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Ah, Galentine's Day. Our saviour from the horrors of Valentine's Day, AKA the only day of the year where showing love and men being romantic is socially acceptable.

Whether companies are using female friendships as a marketing tool or not is a WHOLE other discussion.

For now, we're just gonna bring Leslie Knope vibes for 2019's Galentine's Day, which falls the day before Valentine's Day, and celebrates the power of galpals.

Of course, you don't need to be single to celebrate the special day that is Galentine's; You can snatch all them sexy roses from your boo and high five your ladypals at the same time.

day celebrating GIF

1. Channelling the OG Renaissance Romantics:

2. Spreading those holidays around for the gals: 

3. Don't forget, there are SO many alternatives to the most romantic day of the year:

4. Valentine or Valentino Day though? Respect fashion, innit:

5. Honestly, we prefer a Valentine's pupper instead of a rose:

6. Broke girl hacks:

7. Real-talk, stay in school kids:

8. Marriage vibes:


10Life hack:

11. Sending respect to the new Queen of Both Being Single and Releasing Smash Singles, Ari:

12.  The OG Leslie Knope is of, course, a feature in our memes this Galentine's Day:

13.  Don't forget all those marytrs who died for their fellow femalez:

14. Get the coin, not the groin:

15. The TEMERITY, how dare they?

16. Google needs to get it's sh*t together:

17Humpback whales have BFFs too, they probably chat about trashy boys and online shop together too… 

18. Wine + lady friendships + female empowerment = JOY.

19.  Lets get SPOOKY:

20. The eternal struggle:

We gotta make Leslie Knope proud, ladies.

She deserves it for inventing this incredibly special day, but don't forget to show love to the women in your life 24 hours a DAY, are we right?

day forget GIF

Feature image: LAist 



Being single on Valentine's Day definitely isn't the ideal situation, but choosing to celebrate your love for your friends instead of your lack of romance IS. 

Boohoo have just dropped their Valentines range, and among the luscious lingerie and silky night wear, are a series of empowering slogan t-shirts that are perfect for spending the day with your platonic nearest and dearest.

Romantic relationships can be fleeting, but your girls are there for life, after all. 

Galentines Slogan T-Shirt €7.00

Our personal favourite os this slogan t-shirt, which completely encapsulates the mood. 

Rock up to your gal's drinks in this yourself, or get one for every member of your squad – after all, it's only €7,00.

Here is how we are styling ours:  

 Lace body suit €18.00 (to be worn over t-shirt) , Leopard print heels €23.00, Textured earrings €7.00, Black skinny jeans €23.00

Layered necklaces €4.00, Bum bag €13.00, Chunky boots €32.00, Leopard midi skirt €16.00

Shaggy cardigan €42.00, Beaded handbag €23.00, Mom jeans €26.00, Metallic heels €18.00


Many of us may have already begun planning a present for our significant other for THAT special (dreaded?) day every year; Valentine's Day.

From chocolates, red roses and bling to diamond engagement rings (eugh), most people tend to go for the clichés.

Dealz have never really been known for their thoughtful, meaningful V-Day gifts. Or so we thought…

Yep, Dealz have created the gift of… nothing… especially for us this year. How thoughtful.

If you intend on breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/co-worker/enemy/pet/frenemy/neighbour, this would do the trick. It's the perfect way of telling someone, "Hey, you really do mean absolutely nothing to me."

Who said romance is dead? Dealz have just revived the motherf*cker for us all to enjoy. 

the office GIF

 Some of may play that old game where we say we actually want nothing so that we look polite, selfless, even regal. But we all know it's BULLSH*T. WE WANT PRESENTS.

Whether it's one ring, or even seven like Ariana Grande, we're expecting something worthy of our time.

So while we may chuckle at Dealz' gift, if anyone ever got us this, there'd be hell to pay. Seriously. 


What are your V-Day plans, gals? 

For many of us, it's pretty much the usual shebang of perusing ice-cream flavours in Tesco, and wallowing on the couch while feeling guilty as a feminist for wallowing on Valentine's Day. 

