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Being blonde has it's perks, but staying blonde is another story altogether.

From maintenance to conditioning to frizz, bleaching your hair blonde brings annoyances alongside the shimmering golden fierceness.

Watching those dark roots emerge while checking your bank balance and realising that you can't afford to get them bleached professionally is a special kind of heartbreak.

Seeing those unwanted brassy yellow tones seeping through sends shivers down my spine, as a gal who has white/silver hair. Banishing yellow has been super easy for me since I began using the brand Fanola:


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Otherwise known as the purple shampoo GODS, I was stunned at how amazing the results are. It does dry out the hair, but it's worth it if you pair it with a good conditioner, or use Olaplex

Olaplex has saved my bleached barnet by using specialist chemicals to legit bind the hair together and protect it from the damage of bleach.

The salon Cowboys & Angels on South William Street in Dublin SWEAR by it, and for good reason; It really does work.

I've tried using 'big brand' or high street purple shampoos, and normally they're an absolute train-wreck. Their bleach and toners are a pure mess, NEVER use them.

Always go to the profesh gals for bleaching your hair; the cheap ones in Boots will just damage your gorgeous locks and you'll have to pay to fix it anyway.

As someone who had to purge my hair three times to have green hues removed, it's always an imperative idea to go to the salon.


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John Frieda, I'm looking at you. Bleach London, y'all need to do some WORK. So I was extremely sceptical when I tried L'Oreal Paris Elvive' new purple shampoo.

Only the professional salon brands like Fanola normally work, but I was hugely impressed by L'Oreal Paris Elvive's efforts. Their new campaign is fronted by none other than Helen Mirren, and they have vowed to banish yellow hues.

Their purple shampoo and conditioner promises to "act as a colour corrector by counteracting and neutralising undesired yellow and orange tones" to leave your hair bright and cool. That's quite the promise…


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Purple formulas, often called silver shampoos, are used on white, silver and dyed blonde hair to keep them looking fresh and light coloured. Purple is the opposite to yellow on the colour wheel, and works to cancel out the sunny tones.

I should mention, my hair was bleached blonder than it's natural dark blonde tone, then a silver/lilac toner was used.

My toner unfortunately allows pink shades to seep through, but after using L'Oreal Paris Elvive's purple shampoo, the hair was noticeably less pink. I wanted lilac realness and I got it, so it's a job well done in my eyes.


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My hair also didn't feel as dried out, after pairing it with the matching L'Oreal Paris Elvive Purple conditioner.

It's only necessary to use purple shampoo once a week, and leave it in the hair for one to three minutes for excellent results. While still no match for Fanola, my hair has returned to a more lilac tone rather than unwanted yellow and pink.

I would 100 percent recommend the shampoo for bleached blondes, or even highlighted brunettes, as it's far cheaper than Fanola.


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Cowboys & Angels sell Fanola's purple shampoo relatively cheap compared to it's marketed price, but you'd struggle to find their no yellow shampoo online for under €20.

At €8.95 each for the shampoo and conditioner, L'Oreal Paris Elvive allows you to get blonder on a budget. 

If Helen Mirren is on board, then by GOD so are we; She can do no wrong.

Overall, L'Oreal Paris Elvive Go Purple gets four stars out of five stars from us. Great value without any damage to the hair, and decent blonde results. 



We absolutely ADORE Valentine's Day, not only because celebrating romance usually gives us an excuse to pamper ourselves, but because it's a wonderful time of the year for cosmetics shopping.

Why buy roses or chocolates when you can get the best beauty products around?

We've decided to curate a list of our top 12 makeup, skincare and cosmetic goods for this year's Valentine's Day; whether it's for a hot date, a dinner for the gals or even a cosy night in with Netflix and a furry friend.

From your favourite smouldering red lipstick to sparkling pink eye-shadows and rose-scented perfume; 'tis the season for LOVE in beauty-land. 

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1. Charlotte Tilbury 'Hot Lips' red lipstick in Carina's Love.

Inspired by Chinese actress Carina Lau, this bold and sexy red lippy inspires confidence in any woman who wears it. It's siren red and has light-diffusing pigments that create a luminous finish for a full-bodied effect.

In Chinese culture, the colour red is representative of good fortune and joy, so it's positively perfect for Valentine's Day, right?

There's a great reason why Charlotte Tilbury is a globally renowned brand, and their matte lipstick range stands by their statement of good-quality products for women. 

