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As rents in Ireland reach an all-time high, it's no real surprise that the public responded negatively to Bank of Ireland's recent campaign, which suggested that adult children should rely on their parents for financial support.

In a tweet which has since been deleted, Bank of Ireland encouraged adults to move back in with their parents in order to save for a mortgage.

"Orla and her boyfriend stopped renting and moved back with their parents to save the deposit for their 1st home," read the tweet which acted as an introduction to a blog which detailed the couple's decision to return to the family home in order to secure their own home in the future.

As this decision is normally seen as a last resort, the public were quick to criticise the organisation's attempt to normalise a situation which has been causing grave concern among young adults in recent years.

Taking to Twitter to air their grievances, the public condemned the campaign, with one person writing: "Despite it being the reality, it's low for a state backed bank to promote young people misfortunes."


Anais Gallagher is following in the footsteps of many celebrity offspring by carving out a career for herself as a model.

The stunning 17-year-old is currently fronting a vintage-inspired campaign for Reebok, and the 90s vibe of the entire thing is giving us major nostalgia. 


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'Im so excited to be fronting the new Reebok campaign,' she told Vogue

'I've always loved Classics and have grown up wearing the brand throughout secondary school, so to be in the new apparel campaign is a dream for me.'

The campaign is shot with a grainy, Instagram filter vibe, in which Anais shows off a series of head-to-toe Reebok looks.


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Speaking of Instagram, if you're not following Anais already, we highly recommend. 

'I find that quite a lot with fashion, I always tend to draw towards menswear, rather than women’s style,' she told Vogue, touching on her personal style.

'I find it frustrating that I can’t find sportswear in men’s sizes.'



If you fancy yourself a bit of a budding TV star, then this opportunity is right up your street!

Leading Irish car insurance company, its4women.ie, is looking for women from all across Ireland to star in its TV, print, digital and outdoor campaigns.

The theme is something we can all relate to – finding the perfect partner.

Image result for women driving

The campaign is aiming to feature everyday Irish women in its advertisements, and want the ladies to also share their experiences and insights into finding their perfect match.

Be it your best mate, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mum or your favourite aunt, its4women.ie want you to spill your thoughts on life, love and laughter.

No matter where you're from or what your background, all women over the age of 21 are welcome to apply.

Close-up of Vintage Car

The campaign will be filmed in May before being rolled out screens and billboards in June.

To apply check out this website before April 12. You must be free to film on either May 3, 4 or 5 in Dublin.

Good luck!

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


It's safe to say many of us have had to endure an awkward date or two in the past.

However, sometimes that awkwardness can turn more sinister and we can feel scared or unsafe while meeting with someone we don't really know.

It's never nice to be in that situation, and to be honest, once that panic sets in, all you can think about is running far, far away.

Well, in Lincolnshire in the UK, the council have started a #NoMore campaign to help anyone who is in need of a way out of an uncomfortable situation.

The council and Lincolnshire Rape Crisis have teamed up and put up posters around bars, pubs and clubs in the area which advise people what to do if they're in need of help.

The sign reads: "Hi I'm Angela. Are you on a date that isn't working out? Do you feel like you're not in a safe situation? Is your Tinder or PoF date not who they said they were on their profile? Does it all feel a bit weird?

"If you go to the bar and ask for 'Angela' the bar staff will know you need some help getting out of your situation and will call you a taxi or help you out discreetly – without too much fuss."

A few bars and pubs have already rolled out something similar to this, but Lincolnshire is the first place to spread it across the whole county.

Would you like something like this to be implemented in Ireland?


As one of the world’s leading fitness brands Nike’s use of ripped fitness models has been well documented, so naturally the gym-wear giant’s recent curve social media posts have received a lot of attention.

Last week Nike shared a picture of celebrated curve model Paloma Elsesser on its Nike Women Instagram account in what appears to be a bid to diversity the brand's online image.

Paloma is photographed stretching in a branded sports bra and gym leggings in a post that makes no reference to her size and instead focuses on sharing a sports bra related fact.


On Saturday, a similar post appeared on the same account showing yoga and wellness expert Claire Fountain posing in a black sports bra and burgundy coloured leggings.  Again the image was accompanied by a bra focused fact.

While the majority of the brand’s followers have celebrated the move with comments like “more of this!  Curvy women workout hard too” and “so excited to start [seeing] fit women who look like me in the media”, others have been less enthusiastic.

A number of Instagram users have been quick to point out that while they are happy to see the brand’s image becoming more diverse, they still struggle to find their own sizes in Nike’s range.


One user wrote: “And it only took you about 20+ years to figure out!!!!! Now, how about some Dri Fit workout tops in sizes that actually fit us too?”

While another stressed that including curve models should not lead to the exclusion of traditionally accepted frames: “Ok I'm all for it but stop saying real woman…So annoying just because my Frame is smaller doesn't mean I'm not real!”



One of the world's most recognisable models put her fame to good use this week as she was revealed as the face – and body – of the first ever 'I'm Not a Trophy Campaign'.

The campaign is being run by the I'm Not a Trophy organisation which aims to raise awareness of the fact that a variety of endangered species are still being hunted by poachers.

