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Taylor Swift's audience has grown and evolved with her since her debut self-named album was released, seeing Taylor don prom dresses, cowboy boots and ringlets in her hair, to the snake print leotard loving Taylor we know now. 

Undoubtedly, her style persona has changed, and with her album release and Reputation tour that had the world SHOOK landing this year, it was a new era for Taylor Swift, and by default, time for a style evolution.

Taylor is personally responsible for some of the most popular fashion trends of the year, and we have compiled the ones that can slot easily into your current wardrobe. 

Snake print


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Taylor has had a huge year, with her now iconic Reputation tour selling our stadiums across the globe, and her epic clap back to her naysayers with a penchant for the snake emoji. 

Taylor reclaimed her identity as a strong, fierce female, and used the symbol of the snake to portray her power. 

The star kicked off this season's snake skin trend with her references, and now there are few women walking down the high street sans-snakeskin.  

Mega Metallics


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Icy! Taylor recently nailed an upcoming Autumn/Winter trend at the AMAs when she rocked up in a disco ball-inspired mini dress. 

The new season is all about metallic textures, and there are so many ways to wear them. Unlike Taylor, we don't have star-studded awards ceremonies to attend, but it's a simple style element to incorporate into a day to day wardrobe. 

Try a silky silver shirt tucked into washed blue denim jeans, or make the jeans the statement with a metallic pair, worn with an over-sized turtleneck jumper and white runners. 

Bright baker boy hats 


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Black baker boy hats are everywhere, but in a recent 60s style shoot, Taylor rocked lashings of mascara and a cream coloured baker boy. 

And thus, a trend was born. Out went the black caps, and a new era of colourful, textured caps was ushered in. 

Taylor's mussed up, choppy fringed hair is the perfect perch for such a cap, but a sleek, straightened do adds another dimension to the vintage vibe. 

Over-the-knee boots


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Knee-high boots have been revolving on the couture carousel in recent years, but Tay-tay literally took them to new heights.

In her video for Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor cuts a striking figure in over-the-knee Louboutin red boots and an oversized hoodie.

The boots are a serious power play, and with the video displaying Taylor reclaiming her power from her haters, fans and followers clamoured for a slice of the look. 

Bardot shirts


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In an Instagram snap that broke the Internet, with over 2,000,000 likes, Taylor rocked a very interesting shirt, which had a bardot neckline element. 

Draping your jacket bardot style has definitely been a blogger trend this summer, but Taylor encouraged her followers to wear the look in a more structured way.  

After her Insta upload, featuring two of her die-hard fans getting engaged, the high street was awash with bardot style shirts and jackets. 




We are big fans of Nasty Gal here in SHEmazing.

We also adore Insta Queen and all-round babe that is Emma Louise Connolly so news that her latest collab with the brand is heading our way has MADE.OUR.DAY. 

Emma Louise has teamed up with Nasty Gal to create a winter edit – so if you're worried about that new season wardrobe, we have you sorted. 

The collection, which is launching tomorrow is seriously fab – it includes vintage-inspired denim, cosy knits, plush fabrics, layering pieces, and dreamy silhouettes.

So, you'll be beating the chill while still looking hawt.

The  27-year-old London-based Scottish model has designed for Nasty Gal before, with her 30-piece collection selling out in 24 hours in July 2018. 

Not bad huh? 

Browse some of the unreal looks below and get yourself to their website stat tomorrow to snap up all of the pieces.




The search for the perfect winter coat can be absolutely draining.

We've all felt the struggle: the indecisive Irish temperature has suddenly dropped to Baltic levels, we can see our breath in the air and our wardrobe just isn't prepared.

Is it too much to ask to look stylish and feel warm and cuddly at the same time? Hell nah. Penney's has us covered. 

Stacey Solomon has collaborated with Penneys to give us winter glamour, and this coat is the ideal staple style piece to completely transform your look in one easy step.

Coming in at just €40, Penneys continue to offer affordable clothing with Stacey Solomon's personal casual style. 

Judging by her social media posts recently, the 28 year old TV personality is just as over the moon about the collab as we are.

Throw the coat on with some jeans and runners for day-time wear, and add a pair of heels and a little black dress underneath for night-time party wear.

The check pattern is perfectly on trend for Autumn/Winter, and is versatile as well as bold.

It's beyond ideal. Thanks Penneys, you always serve us winter warmth.