The creamy formula, protection from UV damage and seamless finish are just three reasons why this lipstick makes our top 12. Enjoy it in all it's glory, gals.

Buy: Charlotte Tilbury
Price: €32

2. L'Occitane Romantic Rose collection

For Valentine's Day, it's only too important to smell and feel your best. We've found the ideal scent for the eve: ROSE. French powerhouse brand L'Occitane have gifted us with a set, that we all both need and deserve.

The gorgeous and elegant fragrance set includes: Rose Eau de Toilette, Rose Shower Gel, Rose Body Lotion and Rose Hand Cream. 


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L'Occitane 'Romantic Rose' collection is priced at €69 from the L'Occitane website.

3. Too Faced 'better than sex' mascara

The 'Better Than Sex Mascara' Hourglass-Shaped Brush is genuinely revolutionary.

Formed by discovering the bust-waist-hip ratio of an iconic silver screen Blonde Bombshell, the brush has the ideal silhouette that separates lashes for voluminous perfection.

The collagen-fuelled mascara formula give you redefined lashes which stretch to unreal lengths, for romantic dinner date eyes.

Buy: Debenhams
Price; €19.55

4. CND nails

Nail brand CND Vinylux have just debuted their new range, featuring stunning pinks, dark berry, ravishing reds and blush tones to show off your romantic side.

Mambo Beat, Rose Bud, Hot Pop Pink, Tinted Love, Wildfire and Dark Lava are ideal for a hot date, or pretty much anything the night has in store; There's a colour for every kind of date.

For Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself to a some gorgeous new shades from the iconic brand? You'll feel pampered and date-ready in no time.

Buy: CND 
Price: €11.95 (Shellac and Vinylux)

5. L'Oreal Paris Go Purple shampoo

For anyone with platinum blonde, highlighted, silver, bleached hair and all shades in between, the L'Oreal Paris Go Purple shampoo is a TOTAL WINNER.

Finding the best purple shampoo to keep the brassiness out of light-coloured hair can be tricky, but thankfully L'Oreal Paris have solved that problem just in time for Valentine's Day.

Tried and tested by us, we can guarantee that this stuff genuinely works. Any yellow tones are washed out, leaving your hair looking bright and rejuvenated. Yes girls.


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L'Oreal Paris Go Purple shampoo is priced at €8.95 from all major retailers now.

6. Dermalogica intensive moisture balance

Promising to deliver nourishment beyond the skin's surface, the Dermalogica intensive moisture balance cream is 100 percent professional grade.

It's vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and uses NO artificial colours or flavouring; it's legit eco-friendly while clearing up all those dry skin worries. We'll take 10, please?

Buy: Dermalogica
Price; €51

7. Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe mascara

Finally we have discovered the best clump-free mascara in town, with four oils to it's lash-loving Wonder collection.

For volumised, thick and full lashes, with maximum volume; Rimmel's your go-to product.

Rimmel has even infused argan oil into it's four-oil complex, as well as Maracuja oil, Marula oil and Camellia oil for conditioning and protection from hair splitting.

Argan oil is renowned for nourishing properties, so mascara won't have to damage those eyelashes anymore. Thank GAWD.

Buy: Littlewoods Ireland
Price: €10.90

8. Sculpted by Aimee Connolly: The 4-in-1 lip liner pen

Why have one Valentine's Day lip liner when you could have four, stunning shades?

Grab yourself the Nude or the Pink edition, whichever you're in the mood for will light up your night. Each edition has four beautiful shades, from 'Buff', 'Bare', and 'Peach' to 'Rose', 'Blush' and 'Rouge', you're in for a treat.

Line the perfect pout with makeup guru Aimee Connolly, she's only gone and made the holy grail of lip liners.

Buy: www.aimeeconnolly.com
Price: €29.99

9. Garnier Ultimate Blends almond crush shampoo and conditioner

Garnier Ultimate Blends are launching up to 98 percent natural origin haircare, and we could NOT be more excited about it.

Your hair will feel cleansed, nourished and weightless using their almond crush shampoo and conditioner, which is made with a blend of organic almond milk and agave sap.

The gentle formula is a complete game-changer; did we mention it's 100 percent vegan? 


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Garnier Ultimate Blends almond crush shampoo and conditioner are priced at €4.95 each and are available from all major retailers.

10. La Roche Posay Lipikar Cleansing Oil AP+

La Roche Posay have long been one of our go-to skincare brands, and their new cleansing oil for dry skin will save the day for those of you who are PLAGUED with this skin type.

