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Now more than ever, women (and men) are embracing their insecurities, whether it be their size, hair colour or skin. 

This is a message we support 100%, and we find it so refreshing when people support eachother and spread messages of support. 

One lovely lady who is doing just that is MUA Bronya Humphreys, who suffers from facial eczema. 

Bronya's condition, which she was born with, took a turn for the worse after she gave birth to her ADORABLE daughter.


Here is a little side by side. I've been trying to be more confident regarding my skin, as it's so bad I currently struggle to leave the house I'm so embarrassed of my eczema. Thank you for all the kind comments I've received on my last post. I want to prove that you can be beautiful even without makeup. Skin condition and all. I love the way I look when I'm fully glammed, but that's only one side of me. The other side is someone who is a human; with human emotions and gets hurt just like any of you. I want to show you that both sides of me are beautiful, and both sides of you are beautiful too! You do you. Whether you want to wear makeup everyday, or like me you need to take time off to care for yourself and look after your skin. Whatever you do, do it with confidence:) #confidence #sidebyside #bareskin #natural #makeup

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Despite the fact that she finds herself dealing with her eczema every day – she still focuses on what she loves. 

Makeup is Bronya's passion, and she is bloody good at it.

It would be easy enough for the mum-of-one to ditch the pursuit of makeup, due to the fact that it involves showing her skin off to the world. 

However, she perseveres, refusing to let her condition get the better of her. 

In a recent post on Instagram, Bronya spoke about her skin, and what it is like to live with such severe eczema:

'I have eczema. I have a skin condition. I have had so many hateful comments recently regarding how I look. When I wear makeup they say I'm fake. When I don't I'm a gross zombie. And can I just say, I am not my skin condition.'

She continued: 'I am a lovely, caring, beautiful human, and you don't deserve to even be on my page let alone be leaving awful comments on my pictures. All I want on my page is to promote self love. You are all fantastic.'

The talented MUA then reminded her 71,000 followers that they are all amazing, no matter what.

'You are all brilliant. Please. Please. Please. Ignore everyone who makes awful comments. YOU ARE AMAZING. Since I got a lot of followers I have had so many hateful comments. Just because I have a lot of followers doesn't mean I don't have feelings!'

'Basically what I'm trying to say is f**k anyone that shits on you. You are so much better than that. I love you all. Chin up. There's a lot of hate in this world but I'm there for you. Shoot me a message. I may take a while to get back to you but I'll be there for you.'

Now, that is a message we can get behind! Bronya, you are a KWEEN. 



A good set of full, shaped eyebrows can make all the difference, and these famous faces prove it.

Check out the difference a fine set of brows can make to someone. 

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf would certainly approve of this transformation. 


Hello, from the other side. 

Lauren Conrad

The early 00s were a dark tim for LC, clearly…

Victoria Beckham

Spice up your life with this brow transformation! 

Demi Lovato

Good woman Demi! We are loving her new big brows.

Miley Cyrus

Remember that time Miley beached her eyebrows? 

Jessica Alba

Jessica still manages to look beautiful, regardless of the brow. 

Drew Barrymore 

In fairness, Drew was killing in in the nineties with her skinny eyebrows. Glad that trend is over…

Gwen Stefani

Don't speak.

Never underestimate the power of eyebrows! 



We spend so much time worrying about our faces, and which creams are best. 

However, we typically forget about our lovely hands – and they deserve some TLC also. 

So with that, we have done up a list of the BEST hand creams out there.

You won't regret it! 

1. Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, Clarins

Image result for clarins hand cream

2. Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream, Jo Malone

Image result for Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream

3. Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment, Molton Brown

Image result for Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment, Molton Brown.

4. Cherry Blossom Petal-Soft Hand Cream, L'Occitane

Related image

5.  Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream, human + kind

Image result for humankind hand cream

6. Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment, Dermalogica

7. ILUMA intense hand crème, IMAGE Skincare

Image result for ILUMA intense hand crème

8. Repairing and Comforting Hand Cream, Yon-Ka.

Image result for yonka hand cream

9. Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion, Margaret Dabbs

Image result for margaret dabbs intensive hydrating hand lotion

10. Shea Hand Cream, The Body Shop

Image result for body shop shea hand cream



The Beauty Agency is a beauty collective led by renowned makeup artist Leonard Daly and celebrity hair stylist Lydia O’Carroll who are offering a bespoke beauty service and bringing New York fashion chic to private clients around Ireland. 

The Beauty Agency is the perfect choice for any ‘brides to be’ looking for an elegant and timeless look for their big day.