Feature image: Primark



Princess Beatrice, elder sister and Maid of Honour to Princess Eugenie, has broken a slight tradition with her outfit for the royal wedding and opted for an outfit of colour, after some experts expected her to wear a more pastel colour in line with the bride, as Pippa Middleton did to sister Kate's marriage to Prince William. And she also opted to arrive with her mother, rather than the bride as was expected. 

She arrived at St. George's Chapel in Windsor alongside her mother, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, wearing a boatneck-style Ralph & Russo dress, which was a vibrant royal blue. It was accompanied by a simple purple fascinator. 


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Eugenie's wedding dress code was quite strict (men had to wear morning coats and women day dresses), and Beatrice followed the rules to a T by perfectly matching her fascinator to her dress (as the royals do) and a pair of heels. Her style for the day, was fittingly, more demure than on previous occasions so that her sister would take centre stage. 

A Maid of Honour isn't quite as big a tradition in Britain as it is here or in the US, but the royal family confirmed that Beatrice would take the role by sharing a sweet family snap of the two sisters on social media.


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The elder sibling was also notably there as a support to her mother, who though no longer officially in the royal family, naturally played a key part in the wedding. Despite the Duke and Duchess or York separating many years ago, they still live together and are frequently seen out at public events supporting both their daughters. 


When we get on the phone to blogger Yasmine Chanel, she's en route to visit relatives in Tunisia, the country with which she shares her Irish heritage. 

The former makeup artist (who has maintained her skills, as her Instagram proves) had just began her journey to the Northwest African country from Dublin, Ireland, where was was busy attending the launch of Nasty Gal's new Autumn/Winter collection. 

Laughing into the phone about her jet set lifestyle ('it's not as glamorous as you think it is,' she assures me), the wanderluster is refreshingly honest with her descriptions of her work, the blogging industry and internet culture, in an industry that often comes with an unshakeable facade of perfection. 


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While Yasmine's styling skills and penchant for influencing are undeniable, she isn't afraid to speak candidly and let her personality and opinions shine just as much as her incredible highlight. 

For those of us (aka all of us) who want a slice of her style guidance, she is adamant that this season, all you need is one particular item to keep you Insta-worthy. 

'I really love anything that Nasty Gal comes out with, it's really like my style, everything is cool and edgy which I think is really different because when it comes to fashion you want to always look cool as well as stylish,' she said.  

'I think for upcoming trends the key piece is a really cool coat, for example Nasty Gal has a really cool trench, it's a leather trench coat with a faux fur collar, and those kind of coats look amazing even dressed own, I like to wear mine with some trainers and skinny jeans.'


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While she hails from the Emerald Isle, as her Irish vocal lilt reveals, Yasmine makes London her home, but was impressed during her time in Dublin with the style standards.

'I'm always in London, but when I came back this year I was really impressed,' she said.

'There are some amazing people in who know how to dress and really have their own style.' 

Speaking of style, Yasmine goes on to detail her love of personal style, but she doesn't have too many people she follows for inspiration – she prefers to act as her own muse.

'I more go for someone's style of photography, because I feel like I have my own style so I don't really save a certain person for inspiration, but I love Terrie McEvoy, and she is so lovely as well. I love when you meet people in the industry and they're so genuine and down to earth.  Her style is more feminine to mine but I really do like how she puts things together.'


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Yasmine began her blog back in 2014, when blogging was taking off in a big way, but we definitely didn't have as many successful online personalities as we do now. 

She admits that while the community has gotten bigger, which is positive, it has led to an added level of competitivity – something she makes a specific effort to eradicate through her blatantly friendliness.

'Sometimes when I go to events it has that little bit of cold energy, but not all the time because there are some amazing girls, but the odd time, I think that people just don't really know whether they should look at you as their rival or something which is silly, so you go up and make the first move just to make it clear that you don't think like that, then they open up.'

'Four years ago when I first started getting into it people were a bit more open and friendly, and then as the years go on people have their own little groups, everyone kind of pairs off, but Ive always been one to be friends with every type of person myself, so sometimes you'll go to an event and people wont interact with you so I'll always go up and hug everyone because i want to make sure that its not going to feel awkward.'


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Speaking of her blog, Yasmine has some key advice for wannabe influencers, many to whom Yasmine, with a jaw dropping 363 thousand Instagram followers, successful blog and highly engaged brand work, must be an inspiration.

'When I started doing this I didn't even know what or how influencers could make money, I didn't even know it could be a job. I love so many aspects of it, I love photography, I love exploring where I am so that inspires me to take photos, I love fashion, I've always loved fashion even when I had no money. To be inspired by doing this job, you have to really love every aspect.' 

The key though – 'being consistent, you really have to be consistent.' 