Ariana Grande is turning the single life into a trend, at least that's one comforting thing. Plus our pets give us more love than we even deserve.

Meanwhile, in Billionaire Boujee-land, Kylie Jenner is prepping for a new Kylie Cosmetics launch:

She appears to have gotten a red lady makeover, and we have to admit she's looking pure Poison Ivy-level glamour; serving Jessica Rabbit realness 24/7 just became her new niche.

We're assuming that this isn't Kylie's natural hair, seeing as the Kardashians can afford wigs, extensions, photoshop, stylists, fashion designers, celebrity hairdressers, etc.

Kylie's emanating Kim's Valentine's Day vibe form 2017, because the photographer responsible for this Kylie Cosmetics shoot also shot Kim's viral candy hearts campaign in 2018.

Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian

While Kim's hairdo is a lighter shade of pastel-coloured pink, Kylie has gone all-out pillarbox red.

Which do you prefer? We're feelin' Kylie's wavy, short hair because it's Moulin Rouge vibes to the max.

She'll be releasing the new collection on February 1, stay tuned.


Who says that Valentine's Day has to be all about flowers, chocolates, and perfume?

We say – go a little different this year!

Indeed, if you are in love with a gamer, you might want to consider the following delights on February 14…

Left to right: Gamestop  Play Station 4 –  from €299.99

Gamercon Convention Tickets , Dublin – from €25.00

Littlewoods Gaming Headset  – €44.99

Nerdymugs Mug – €12.52

Left to right: Spreadshirt Gaming is my life hoodie – €41.25

The Dawson Spa, Dublin Couples Massage at  €149.00

Zipit Ziplining Dublin, Roscommon and Cork €30.00

Barts Tahan Beanie €25.00

Left to right: Greenes Restaurant Tasting menu – €59.00pp

Budget Travel Paris breaks – from €159.00pp

Victoria's Secret Lace Bustier – €67.04 and Knickers €30.75

Ann Summers Chocolate Body Paint – €10.75


Yesterday the world was offered the briefest glimpse at the next on-screen instalment of EL James’ Fifty Shades trilogy.

But because the clip was a total tease at less than twenty seconds long, we decided to hold off until today so we could give you the full Fifty Shades Darker trailer.

Due for release in February 2017, Fifty Shades Darker looks set to be a whole lot more intriguing than its predecessor.

Check it out below: 

Feat image: independent.co.uk


Valentine's is upon us again, and while we're all for loving and being loved, there's always something a little contrived about February 14.

Queues in every shop for last-minute bunches of flowers, restaurants packed to the brim with couples who'd much rather be chilling at home… and the teddy bears. So many teddy bears.

This year, we're opting for something a little more subtle with our Valentine's plans. After all, there are loads of ways to show you love someone and not all of them have to involve rose petals and cheap boxes of chocolate.

Here are a few ways to show your love – without the cheese…

1. Choose your card wisely
Go for a handmade option, or pick one of these no-bullsh*t cards by one of Ireland's many genius designers. You don't have to buy a card plastered with hearts just to make someone feel loved… promise.


2. Make your gift personal
Ditch the loveheart teddy and go for a little momento of your relationship instead – a photo collage, a framed receipt/ticket stub from your first date, or a copy of the film you both watched on your first awkward trip to the cinema.



3. Surprise them with their favourite meal at home
Deliveroo offers delivery from top Dublin restaurants – everywhere from Carluccio's, Brother Hubbard and Dillinger's to Leo Burdock's – direct to your door in an average of 32 minutes. What more could you want for a night in?

The Deliveroo team were out to #ShareTheLove in Dublin yesterday – so be sure to show yours this weekend.


4. Whip them up breakfast in bed
You don't need to go all gourmet – some eggs, toast, avocado, OJ and coffee make for a cheap and totally delicious brekkie. Plus, once it's made you can hop back into bed and get cosy too!


