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Congratulations are in order for superstar couple Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, who got ENGAGED on Valentine's Day.

Perry shared the news just an hour ago on her Instagram, captioning the image; "Full Bloom." Adorable, we can't cope.

Katy is sporting a stunning ruby and diamond ring, a tear in her eye, and surrounded by a bunch of cute red heart balloons. Our feels are legit exploding right now, we just LOVE love.


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Orlando shared the same image to his own Instagram, simply captioning the snap, "Lifetime."

The singer posted a sweet shot of Orlando asleep with her puppies, and honestly it's like they're trying to break us. It's working.

They're definitely one big, happy family/squad goals;

Image: @katyperry/Instagram

The happy pair began dating in January 2016, but split briefly in 2017 for unknown reasons.

Thank the Gods, they reunited last April and have been blissfully happy ever since. They're just meant to be.

We can't WAIT to see the photos of their wedding, which is sure to be a colourful and grand affair knowing Katy's style.

Not to mention the celebrity guests; we wonder if their ex-partners, Miranda Kerr and Russell Brand will show up? Either way, CONGRATS GUYS.

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The Royal baby news is absolutely everywhere – if you've been avoiding every corner of the Internet  – Prince Harry's swimmers work and their baby is expected to arrive in Spring 2019. 

And while we are chuffed for the couple, we think we might have found something cuter than their announcement – sorry, not sorry.

Your heart is going to explode when you see quite possibly the roundest pooch you've ever had the privilege to lay eyes on.


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This is the furriest, fluffiest poodle we've ever seen – and the cuteness is just ridiculous – is it a seal? A sheep?

But how on earth did he achieve his look and how do we get our dog like that?

Before you go giving your dog a haircut, put the scissors down and leave it to the professionals.

The little circular fella's style has been created by a Japanese dog salon – and he's even cuter than you at Halloween.


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The Instagram page @yorikokoro is definitely one to follow, and our sheep-like friend isn't the only draw.

The salon regularly uploads a number of different dogs and their finish looks – and FYI, they're just adorable.

However, our circular little man can't be beaten for our daily injection of cuteness.



We all love a good puppy cuddle – there’s nothing else quite like it.

As a nation of animal lovers, our four-legged friends are better members of our family, than our siblings. (Sorry, not sorry.)

And if you’re looking to expand the family, or get a pet for the first time – this is why you should think twice before you shop online for them.

Okay, okay – we know how handy online shopping is – browsing for hours in the comfort of our own home, with minimal human contact – paradise.

But according to animal welfare bodies, you should ditch the mouse when it comes to finding the newest member of the household.

The Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group (IPAAG) is launching a campaign to educate the public about the dangers of buying animals online.

The video below and #PuppyDotCon is being released as part of the campaign, to demonstrate how easy it is to be tricked by bad breeders.

By all means, IPAAG encourages you to give an animal a second chance and adopt them from a reputable animal welfare organisation.

But they do recognise that more people than ever are looking online when they decide to get a pet.

If we really can’t convince you to adopt and not shop – IPAAG has a number of helpful tips so you won’t be fooled.

First off – do your research, keep an eye out for red flags in online advertisements, and be armed with the information required before making any decision.

If that voice in the back of your head is nagging – listen to it, if in doubt, walk away.

According to the animal welfare body, being able to sell puppies online makes it very easy for unscrupulous breeders to conceal the substandard and often dangerous conditions their puppies come from.

Animal welfare organisations regularly hear from individuals and families who purchased a pet from an online advertisement only for it to fall sick or even die soon afterwards.

Don’t be foolish, your money is powerful and by supporting your local shelters and not these types of breeders – you send a clear message that you won’t stand for this treatment to animals.

After all, we don’t deserve the incredible animals we have in our lives and the love they give us – so they deserve to be given the best.


A baby AND dogs?

What is LC trying to do to us?! 

The snap shows her little son Liam surrounded by the softest-looking puppies you could imagine.

The pups, who wouldn't be out of place in a pile of teddy bears, are jumping on the toddler and our hearts can't handle it.


Visiting Grandma’s foster puppies!

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Lauren captioned the image, ''visiting Grandma’s foster puppies!'' followed by lots of dog emojis and a baby emoji.  

Her 6.3 million followers were fans of the pic, as they commented about how it was cuteness overload. 

One wrote, ''so precious. A boy and some doggies…he is just so adorable'' while another said, ''ahhhhhh oh my goodness how darling are all these cuties in one photo.''

One read our mind when they wrote, ''I mean. Who doesn't want to be covered in puppies.''


Celebrated our sweet Liam’s birthday today

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Liam is the only child for the 32-year-old author, fashion designer and former reality TV star.

She gave birth to him in July 2017 with her husband William Tell, who she married four years ago after two years of dating.

Liam celebrated his first birthday in July and Lauren documented the special day with beautiful pictures posted to Instagram.

One image, featuring herself and her son under a birthday banner, read, ''celebrated our sweet Liam’s birthday today.''

They are legit the sweetest fam ever, I think we can all agree. 