'Most importantly, you have to be yourself, because if you're not taking photos of what you love, or putting outfits together that you love then you're just copying someone else and that's the first step, a lot of bloggers kind of copy each other or they try to recreate things and I don't think you should do that because people will see that its not genuine.'


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While Yasmine can make a living from her influencing now, her level of professionalism in the industry was a long time coming, and when she began, she certainly wasn't taking herself too seriously.

While her outfits are absolutely killer, and her undeniably charming personality surely sealed the deal for many who look to her for inspiration, Yasmine started her digital taste making voyage for sheer kicks. 

'I think that you need to not look at it too seriously when you're starting out, just keep it as your hobby and as something you enjoy doing while doing whatever else, and if you start to get noticed and start to get brands naturally and organically trying to approach you, then you can take it a bit more seriously.'

'That's what I did, I was just working in London as a makeup artist and I only did that part time and I was doing this too, and I didn't know I could get paid for this so I was just posting things, really enjoying interacting with people and I was getting interaction from other women who loved my style so it motivated me to post more, and then I started to get brands interested and then I was like wow, I can make money from this, so I started to do it more seriously and it grew from there,' she expressed. 

'So when people want to get in to it, they shouldn't look into it as a job, you have to enjoy doing it first, and being natural, being yourself, getting your own personality across. Theres nothing worse when you see someone, they haven't even grown any following but they're kind of getting angry that they're not getting noticed, but it takes so much time to get noticed. You have to be patient with it,' she finished. 


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When we look to our favourite influencers, women like Yasmine who are placed on an online pedestal, it can be easy to assume that they live charmed, perfectly lit lives through which their work just occurs with ease. 

However, that's not the case, with influencing being a demanding job, Yasmine highlights – 'Taking photos is not that easy because you have people who are really small minded who see you taking pictures and they think you just love yourself or they don't realise that you're doing this for your job – or you'll have annoying men try to hit on you when you're trying to take photos.'

'Also, sometimes you just don't want to be online but you have to as you have to post things for brands, so that's also difficult when you also just want to hibernate from the internet, but with this job you cant, you always have to be on the 'gram.'


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While we're on the topic of the challenges of being a blogger, through anecdotes the conversation turns, as it so often has done in Ireland over the past few months, to Bloggers Unveiled. 

Yasmine, having based herself in the UK, went unscathed by the virtual claws of the page, and hadn't even heard of the anti-influencer's impact on the industry here. 

Once filled in, Yasmine's disgust and outpouring of support for the Irish blogging community was tangible: 'That sounds really petty. It annoys me because it's like why do people care so much? I wouldn't look at myself and say that im a shallow person because Instagram is just one aspect of who you are as a person, and I try and show my personality on my Instagram story. I don't understand why people hate so much.'


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Showing her feminist credentials, she went on: 'People should actually be celebrating that success for people who are really creative, because those people are finding ways to make a living.'

'I feel that this is what I'm meant to do right now because I could never stay at a normal job, and I really respect people who can, but even before influencing I just couldn't do it. I always felt that I had to do something more creative and I think that's why I love doing it, and I think people should respect that.' 

'There's two types of people in the influencing industry, people who are creative and people who copy, and I think that's the difference.' Hear, hear Yasmine.  



Aimee Connolly has painted the faces of some of Ireland's top stars with her skilled hand, and she has taken to sharing her skills with a generation of up-coming professional makeup artists. 

At a recent Masterclass of her's, hosted at The Galmont Hotel & Spa, the all-star makeup artist impressed us with not just her makeup but her outfit choices as well. 

The MUA donned what could arguably be described as the perfect key piece for nailing this season's most popular fashion trend. 


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Leopard print has been all over the high street, and Aimee's long-line dress is a simple and stylish way to tap in to the trend. 

From high street hero store Zara, the classic cut means you can keep wearing it long after leopard print retreats back to the jungle of foregone fashion trends. 

Despite it being a trend print at the moment, it's so classic and reoccurring that there's no reason to banish it once this season has passed. 

Leopard print dress, €49.95, Zara

Coming in just under fifty quid, the dress can be worn with a myriad of other pieces to keep it looking fresh. 

Opt a-la-Aimee and pair it with pointed ankle boots for evening, or try a pair of white runners and a black leather jacket for a NYFW-inspired daytime look. 

The possibilities are pretty much endless with this look. 



Louise Cooney never fails to slay in the style department, but one of her most recent looks caught our eye. 