Their talented team members have all worked on a global level with some of the world’s most discerning clients and are experts at tailoring hair and makeup to suit each client’s individual style and features. The Beauty Agency know the power of good hair and makeup.

They don’t believe ‘treating yourself’ to professional beauty services should be reserved solely for special occasions- be it an important business meeting, a new LinkedIn profile photo or a night out on the town, the Beauty Agency have your back!

Leonard, who has over 25 years working in the beauty industry working with luxury brands including Tom Ford, Chanel, Estee lauder and Bobbi Brown, is in constant demand with high profile clients such as Joan Collins, Nathalie Dormer, Rachel Griffiths, Aidan Turner and members of the royal family.

Forever at the frontline of fashion and style trends, he has worked at both London and Paris Fashion weeks and his unique expertise and artistry are evident in his editorial work in British Vogue, IMAGE and Tatler. Leonard’s signature understated style will have you looking like you belong on the pages of Vogue.

Lydia returned home to Dublin from New York where for over a decade she worked the International fashion circuit as a principal stylist under acclaimed session stylists such as Guido creating inspired hair styles for major fashion shows like Victoria Secrets and Alexander McQueen.

With Lydia’s wealth of expertise you can rest assured not a hair will be out of place.

Together Lydia and Leonard want to bring couture hair and make-up to Irish women who want to perfect their style with an elegantly timeless and stunning look.

Fancy learning more about this incredible service? Give the gorgeous folks at The Beauty Agency a shout here



Watching beauty videos on YouTube is one of our favourite pastimes, but occasionally we can get a tad bored with the content. 

Luckily, with all the lazing about that the festive season allows us,m we stumbled upon one YouTube beauty guru with an epic twist. 

Introducing Sailor J, the parody beauty account that mixes sensational makeup looks with social issue discussion. We subscribed in three seconds flat. 


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Sailor uses her tutorials to help unfortunate singletons catch a man, using the bamboozlement and witchcraft that is makeup.

'I bought this brush from a woman at the mall,' she declares in GETTING A MAN 101, one of her popular videos. 

'She had a wedding ring on, so clearly she knows what she's doing.' 

Sailor also takes the absolute p*** out of the consistent insistence of males that makeup is 'false advertising.'

'A man is going to find me and think – 'Wow, a woman born with gold eyelids.' 

Her most viewed video Contouring 101, has over 1.2 million views thanks to it's time on the trending page, and for good reason. 

'If men find out we can rearrange the bones of our face, we're finished. We might as well pack our bags and go to the nunnery,' she proclaims, in full Sailor J persona. 

'If the men find out we can shape shift, they're going to tell the church.'


A post shared by SailorJ (@xx_jjsmith_xx) on

'Beautiful women don't have foreheads,' she says sarcastically. 

'If you have too big of a brain, it means you have ugly things like opinions and thoughts of your own.' 

We'll leave you to watch it for yourself:




Christmas shopping can be a daunting task. Trying to find a gift for your moody teenage sister is like mission impossible.

The shops are crammed with frantic shoppers, the queues never seem to end and your arms ache from lugging so many shopping bags around. However, there is one thing you can do to make the experience better- TREAT YO SELF.

Buy yourself something that'll bring a smile to your face, whether that's a weekend away or a Polaroid camera to capture those special festive moments.

Clockwise from top left:
Alex and Ani Bracelet €75 Kilkenny 
L'Occitane Shea Butter Collection €59 L'Occitane
Personalised Diary £29 Not On The High Street
Personalised Welly Boot Family Print £17.15 Not On The High Street
Clockwise from left:
Yankee Candle Holder €22.40 Debenhams
Polaroid Camera £60 Amazon
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream €30.60 Debenhams
Teapot and Mug Set €21 Debenhams


Clockwise from left:
Turquoise Vinyl Turntable £42.99 Amazon
White Mini Hotel Robe €37 ASOS
City West Gift Card from €25 City West Hotel
Whittards of Chelsea  Luxury Hot Chocolate €9.60 Debenhams



There is no situation that cannot be helped with the application of tan. Stepping into a glow of confidence when you feel a little bleak can do wonders for the mind. Think of it as a shield, transforming us from pasty to healthy, as we face our daily battles- straight up therapeutic. 

