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We know Ireland has an obsession with burritos, but this is still a major deal given our population.

Boojum has some of the world's most loyal customers as their burrito came in at an impressive fourth place in this year’s overall top ten dishes on Deliveroo around the world.

Flex those burrito muscles, as the dish bet off the likes of Bubble Tea from Hong Kong and a Poke Bowl from Amsterdam.


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The winner that took the top spot on the list was Pad Thaï from Thaï at Home, Paris.

In second was a Cheeseburger from Five Guys, in London.

And in third came Sushi Lovers Poke Bowl from CALI-POKE in Dubai. 


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Overall, our nation is a clear lover of takeaway as we were featured eight times in the top 10 dishes ordered in 2018 around the world.

Seven of the eight restaurants were based in Dublin, the other one was a Satay (wok dish) from Xian Street Food, Galway.

So it seems the capital of the country enjoy nothing more than ordering their FAVE meal from the delivery service.


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While noodles and Hawaiian poke bowls were ultra trendy this year, 2018 also saw healthy plant-based dishes grow in popularity – g'wan the vegans.

Although a firm FAVE during last year was pizza, which remained a top choice for food delivery around the world with five appearing in the top 100.

Looks like we'll have to have a burrito in celebration of Boojum's success – well done, lads. 


Our relationship with food is always evolving and we always look forward to locking our lips around something new.

The good people at Deliveroo have assembled to predict five food trends that will dominate our plates for 2019.

Based on their food expertise – the future of food looks vegan, low-waste and drool worthy.

1. Healthy Frozen Savouries


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Clearly the lovely people of Ireland have ignored any advice of avoiding avocado in order to afford a house, as the food platform has seen a massive demand for the tasty fruit and of course, the food God that is hummus. 

But for next year, it looks like we will be tucking into savoury and healthy ice creams, but it'll be vegan and veggie variations that we will be obsessing over.

2. Root to Tip Cooking


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The sense of urgency to reduce our food waste is a prominent problem on our minds this year and the conscious eco-effort is being brought into the new year. 

Root to Tip Cooking, involving the use of the full vegetable is a method of days gone by but will return and bring cooking back to basics.

Deliveroo predicts that restaurant partners on the platform will introduce innovative ways to reduce daily waste, by using the likes of root vegetable leaves to make tasty and flavoursome pestos to accompany dishes – big high five for this one.

3. Fermented Food and Drink


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They're good for your gut and they've been popping up all over the place in the last 12 months.

Their popularity has been seen by the food delivery service with the rise of pickles and sauerkraut. 

Breaking through the fermentation process for 2019 will be more orders and variety of kombucha – AKA the holy drink for the ole gut. 

4. Flexitarianism


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The vegans are coming and nothing is stopping their rise. Vegan-friendly options have exploded on Deliveroo, increasing by 100 percent.

73 percent more vegan orders were placed on the platform in 2018.

And it looks like it isn't slowing down any time soon, as Deliveroo predicts an increase in Flexitarianism, where customers will dip in and out of meat dishes in favour of #MeatlessMonday and #GreenSunday.

5. Sea Snacks


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According to global trend forecasters, sea vegetables and greens will become a regular addition to diets next year.

Get ready to tuck into kelp noodles to puffed savoury snacks made with algae.

And it doesn't come as a huge surprise as they've already seen an increase of 59 percent in seafood orders.


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So what are you looking forward to chowing down on in the new year?

And are there any trends you would like to see left behind in 2018?

Either way, our love of food will never waver. 


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The Grand Canal is the perfect place to watch the world go by and soak up the sun with a beer or two. 

However, no one wants to chill-out in an area that is covered in rubbish – and, wow, was that place left in a right state a few weeks ago.  

So in a bid to clean up the area, Deliveroo are hosting a canal cleanup on Saturday, August 4th.

Following on from their recent launch of their extreme kayak delivery, Deliveroo is inviting volunteers and passersby to give up a few minutes of their Saturday to clean the areas around the much loved Grand Canal.

Deliveroo will give out buckets, gloves and litter pickers to participants, and those who return buckets filled with rubbish will be rewarded for their efforts with Deliveroo Credit to enjoy some great food.

"It’s rare that we get this much sunshine in Ireland," Deliveroo Spokesperson Bobby Burns said. 

"These moments are special and deserve amazing food and drink to go with them but it’s equally important to safeguard the local environment and play our part in ensuring we keep the Grand Canal clean."

Today's announcement is the latest step in Deliveroo’s commitment to ensure that great food can be enjoyed in a sustainable manner.

It follows measures announced earlier this year designed to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used when delivering takeaway meals, including immediate steps to curb plastic cutlery use.

*Weather permitting. Check out Deliveroo social channels for updates.


Have you ever wanted a good excuse to have to avoid cooking? Well, thanks to Deliveroo your prayers have been answered.

The last thing you want to do on the weekend is slave away in the kitchen like Cinderella. We can't help but daydream about going out for brunch or dining at that fancy new Italian restaurant your colleague has been raving about, but sadly our bank accounts won’t allow it.