It's a soap-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free pH neutral shower oil that gives your skin the lipids it needs to reconstruct the skin barrier,

Skin with atopic tendencies or extreme dryness will CRAVE this product, it also soothes that feeling of tightness many of us know and hate.

Buy: Feel Unique
Price: €12

11. Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette

From white shades like 'Tempera' and 'Vermeer' to baby pink 'Bijon Fresco', bold raspberry 'Love Letter' and 'Venetian Red', even brown shades like 'Red Ochre' and 'Cyrprus Umber', we're dazzled by these Renaissance-inspired tones.

The range is gorgeous; this collection of matte and metallic eye-shadows is PERFECT for creating dazzling cosmetic effects this Valentine's Day.

Anastasia Beverley Hills always create the best products, which means they sell out fast. Grab yours now online from Cult Beauty to avoid disappointment.

Buy: www.cultbeauty.co.uk
Price: €49.11

12. Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel

Leading French brand Bioderma has introduced the new Sensibio foaming gel, and all we can say is: WOW.

The gel is specifically created to soothe and hydrate your skin to ensure it's free of trapped oil and impurities.

It's mild but cleansing active ingredients calm irritations and will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean just in time for your Valentine's Day make-up regime.

Buy: Cloud10 Beauty or select pharmacies nationwide
Price: €13 

That concludes the round-up of our top 12 ultimate Valentine's Day beauty products: tried and tested.

You'll be getting a faster heartbeat and butterflies in your stomach just looking at these gems, let alone using them. They'll melt your heart, and self-love is all about treating yourselves, right?

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Summer has finally arrived, and as thoughts of sandy beaches and scorching temperatures begin to creep into the back of our minds, it's worth considering the precautions we should take to save ourselves from the yearly lobster-equse glow we pick up on holidays.

After months of freezing weather, it can be easy to get over excited when the sun finally makes its welcome return – so easy, in fact, that many of us forget what a bottle of sun cream even looks like and end up spending hours submerged in a bath of aloe vera.

However, our careless sun care habits may soon be a thing of the past thanks to this new innovative invention.

L'Oreal has designed a piece of wearable tech that will track your UV exposure and notify you when you're at risk of sun damage.

The genius little gadget is know as the UV Sense and is so small that it can be stuck onto the wearers fingernail.

“We set out to create something that blends problem-solving technology with human-centred design to reach even more consumers who require additional information about their UV exposure,” says Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator.

Th sensor can be worn for up to two weeks and works in synchronisation with an app on your phone.

It is not yet known how much the UV Sense will retail for, but it will reportedly launch in the US this summer.

Bye-bye sunburn, hello gorgeous skin.



Okay so, we all have busy lives, and low budgets at the best of times, right?

And with that, we tend to have small panic attacks when we need to get the aul hair done. 

ESPECIALLY, if you are blonde, but not naturally blonde (like myself).

Whether you have balayage , ombre or a delicious head of highlights, you'll know that getting blonde into your hair is a lengthy and expensive process. 

Well, not anymore. 

Recently, I learned about a snazzy new invention by the gorge folks at L'Oreal Pro – Instant Highlights. 

Yes you read that correctly – instant. 

Can we take a second to examine my RATTY 'before' hair? 

Anyway, my curiosity took over, and I simply had to try this amazing new technology for myself. 

So, on a wonderful Friday morning in May, I sauntered in to Dylan Bradshaw on South William Street, and got my blonde on. 

Special shout out to Brian O'Driscoll, who was getting his mop chopped beside me at 9am – fair play to you hun. 

I was a wee bit sceptical of the whole process – how in the name of God could I get highlights done in such a short period of time? 

Basically, 15 pieces of my very long hair were separated out and identified as the pieces that were to be lightened. 

The formula was applied to these pieces, and the foil was attached. 

Then the fun started! 

The amazing people in the salon came at me with what looked like a GHD, but it was something VERY different. 

The L’Oréal Pro Instant Highlights tool has been uniquely designed with a spacer between the plates to help protect hair from the damage caused during the heat process.

The spacer also has a controlled heat gauge that is designed to regulate the temperature every 0.2 seconds to ensure the safe temperature of 140 degrees at all times – both factors ensure that hair does not have direct contact with heat to prevent damage. 

So they simply went over the foils with this contraption, and BAM – I was blonde (well, those pieces of hair were anyway.)

No waiting around for hours waiting for the dye to take – the process took 30 minutes, from application to the rinsing.

