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Inglot is celebrating 10 glorious years in the cosmetics business by making numerous new announcements, and their first one has us gasping with the excitement.

As well as creating new loyalty cards, a ten-year anniversary palette, a partnership with retail giant Next, collaborating with top influencer Terrie McEvoy, Ciara McKeown and Lucy Fitz, they're rolling out the brand in a number of pharmacies.

Burke’s Pharmacy in Naas, McElhinney’s Dept Store in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal and McCauley’s Pharmacy in Carlow are included in the roll-out, after the brand joined one of Ireland's biggest online beauty retailers; Cloud 10.

Now the brand, which was brought to Ireland in 2009, are bringing out their new 'Minis' collection; 8 Mini Lip Satins, 10 Mini HD Foundations and 4 Brand New Mini ‘Glow On’ Highlighters.


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The new concept minis are the beauty brand's eighth announcement as part of their Inglot10 campaign, and thank Goddess it's payday because we want ALL of these.

They're the first in the global brand's launch into the world of travel-size make-up products, and range from just €6 to €9. Heaven help us, we can't be stopped from buying them all.

The Minis Collection officially launches today (Wednesday, July 31) across all Inglot stores nationwide, and on their website here.

‘Glow On’ Mini Highlighter

The brand new, intensively pigmented 'Glow On' Gel Highlighters come in four, radiant shades and are perfect for illuminating your beautiful skin this summer.

Achieve that dewy 'strobed'' lighting effect with the gorgeous highlighter, priced at just €9. The 3D metallic highlight look you'll create won't let you down, day or night.

You can use the 'Glow On' Gel Highlighters under or over make-up, and all over your body. They also fit easily into your purse for those nights on the dancefloor, so they're like a mini best pal in your bag.

Mini HD Foundation

Inglot's record-breaking, bestselling high-definition foundation is now available in mini form, and we couldn't be happier.

The brand's infamously long-lasting, imperfection-concealing foundation is every beauty guru's dream purchase, and now the mini foundations come in 10 shades.

They're also suitable for all skin types, so whether you're dry or oily-skinned, these are for you. Considering they're €9, they're pretty much for everyone.

Mini Lip Satin Lipsticks


Inglot's creamy, soft mini satin lipsticks are ideal for holiday-wear this summer.

Rich in emollients and special ingredients, the lippies have a velvety smooth finish. They'll leave your lips fuller and more moisturised than ever, how can we say no?

Mini Lip Satins sell at only €6, so we're officially buying the entire range.

Inglot has 16 Stores throughout Ireland, so there won't be a shortage of options if you're searching for their Minis Collection. Inglot also sell the range online and in selected pharmacies.

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We thought last week's L'Occitane summer haul was going to be impossible to top as the beauty product of the week, but Inglot are bringing the heat.

It's hard to believe that the make-up brand has only been in the business for ten years; Inglot Cosmetics have been ground-breaking in their goal to bring good quality make-up to the masses.

To celebrate a decade in the cosmetics industry, Inglot have partnered with beauty and style influencer Terrie McEvoy. The result? An incredible dusty rose eyeshadow palette, and two soft nude lip satin lipsticks designed by Terrie herself.

Meet our beauty product of the week; Inglot x Terrie McEvoy's 'Beautiful Adventure' collection;


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The 'Beautiful Adventure' collection pairs with the 'Inglot10' campaign to celebrate Terrie's adventurous, trailblazer lifestyle and outlook on life. 

Speaking ahead of the announcement, McEvoy said, "I have always been a big fan of Inglot, so when I was asked to collaborate on a collection it was a dream come true.

"From the beginning, Inglot understood my vision of launching a collection that is super diverse and can be worn for any occasion – everything from wedding day glam to a girls’ night out."


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She continued; "I also wanted to create something that would suit all skin tones and I really think that’s something we have achieved with this collection. I am so excited for everyone to experience this collection."

The five square palette with both light and deep warm undertones are perfectly matched to the soft nude accompanying satin lipsticks.

It's safe to say the colours will appeal to everyone, and is carefully chosen to suit all skin-tones. We LOVE the inclusive aspect; it's next to impossible to find the perfect nude look but Terrie's got us covered.