But there are certain issues that come with choosing the right tan. Is the post-tan break-out and skin irritation worth the happy glow? Is it safe to apply? Many of us have chosen to avoid items that put our furry friends in danger during production. A few days of feeling like a queen can come with consequences, so the careful selection of tan is a must and it can be hard to find a tan that ticks every box…

However, we reckon CatwalkHQ tan ticks all these boxes and more! SHEmazing is mad about this one gals, and we’ve come up with a few reasons why:

1. It's safe

Anyone whose body is under pressure will struggle to find a safe tan. CatwalkHQ tan is the perfect remedy, safe for pregnant women as well as anyone going through chemotherapy. Your body works on overdrive when it’s fighting obstacles or creating life. The temple of your being deserves a tantastic treat, at the very least!

2. Nature loves CatwalkHQ

We are becoming increasingly aware that our beauty products can have negative effects on the natural world. There seems to be no point in changing diet to benefit our furry friends without considering skin products. CatwalkHQ tan is vegan-friendly and can boast cruelty-free production! You can keep your tan-obsession with the comforting knowledge that the critters are considered!

3. The mitt has a thumb

You will not realise how much you need your thumb until you use a mitt that excludes this divisive digit. CatwalkHQ has taken manual anatomy on board, providing us with thumb function for access to those curves and crevices that shouldn't be ignored. The result? A more even-looking tan, natural and flawless!

4. It's skin-safe

In every house, there is someone who suffers from skin irritation. From eczema to psoriasis, tan can be an obstacle. The genius of CatwalkHQ has solved our tan-stacles by catering to those whose skin acts-up. With high levels of hyaluronic acid and a list of natural ingredients, this tan actually hydrates the skin and will not irritate dryness- a skin superfood!  

5. That Glow, tho

CatwalkHQ tan comes in two shades, medium and dark. Choose depending on your unique skin tone and the nature of the occasion! A night out with the girls could warrant a sunnier tone and a wedding may call for a classic glow.

6. It's quick-drying

Quick-dry factors can make all the difference in busy lives. This tan takes a minute to dry and 2-4 hours to develop. Layers of mousse can be applied when necessary, but the result is the same- no scales or patches, just a natural looking tan!

An innovative tan that looks fab, nourishes and ensures critter protection- too good to be true?! SHEmazing is in love with this all-rounder!



Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' quite like a delightful beauty set (at least in our opinion, anyway!)

And with so many wonderful options out there, it can be pretty difficult to find the right gift set for the right person. 

Thankfully, we're to provide assistance – in the form of the beauty gift guide of your dreams! 

Check out our favourite gift sets this festive season, you'll be glad you did! 

Clockwise from top left:
Body Ritual Set, Urban Veda;
Revitalise Collection, IMAGE Skincare;
Magnificence Cream Set, Lierac;
LiftActiv Set, Vichy.


Clockwise from top left: 
Mini H2O Christmas Giftset, Bioderma;
Mixed 4 Soap Coffret, Roger & Gallet;
Toleriane Christmas Gift Set, La Roche Posay;
The Extreme Set, Redken.


Clockwise from top left: 
Almond Milk & Honey Gift Set, The Body Shop;
Christmas Bronzing Set, IsaDora;
Matte vs. Metals Vault, NYX Professional Makeup;
Self Tan Bundle, Catwalk HQ.​​​​​​




Madison Makeup is excited to present the first two products in their brand new makeup collection, the Berry Bold eye and highlight palette and the Contour palette. 

The latest launch from new cosmetics brand Madison Makeup is sure to quickly find a place in your makeup routine – the Contour Palette is designed and developed to feature every product you need to create a perfectly sculpted face in one package.

The Palette contains a combination of cream contour shades alongside a highlighter and blusher that will suit any skin tone. Recently in Dublin for an exclusive Madison Makeup shoot, Made in Chelsea’s Frankie Gaff’s fresh and flawless look was created by Pro MUA Sue Brophy.


Contour Goals with our @madisonmakeupirl Complete Contour Palette check out some more info over at www.madisonmakeup.ie 

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To get Frankie’s look, Sue suggests the following steps using the Madison Makeup Contour Palette:

STEP 1- On hydrated clean skin, buff a lightweight foundation into the skin

STEP 2 – Brush the brows into shape and lightly fill in with shade Neutral from the Madison Makeup Berry Bold Palette, set with a clear gel

STEP 3 -Using Contour colour 5 & a flat synthetic brush, mark out the areas you want to shade & define, and blend into the skin with a damp sponge

STEP 4 –Mix Contour colours 1 & 4 using a flat brush and paint on areas you wish to lift and highlight, before blending with a damp sponge

STEP 5 -Using fingers, pat the cream Highlighter shade onto tops of cheekbones, centre of nose & on the cupids bow

STEP 6 – Finish this sculpted, glowing skin look by adding a pop of the shade Blusher to the outer apples of the cheeks

STEP 7 –Lightly dust the T-Zone area with powder to reduce any shininess, especially important if you’re being photographed!