Now, as I mentioned before, my hair is LONG, so my blow-dry took a while (it always does).


Mermaid locks à la @aoifebradley81 #newhairwhodis

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However, from the moment you sit on the chair, to the moment you leave the salon all blonde and fabulous – you will have only lost about an hour of your life.

That sure beats the 4 hour process that highlights can sometimes take – trust me, I've been there. 

And the best bit? It will literally cost you HALF the amount of a normal head of highlights.

Get in touch with your nearest L'Oreal salon, and check it out for yourself. 

10/10 would recommend to a friend. 



In a move which was not appreciated by Cheryl Cole or her publicity team, model, Munroe Bergdof, has dragged the former Girls Aloud member into the controversy surrounding her recent dismissal by L'Oreal.

For those of you who aren't in the know, Munroe was dismissed by the brand after she argued that all white people were racist, and she's not prepared to back down now.

While appearing on the Victoria Derbyshire show, the model took aim at L'Oreal and questioned their decision to employ Cheryl Cole despite having been involved in a physical altercation with a black nightclub employee in 2003.

"I think if you’re going to put a woman who punched a black woman in the face and the face of diversity, that just says a lot about white privilege, which proves my point," Munroe said.

"I shouldn’t be sacked for calling out racism when I was in a campaign that was meant to be championing diversity,’ the 30-year-old model continued. ‘And especially when I was speaking about the violence of white people."

"But then they’ve got Cheryl Cole on the campaign and she was convicted for actively punching a black woman in the face," Munroe argued.

"I don’t understand how I’m not “in line with their values” but they will hire Cheryl Cole over and over again and give her more and more chances, but she was convicted for punching a black woman in the face."

Speaking to the Mail Online, a representative for the former Girls Aloud member was quick to dismiss Munroe's remarks.

"More than 14 years ago Cheryl was unanimously acquitted of a charge of racially aggravated assault."

"She is disappointed to find her name involved in Munroe Bergdorf’s media interview," they asserted.

At the time of Munroe's dismissal, L'Oreal asserted: "L’Oréal champions diversity. Comments by Munroe Bergdorf are at odds with our values and so we have decided to end our partnership with her."

This response was questioned by a number of Twitter users who, like Munroe, felt that the Geordie star was not in line with the brand's diversity dialogue.






Balmain is one of the hottest high-end labels around, thanks to their sell-out collaboration with H&M and the Kardashian's obsession with the brand. 

Now, the luxury company is joining forces with high street makeup brand L'Oreal Paris to create a bespoke capsule collection of gorgeous lippies.


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Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing revealed all on Instagram today, posting a picture of the new collection with the caption 'coming soon.'

There won't be just a couple of shades to choose from, with a grand total of 12 lipsticks gracing the shelves at a currently undisclosed date. 

The lippies will be made in L'Oreal's classic Colour Riche formula, but the colours come straight from Olivier.

'L'Oréal Paris and Balmain share the same strong vision of femininity and the same goal, to empower women and offer them diverse ways to express themselves,' Olivier told Vogue.

'With this collaboration, I'm thrilled to make this idea tangible for every woman around the world.'

We're dying to get our hands on every shade!



With just a month until the remake of Beauty and the Beast hits our screens, it's safe to say that we're all in Disney princess mode at the moment.

Adding to that, a L'Oreal make-up collab has just been leaked on social media, and the pieces are suitable for a queen.

While there has been various reports that MAC will collab with the upcoming movie, it seems L'Oreal has beaten the brand to the punch with a Belle-inspired collection.

If the leak is to be believed, the cosmetics brand is launching a range of lipsticks and nail polishes, all with limited edition packaging.

Several photos have appeared on Instagram and were shared thousands of times over the weekend, and while the descriptions are in Italian, it looks like Belle isn't the only character to get a lippy dedicated to them.


Here is the first Collaboration with the upcoming movie #BeautyAndTheBeast X @lorealmakeup  This #LimitedEdition collection includes: 7 different #Lipstick shades €12.99 Each with 7 matching #NailPolish €6.99 Each with 7 different characters from the movie. Will be sold individually and in a set €109,00 Will be available  exclusive @amazon Italy February 9th *will keep u updated if it will be available in the U.S. as well I'm excited! To see who else will create a fun collection with the movie! Bella is one of my favorite princesses  What would u like to see? Please share XO  #TRENDMOOD #disney #makeupoftheday #makeupartist #makeuplover #makeupaddict #makeup #makeupart #makeuptalk THANK U for sharing this beautiful pic & info: @pretaeloira  update: @ellie.si @josephdeville91 

A photo posted by TRENDMOOD (@trendmood1) on

To be fair, the colours and the packaging all look totally gorgeous, and we want that Lumiere lippy in our make-up bags ASAP.