Calling all adorable puppers and their fabulous owners!

“Generation Pup” is an animal-friendly research project, and they are looking for puppy participants.

The study will be carried out by The Dog’s Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, and the University of Bristol.

It will observe canines as they grow from puppyhood to adulthood.

Researchers will monitor and study the health, welfare, and behaviour of dogs throughout their growth process. Sounds like a dream job, right?

They hope the groundbreaking project will teach us more about our canine companions and how they operate, leading to improved understanding of physical ailments and behavioural issues.

The research could also lead to better treatments and training procedures for our furry friends.

Suzie Carley, Executive Director at Dogs Trust, explained the potentially beneficial outcomes of “Generation Pup” further:

“This invaluable research will tell us so much more about our beloved canine companions, from behaviour issues to illness, and will give us a better understanding of the external factors that may dictate their entire lives.

“Not only will this study deliver vital insights on our dogs’ development from an early age but the results could pave the way for effective preventative measures to be put in place, or lead to new approaches for therapy or treatment for our dogs.”

The research project is asking dog owners across the UK and Ireland who have puppies 16-weeks-old or less to participate.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here to participate in improving our puppers' world.


We will never understand how people can be so cruel to animals.

These saved dogs would melt your heart into little pieces, even though they haven't had the best start in life. 

Unfortunately, 86 dogs, including 23 puppies had to be rescued from an unlicensed dog breeder, by a Roscommon Dog Warden.

The animal's hero found them in "very poor conditions" according to the ISPCA.

One person had been caring for all 63 adult dogs and 23 puppies. 

Thankfully, the ADORABLE pooches are in the safe hands of the ISPCA

Heartbreakingly, 19 of them are being treated by the super vets for a number of conditions, including mange, eye and ear infections.

If the ISPCA didn't have enough on their plate, another 17 puppies were seized from a house on Thursday.

The pups were the consequence of irresponsible breeding by the owner. 

Understandably, the ISPCA is now calling on the public for financial donations to help care for the 100 canines, which the group have seized in just three days. 

Senior ISPCA Inspector Kevin McGinley said: “The ISPCA is grateful to have secured the removal of all dogs from this unlicensed premises." 

"With so many dogs in our care we are appealing to the public to support us financially with this challenge and by offering responsible homes for the pups and dogs. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Roscommon County Council and the county Dog Warden for their assistance.”

To relieve some of the pooch pressure, Dogs Trust stepped in and took 25 dogs, which the ISPCA "are very grateful for".

Breeds of the dogs range from Jack Russell terriers, Pugs and Shih Tzu's.-They're all just YUMMY.

The animals are all in the experienced hands of the ISPCA’s centres in Longford and Donegal. 

In light of the events, the ISPCA has called for the public to report any suspicions about unlicensed dog breeds to its National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890-515-515 or to their local authority.

It also asked owners to neuter their animals to avoid unwanted litters. 

If you're interesting in adopting any of the dogs, they will all be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

The ISPCA have a number of guidelines before you can adopt, such as a home visit to ensure that all their animals are responsibly re-homed.

If you could give one of these heart melting pups a good home, can we come over and give it a pet please? 

We will bring the cake and dog treats!


Dozens of puppies have reportedly been seized at Dublin Port.

According to 98FM, Gardaí believe the pups were being smuggled out of the country illegally, since none of the animals had a pet passport.

They were all Labrador/Collie cross breeds and aged at just 10 weeks old.

All of the puppies are now in the care of the DSPCA, and will be available for adoption within the next week.

In this year alone, Gardaí have seized almost 500 dogs.



We're serious puppy people here in Shemazing! HQ.

So much so, we literally act like four-year-olds and squeal when our weekend editor sends us pictures of her family's dog. Whatsapp group chats, amirite?

Now, if you own a dog, then you can probably plead guilty to this, because we all do it. We all just can't help talking to our dogs as if they're babies.

Image result for puppy gif

'Ooooh hello there! Who's a good boy then, huh? Who's a good doggy? You areeee, yes, you areee.'

We're all guilty. But, it turns out they actually like it. Well, puppies do. Adult dogs can't really be bothered, tbh.

The Proceedings of the Royal Society B has just published a research article where 30 women were told to repeat the following:

‘"Hi! Hello cutie! Who's a good boy? Come here! Good boy! Yes! Come here sweetie pie! What a Good boy!"

Image result for puppy gif

They each had to record the above paragraph twice; once, in a slow-paced, high-pitched tone (as if talking to an animal) and the second, in their normal speaking voice (as if talking to a human).

The researchers then played those recordings to ten puppies and ten adult dogs.

And as you guessed it, the pups went WILD for the first recording – yelping and barking and running towards the speakers. However, when they heard the second recording, their enthusiastic manner dropped completely.

Image result for puppy gif

When they played the recordings to the adult dogs, well, according to the research all they did was glance at the speaker and look away. Clearly, couldn't give AF.

The authors of the study came up with two reasons for the outcome; one being down to innate receptiveness with high-pitched sounds, which is a genetic characteristic which deteriorates with age. SO, maybe older dogs actually just can't hear the high-pitched noises.