But wait… THERE'S MORE! 

Brand new for makeup lovers this winter is the Berry Bold Palette, 10 smooth and soft matte and shimmer eye shadows, alongside 4 glowing highlighter shades.

Create a flawless, dramatic look with these intense, high colour pay-off shades. Pro Makeup Artist Sue Brophy designed Frankie’s look with Berry Bold for her exclusive shoot and has shared her step-by-step guide to creating the look:

STEP 1 – Using a jet-black kohl pencil, tight line the top and bottom lash line and then using a small fluffy brush, blend this up onto the lids and lower lash-line bringing, it out into a feline shape. While the kohl is still tacky, place Scarlet all over lid then blend out using a clean, fluffy brush to follow the feline shape.

STEP 2 -Taking a small fluffy brush, blend Berry into the crease and under lower lash line to create a deep berry look.

STEP 3 – Add Velvet to the outer corners to create depth.

STEP 4 – Bring light to the inner corners of the eyes using Fifi and Mia from the highlighter shades.

STEP 5 – Finish the eye look with a slick of gel liner and lashes

And off you go, out on the town! 



Kat Von D is changing the way we do our brows with the launch of not one, but three brand new products designed to let us get more creative with our beauty regimes.

While we often like to experiment with bold lipsticks and pigmented eyeshadows, our perfectly sculpted brows are the one part of our routine that remains unchanged, not matter what look we are going for.

After all, if it's not broken, don't fix it – right?

Well, yes and no.

Given the phenomenal success of Kat's beauty range to date, the new collection of brow pomades are sure to contain a bullet-proof formula – but it's the products 16 shades that really have people talking.

As well as offering an extensive variety of natural hair colours, the collection also includes a selection of rainbow colours including hot pink, deep red, and a vibrant yellow.

The Super Brow pigmented pomade will be released this spring alongside two other brow formulas, Brow Struck and Signature Brow.

The products are set to launch next spring, and while no exact date has been revealed, Kat has asked fans to keep an eye on Instagram for more updates.



Ladies, is there anything better than sitting back and relaxing with a glass of vino and a face mask? 

Pure bliss, if you ask me.

That is exactly why we are over the moon to announce that KISS NY Professional have launched two amazing sheet mask ranges in Ireland. 

The two ranges are highly nourishing, containing natural extracts to help regain skin softness and youthful impression – sounds good to us. 

These serum-infused natural fibre masks provide a healthy and moisturised skin – perfect for pampering yourself after a long week. 

There are two types of mask available: 100% Cotton Sheet Mask and Hydrogel Mask.

The 100% Cotton Sheet Mask range is infused with natural ingredients like charcoal, honey, green tea, coconut water and aloe (all good things, all good things). 

These K-beauty inspired sheet masks are also eco-friendly (which we love), with moist, soft feeling sheets that deliver rich moisture and nutrition to the skin. 

The masks are a handsome little bargain at just €2.95 a pop. 

The brand is also offering a range of Hydrogel Masks, that are concentrated with organic essential floral extracts, natural extracts and infused with aroma oils. 

These masks deliver organic essential oil nutrition including 100% of lavender, rosehip oil, charcoal and natural extracts which are suitable to all skin types. 

These masks mould perfectly to the skin with thing gel form that allows for complete absorption of the mask's maximum benefits.

You'll be happy to hear that both ranges of masks are dermatologically tested, paraben free and contain no artificial colouring.

They're available right now in pharmacies nationwide, and in Dunnes Stores and Penneys. 

Perfect stocking filler? We reckon so! 



Hands up if you totally love when brands team up with Disney to make an extra special collection.

*Throws hands in the air immediately*

Seriously, whether it's pyjamas or furniture, there is nothing we love more than a super magical Disney collaboration.

The latest folks to team up with the wonderful world of Disney? Kiehls – one of our all-time favourite skincare brands.

Each of the four gorgeous new items in the Disney x Kiehl’s collection will feature Mickey Mouse on the packaging (so pretty!)

Of course, that means the always-luxurious Kiehl’s products will be even more adorable than usual!

But wait, there's more – 100 percent of net proceeds (up to $100,00) from each item will also help benefit charity, namely Feeding America.

The collection will officially launch on November 2nd, but we're to give you a special sneak peak. 

You're welcome.