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Salma Hayek might have just found herself a new hairdresser…her daughter Valentina.

The gorge actor took to Instagram to post the cutest video of her only child giving her a new haircut in their family bathroom.

Lucky Salma!

The pair were celebrating Valentina's 11th birthday.

The special event was caught on camera and shows Salma relaxing in a marble bath, draped in a white robe. 

Valentina looks like a pro as she snips away at her mum's hair to the sound of Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations playing in the background.

Literal #famgoals. 

Th 52-year-old captioned it,, ''happy birthday Valentina. You are so awesome and handy too! Thank you for cutting my hair! I love you more than love itself. Feliz cumpleaños mi niña hermosa, eres lo máximo y súper talentosa! Gracias por cortarme el pelo. Te amo más que al amor filmed and edited by @bucuaron.''

Director Alfonso Cuarón’s 14-year-old daughter Tess Bu Cuarón, captured the video.


They grow so fast. Crecen tan rápido. #tbt

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Salma's 7.6 million followers were quick to comment their well wishes.

One wrote, ''cutest ever! I want to do that with my daughter one day too…but maybe I’ll give her another 5 years…'' while another said, ''what an awesome way to get your haircut for your Birthday. I love it enjoy your day!''

Salma and French billionaire François-Henri Pinault have Valentia togther while Henri also has son François, 20, and daughter Mathilde, 17, with ex-wife Dorothée Lepère and as son Augustin “Augie” James Evangelista, 11, with model Linda Evangelista.

Salma recently posted a photo on Instagram of the couple with Valentina, François and Mathilde when they were younger, writing, “they grow so fast. Crecen tan rápido. #tbt.”

Can we be part of this stunning fam, plz?


If you've ever had to rock up to the Jackson Court Hotel in the cold light of day, mumbling something about a missing cloakroom ticket and a lost jacket, but bottle it at the last minute, you can take solace in the fact you're not alone.

Swallowing down your shame in the midst of an epic hangover in order to retrieve a jacket you couldn't have cared less about the night before takes a serious shot of confidence… which is why so many of us refuse to do it.

And the result? Well, Copper Face Jacks were more than willing to share it in a video posted on their Facebook last night.

Featuring a mountain of binliners which the post insists only accounts for 20 per cent of their lost property, the good folk at Coppers understandably urged us to stop forgetting our damn jackets.

Responding to the footage, many Facebook users encouraged the nightclub to donate their forgotten goods to the homeless – something CFJ confirmed they do after a period of six weeks.

"If it helps the homeless then I say keep leaving them!" wrote one Facebook user. "I've lost/left behind many coats over the years and if I knew they were going to those in need I'd be way happier. Well done Coppers!"

And well done us for forgetting our coat… every… single… time.


There must be something in the water in Calabasas, because not one, not two, but three members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are rumoured to be with child. 

Kim is the only sister to have confirmed her pregnancy – the mum-of-two is expecting via surrogate early next year. 

Kylie and Khloe are also rumoured to be incubating mini Kardashians, but neither of them have come forward to confirm or deny the gossip.


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Kylie Jenner released a brand new YouTube video last night to showcase her new Koko Collection of lippies with her big sis. 

The pair made a pretty intriguing joke about babies during the video, leading fans to believe it was a reference to their alleged pregnancies. 

'We created them. It's our baby together,' Khloe says of the kits. 

'We have eight,' she says, referring to the shades. 

Kylie goes on to add laughingly: 'We have so many babies. Who knew?'

Khloé adds, 'Who knew? and the pair laugh and raise their perfectly shaped brows. 

The comments section of the video is rife with speculation about the joke.

'Kylie Jenner is supposedly pregnant and makes a new liquid lipstick called Baby girl hmm interesting…. ??' mulled one.

'All i care about now is are you pregnant or nah,' said another. 



Conor McGregor is renowned for being proud of his roots, and he proved that in a recent Twitter post. 

Taking to the social media platform, the national treasure shared a peek at his new Beats by Dre advert, which showcases Dublin to the masses. 

'Dublin, Ireland STAND UP! This one is for you! Dedicated,' he captioned the tweet. 

The video is a poignant portrayal of Conor's roots, and shows a group of young Dublin boys gearing up for a fight. 

The video, shot like a short film, shows the gang of Dubliners mirroring Conor's own beginnings, and flashes to the present to show Conor's current success.

It demonstrates where perseverance can get you, as well as exhibiting residential Dublin. 



From high heel contouring to using fidget spinners as hair curlers, we thought we had seen it all when it came to wacky beauty tricks. 

However, we were clearly mistaken, as became evident when we saw the latest video shared by Huda Beauty. 

The now viral video comes from MUA Veronica Rose, who has been using a particularly slimy ingredient in her beauty regimen – snails.


A post shared by Veronica Rose (@vivalapinkposh) on

Yes you read that right. 

You might be thinking that beauty gurus would use any old prop to get clicks and views on their videos, and we're not surprised that you're sceptical. 

But Veronica specifically declares in her video that 'this is not click bait.'

'It is said that snail slime can help reduce wrinkles, clear up acne, reduce pigmentation, and scarring.'

'Snail slime has recently been heralded by cosmetic firms as a useful beauty ingredient.'


A post shared by Veronica Rose (@vivalapinkposh) on

'Several upmarket facial creams now include the shelled slug’s mucus.'

'Try at your own risk! I've always loved snails as a little girl so they don't gross me out.'

While we may have been a fan of playing with garden snails when we were five, we'll have to pass on this slimy beauty ingredient…



If there's one thing we could do for hours on end, it's watch beauty tutorials online.

And while we generally never manage to imitate the precision on display in these videos – so many intricate flicks – we find the whole process infinitely soothing.

