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Love them or loathe them, we have to admit – we're a little bit obsessed with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's relationship.

The unlikely pair have hooked up/split up/gotten back together again and it has kept us all enthralled.

Katy recently gave an interview to Vogue Australia for the August 2018 issue, where she opened up about her relationship with Orlando. 

She explained that while she loves being with him, that there were many reason's why she does not speak about him publicly.

And it's not simply because she wants to keep that part of her life private. 

It is down to the fact that if she does divulge about her love life, it will give it more significance than other areas of her life – such as her activism, her career and her faith.

When Katy met Pope Francis in the Vatican in April, she was disappointed with the media coverage that it got, because Orlando was by her side for the trip. 

“I don’t want it to be a headline of the story, because it takes away from the purpose,” she said.

“Also, it’s extremely misogynistic. Of course, I love my relationship, but that is one part of me, and I don’t want any part of what I do to be diminished.”

These comments have been hailed as a powerful and feminist view of relationships and it's not surprising.

Katy has weathered her fair share of unwanted attention on her romantic life but, as she acknowledges, ''there will always be noise.''


My name is Aoife and I'm possibly addicted to Love Island.

Look, I started the summer as a total Love Island virgin, only tuning into episode one of Series Four because my younger sister was and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

While the first few weeks were quite boring, I did get caught up in the drama of Adam ''I'd be lying if I didn't say she was attractive'' Collard, Rosie's now-iconic ''walk'', Megan being Megan, Jack and Dani's romance/fauxmance (still not sure on that one) and of course, Dr Alex's attempted flirty banter that I'm sure we all cringed through together. 

But when my sister and I properly ugly-cried during last night's show, you might think it's because we're just too invested in this reality TV bullsh*t.

Which I assure you, we are.

However, it was for a different reason that the episode was particularly heart-wrenching.

Samira Mighty, one of the OG's, finally had had enough so she packed her bags and left the villa, water bottle in hand, head held high.

Up until now, I wouldn't have said I was her No 1 fan even though I felt so sorry for the way her villa experience was going. 

She was stuck in a ''friendship couple'' with Alex off the bat, she always seem to strike out when it came to any new boys coming in, plus her relationship with Frankie didn't seem genuine because he'd originally admitted that Megan was his first choice.

Like, FFS.

So, when she announced to the rest of the Islanders that she was quitting the show, I was properly shocked that the whole f*cking Island fell to absolute pieces.

The girls were inconsolable, the lads weren't much better and Sam herself couldn't get through a sentence without bawling. I dare you to watch the Alex and Samira chat on the roof and not to get all the feels.

Basically, in the most airtime Samira had gotten over the past five weeks, it quickly became glaringly obvious – that she was the beating heart of the villa.

So, eh, why didn't we see that?

I know the producers want to air scenes that have the most drama but scenes showing the development of actual friendships is what made the other years of Love Island fun and relatable. And there's been a serious lack of that this year.

I've seen more of Megan's arse and Georgia's rants about her loyalty than I have of, say, Laura and Sam having a laugh/chat/interaction.


Aw poor Samira, she waited so long to find someone. #LoveIsland

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So as I was scrolling through Twitter last night, bleary-eyed with emotion, I was hit by another blow.

Samira and Frankie – who I literally had no time for and thought they were a load of sh*te – had been voted into the Hideaway one night and IT.WAS.NEVER.SHOWN.

Like, why? Why did we see Josh and Kaz, Megan and Eyal, etc etc and not them? 

They never got a fair shot for the public to get to know them as a couple and maybe have a chance to be kept in. People can't root for you if they don't know you. 

My point is that I understand why the more ''boring couples'' i.e Ellie and Charlie are sidelined a bit, but the editing of the show has essentially robbed Samira, who we all know had a tough time pre-Frankie, of her time on Love Island.

It seems I'm not the only one to be raging at this shoddy editing because Twitter are unleashing their fury too.

One wrote, ''Samira leaving love island & England losing the world cup just proves trump coming here tomorrow is ruining the little good this country had left don’t @ me'' and ''Megan went into the hideaway twice and it was aired. Samira went in with the only guy she had a connection with, but no show. Disgusting bias from Love island bosses.''

Hear hear. Poor Sam suffered a grave injustice and I just can't even with it all.