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Managing Director of Inglot Ireland, Jane Swarbrigg, spoke about the collection launch and emphasised the energetic summer vibe of Terrie's gorgeous products: 

“This collection encompasses Terrie’s personal style, with a combination of warm summer tones and a sprinkle of sparkle topped off with a pop of rich romantic hues.

"This fusion of shadows paired with the perfect nude lip will appeal to brides to be, festival goers and beach babes alike.”

The limited-edition Inglot X Terrie McEvoy five square palette won't break the bank either, priced at just €35.

The Inglot X Terrie McEvoy satin lipsticks are only €15 each and will be available to purchase in store and online now.

Don't miss out on the perfectly warm yet natural summer looks, we can guarantee this collection will sell out fast.

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Planning your summer holiday can be either exciting or stressful, and most of the time you can't help but forget something important.

We all make the mad dash over to Penneys and Boots mere hours before the flight to try and grab everything for the suitcase, but it's a futile effort. We wanted to treat ourselves on this holiday, but we need a list of recommended beauty items.

This year is different, because we've got the ultimate make-up and skincare list for your trip abroad this year, and you absolutely need to experience them all. They're flawless.

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We all want to have the most gorgeous nails for our holiday, but how can we make sure they last for the entire trip?

KISS have released a special line of imPRESS nails, for superior, lasting shine with an indestructible top coat rivalling even the best salon gel polish.

imPRESS nails protect the nail and last up to a week, making them perfect for the coming summer months and festival season. Two new designs have been added to the range, and we've never felt more glamorous.

Buy: Selected pharmacies, retailers and Dunnes Stores nationwide
Price: €10

2. iWhite Instant and iWhite Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Get whiter teeth on the go, wherever you go with these travel essentials; iWhite teeth whitening toothpaste and iWhite Instant. Your daily beauty maintenance has never been so easy.

Everyday food and drink can stain your teeth; from coffee, fruit juices and red wine to curry sauces, and indulging on holidays can lead to even more staining on those pearly whites of yours.

These nifty products are small enough to pack, so why not keep your teeth sparkling throughout your time away? Clinically proven to be safe and effective without the use of peroxide, iWhite gives you plenty to smile about.

Buy: iWhitecloud10beauty.com
Price: iWhite Teeth Whitening Toothpaste €9.50
iWhite Instant €29.99

3. Misslyn 'Beach Please!' Bronzing and Contouring Powder

The heatwave beauty look is oh so easy to achieve with this treat in your suitcase. Misslyn's 'Beach Please!' bronzing and contouring powder will give your skin that glow it's always wanted.

Healthy, sun-kissed skin can be achieved easily with this beautiful, soft-matte texture. We especially love the compact mirror, which makes this the perfect on-the-go top up for your holiday.

Buy: Penneys stores nationwide and select pharmacies
Price: €6.95

4. Payot Peeling Oxygénant Dépolluant

Exfoliating your face is so important for getting rid of all those pesky dead skin cells which haven't naturally shed themselves. When this happens, the leftover dead skin cells can cause dry, flaky patches and clogged pores, which is why exfoliating this summer is imperative for healthy skin.

Payot's crackling foam new skin effect suits every skin type, especially those leaning towards coarseness, and leaves your skin feeling totally brand new. The mask uses triple action- oxygenating, detoxifying, and neutralising pollution- in order to inject new vitality into your skin.

The pink gel will transform into foam which evaporates on the skin, removing impurities and pollution so your natural radiance emerges.

Buy: Payot
Price: €38


5. Delarom Orange Sugar Body Scrub

What is the perfect product that can help us to keep our glowing summer tans fresh this season? Delarom has the answer.

Their Orange Sugar body scrub contains sweet orange essential oil to gently eliminate dead cells from your body, so you get the most evenly spread tan as possible.

The sugar melts when massaged into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and deliciously scented.

Buy: Delarom
Price: €35

6. Clinique Sun and Body Care Cream SPF 40

Clinique uses 'SolarSmart' technology to stabilise high-level protection against the ageing and burning effects of UVB and UVA rays, but remains suitable for sensitive skin (anyone from Ireland).