Her classic style and taste for tailoring comes into it's own in the autumnal months, and a very pretty jumper she rocked over on Instagram has just become our must have piece.  

Snuggled up outside a coffee shop, Louise showcased a stunning cream roll neck jumper with baggy sleeves gathered at the wrists – and we love it. 


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A staple piece can sometimes set you back big bucks, but this River Island piece is only €47.00, a pretty good bargain for a classic piece. 

The part mohair jumper looks super soft and cosy, and we wish it was available in more colours. 

However, the staple cream shade makes it seriously versatile, and can be worn with pretty much anything. 

Cream roll neck knit jumper €47.00

Louise teamed hers with a plaid skirt and ankle boots with bare legs, but we would love to see it tucked in to a leather skirt with tights and boots, or with a denim skirt and comfortable runners. 

It would also look gorge thrown over skinny jeans and some layered, dainty necklaces for a Sunday brunch, or go all out and tuck it into a pair of new season embellished flares. 

Best of all, this piece is timeless, so no matter what items come and go that you pair it with, the jumper itself will always be a classic. 


We’ve spent many nights curled up on the sofa with never-ending episodes of Say Yes to the Dress Ireland playing on the TV.

Our evenings just haven’t been the same since the last season of the show ended, but fear not, the wonderful Franc is returning to our screens very soon.

The unmissable series starts on Monday, September 17 on RTÉ2, and follows 30 brides from all over Ireland looking to find their perfect dress.  

Over 3,500 dresses from all over the world await the new group of brides-to-be and their entourages at Vows Bridal Store in Cork.

Franc and the bridal consultants; Vows Owner, Mary O’Dowling, along with Janice O’Leary, Denise O’Riordian and Ciara O’Dowling will meet brides from all over the country in search of their dream dresses.  

This five-part series has a few surprises in store including an opinionated father of the bride and a worried fiancé thrown into the mix.

One of this season’s brides Abby Ho has been searching high and low for her dream gown.

32-year-old Abby’s appointment will be a challenge. Abby is getting married in four months’ time, she’s got a budget of €500 maximum and she is joined by her five very opinionated sisters.  But the biggest challenge: before today Abby had tried over 50 wedding dresses and said no to them all.

We are so excited for the show to return to our screens. You can tune into the new episodes of Say Yes to the Dress Ireland on Monday, September 17 on RTÉ2.



Magazines often fail to feature plus sized women on the cover. It's a simple fact. Walk into your local newsagents and you'll be met by an array of striking covers that mostly feature thin women.

Stars like Kendall Jenner, Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez often dazzle on the front of the glossies, and yes, they look beautiful, but they are all of similar size.

Women have yearned to be skinny since what feels like the beginning of time. We grew up thinking there was only one way we should look and that was thin.


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Of course, there is nothing wrong with being thin, but we need to celebrate other body types.

This month, Cosmopolitan featured Tess Holliday on the front cover. Tess Holliday is a size 24.

The magazine wanted to celebrate plus size women, but instead they were met with a wave of backlash with many people claiming they were promoting obesity.

Editor of Cosmopolitan Farrah Storr has hit back at the dismissive comments about what could be a historic cover for the publication.

During her appearance on Good Morning Britain, she explained her decision to put Tess on the cover: “This is one cover, which has a larger lady on the cover, in a sea, in a world, in a culture which has venerated – since I can remember – thinness.”

She does not believe featuring a size 24 woman on the cover will promote obesity.

“Are people going to look at that and go, ‘Do you know what? I’m going to go and mainline doughnuts, this is what I want for my life’. Of course not. It’s patronising to say,” she said.

“I’m celebrating her. I am not celebrating morbid obesity,” the author stressed.


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The cover isn’t about promoting a certain size. It’s all about showing women that there are tons of different bodies out there.

It is showing women that you can look beautiful and feel confident, regardless of your size.

It is reassuring women who may feel self-conscious or undesirable because of their weight.

The Cosmopolitan cover is opening the world’s eyes to all the different types of beauty there are that never made it to the glossy pages of women’s magazines until now.



We've all been there.

The moment on the night out when you go to the bathroom, look in the mirror…and the HORROR is real.

Your foundation is a sweaty mess and you curse yourself for not bringing your concealer. 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté have heard our clubbing cries, and have solved our problems with The All Hours Foundation Stick.


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Okay, okay – I know what you're thinking, stick foundation: too thick!

However, this foundation is soft, silky and leaves you will a matte finish that could rival any liquid foundation.

It's ultra blendable and transforms from a creamy texture to a powder formula in a matter of minutes.