Their other reason was – maybe the older the dog gets the pickier it is with who they want to associate with, and are actively ignoring the annoying sounds that come from us.

We kinda like the second reason because that means our dogs are sassy AF. And we like sassy.


Jacqueline Arguello's dog, Mocca, recently fell in love and had a litter of ADORABLE little puppies.  

However, it has not been plain sailing since the birth of her babies. 

Mocca recently gave birth to a litter of adorable, healthy pups. However, Arguello and her family were confused when one after another, the puppies came out with different, dark shades of fur.

Mocca is a small, white poodle, as was her baby-daddy. 

The litter of puppies were born with dark brown fur, and the entire internet is calling for a paternity test.

Arguello said she and her parents started speculating if Mocca had snuck out and bred with another dog somehow. As far as the Arguellos knew, the poodle whom Mocca met and fell in love with* was the first dog she's ever had contact with.

Jacqueline spoke to Buzzfeed, where she explained that “he was the only dog we let her be around, so we knew he was the baby-daddy.”

The people of Twitter have called upon Jeremy Kyle and Maury to test the dogs' "pupternity" (LOL). 

The proud (and confused) owner tweeted various images of Mocca and the pups, and Twitter responded accordingly! 

"I'm tired of the lies," wrote one follower, while another said, "You are NOT the father!"

The original tweet, which was sent out last week, has been liked over 87,000 times, and retweeted more than 50,000 times. 

This gave us a right giggle.



A total of 96 pure-breed puppies found in the back of lorry at Holyhead last week have now been placed in foster homes. 

Sadly many are battling health conditions – meaning they cannot be placed in permanent homes immediately. However, the Dublin Society Of The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals has highlighted that all the pups will eventually be assigned to forever owners. 

The animals, including basset hounds, beagles, Yorkies, cocker spaniels and Bichon Frise, are so-called designer breeds and were being transported illegally from Irish puppy farms to the UK in time for Christmas. 

In total, the animals were worth around €50,000. They were returned to Ireland and last week were assigned foster families. 

At the time of the discovery, the DSPCA said: "The levels that were taken to conceal these puppies are shocking with most of them squashed into small containers with little or no space, no food, no water and without the correct paper work.

"All 96 puppies came into our care, all 96 of them required veterinary attention and all 96 will be heading out to foster care and then onto their new homes.

"We are asking you to support the important work we do by making a donation on dspca.ie/donate."

Another post of the charity's Facebook page read: "Out of the 96 puppies that came into the DSPCA on Monday about half of them have health problems such as eye and ear infections and sensitive tummies due to poor diet and anxiety after a very poor start in life."

This seizure of the pups was part of Operation Delphin: an ongoing collaboration between DSPCA, Ulster SPCA, ISPCA, RSPCA, Scottish SPCA, Stena Line, the gardaí and customs and tax authorities in Ireland and UK.



Everyone knows that puppies aren’t just for Christmas, yet every festive season puppy farms get ready to do a roaring trade.

While unwanted puppies are always a problem come January, one issue all year round is the mothers of these puppies, who are mere “breeding machines” to the people in charge.

“Forced to have litter after litter of puppies until their bodies are exhausted,” the new Dogs Trust Ireland campaign focuses on ending the mistreatment and cruelty faced by both Mum and pup.

The #StopKeepingMum campaign encourages people to make a commitment to see the living conditions of the mother every time they’re thinking of purchasing a pup.

The hashtag, which is currently the number one trending Irish Twitter topic, is accompanied by an absolute tear jerker of an advert, which highlights how these dogs are treated like manufacturing machines.

“We have to highlight what happens behind the distressing puppy farming trade in Ireland, and, in particular shine a light on the appalling injustice to the Mums who are forced to live in these horrific conditions,” Mark Beazley, Dogs Trust Executive Director, explained.

“We are therefore asking members of the public to stop and think about where the puppies that they are buying actually come from and ‘always ask to see the Mum’ and the puppy interacting each other and to always be concerned if excuses are made as to why you cannot.”

If you’re still thinking about getting a dog this December, here are a few things that Dogs Trust begs you to consider.

Owning a dog is a massive commitment. With the average pups life spanning 13 years, make sure you can foresee yourself caring for a dog that far into the future.

Dogs are also expensive creatures. Between food, veterinary care and making your home and garden secure for an animal, the costs can rack up to over €10,000. Be sure your bank account is ready.

The campaign is receiving massive support on Twitter, with hundreds of people pledging to #StopKeepingMum and take a stand against puppy farming for good.


While Uber has certainly made taxi hailing a hassle-free scenario, getting into its cars is generally a pretty predictable experience.

Unless you land Jonathan Gaurano’s cab, that is.

This week, the LA based taxi driver filled his car with puppies in a bid to surprise his unsuspecting customers.

In a video which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Do GOOD Jonathan shared his customers’ reactions as they met the dogs he had borrowed from a shelter.

Check it out below:

Feat image: Shutterstock