A series of six images were posted to the group's Instagram account yesterday which all show Cara posing with nothing but animal imagery covering her body.


A photo posted by I'm Not a Trophy (@imnotatrophy) on

Each of the images shows a different endangered animal and is branded with the words "I'm Not a Trophy".

The model – who is an ambassador for the animal rights group – was introduced to the organisation's founder Arno Elias through model friend Suki Waterhouse.

Cara told MarieClaire.com: "I was introduced to Arno’s work after falling in love with the images he did for my friend and fellow model Suki Waterhouse."

“Suki put us in touch, and before we knew it we were in Paris shooting together.” 


A photo posted by I'm Not a Trophy (@imnotatrophy) on

The 23-year-old says she's passionate about animal rights and is honoured to be part of the campaign: "I'm extremely proud to act as inaugural ambassador for the first-ever, international I'm Not a Trophy campaign, a cause that not only benefits endangered species, but empowers women as well."

So not only does the Suicide Squad actress look the part, she genuinely believes in the campaign too.  Go Cara!

Feat image: www.mtv.com


If you're in Galway at the moment, you're going to see some very unusual election posters – and very unusual faces on said election posters.

Each poster was shared on Twitter by GoVote – a group encouraging people to go out and vote on Friday, while also having a bit of craic.

So, if Daniel O Donnell, Conor McGregor or Barney The Dinosaur takes your fancy, here's the promises they're making: 

Liam Neeson is totally our fave.  



Fine Geal TD Alan Shatter believes his campaign posters are “being sabotaged”, because apparently, cable ties are being cut on them so they fall down or are blown away by the wind.

It is claimed that a campaign poster was retrieved from the garden of one of Alan's team members and they said it is clear the ties were cut, as holes were not torn into the picture.

Mr Shatter said that it is “unfortunate that at least one if not more of my political opponents have no respect for democracy and appear intent on sabotaging my election campaign”.

"I believe we should never give in to bullies or prejudice," he added. Sorry about your posters, Alan!


The nation's sensation Teresa Mannion has just landed herself something spectacular, and frankly, it's a wonder nobody has thought about doing this before.

As we all know the presenter made herself famous following her brilliant weather report last year. She even made it on to Ellen.


Teresa has been asked to front a new Road Safety Authority driving campaign.

“What I really love about the whole response to it is that there is an important safety message at the heart,” she told The Sun.

“The mantra is ‘don’t make unnecessary journeys and don’t take risks on treacherous roads’, and it’s a really important safety message, so much so, that the Road Safety Authority have asked me to record ads for them, for radio and online.

“They want me to be a road safety ambassador because they saw the value in it, so I was delighted about that.”

Perfect job for Teresa, don't you think?


Rumours about each of their love lives are rife for these two stars at the moment, but one thing's for sure, they can rock it in front of a camera. 

The full spring 2016 campaign for Calvin Klein, which stars none other than Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber, has just been released. 

The 21-year-old singer and 20-year-old model are both seen in three images from the campaign, while a flurry of other celebs also join in.

FKA Twigs and Kendrick Lamar are also featured in the ad, but Kendall and Justin take the biscuit.



Well, as if we weren’t feeling a touch jealous of Tay-Tay herself already, her new love has to go and do this. We’re having a tough time concentrating after these photos caught our eye.

Not only is he the world’s highest paid DJ and boyfriend of the uber-famous Taylor Swift, now Calvin Harris has landed himself an Emporio Armani modelling campaign.

He really is the complete package! Pun absolutely intended. He is a very impressive male model.

In the brand’s 2015 Autumn campaign Calvin appears to have (dare we say it) out done former model David Beckham in the chiselled department. Just look at those abs!

The Scottish native has been making heads turn for quite a while now but he seems to have taken it to a whole new level in this latest set of photos.

The 31-year old has appeared for the brand before. Earlier this year he was featured, in all his glory, in their steamy spring campaign.

According to Giorgo Armani, "Calvin Harris is a truly cosmopolitan, dynamic young man who is capable of attracting the masses with his music and energy."

They went on to say: "He isn't a model by nature, and this creates a more sincere and engaging bond with the public."

We think that he certainly looks like he’s got the whole modelling thing down. Those close-ups , even when he is fully clothed, are certainly appealing in their own right.

Quite the talented individual he is. Shall we just admit now then? That Taylor Swift is a very lucky lady? We think so.


Created for the Argentina Foundation For Liver Transplants, a moving one-and-a-half minute long video clip has now gone viral, notching up more than 2.5m views in just five days.

It depicts an older man and his loyal, canine companion who never leaves his side.

And when his owner is rushed to hospital, the hound dutifully follows, waiting for days outside as dozens of patients, visitors, and medical staff come and go.

He only responds when a young woman is wheeled out – evidently having benefited from an organ transplant: the dog's elderly master may be dead, but he lives on because of his commitment to organ donation. 

Twitter was quick to respond, with one user stating: "I just watched this again. Can't deal – Rip your own heart out watching this loyal dog in this organ donation ad."

Another said: Heartbreaking organ donation ad shows that a dog's loyalty Never ends." A third stated simply: "A different take on promoting organ donation. Beautiful ad."

In Ireland, you can request an organ donation card here.