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Thank God for Miley Cyrus. She has fully MADE our Valentine's Day by essentially sharing her entire wedding album, and we're lining up in droves to see it.

In honour of the (apparent) most romantic day of the year, the 26-year-old singer gave her fans an inside look at her picture-perfect nuptials to actor Liam Hemsworth.

She posted candid photos of the bride and groom to her Instagram, and she was looking absolutely gorgeous.


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She captioned the first image; "My Valentine every single day." Too cute, Miley. You're both stunning.

The next image shows the happy couple embracing, with the caption; "Thank you for always bending down to hug me…I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine!"

There is a definite height difference, so we have mad respect for Liam for bending down. The bar is super low…


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Next up is a photograph of the happy pair smiling at someone out of range of the camera, but we get a glimpse of an unreal wedding cake.


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Miley and Liam wed in a small, intimate ceremony at their Tennessee estate on December 23, and the general public had no clue it was happening.

Fans first began to suspect that the actor and singer, who met on the set of The Last Song in 2010, were exchanging vows when clips of their celebration began to spread on social media.


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Miley confirmed that herself and Liam married after 10 YEARS of dating on St. Stephen's Day.

The Nothin' Breaks Like A Heart songstress shared a photo of herself in the beautiful Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, and we were FLOORED.

Keep the pictures coming, gal. We crave them.

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With the royal wedding happening this weekend (we will be glued to our screen, how about you?), we are getting quite excited about all the details and while Meghan's dress reveal is certainly going to be peak excitement, we are also eager to find out the look of the wedding cake.   

It is Claire Ptak, an east London pastry chef, who is in charge of baking the organic lemon and elderflower wedding cake incorporating "the bright flavours of spring", according to Kensington Palace. The tasty creation will be covered with buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers, which is probably the biggest decorating trend of the moment.

If you are getting married this year (or if you just love staring at gorgeous cakes, like we do), you might enjoy some fresh inspiration. We have scrolled instagram to find out about the emerging wedding cake trends which might be the next "buttercream and fresh flowers". 

1. The luxury gold  


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2. The chocolate chip cookie cake

3. The geometric cake

4. The all-black

5. The pure white


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6. The art lover cake

7. The French "pièce montée"


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8. The marble effect

9. The geode cake

10. The cactus cake

BONUS: The CHEESE wedding cake!



This is probably the most adorable thing we have seen all day. This elderly couple have been taking a bite of their wedding cake, every single year on their anniversary for sixty years!

Ann and Ken Fredericks from Florida got married in New York on August 19th 1955 and they still have some of their wedding cake left from that day. 

Ann's grandmother made the cake, which is a dark fruit cake that they said still "tastes like cake."

Ken described what they do each year to make their wedding anniversary and it's so sweet: "Every year we do this, usually by ourselves and have a bottle of champagne and we have a piece of cake!"

"Then we have a recording of our wedding ceremony which was given to us as a gift and we try to listen to that also."

The couple don't even refrigerate the cake but they have found the trick to keep it edible for all those years, a coffee can. 

"What we do is we wrap it in saran and we put it in this coffee can which has a very tight lid and we just keep it in the closet over our refridgerator."

Although the cake may have gotten a bit dry over the years, the couple just pour some brandy over it to make it easier to eat and Ann says "A little bit of brandy never hurt anyone."

This may seem a little bit crazy but Ken thinks it has added years to their lives: "Maybe that's the reason we've been around for so long."