We adore their Sun and Body Care Cream, which is oil-free and dermatologist tested as well as water AND sweat-resistant.

Slay queens, without sunburn…

Buy: Clinique
Price: €21.95

7. Misslyn's Colour Crush lipstick

Statement lips are all the rage for the summer, and red is the perfect colour to make your lips look irresistible.

Misslyn have a new collection of 22 shades, with beautiful creamy texture and rich tones for your make-up bag.

We're loving the unique colours chosen by Misslyn for your summer holidays, you won't be able to pick just one lipstick. They're all too beautiful for your make-up bag to miss this summer.

Buy: Selected pharmacies nationwide
Price: €7.95 

8. Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow

We can't get enough of Inglot's latest pure pigment eyeshadow collection. With over 30 shades to choose from, the make-up company are allowing you to have the most sparkly eyes in town this summer for a great price.

The pigment is so easy to spread over your eyelids, and can be used as a highlighting powder for your cheekbones, Cupid's bow and as glitter for your lips as well.

With a product this affordable and this versatile, with that many colour options, you've got to make sure it's packed in that case of yours this year. Your holiday won't be the same without it.

Buy: Inglot
Price: €16

9. L'Occitane Delicious Lip Scrub 

L’Occitane's new lip collection is infused with fruits, vegetables and herbs from Provence and the Mediterranean Basin, and the scent of these three lip scrubs alone will have you holiday-ready.

Raspberry Crush, Fabulous Fig and Marmalade Kiss; three flavourful scrubs bursting with goodies for your lips this summer. Enriched with Vitamin E, mandarin extract and carrot, pomelo and pomegranate oils, this gentle exfoliator leaves a sweet and delicious taste you won't want to forget.

Buy: L'Occitane
Price: €16

10.  DAFNI Allure hair tool 

When you're on your holidays, it can be tricky to keep your hair as styled as you like it. With sun and sea comes frizz and knotting, but the DAFNI Allure straightening brush is one of the best products around for treating your hair kindly on-the-go.

Pop it in your suitcase or handbag for your travels, and you can make sure you won't be spending all of your trip trying to blow try and then straighten your hair, wasting valuable moments.

Instead, take a few minutes with the styling tool to brush your locks and they'll be straightened and looking glossy in no time, no matter the weather.

Buy: Peter Mark
Price: €159

Enjoy your holibops, gals, and don't forget to treat yourselves. It's self-care, not vanity. (The Fab Five from Queer Eye came up with that line, we can't take credit…)

Remember: Packing doesn't have to be a tense experience, filled with expletives and forgotten essentials.

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We absolutely ADORE Valentine's Day, not only because celebrating romance usually gives us an excuse to pamper ourselves, but because it's a wonderful time of the year for cosmetics shopping.

Why buy roses or chocolates when you can get the best beauty products around?

We've decided to curate a list of our top 12 makeup, skincare and cosmetic goods for this year's Valentine's Day; whether it's for a hot date, a dinner for the gals or even a cosy night in with Netflix and a furry friend.

From your favourite smouldering red lipstick to sparkling pink eye-shadows and rose-scented perfume; 'tis the season for LOVE in beauty-land. 

turn around smile GIF by Laff

1. Charlotte Tilbury 'Hot Lips' red lipstick in Carina's Love.

Inspired by Chinese actress Carina Lau, this bold and sexy red lippy inspires confidence in any woman who wears it. It's siren red and has light-diffusing pigments that create a luminous finish for a full-bodied effect.

In Chinese culture, the colour red is representative of good fortune and joy, so it's positively perfect for Valentine's Day, right?

There's a great reason why Charlotte Tilbury is a globally renowned brand, and their matte lipstick range stands by their statement of good-quality products for women. 

The creamy formula, protection from UV damage and seamless finish are just three reasons why this lipstick makes our top 12. Enjoy it in all it's glory, gals.

Buy: Charlotte Tilbury
Price: €32

2. L'Occitane Romantic Rose collection

For Valentine's Day, it's only too important to smell and feel your best. We've found the ideal scent for the eve: ROSE. French powerhouse brand L'Occitane have gifted us with a set, that we all both need and deserve.