5. Plan a totally chilled out date day
Sometimes you just need to forget what you "should" be doing and go with your own flow. Binge-watch Netflix all day, go to a double feature in the cinema, head to the beach for a long walk followed by chipper chips… whatever it is, do something that'll leave you both relaxed and smiling from ear to ear.


6. Book a cheap trip to somewhere you've never been
Budget airlines are perfect for random mini breaks, but if you want to stay closer to home, simply head off on the train or bus to a county you've never visited before. Beats a package trip to Lanzarote any day.


7. Just say it
Sometimes just saying the words "I love you" is enough to give your other half the best feeling in the world.


It's nearly that time of year again and if you want to get a bit creative with a Valentine's card for your other half while supporting Irish illustrators, we've got just the thing for you.

Here are nine of the best and quirkiest Irish designed cards available this year. Get in quick to make sure yours arrives on time…

1. For the Lego lover in your life
Cute, clever and suggestive… can't ask for much more really.

Available here.


2. Get political
Customise this card with something funny to show your loved one just how much they mean to you.

Available here.


3. More than just Friends?
If you want to let your partner know that you've got their back this Valentine's, this very cute but subtle Friends themed card is perfect for you.

Available here.


4. Take another little pizza my heart
Perfect for the pizza lover in your life. We all know the way to the heart is through the stomach…

Available here.


5. How much do you like me?
A little throwback to how we used to talk when we were in primary school… “Do you LIKE like him?” “A lot. Like, A LOT”.

Available here.


6. You wouldn't do what?
Lainey K is based in Dublin and has a great range of gas Valentine's cards this year. This Meatloaf themed one is a favourite of ours. 

Available here.


7. Keep it simple
Love being in love? Say it in 3 simple words – love is deadly!

Available here.


8. Give them advance warning now
Who knows, maybe 2016 WILL be the year the world is overtaken by zombie warlords. If that is the case, you can rest easy, smug in the knowledge that this Twisted Doodles card has your back.

Available here.


9. Cheeky cheeky
If your “New Year, New Me” diet hasn't quite gone to plan, this could be the perfect card to show your partner just how much you love them. 

Available here.

Trudi McDonald is a food bloggersporadic tweeter and lover of travel, gin, cheese and tracksuit bottoms (in no particular order).


Valentine's Day is fast bearing down on us, and with just a few days to go, we've been dropping hints like mad things.

While it's always the thought that counts on V-Day, we'd much rather all those hard-earned €€€ be spent on something we'll actually use and cherish than a 6ft white teddy bear holding a giant love heart.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the gifts we'd genuinely love to unwrap come February 14.

And just to be safe, we'll probably end  up self-gifting a few of these to ourselves anyways. #TreatYoSelf and all that.

1. Dolce & Gabbana L'Imperatrice #3
You can't go wrong with a fresh and classic scent, plus this gorge D&G perfume is currently available at a huge discount. Yaaaas.

Was €103.50, now €34,95, Lloyds Pharmacy


2. Swatch TENDER PRESENT Watch
Finally, a Valentine's-themed gift that doesn't make us want to run for cover. Swatch's Valentine's special features moving elements in shades of red, pink, purple and white.

€70, Swatch stores on Grafton St, Henry St or Dublin Airport


3. 'Love Who You Are' Wall Print
Love isn't just something you share with someone else – show yourself some TLC too with this sweet print. The price is for a digital download, meaning you can print it at home or in your local printing shop as many times as you like.

€4.48, GrafikShop on Etsy Ireland


4. Alex And Ani Love Expandable Wire Ring
Wear your heart on your sleeve (or your finger) with this simple and stackable Alex And Ani ring. The new range has just launched in Irish stores, so it's a perfect Valentine's gift.

€26, Alex And Ani stockists nationwide and online.


5. Pilgrim Rose Gold Plated Heart Pendant Necklace
A V-day necklace with a difference, we love this rose gold hammered heart pendant. 

€35.20, ASOS


6. Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Gift Set
Scrubs, creams, body wash, an eye mask and more… you'll be pampered to within an inch of your life with this gift set.

€29, Boots stores or online.