I have been on the hunt for an empowering and honest collection of poetry ever since I read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey.

Female poets are paving the way in the poetry world and I am beyond thrilled about it. There once was a time when female writers used male pen names, especially during the 19th century, because men dominated the publishing industry.

However, female writers like Rupi Kaur, Amanda Lovelace and K.Y Robinson have crafted such beautiful work that has earned them the respect in the industry that they truly deserve.

I’ve got great news for those of you who adore powerful and honest poetry. Charly Cox has released her first collection, and it is bound to leave you covered in goosebumps.

She Must Be Mad is a moving, raw and brutally honest collection about the trial and tribulations of life as a young woman in this modern world.

This collection of poetry is “for every woman surviving and thriving in today’s world, for every girl who feels too much; this is a call for communion, and you are not alone.”


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The sense of comfort and support Charly offers through this collection will reassure the women who are battling through this crazy world.

The coming-of-age collection features topics that will tug on the heart strings of women across the globe, like the pressure to look perfect and the little insecurities that float around in your mind every day.


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Charly’s wit will leave you smirking as you read, but her words will also hit you right in the pit of your stomach with the realisation that you’re not alone in this crazy world.

There’s an army of women out there fighting against the dull realities of this silly little thing called life and Charly perfectly captures what life is really like for the modern woman.

She Must Be Mad is published by Harper Collins and is available to buy here.


It’s official, Justin Bieber has confirmed his engagement to Hailey Baldwin. The 24-year-old singer posted two black and white snaps of him and his fiance to share the news.

Alongside the adorable snaps, the Love Yourself singer gushed about 21-year-old Hailey, calling her the love of his life.

“I was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindly,” he wrote.

The What Do You Mean singer vowed to lead their family with honour and integrity. “My heart is completely and fully yours and I will always put you first!”


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He added: “You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. You make me so much better and we compliment each other so well!”

Justin shared that he can’t wait for this new chapter of his life, especially because his little brother and sister will “see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!"

“We’re gonna be better at 70 baby, here we go! ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord!’ This is the year of favor!”

Pass the tissues! Who knew the Never Say Never singer could be so romantic.



Victoria and David Beckham celebrated their 19th anniversary yesterday and the happy couple picked the most perfect location to mark the milestone.

What better place to celebrate your marriage than Paris, the city of love.

The doting couple jetted off to Paris where they enjoyed a romantic dinner and they certainly looked loved-up.

They have been showing a united front since divorce rumours started circulating online last month.

They both shared a beautiful photo from their anniversary dinner that has certainly melted our hearts.

Victoria simply captioned her photo:”19 years!!! X I love u so much x”

David gushed about Victoria on his account, saying: “9 Years WOW … This time 19 years ago I was dressed from head to toe in purple … Happy anniversary to the most amazing wife & mummy … Love You x @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven”

Victoria and David tied the knot in a stunning ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle, located just outside of Dublin.

The fashion designer donned a striking Vera Wang ball gown for her big day, with David opting for an all-white three-piece suit

They were joined by their eldest son Brooklyn, who also wore an all-white outfit to match his parents. How adorable.

They were also joined by over 200 guests, including Victoria’s bandmates Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown.

David and Victoria danced to It Had To Be You for their first dance as a married couple.

Happy anniversary to the Beckhams!


Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor are officially husband and wife.

The former Made in Chelsea stars, who have known each other since they were 16, tied the knot at Whithurst Park in West Sussex over the weekend.  

Millie told Hello! '' "Even in my wildest dreams I didn't imagine it would be this perfect. I am so excited to finally be married to Hugo – he’s the love of my life." 

Hugo added, "I’ve never been happier."

The couple shared photos from their big day with Hello! magazine, where they revealed that the ceremony was a religious blessing as they had married three days previously in an official service at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London.

Made in Chelsea pal Spencer Matthews acted as best man for the couple and Millie stunned in a bespoke Kate Halfpenny dress with detachable ‘double bubble’ sleeves.


Could not be more excited for this weekend! 

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Millie recently celebrated her hen party in a luxury countryside location in the Cotswolds.

The bride-to-be enjoyed the raucous weekend with her fellow Made in Chelsea co-stars including Rosie Fortescue and Caggie Dunlop.