The gorgeous and elegant fragrance set includes: Rose Eau de Toilette, Rose Shower Gel, Rose Body Lotion and Rose Hand Cream. 


A post shared by L’OCCITANE UK IRELAND (@loccitane_uk_ire) on

L'Occitane 'Romantic Rose' collection is priced at €69 from the L'Occitane website.

3. Too Faced 'better than sex' mascara

The 'Better Than Sex Mascara' Hourglass-Shaped Brush is genuinely revolutionary.

Formed by discovering the bust-waist-hip ratio of an iconic silver screen Blonde Bombshell, the brush has the ideal silhouette that separates lashes for voluminous perfection.

The collagen-fuelled mascara formula give you redefined lashes which stretch to unreal lengths, for romantic dinner date eyes.

Buy: Debenhams
Price; €19.55

4. CND nails

Nail brand CND Vinylux have just debuted their new range, featuring stunning pinks, dark berry, ravishing reds and blush tones to show off your romantic side.

Mambo Beat, Rose Bud, Hot Pop Pink, Tinted Love, Wildfire and Dark Lava are ideal for a hot date, or pretty much anything the night has in store; There's a colour for every kind of date.

For Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself to a some gorgeous new shades from the iconic brand? You'll feel pampered and date-ready in no time.

Buy: CND 
Price: €11.95 (Shellac and Vinylux)

5. L'Oreal Paris Go Purple shampoo

For anyone with platinum blonde, highlighted, silver, bleached hair and all shades in between, the L'Oreal Paris Go Purple shampoo is a TOTAL WINNER.

Finding the best purple shampoo to keep the brassiness out of light-coloured hair can be tricky, but thankfully L'Oreal Paris have solved that problem just in time for Valentine's Day.

Tried and tested by us, we can guarantee that this stuff genuinely works. Any yellow tones are washed out, leaving your hair looking bright and rejuvenated. Yes girls.


A post shared by L'Oréal Paris Hair Official (@lorealhair) on

L'Oreal Paris Go Purple shampoo is priced at €8.95 from all major retailers now.

6. Dermalogica intensive moisture balance

Promising to deliver nourishment beyond the skin's surface, the Dermalogica intensive moisture balance cream is 100 percent professional grade.

It's vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and uses NO artificial colours or flavouring; it's legit eco-friendly while clearing up all those dry skin worries. We'll take 10, please?

Buy: Dermalogica
Price; €51

7. Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe mascara

Finally we have discovered the best clump-free mascara in town, with four oils to it's lash-loving Wonder collection.

For volumised, thick and full lashes, with maximum volume; Rimmel's your go-to product.

Rimmel has even infused argan oil into it's four-oil complex, as well as Maracuja oil, Marula oil and Camellia oil for conditioning and protection from hair splitting.

Argan oil is renowned for nourishing properties, so mascara won't have to damage those eyelashes anymore. Thank GAWD.

Buy: Littlewoods Ireland
Price: €10.90

8. Sculpted by Aimee Connolly: The 4-in-1 lip liner pen

Why have one Valentine's Day lip liner when you could have four, stunning shades?

Grab yourself the Nude or the Pink edition, whichever you're in the mood for will light up your night. Each edition has four beautiful shades, from 'Buff', 'Bare', and 'Peach' to 'Rose', 'Blush' and 'Rouge', you're in for a treat.

Line the perfect pout with makeup guru Aimee Connolly, she's only gone and made the holy grail of lip liners.

Buy: www.aimeeconnolly.com
Price: €29.99

9. Garnier Ultimate Blends almond crush shampoo and conditioner

Garnier Ultimate Blends are launching up to 98 percent natural origin haircare, and we could NOT be more excited about it.

Your hair will feel cleansed, nourished and weightless using their almond crush shampoo and conditioner, which is made with a blend of organic almond milk and agave sap.

The gentle formula is a complete game-changer; did we mention it's 100 percent vegan? 


A post shared by Garnier UK & Ireland (@garnieruk) on

Garnier Ultimate Blends almond crush shampoo and conditioner are priced at €4.95 each and are available from all major retailers.

10. La Roche Posay Lipikar Cleansing Oil AP+

La Roche Posay have long been one of our go-to skincare brands, and their new cleansing oil for dry skin will save the day for those of you who are PLAGUED with this skin type.