7. Veuve Monsigny Rosé Brut
What's better than bubbly on February 14? Pink bubbly. Just remember to share…

€24.99, Aldi


How can you tell if you two are really serious, or if it's just a flash in the pan?

Well, rewind ten or fifteen years and you'd have to cross your fingers that one of your friends overheard him mention you to HIS friend down the pub. Nowadays though, it's much easier to figure out what's what.

According to a new survey by Netflix, over half of couples (51%) believe that sharing the same Neflix login is a big indicator that things have turned into this-could-be-love territory.

In fact, 17% of those polled said they wouldn't even consider such a *gasp* drastic move until they were engaged or married.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of modern-day indicators that your relationship is built to last…

1. There's always a little flame next to his name on your Snapchat
The legendary flame emoji only appears if you have both been sending snaps to one another for multiple days in a row. So that definitely means it's love.


2. You follow each other on Instagram, Twitter, Periscope you name it.
Got to support bae, like.

high five friends ross rachel


3. And you'd NEVER leave his latest tweet/photo hanging without at least liking it
No need to comment, mind you, a cheeky like will do


4. You share a Netflix login because you watch all the same shows anyway
It's just convenient.


5. And you wouldn't DARE skip ahead on House of Cards without your other half
In fact, 60% of the couples Netflix surveyed said it was just more fun watching shows with their other half than without them.


6. Your phone's wi-fi connects automatically at their house
And at their parents' house too, if you two are really serious


7. You keep a spare phone charger at his house
No more frantic 'DOES ANYONE HAVE AN iPHONE 4 CHARGER?' emails in work


8. Anyone looking back through your WhatsApp conversations would get a shock
Not because of anything dirty, mind, but because the number of AWFUL selfies you send each other


9. You two definitely bonded over your shared love of true crime dramas/awful 90s rom-coms/gruesome nature documentaries on your first date
Finally, someone who likes what you like – or who has just done his research, like this guy:



If you've been swiping on Tinder and matching on POF to no avail, it could be time to call in the big guns.

By which we of course mean Ryan Tubridy. And The Late Late Show.

This February, RTÉ is bringing back the Late Late Valentine's Special, with the hope of sparking some looove amongst the audience members at Montrose.

If you're "not camera shy, up for a laugh and looking for love," you can apply for tickets to be an audience member on the February 12 show via the RTÉ website now.

And no, you can't go along as a wingman/wingwoman for your single friends – this is a call-out for people who are "definitely" single, a statement from RTÉ says.

"Last year was great fun – there was a palpable excitement in the studio," said Ryan of the decision to do a match-making show again this year. 

"I’m really looking forward to some great guests and to bringing in a new batch of singles."

Who knows, you could witness first-hand another celebrity gaffe of Ronan O'Gara's "I wouldn't be nervous getting up on Jessica" proportions, as happened on last year's Valentine's Special:

Only in Ireland.



If you're planning an evening out with your Valentine this weekend, why not incorporate a little bit of that loving feeling into your outfit?

We're not suggesting you go out in a bright red sweater and matching skinny jeans (unless you want to, then by all means work away) but there are lots of simple pieces out there with touches of feminine pink and red.

All of these pieces are versatile and will last you long beyond V-Day. Here are a few of our picks from the high street to get you inspired…

1. Printed pink
How gorgeous will this dress be in summer with bare legs and flat sandals? For now we'd keep warm with tights and some leather ankle boots!

Clustered Ditsy Print Dress, €47, Oasis

2. Check it out
This brushed check skirt would look perfect with a long-sleeved top or worn under a luxe sweater. 

Brushed Check Skirt, €21, Warehouse

3. A step ahead
We can't get enough of coral pink this season!

Coral Leather Ankle Strap Heels, €44.99

4. She's electric…
The bright and blod clashing colours on this clutch will make you stand out from the crowd!

Clutch Bag, €7.99, H&M

5. The final touch
If you're not keen to go all-out with your Valentine's outfit, keep the love element simple with these gold swing earrings. A little V-Day gift to yourself, perhaps!

Double Heart Swing Earrings, €7.14, ASOS.com