Having dated briefly in 2011 while on Made in Chelsea together, they soon split and Millie went on to marry rapper Professor Green (real name Stephen Manderson) from 2013 – 2016.

The couple divorced later that year and Millie rekindled her romance with Hugo soon after.

Hugo got down on one knee last July in Greece, where they were celebrating Millie's 28th birthday. 


My one and only

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Speaking of his new bride, Hugo told Hello!: “I knew she was The One within about five minutes of us getting back together.”

Millie then added: "But if we’d stayed together when we were younger, we wouldn’t be together now. We had to go away, do our separate things and grow as people. We needed that time apart." 

Huge congratulations to this beautiful couple!


You might be sick to the back teeth of app after app bringing out new features every other week.

However, as any dedicated Tinder user will know, numb thumb from excessive swiping is a problem that is all too real.

Another all-too-real problem is accidentally swiping past what I can only assume could have been your future spouse. 

I'm sure we all are familiar with this crushing disappointment. 

To avoid the boredom and sometimes heartbreak of continuous swiping, Tinder have come up with a solution. 

Their new feature, ''Picks'', helps to curate your choice when attempting to find potential matches.

 It sees what kind of people that you're swiping on, e.g the deep-quote-and-man-bun/the gym bunny/the constant traveller/the no-socks-with-shoes type etc.

Then Tinder ''picks'' certain people for you based on interests you have. 

That's like cutting out over half the people that you're the swiping left on. Sounds ideal, right?

Brian Norgard Chief Product Officer at Tinder spoke to Bustle about the feature. “Just like a friend who introduces you to someone special because you share common interests, Picks makes finding potential matches even simpler, more fun, and more useful.”

Before you get too excited though, there are a few little catches. 

It's only available in the U.K., Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and the Netherlands right now, but if all goes well it will be expanding to others.

It's also only available on iOS (it will be heading over to Android very soon) and you have to be a Tinder Gold Member to use it. 

Tinder Picks also vanishes after 24 hours so if you haven't swiped on them in that window, the chance is gone. 


When it comes to finding love in the modern era, technology has taken over as the avenue of choice for hopeful singletons.

Pop the term ‘dating site’ into Google and you are rewarded with over 65 million results (that’s a lot of singles) so to say we’re spoiled for choice is a blatant understatement.

From Tinder to Plenty of Fish to Match.com, there are literally hundreds of thousands of places to meet people online.

That’s not to say that people don’t meet each other organically anymore, say by bumping into each other at a bar or randomly meeting on the street, but with 59 percent of people thinking that online dating is a good way to meet people, and 27 percent of adults aged 18-24 currently using dating apps and websites according to The Pew Research Centre, it’s definitely a popular method of looking for love.

However, some people are becoming jaded with the current state of (love) affairs, and seek a more hands on, up-close-and-personal method of finding the one.

Matchmaking has been a long standing tradition in Irish culture, dating back to the 1500s. Many communities had their own professional matchmakers to make the pairings in the village or town.

While Ireland has moved on from those days, matchmaking is still a booming industry in the 21st century, at a time when convenience and technology is the name of the game, matchmaking companies provide a more personal investment opportunity in finding the one.

“As people get into their 30s, some of them lose their wingmen as people settle down, so we decided to become the wing men in a very safe environment,” says Feargal Harrington, who runs Intro Matchmaking with his wife Rena, who have thousands of members on their books.

Rena and Feargal were match made themselves by Feargal’s brother, and Feargal says that if he and Rena had been shown each other’s online dating profiles, they probably would have been very reluctant to meet each other.

One match-made date turned into six-and-a-half-years of romance, and now they are making the same thing happen for up to 100 potential couples each week all over the country.

Matchmaking is different to other forms of dating, because the prospective daters know that the person they will meet is genuinely looking for love, unlike online dating where people’s motives can be questionable.

“They know that everyone is invested, physically, mentally and financially in actually meeting someone for a long term relationship or marriage. The people who joining Intro Matchmaking are sincere and they want something long term,“ he said.

The appeal of matchmaking seems to be the human element. There are no algorithms slotting people together based on corresponding traits, there is a real team of people in a room in Dublin figuring out who is best for you to meet with.

And with a success rate of 1 in 4, the odds of finding a long term bae through matchmaking seem to be in your favour.