The foundation gives you a matte finish without the heaviness, and provides your face a lovely lift.


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The All Hours Foundation Stick comes in 22 shades, so no matter who you are or what your skin colour is: Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has you covered.

Furthermore, you can take a darker shade and double-up the product as a contour. The stick application will allow you total control to get that contour looking sharp.

The creaminess of the product will glide over lines and won't crease – say hello to a youthful glow!

Alternatively, you can choose a lighter shade to highlight under the eyes, for a beautiful finish. 


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It is also ideal for those of us who are legging it from work, a plane or an event to a big night out.

The All Hours Foundation Stick will give you 24-hour coverage, (YES, 24!) so you can dance the night away without any fear of your make-up budging. 

Additionally, the foundation is so neat that it slips effortlessly into your bag for touch ups and for travelling.

Outsmart airport security and say bye to those little liquid plastic bags as this can stay in your hand luggage – a huge win, win for gals on the go!


A post shared by YSL Beauty Official (@yslbeauty) on

This incredible product will be available nationwide from Wednesday, August 29 and retails at €39.50 (approx £31.50).

You better act fast as we predict this one will fly off the shelves. 

The All Hours Foundation Stick is seriously versatile and with a 24-hour staying power – why would you need anything else?



We all dream of succeeding in our careers, whether you’re a nurse, a florist or a journalist. We can all admit that we’ve daydreamed about becoming an Oscar winning actress or perhaps the founder of a successful fashion brand like Irish entrepreneur sisters Malindi and Elena Demery.

The empowering duo have strived in the fashion world since starting their company Malena Fashion. However, running your own company can be stressful at the best of times. Luckily, the girls have a solution for the bad days. They said one thing that keeps them going is appreciating even the smallest achievements, stressing that women should always believe in themselves.

Both Malindi and Elena admitted they were nervous about being a woman in the business industry. Females have been underestimated and disrespected for far too long, but the sisters have only gone from strength to strength since launching their company.

The pair have exceeded an astonishing €3 million turnover annually as the exclusive distributors of Freddy Jeans in the UK and Ireland, and the brains behind Malena Fashion.

The girls’ dad has always been part of the fashion business, so they “were always involved in one way or another.”

It was their dad’s positive attitude that motivated them on the days when work was daunting and their dreams felt like they were out of reach.

“He always finds the good even in the most negative situations. He showed us there’s always a silver lining,” they shared.

They've clearly inherited is upbeat attitude. The girls extended their words of wisdom to the young women of Ireland, who recently collected their exam results. 

Thousands of students are faced with massive decisions to make about their future, but the sisters admitted that regardless of how well you do, not even bad results can stop you from pursuing your dreams.

“Go at your own pace. Once you care about what you do you’ll go for it. Grades should never stop you from doing what you love” they said.


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Celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Vogue Williams and even the princess of pop Britney Spears have been spotted rocking the popular Freddy Jeans, but the sisters said the jeans are for every woman, no matter what her size or age.

They explained that the best thing about Freddy Jeans is how good you feel in them. We all know how daunting shopping for jeans is. Some are too long, others are too tight, finding the perfect pair can feel like mission impossible.

Elena and Malindi explained that the jeans are loved by everyone, from 18-year-old students to 60-year-old grandmothers. One store that sells the well-loved jeans recently told the girls that an 87-year-old woman purchased a pair of high waist Freddy Jeans, proving that it doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can wear them.

The ultra stretchy fabric will leave you feeling super confident, whether you’re a size six or 16. The girls recommend snapping up a pair of the classic black jeans as we get closer to the winter months.

We are all guilty of buying a cheap pair of jeans for a tenner, but the fashion experts recommend investing in pieces that will see you through many winters.

The sisters stressed the importance of avoiding fast fashion. Spending that little bit extra on a pair of Freddy Jeans or on a snuggly cashmere jumper from luxury brand Rosamund is a wiser move. “The pieces will stay with you forever.”



The summer is coming to an end, and the Autumn collections are landing in stores. 

Luckily, this means the beginning of a new sale season, and we're ready to get shopping. 

River Island are slashing up to 60% off some of their finest pieces in their new sale, starting today, and we've already filled our baskets with our fave finds: 

Embellished pocket T-shirt €12.00, Feminist jumper €14.00, Platform runners €24.00

Trophy jacket 35.00, Floral skirt €14.00, Swimsuit €18.00

Embellished bag €22.00, Bardot crop top €8.00, Button down dress €24.00

Jumpsuit €30.00, Bardot long-sleeve top €18.00, Frill skirt €18.00