It's a soap-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free pH neutral shower oil that gives your skin the lipids it needs to reconstruct the skin barrier,

Skin with atopic tendencies or extreme dryness will CRAVE this product, it also soothes that feeling of tightness many of us know and hate.

Buy: Feel Unique
Price: €12

11. Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette

From white shades like 'Tempera' and 'Vermeer' to baby pink 'Bijon Fresco', bold raspberry 'Love Letter' and 'Venetian Red', even brown shades like 'Red Ochre' and 'Cyrprus Umber', we're dazzled by these Renaissance-inspired tones.

The range is gorgeous; this collection of matte and metallic eye-shadows is PERFECT for creating dazzling cosmetic effects this Valentine's Day.

Anastasia Beverley Hills always create the best products, which means they sell out fast. Grab yours now online from Cult Beauty to avoid disappointment.

Buy: www.cultbeauty.co.uk
Price: €49.11

12. Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel

Leading French brand Bioderma has introduced the new Sensibio foaming gel, and all we can say is: WOW.

The gel is specifically created to soothe and hydrate your skin to ensure it's free of trapped oil and impurities.

It's mild but cleansing active ingredients calm irritations and will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean just in time for your Valentine's Day make-up regime.

Buy: Cloud10 Beauty or select pharmacies nationwide
Price: €13 

That concludes the round-up of our top 12 ultimate Valentine's Day beauty products: tried and tested.

You'll be getting a faster heartbeat and butterflies in your stomach just looking at these gems, let alone using them. They'll melt your heart, and self-love is all about treating yourselves, right?

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Love Island’s Kaz Crossley is known for her stunning makeup talents.

We love that she can create a makeup masterpiece with just a few products.

Most recently she unveiled the key to her gorge glowing skin – Inglot’s All Covered line.


A post shared by Inglot Cosmetics Ireland (@inglotireland) on

Kaz gave a live makeup tutorial at the Inglot All Covered launch, revealing her foolproof method to creating a flawless look.

“It’s all about the application”, she emphasised as she transformed the model’s skin.

After prepping her face with primer, she began with the All Covered concealer, sliding the brush beneath her eyes and across her forehead.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

She then streaked down her nose, upper lip, and chin – creating a tribal-like design. Adding a thin bronzing line to emphasise her cheekbones, nose and chin, she began blending it all together.

The trick is is to apply the foundation on top with a tapping motion, she said. This not only avoids any streak marks from showing but also prevents creasing.

Inglot’s face foundation is light enough so that when you blot it, it doesn’t look too cakey. It creates a smooth, natural looking finish.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

Kaz loves adding the HD powder on last. It’s diamond dust infusion leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

She also used JLO sunkissed bronzer, JLO Radiant livin the the highlight, and 29 blush so that the model’s makeup would match the rest of her tan.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

The 27TG brush is the perfect density to blot and blend your foundation while the 4SS is a great fit for concealer as well.

You can get her look on Inglot in the shade that's best for you.

Kaz is a makeup master and her tips can make all the difference when applying your foundation for a flawless and natural looking finish.


Love Island’s Kaz Crossley is coming to Dublin.

She will meet fans at Inglot in Dundrum to celebrate the launch of their latest collection, All Covered.

The London makeup artist is coming to bless us mere mortals with her insider beauty tips.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

And that’s not all…

The gorgeous reality TV star will be giving a live makeup demo using her favourite products from the new collection.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

So when will she be here?

She will be at the Inglot in Dundrum Town Centre on Saturday, November 10th at 11:00am.

Make sure to get there early because the first 50 customers will get an exclusive Inglot gift – something probably involving free makeup.

Yassss. Are there any two words that sound sweeter together?

“I am so excited to be coming back to Ireland next week,” gushed the Love Island finalist.

“I love Dublin and to be able to come back to this beautiful city and launch Inglot’s – All Covered foundation and concealer is amazing.

“Come and visit me at Inglot's store in Dundrum on Saturday 10th of November from 11am for a selfie! I hope to see you there.”

And don’t worry about long lines on a dreary morning because the debut is going to be conducted Kaz-style.


