,but a nod to romance is allowed in small measures.

So grab your nearest and dearest gal pals and settle in with some of these deliciously nostalgic and female friendship-filled flicks on February 14. And don't forget the wine. 

1. Bridesmaids

Image result for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is a classic girly movie with a literal laugh a minute. While it may get catty at times, the girl power in this movie is fierce. 

If you're a fan of Pitch Perfect, this one is for you. 

2. Eat Pray Love

Image result for eat pray love

Eat Pray Love follows the true story of a woman recovering from a tumultuous divorce as she discovers the wider world through her taste buds and her prayer beads.

If eschewing all men until "the one" makes an appearance is your game, this wanderlust of a movie will be right up your alley. 

3. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Image result for the sisterhood of the travelling pants

This movie is a complete classic, and is as iconic for it's place on the totum pole of female friendship as the Spice Girls are.

The feel-good flick proves that the bonds of true friendship are unbreakable, so this film deserves a re-watch. 

4. Mean Girls

Image result for mean girls

Another teenage classic, the clue is in the name with this one.

Watching Lindsay Lohan in her hey-day was a prerequisite for our secondary school sleepovers, so dusting off this DVD for Galentine's Day is a must. 

5. The Craft

Image result for the craft

A freaky, spooky flick, The Craft is all the 90s grunge fashion inspiration any girl could need.

A Hollywood high school movie with a twist, this is an oldie but a goodie.

6. He's Just Not That Into You

Image result for he's just not that into you

The ultimate single girls guide, He's Just Not That Into You divulges some classic secrets of the male mind. 

7. Never Been Kissed

Image result for never been kissed

This nostalgic film highlights the importance of your first ever kiss.

Perfect for slagging your friends over their first kiss over a bottle of wine. 

8. Obsessed

Image result for obsessed beyonce

Obsessed stars Beyonce as the ultimate kick-ass woman defending her family from a psycho stalker who's out to destroy her life and steal her husband.

This film might actually be enough to put you of relationships forever, if that's what you're going for. 

9. Clueless

Image result for clueless

As classic as Mean Girls, Clueless was always a feature at our teenage sleepovers.

The hilarious quotes alone are enough reason to re-watch this 90s flick, but the complex friendships and relationships keep us hooked every time. 

10. The Bling Ring

Image result for the bling ring

Finally, one of Emma Watson's more grown up roles since Harry Potter, The Bling Ring follows the true story of a group of friends obsessed with the ult of Hollywood, who turn to theft to fuel their luxury obsessions.

While the crew eventually turn on one another, the dramatic film highlights the importance of sticking together, be it through a break up or, in this case, a serious crime.


If you are thoroughly lacking a signifigant other and have accepted the fact that no amount of Tinder swiping will cause you to acquire one before the big event, then it's time to gear up for Galentine's Day.

Galentines Day involves eschewing the shackles of romantic relationships and celebrating the annual day of love with your besties. 

But what to do when the restaurants are full of PDA-offending lovers and Instagram is full of pictures of Mchael Kors bags with the hashtag best boyfriend ever? 

1. The ultimate girls night out


A photo posted by modàfashion. (@glamxmoda) on

An obvious choice but a complete classic. 

Get your unattached ladies around for some predrinks and make some cocktail recipes you found on the internet, then paint the town red.

Everyone will be out for the shift, so if that's not your style, cackle in delight as you rebut the advances of the opposite sex. Or get the shift, you do you, girl. 

2. Have a date night with your favourite actor

Not literally unfortunately, George Clooney will probably be busy with Amal.

But settling in for the night with a handful of movies featuring your ultimate thespian crush is the next best thing.

Don't forget to stock up on popcorn, pizza and wine so you don't have to move for the night. 

3. Fifty Shades of Grey

Just like last year, the new Fifty Shades of Grey instalment is out around Valentines Day.

There is no better way to spend an evening than giggling at a rude movie with your best friends, and the experience will only be heightened by the fact that the cinema will be full of fellow females laughing at the cheesy romantic film. If BDSM can be considered romantic. 

Booking in advance is probably a good idea, as cinemas can get pretty busy on V-Day. 

4. Laugh until you cry…

…instead of just crying.

There are plenty of comedy gigs going on every night around the country, so if you and your girls need some cheering up on Galentine's, then a comedy show is a good way to get the laughs going. 

Plus it's Valentines Day, so the comedian will probably be taking the p*** out of couples and romance to please your bitter, single heart. 

5. Pamper day


A photo posted by L U N A (@nocomay) on

While this one is the ultimate cliche, getting a mani pedi with your best friend and then heading home to veg out wearing face masks is a pretty relaxing endeavour.

Meet up after work (V-Day lands on a Tuesday this year) for some evening treatments and then relax and reminisce on the ghosts of boyfriends past. 

After all, sometimes romance can be fleeting, but your girls are there for life. 


Being single on Valentine's Day definitely isn't the ideal situation, but choosing to celebrate your love for your friends instead of your lack of romance IS. 

Grab your nearest and dearest gal pals and celebrate your friendship on February 14th with some wine, movies and good old fashioned reminiscing. 

Romantic relationships can be fleeting, but your girls are there for life. Here's what to get your bestie ahead of the big day to show her that you love her, from jokey underwear to friendship tattoos.  

Left to right: Bad Girls Throughout History – €18.70

Heart ring – €9.40

LUSH Cupid Bath Bomb – €3.50

ASOS Studded flats – €37.33

Left to right: LUSH Love & Kisses set – €27.95

Temporary Friendship Tattoos – €3.85 

ASOS Heartbreaker nightie – €24.00

The Mindfullness Colouring Book – €10.00

Left to right: O.P.I Nail Laquer in Rosy Future – €10.70

ASOS Pyjama set – €17.32

Besties Keyring set – €7.72

River Island underwear set – €34.00

Left to right: Mug – €6.00

Pompom Hat – €9.00


Galentine’s Day is finally here and what better (or more obvious) way to spend it than with your best girlfriends!

What's Galentine's Day you ask? Here's the only explanation necessary, courtesy of Parks And Recreation's Leslie Knope:

Here some ideas on how you can spend the most loved-up weekend of the year with your most loved:

Afternoon tea
Is there anything more elegant and girly than macarons and triangular cucumber sandwiches? No, there isn’t! So, get your best tea dress on (elbow-length gloves are optional) and hit your best-loved afternoon tea hotspot.

Pampering session
No, you don’t have to spend lots of money just to have a girly day – chances are you have all you need on your bathroom shelf already. From homemade facials, mani/pedis to a proper tan sesh, you’re guaranteed to have someone there to get your back.

Romantic movie marathon
You know the ones you need; When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, Casablanca and Pretty Woman. You’ll also need a major amount of popcorn, assorted confectionery, blankets and cushions.

Baking love
Make like Taylor and head to the kitchen. That’s where cookies come from, don’t cha know?! Fancy aprons are essentials as is the Power Of Love CD 1 and 2.  

Walk in the woods
Grab the dog and wrap up warm for a lovely day in the woods – or even a hike! Did you know you can get plastic prosecco glasses? Just sayin’…