There's no word yet on whether this collection is coming soon (or if it is at all), but we sure hope to have it in the next few weeks.



We're going to be honest here, when it comes to the world of haircare, there are certain things we prioritise (our roots) and certain things we don't (our hairbrushes).

But it looks like all that's about to change if the latest news from the beauty industry is anything to go by.

According to emerging reports, for a cool $200 you can get your hands on a smart hairbrush which will teach you how to care for and maintain your hair more efficiently.

That's right, ladies – you're about to get schooled.

By connecting to an app on your smartphone, the Kérastase Hair Coach brush will assess the damage and breakage experienced by your hair while also keeping track of its progress.

With the aid of an accelerometer, gyroscope and inbuilt microphone, your brush will be able to give you feedback on the manner in which you tend to your tresses.

And by collecting the information the Hair Coach brush will then be able to provide you with the methods needed to improve your haircare routine.

Developed by Withings in collaboration with L'Oreal's research and Innovation Technology Incubator, this brush will – depending on how you look after your barnet –  be your best friend or biggest enemy.



Mentioning the ‘C’ word this side of Halloween may be taboo, but we swear we’ve got a very good excuse.

As the shops quickly fill with dazzling sequins, velvety reds and luxurious golds, we’ve found the perfect lipstick line to compliment your party season style.

After a year filled with Kylie Jenner inspired metallic lips, L’Oréal has released the Gold Obsession Collection which features three moisturising shades designed to complement all skin tones with gold coated pigments.

Try the Rose Gold shade for daytime, use Nude Gold for added glam or go all out with Plum Gold for a more daring party look.

The range debuted at Paris Fashion Week last month and is now available in selected pharmacies nationwide, with each lipstick retailing for €11.99.


OK ladies now let's get in  gorgeous Gold Obsession pic @georginaloasby #fromabove #flatlay #makeup #mua #redlip #goldobsession

A photo posted by L'Oréal Paris Makeup (@lorealmakeup) on

L’Oréal Paris Gold Obsession Collection is available in selected pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide.  RRP €11.99.


It's the rumour that refuses to go away: several sources have continued to declare that Cheryl Cole is currently expecting her first child with her boyband boyfriend of ten months, Liam Payne.

And stepping out in Paris over the weekend – her first public appearance in some time – the former X Factor judge certainly gave her fans plenty to talk about. 

Attending a L'Oreal event – a brand for which she is an ambassador – Cheryl looked beautiful wearing an all-black jump-suit with embellishment detail. 

Earlier, the 33-year-old singer had been keen to keep her stomach firmly hidden, opting for a series of heavy coats despite the 20C heat in the French capital. 

Although she is currently in the midst of divorcing her second husband Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini, Cheryl and Liam, 23, began seeing each other late last year.

By May they had gone public with their union – posting a cosy snap to Instagram. 

The couple has so far opted not to comment on the pregnancy rumours, but it is believed that they are now preparing to issue a statement later this week. 



* Competition closed – Congrats to Joanne Shiel*


It's been a long, cold and harsh winter, and now that the weather is finally looking a bit better, it's time to take your hair to the next level.

We all know the cold wreaks havoc with our skin and hair, but fear not because this L'Oreal clay kit will totally sort you out.

The kit promises to juggle all of your hair needs from root to tip so your gruaige will look better than ever.

But you need to be in it to win it, so head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to enter. Good luck!



Brows this season are bigger and bolder than ever before, but the look can be difficult to replicate at home.

That's why L'Oréal have designed their Brow Artist Genius Kit, a perfectly sized collection of expert tools to help you get catwalk-worthy brows in an instant.

The kits come in two shades – Light to Medium and Medium to Dark – and contain everything you'll need to get brows that Cara Delevingne would be proud of!

Each kit includes a waterproof pigmented wax which fixes and neatens brows with no residue and mess, as well natural shading powder which can be use to fill in and shade.

You'll also get the professional tools of the brow trade – a pair of ultra-precise tweezers, an angled brush for applying wax and powder, and a spooled brush for shaping brows.

So whether you want to define, shape or style – or all three – get your hands on the L'Oréal Brow Artist Genius Kit for just €14.99 in stores nationwide from March!