A post shared by Kaz (@kazcrossley) on

There will be refreshments and a live DJ setting up party vibes in the Dundrum Inglot matching station.

Plus, the new foundation range is supposed to be amazing. Kaz said she is “in love” with it.

“It’s a high coverage yet lightweight foundation and literally makes your skin look flawless,” she raved.

So bring some friends and make a morning of it! We can’t wait to see what makeup tips she has in store.



Ladies, I have wonderfully exciting news for you all!

Pop music sensation, JLO, has teamed up with the wonderful folks at Inglot to create a 70-piece makeup collection – and we're screaming.

Inglot Ireland stores across the country will be holding exclusive all day parties to celebrate the new JLO x INGLOT collection, which is landing in stores and online TOMORROW.

The 70-piece collection ranges from powders to lipsticks, shadows to eyelashes and cosmetic palettes and each store will have complimentary masterclasses at 1pm and 6pm to show guests how to use the products.

We had a sneak peak at the collection this afternoon – and it is OUTRAGEOUSLY gorgeous. Seriously.

You know the way JLO is renowned for her beautiful warm and glowy skin? Well this collection was created with that look in mind.

Prepare to get your glow on in a serious way.

All colours in the line were created and handpicked by Jennifer Lopez herself, with the star of the collection being the Freedom System palette that allows all you gorge ladies to create unique palettes with over 300,000 combination possibilities.

The expertly formulated products will range in shades from nude to glow, with a touch of smoky glam and the key products in the line will include an illuminator, a bronzer, a gloss and a mascara.

Director of Inglot Ireland (and all-round girlboss), Jane Swarbrigg said, ‘Team Inglot Ireland is home today after the most incredible weekend in Las Vegas. We met the main woman herself, Jennifer Lopez, who discussed her new Inglot collection in detail and chatted about her inspiration for the collaboration. We are super excited to unveil the range to the Irish public this Thursday!’

You and I both, Jane. 

The Inglot South Anne Street Pro Store will host an exclusive masterclass by award winning makeup artist Keilidh Cashell from 6pm to 8pm who will recreate two signature JLO looks that were showcased at the VIP masterclass in Las Vegas with Jennifer’s makeup artist Scott Barnes. 

Keilidh will show all guests how to achieve the signature JLO glow (yes please) and demonstrate an eye tutorial while giving an in-depth account of the new collection and tips from Scott himself.

FYI: tickets are limited and cost €20 and can be purchased by contacting Inglot South Anne street. 

All stores will celebrate JLO with JLO music (say no more, tbh), balloons, party atmosphere and the first 25 customer will receive an exclusive Inglot shopper.

All customers who purchase the collection will be invited back in for a complimentary lesson and all customers of the collection will be entered into a competition to win a JLOxINGLOT hamper worth €150.



If you are a fan of makeup and beauty, then you're probably already well acquainted with Inglot.

The brilliant makeup brand is responsible for some of the most covetable pieces in a gal's makeup bag, and now shopping for new beauty bits is all the easier. 

Inglot have launched a new and improved website to cater to MUAs and makeup lovers, and the new site will be faster and easier to navigate, so finding your favourite pigment shade will be extremely easy. 

The website has a completely new look, with brand new features including the Inglot Social page which allows Inglot addicts to keep up to date with Jane Swarbrigg's blog, as well as posting regular updates about all the Inglot courses, masterclasses and workshops we could ever want.

Other exciting new features will include a Meet the Team section, and Events Page which will be updated weekly with all the latest information on various Inglot events nationwide. 

It's also completely suited to mobile users, so shopping on the commute will be dangerously easy. 

Excuse us for a moment, we've got a certain site to check out…



It was a saturated market and the recession was about to hit.

That and she had decided to take the plunge alongside her dad, Thomas, mum, Geraldine, and brother, Peter.

So (perhaps understandably!) there were plenty of people who a decade ago told Jane Swarbrigg that she was mad to try and set up new business.

The massive success of Inglot cosmetics in Ireland, however, is a testament to her hard-work, savvy nature, and blunt resolve.

“It’s been as much an incredible journey of personal growth, as well as success in business,” Jane tells SHEmazing! today.

