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Primark have released a special new collection to celebrate the autumn season, and it really allows your style to…bloom *winks*.

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Who said roses can only be the theme of Valentine's Day? Primark are going above and beyond to prove that rose patterns can be worn at any time of the year, including Autum/Winter '19.

The rose print collection focuses on femininity, with soft frills, vibrant reds and bussy bow necklines. We can't think of anything better to fit into our autumn wardrobes, especially with these low prices.

First up, Primark's rose print full-length dress with a cinched waistline priced at just €25:

Primark, €25

What a look. You'll be the centre of attention in any room with a bold colour choice like this one.

Next up- Primark's floral rose print blouse in deep red for only €15;

Primark, €15

The frilled sleeves and shoulders really add to the chic vibes this blouse is giving off. The pussy bow neckline is an added feminine touch.

The next skirt has a colour change from the deep reds of the previous two items, if you want more of a springtime look;

Primark, €18

Did you really think they'd only offer you one type of rose print blouse? Hell no.

Primark's petal blouse with cream colouring really makes the red pop in this final piece. From the frills on the shoulders and sleeves to the collarbone neckline; you really can't get more glamorous.

Primark, €15

The whole collection has a maximum price of €25, so what are you waiting for? Stay rosy this autumn. The rose print range is out now in all Primark stores.

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Wilde restaurant has quickly become our new favourite spot this summer. For the month of June, they've launched a beautifully curated, indulgent rosé menu. It's all about those summer wines and summer vibes.

Their covered gardened terrace is just the place to enjoy a refreshing rosé and elegant wine tasting experience. 

The best part is that you can find your perfect rosé by sampling the delectable ones available in their Flight of Rosé. It's just €15 for three 75ml glasses of these gorgeous wines.


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The three unique tasting selections include the celebrity favourite Whispering Angel, a light and fresh rosé with a white peach expression; M de Château Minuty, a citrusy rosé with a rounded feel; and Le Bijou, elegantly balancing aromas of wild strawberries, citrus and flowers.

These three wines all come from France, with a special focus on the home of rosé, Provence.

You'll learn all about these exquisite wines while relaxing on Wilde's sunny, 1930s inspired terrace.


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The three delicious rosés are also available as single glasses or chilled bottles.

And for those of you who love your spirits, there are two limited edition artisan cocktails being served up on the terrace, too: the sweet Cherry Blossom G&T and the lavish Rosé Spritz, both perfect for this season.

However, as we all know, any time is rosé time! Wilde is the perfect place to indulge.


If you can't get enough of doughnuts and rosé, then it's safe to say these little delights are right up your street.

Because, well… sparkles, booze and carbs are a girl's best friend, right?

Spotted on Cosmo, the DIY doughnuts caught our attention mainly because they have rosé in them. However, if you just want to eat them and not actually bake them, the website suggests you can just buy plain doughnuts and then follow Tyna Hong's recipe for making the boozy icing.

Cosmo Bites has put together an easy how-to video, and within five minutes, you'll be gobbling these beauties up:




Drinking wine, in theory, is simple enough: You buy a bottle, open it, pour it into a glass (we hope), and drink. 

But by doing just that, you are apparently missing out on everything the wine has to offer. Oh no!

Marie Claire chatted to Susan Lueker, a wine expert, to get the details on all the ways you're probably doing this whole wine thing wrong. 

Stop serving wine so cold

"Over-chilling whites is the mistake I come across most often," says Susan.

"When a wine is too cold it deadens the aromatics. It should only be chilled to about 10°C, a little less for fuller bodied wines and a little more for lighter bodied wines."


And stop serving your reds at room temperature

We know most people think it's a since to chill a red wine, but wine expert Susan, thinks different. 

"Lighter bodied reds including Pinot, Zinfandels, and Port wines taste better with a slight chill around 13 to 16°C," says Susan.


 Let them breath

"Letting all wines breathe just a bit after opening will help them show their best." 

"One thing I learned from a master of wine is that white wines can really benefit from breathing. Experiment with it and see what happens.​"


Stop trying to age all your wines

"Most whites show best within 1 to 2 years of the present vintage, so if it's 2015 don't buy wine older than 2013. Reds can get better within about 3 to 5 years unless they are more expensive – those can age for 10 to 20 years."


Stop holding the middle of your glass

Make sure you use the stem of your glass when drinking; it's there to keep your hot little hands away from the wine! 



Scarlett Johansson is officially a mum after giving birth to a baby girl!

The star’s rep revealed the news, saying that “mother and daughter are doing well.”

Scarlett and her fiancé Romain Dauriac have named their little girl Rose – we love it! And it has connotations with the colour red, just like her mum's name – it's perfect!

We don’t think we’ll be seeing any photos of little Rose any time soon though, as the couple are supporters of the ‘No Kids Policy’ which aims to keep celebrity children out of the spotlight, and they have asked for people to respect their privacy. Scarlett even kept out of the limelight herself during the course of her pregnancy, though we did get the odd sighting of her cute baby bump!

Scarlett and Romain been together since November 2012, and got engaged in August 2013. However, the actress isn’t in any rush to get married as she wants to enjoy being engaged as it is “an exciting time to enjoy and to really savour.” Awh! We hope she enjoys being a mum too, congratulations!