And that is why we're probably one of the few people who haven't openly mocked an upload which has been doing the rounds recently.

Shared by makeupmeri, the video shows the effort that goes into the process of… leg contouring.

Yes, it's ridiculous and yes, we wonder who would ever devote time to such a process, but there's no denying the mesmorising quality of the upload.

Check this out…


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Next week is the national Week Against Child Prostitution in the Netherlands, and to mark the seven-day fundraising event, relief organisation Free A Girl have released a shocking video which gives insight into the realities of child prostitution.

Free a Girl is dedicated to freeing young girls from forced prostitution and prosecuting the offenders, and the organisation has saved 3,802 girls from brothels in Asia. 

The terrible footage was designed to showcase the fact that child prostitution is happening in our world, and that something must be done to stop it.

A word of warning, as this video is extremely disturbing, and includes real footage of a child being groomed, sold and exploited for sexual abuse. 

The child, aged seven, is being sold by an unknown female to a man for sex for $40.00. 

The video opens with a series of anonymous children from the Netherlands, who open boxes to find sex toys within them.

The children show their innocence by guessing what the sex aids are for, with guesses such as hair curlers and rolling pins proving popular.

The stark contrast between these children and the little girl shown in the real footage is heartbreakingly clear. 

To donate to Free A Girl's fight against child exploitation, you can learn more here


We've been waiting in anticipation for this music video since we saw Ed Sheeran and Saoirse Ronan shoot it in Galway, and now it's finally here.

The video brings you around the streets and pubs of Galway, passing by Irish dancers and buskers on the street.

It's also totally star-studded with celebs such as Saoirse Ronan, Tommy Tiernan, Hector Ó hEochagáin, and Peter Coonan starring in the video.

The majority of the scenes were shot in O'Connor's pub in Galway, and it perfectly sums up the craic of an Irish session.

Seriously, this video will make you proud to be Irish. 


Spin the Bottle was one of those games that we were sceptical of playing, but took part in nonetheless.

Between the excitement and thrill of the game, most people ended up having an oul whale of a time.

And now, a new dating app has been inspired by it. 

Spin the Bottle is the new exciting dating app which has recently been rolled out worldwide. Instead of a message being your first encounter with a potential love interest, Spin the Bottle uses video, so you have a more meaningful and authentic connection.

However, you need to be quick, because the live interaction video only lasts 30 seconds, and if you're interested in the person talking to you, all you need to do is give them a 'kiss' to see if you're a match.

We spoke to the founder of the app, Matt Cohen, about the origin of the Spin the Bottle journey, and of course, it was down to a few lousy dates.

"It all started with a few bad first dates. With online dating today, you don't really know who you're meeting until you show up for that first date. You don't know how they act, how they sound, or what their personality is like," Matt explained. 

"As someone who has tried online dating myself, I've found that profiles and photos are often misleading and aren't the best representation of who the person really is. That's why we created Spin the Bottle."

Most of us know what it feels like to arrive on a date, only to regret it five minutes later. That's why Matt believes the video connection works to your advantage, as you can get a good idea of what the person is like the first time you see them.

"We believe that when it comes to online dating, video is better because it allows for face-to-face interaction right from the very first contact.

"By using live video as part of our matchmaking process, we are able to create better connections, better dates, and hopefully eliminate that awkward first date experience," Matt said.

When asked if he uses the app himself, the creator said, "I try go on every day. It's not only a great way to meet people, but it's also a lot of fun!"

If you think you'll be a bit shy on video and wouldn't know what to say, Matt believes that you should give everything a try because "you'll never know who you'll meet!"

We're loving the sound of this, and can't wait to give this new dating method a try.


The Repeal Project continues to fight for body autonomy for Irish women, and their latest video campaign is no exception. 

The campaigners have created an incredible new short film that poignantly captures the emotions of the fight to repeal the 8th amendment. 

The video was directed by Laragh McCann. 


A post shared by Repeal Project (@repealproject) on

Shot in black and white, like many of the Repeal Project's campaigns,  the video shows a group of Irish women using dance to express the issue of abortion rights. 

'I hope that the piece, as well as encouraging sisterhood and solidarity as we endure hardships together, also encourages a bridge of understanding from people who are very clear about being pro choice, to those who are in a grey area,' said the director. 

The film comes at a pivotal moment, as today the Citizens’ Assembly will vote on whether or not to amend current legislation surrounding abortion in Ireland. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



If you're a Beyonce and Jay Z fan, then you're going to fall head over heels in love with this video of them.

Bey and Jay are celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary today, and to mark the occasion, Bey created a video for him.



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The Queen recorded over footage of Die With You, a song which she released for the couple's seventh anniversary.

And it's all adorable old-school pictures of the pair together.

There's a few from holidays, their marriage, Christmas and even Blue Ivy's birth.

We think that video was a present to us…


We are all guilty of having a good long snoop on Tinder when the forever-alone-feels get too much. 

Now, the dating app is making some changes, and is following in the footsteps of Instagram and Facebook by possibly introducing some Snapchat-like video sharing features.

Tinder has announced a deal to take on Wheel, an app startup that allows users share collaborative video stories.

Image result for eyebrow raise

Tinder hopes to add video features to the ever-growing app, so that potential baes can share *ahem* more about themselves.

As the world's most popular dating app, Tinder makes up to 26 million matches every single day (where are all our matches, then?).

While we are all about that video sharing life, we're hoping the kinds of videos sent on the app wont be too NSFW.

I mean, there is already a d*** pic epidemic, so we can't imagine what a video sharing aspect could have the potential for.

Hopefully people will use the video concept for the intended purpose, but knowing thirsty people on the internet, probably not.