While the success rates are high, some people scoff at the thought of matchmaking for fear of looking desperate.

“The people who go to matchmakers are confident people with their lives lined up, they know what they want out of life and now they want someone to compliment what they already have going for them, not fix them. People have to be truly ready.“

“There is nothing embarrassing about being proactive in wanting to meet someone. Matchmaking puts you in a pool of people where every other person has honourable intentions.”

Looking deeply into the wants, needs and intentions of those seeking a matchmaking service is something Jennifer Haskins, creator of Two's Company, specialises in.

With a background in psychology and counselling, the Dun Laoghaire resident uses her own life experience to make the perfect pairings.

"We pick up on things people don’t even know about themselves after doing this for so long," laughs Jennifer, who has almost 9 years experience in match making behind her, and utilises her past dating and relationship experience to benefit her clients. 

"I had tried online dating, and speed dating and gone out to social events. I then signed up to an agency and I met someone, and I realised that this was a really good way to meet a partner. It was much more professional and I just felt very safe."

After starting Two's Company, the demand was so high that Jennifer's phone was ringing constantly, as people who were jaded with the current dating scene sought her services for a more humanistic experience.

"What’s happening today is the young people, they’re going out and because they have the likes of tinder and all these online apps they just don’t seem to communicate anymore, they just stay in their own groups."

"I don’t think they’re making the effort, whereas years ago if you think about it these things weren’t available so people had to communicate they had to and they wanted to. That’s not happening now."

While Jennifer firmly believes (and has the testimonials from her clients to prove) that romance isn't dead, she does think that young people are going about finding love the wrong way. 

"There is no courting, no 'lets talk', no 'lets get to know each other', no 'lets find out if there is anything more than the physical,' its purely surface."

And while women may complain that men never approach them or that guys just are not forward enough, expert Jennifer does feel that there are reasons for this.

"If a guy approaches a group of girls, he runs the risk of rejection not only from the girl that he’s interested in, but also from her friends."

"I can understand when guys say how hard it is, because it must be and it’s not easy to walk into a group of girls and say hi because people can be cruel."

"They can be very off hand and they can kind of give him the brush off, and then the guy has to walk away with his tail between his legs and back to the group of lads who have just witnessed this, and then he’s going to be slagged."

We all make judgements about people before we even know them, be that online through their social media or out at a bar with the girls, and this could be what is holding so many people back from finding the one. 

"Pre-judging is something I encourage people in my business not to do, because you do not know what that person is going to be like until you turn up to that date and meet them face to face."

"You have no idea. You need to park the judgement and just wait and say no, I’m going to wait until I get to know them a bit better," says Jennifer.

Jennifer cites the added pressures of modern life as another element which comes between people finding romance.

"The stakes have been raised and the sense of being driven to achieve, people are staying in college longer, so then when they do get the job that they wanted it’s time to climb the ladder there."

Then, after years of focusing on nights out and climbing the career ladder, people wake up one day and realise that the want kids and marriage, and it hits them like a thunderbolt. 

"They are amazing, attractive women and I’m surprised men aren’t beating the door down to get to them, but that’s just not where their focus is."

The focus on authenticity is what sets agencies like Two's Company and Intro apart from the other forms of dating available. 

There are no secret partners, no suspicious motives and no hidden agendas, everyone is signing up with the same intentions, which is why it's such a shame that people would give up on love before exploring all their options. 

"I think a lot of people have (given up on love) and it’s an awful waste because there are so many people out there that really want a relationship, and I suppose that the difference between what we do at Two’s Company and the likes of Tinder and all the rest, because on the sites there would be a lot of hook ups and one night stands, and were all aware that with the dating agencies there is a very high level of buy in."

"You have a buy-in on a financial level but also on a physical and emotional level, as you have to be transparent and say this is me, this is what I’m looking for.

"They have to be transparent and prove that they are who they say they are, they have to sign a contract to say that the information they have given us is honest and correct and that’s a big ask, so I find when people come to an agency there is that level of authenticity and honesty."

Because after all, why would someone pay hundreds of euro to lie about their agenda to a matchmaking service, when they can do it on the internet for free?

The only agenda behind match making agencies is to help people find someone to spend their life with. 