It’s now been a full eight years since Inglot – a global brand famed for its colourful palettes, statement lip shades, and expert foundations – set up shop in Liffey Valley.


A photo posted by Jane Swarbrigg (@janeinglot) on

More recently, there have been further outlets in Blanchardstown, Dundrum, and South Anne Street in Dublin, as well as in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Dundalk, and Belfast.

Indeed, the tally currently amounts to an impressive 14. Then, of course, there is the ever-popular inglot.ie site too.

Inglot is a Polish brand founded more than 30 years ago. It really came to global attention, however, when it came up for franchise in 2006. Now it has close-to 500 outlets in more than 50 countries across six continents. Phew!

And certainly when she first stumbled across the brand, Jane, still only 34, was mega-impressed. “I was struck by the colour range (1,500 and counting!) as well as the innovative, quality products on offer,” she explains.

Something of a social media queen (she has 21.5K fans on Instagram alone), Ms Swarbrigg has by now created a firm community of loyal Irish Inglot fans. Not only that, but she’s created the popular hashtags #inglotaddicts and #inglotfamily – which regularly pop up on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.


A photo posted by Jane Swarbrigg (@janeinglot) on

She and her family now employ a talented group of some 250 people, and Jane prides herself on nurturing and building a team that is encouraged to use their creativity.

“A happy team is the key to a successful business,” she stresses. “Once you find the right product the next step is finding the right people to represent you and your brand. Then you just have to look after them.”

Inglot, which has its HQ in Mullingar, furthermore regularly gives back to its customers with free events in stores, as well as online activity such as demonstrations and competitions.

Unsurprisingly, 2017 is set to be a huge year for Jane and her company. “We might even be expanding overseas,” the businesswoman hints with a smile.

She will also find the time to marry her fiancé, Brendan Quinn; he proposed last year at the home they share in Castleknock.  

Jane’s final message for any budding entrepreneurs is clear: “Take those risks, ladies!

"And find comfort in knowing that feeling a little lost can actually be the fire in your belly to get you where you need to be.” 



The countdown is officially on, ladies.

With just nine sleeps left until Christmas Day, chances are you (like us) are desperately scratching off items on your to-do list.

But unless you’re Wonder Woman, it’s likely you still have some last-minute gift-buying to do for the ladies in your life.

We’re right, aren’t we?

Well, never fear because we’ve put together a selection of top-notch pressies which will ALWAYS go down a treat on Christmas morning.

Left to right: Inglot All That Glitters €50

Bellamianta Glam Essential Christmas Giftset  

Bellamianta Mousse Christmas Giftset 

Inglot Blackout €50


Left to right: Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Golden Goddess Dry Shimmer Body Oil  €11.95

Kind Shampoo and Conditioner €3.50



Time to change up your make-up look? Then we have just the thing for you.

Ingot has just released its new Summer Palette and we have to say, it's to DIE for!

One of Inglot's top make-up artists created this look using the new sought-after palette, and now you can too.

So, if you want to win this deadly prize, head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to enter. You'll be rocking high glamour in no time. Good luck!



Party season is nearly upon us, and with that comes a lot of make-up and outfit choices.

So, to get you started, we’ve rounded up the best lipsticks to nail the perfect party pout. Choose wisely ladies, because this will be your colour for the whole festive season:

NYX Cosmetics – Matte Lipstick Sierra

If you want the perfect nude shade for Christmas, then opt for this fab NYX matte lipstick. No matter what make-up look you choose, this shade will match perfectly.


MAC – Matte Antique Velvet

If you want to go a bit darker for winter, then this MAC lippy is the way to go. The intense brown shade will look super chic on your smackers. #Mwah.


Inglot – Matte Lipstick No. 424 

Bring the festive cheer into your beauty look by adding this gorgeous red hue to your lips. Very Mrs Claus.


NYX Cosmetics – Jet Set

Bronze lippy is beautiful for this time of year and this NYX shade is right on the mark. Team it with minimal make-up and let your lips be the main star.


Wet n Wild – Don’t Blink Pink

Dont Blink Pink

And if you want a pop of colour for this festive season, Wet n Wild’s Don’t Blink Pink will become your go-to shade for every party you go to.