Jennifer reminisces on the correspondences she keeps up with happy couples who she has personally paired at Two's Company, and it is clear from the smile on her face that the news of engagements, marriages and babies from these couples gives her a true sense of delight. 

"Everybody you meet you just want to look after them and you want it to work out, and you know that you don’t have total control, you’re not god, and you can’t play god, all you can do is just hope that it works."


Sometimes all you need is a little help from your friends. But when you're struggling with mental illness it can seem impossible to face the world outside your bed, never mind ask a friend for help. 

The shame and stigma attached to mental health issues doesn't exactly help either. And it seems to take high profile suicides, such as those of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, for the conversation around depression and anxiety to be pushed into the spotlight. 

But there is hope, as writer Sheila O'Malley found out during her darkest days. 

Taking to Twitter to share her story, O'Malley recalls the period after the death fo her father, when she was plunges into the depths of depression. Moving to a new department, she found herself unable to unpack her boxes. 

 Her good friend David sensed that she was struggling and reached out to help. 

So on a Thursday evening, 10 of her closest friends barged into her apartment. 

Not only did they get to work unpacking her apartment, but there was no judgement for her "inability to do the simplest things". 

While she was overwhelmed and embarrassed at first, the sight of her friends turning her apartment into "Santa's workshop" made her feel loved. 

While the advice of asking for help might seem simple it's far far harded than you might think. Sometimes its not possible at all, and that's were kind friends come in. 

Be that friend. Don't ask for an invitation, it could save a loved one's life, or it could even save your own one day. 

If you've been affected by anything in this article, see here for support and information. 


Love is one of the most pure and powerful human emotions.

On the one hand, falling in love can be one of the most magical experiences life has to offer. It's a feeling that has inspired some of history's greatest art, music and poetry and has the ability to turn even the most level-headed among us into doe-eyed, irrational, loved-up messes.

On the other hand however, falling out of love can be confusing, thought-provoking, and more often than not, absolutely brutal.

In an effort to learn more about this ever-changing and hugely complicated emotion, writer Arabelle Sicardi took to Twitter to ask her followers to share what exactly was said to make them fall out of love.

As expected, the responses were heartbreaking and eye-opening in equal measures.

Well, if that wasn't enough to completely shatter your hopes of a fairytale romance, we don;t know what will… 

In short, love is the worst. 


Happy to be single? You're not alone. 

A new survey has shown that more women are happy and content with being independent individuals than men. 

Retail analysts Mintel found that two thirds of single women are more than happy being without an other half. 

Image result for single ladies

The same could not be said for men to the same extent. 

Just under half of men surveyed said they were happy being alone, according to The Irish Sun. 

If you're looking for love on Tinder, look away now. 

Their study also found that that 70pc of singles are not actively search for a bae, and haven't been focusing on their love lives at all in the last year, according to The Daily Mail.

So careers, friends and family seem to come before love for those in the survey. 

However, around 40pc of adults worry about being forever alone (us too hun) and this figure rises in young adults. 


The internet might be overflowing with websites and apps dedicated to helping you find love online, but it looks like some of the more traditional forms of social media have also found success when it comes to playing match-maker.

Thousands of couples are celebrating online love stories using the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter – and one particular tale of two of cities really pulled on our heart strings.

When Lili met Johnny for the first time on Twitter, she lived in Paris and he lived in Belfast, however the pair formed an immediate bond thanks to their shared love for football and Paris Saint Germain.

When Johnny’s favourite footballer Yohan Cabaye left Newcastle, the club Johnny supports, for PSG he began to search for PSG related accounts tweeting in English to be able to follow his favourite player. Parisian Lili is passionate about PSG and after finding her account the two began chatting.

The focus of their conversations soon moved beyond the realms of football teams and player politics and before long, a little romance had started to blossom.

The couple chatted on Twitter for six months before they finally made arrangements to meet in Paris – an experience which Lili admitted was a bit strange for the first 10 minutes because she didn't know if she should hug or kiss him.

After the awkward first meeting was out of the way, the pair embarked on a two-year long-distance relationship, before Lili finally took the plunge and moved to Belfast in January 2016.

They have no exact plans for the future but do want to start a family. “We’ll just take things as they come but we’re in it for the long haul,” they said.

Now, if that doesn't warm the cockles of your cynical little hearts, we don't know what will.