Luckily, Deliveroo is offering free delivery across all restaurants this Friday and Saturday.


Every restaurant on Deliveroo in Ireland will be taking part in this special free delivery deal across Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast over the two days.

Liam Cox, General Manager of Deliveroo Ireland shared: “We’re thrilled to be able to give our loyal customers the opportunity to take advantage of our free delivery offer."

He hopes this offer will encourage people to try new food: “I'm hoping this will encourage more people to want to try out some of their favourite local delicacies, so there’s no reason not to indulge!”

We will certainly be treating ourselves this weekend thanks to Deliveroo.

Why not make the most of this offer and gather up your friends for a night-in. You could all order your favourite dish and share with one another, that way everyone can try something different, whether that’s a gourmet burger or some salmon and avocado sushi.


As Ireland basks in the annual (and long overdue) Leaving Cert weather, many of us Dublin's are choosing to spend the sun-drench evenings the only way we know how – cans by the canal, naturally. 

And now, thanks to Deliveroo's extreme new deliver method, it looks like we won't even have to make the trek back into town in order to enjoy the city's tastiest food. 

The food deliver service has teamed up with the Canoe Centre to launch it's first ever kayak delivery, meaning you can now get your favourite dishes dropped directly to the banks of the Grand Canal. 

The maiden voyage meal of choice were. you guessed it… burritos from Boojum.

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “We’re delighted that our customers are enjoying great food and getting out in the good weather, while it lasts!

“We know that taking in as many sunshine hours as possible is very important. Our extreme kayak delivery along the Canal ensures that those stuck in the office all day need waste no time in catching up on rays after work.” he added.

We reckon this'll come in handy over the summer months!



If you're a doughnut lover like we are then you're going to be delighted with this news. 

Aungier Danger is dominating the Dublin doughnut scene, but getting down to their locations before they sell out of Assaulted Caramels can be a struggle.


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Luckily, the Dublin establishment is now available from food delivery service Deliveroo. 

Making the announcement on Instagram stories, the confectionery connoisseurs went live on the service last night. 

Doughnut fans can order their favourite flavours in boxes of 6, 12 or 24. 


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You can choose what flavours you want to sample, or play doughnut roulette, allowing the fine people at Aungier Danger to choose which doughnuts are sent to you. 

We know exactly what we're ordering to the office for lunch…


Rejoice, food lovers, for the age of in-app food sampling has finally arrived! 
How many times have you scrolled through various menus, trying desperately to choose between the classic burrito bowl or fresh salmon sashimi? 
Too many, is the answer – but that stops now thanks to Deliveroo's brand new 'Try Before You Buy' feature. 
After simply updating the food delivery app to the latest version (iOs ApRf00l, customers will have access to two forms of in-app sampling – taste and smell. 

The innovative features aim to take the panic out of dinner time by allowing customers to get a whiff of what's on offer before committing to the purchase. 

This new update from the leading food delivery service has been released in response to customer feedback that making a decision around what to order has become increasingly difficult, due to the huge selection of choice on the platform.


April Folly, Product Developer at Deliveroo, comments: “At Deliveroo we’re always looking for the best ways that technology can enhance a customer’s food experience, so we’re really excited to launch the Try Before You Buy feature. For the first time ever, customers will be able to have a digital taster of their favourite dishes before committing, to make sure they’re 100% happy with their selection.”

The Deliveroo Try Before You Buy smell and taste feature is available to all customers from 1st April at no extra cost.


PS: If you haven't guessed already – Happy April Fools Day! 


Soundness is one of the most esteemed and highly admired qualities for the Irish, and luckily some of our favourite restaurants are currently emulating that quality. 

In celebration of our national holiday tomorrow, the eateries of Ireland are looking out for us and sorting us out with some delicious chicken wings – all the more sustenance for drinking pints and frolicking, ya' know? 

With the big match happening tomorrow, you might be tempted to have a few at home with the crew to watch Ireland wallop England, so you'll need to order in. 

Deliveroo has teamed up with 14 restaurants across the country to give us a buy-1-get-1-free offer on chicken wings all day tomorrow. 

Excuse us while we drool. 

Wings are one of the most popular items ordered across Ireland, with thousands of Deliveroo customers chowing down on them during matches and games.

Here's a list of participating eateries if you're interested in sinking your teeth into this deal: 

  • Farmer Browns (Dublin)

  • Herbstreet (Dublin)

  • CrackBird (Dublin)

  • The Chili Shack (Dublin)

  • On The Pig’s Back (Dublin)

  • Real Gourmet Burger (Dublin)

  • Smokin Bones (Dublin)

  • Bubbacue (Belfast)

  • The Chili Shack (Galway)

  • Fat Freddys (Galway)

  • McGinn’s Hophouse (Galway)

  • Uncle Pete’s (Cork)

  • Koto (Cork)

  • Aroi (Limerick)



“My first memories are of the barbed wire at the end of our street.”

Memories are very important to Deirdre Mackel. In honour of International Women's Day, we sat down with the Belfast artist and Deliveroo cyclist to chat with her about art, feminism, cycling and everything in-between. 

“My art is inspired by the little memories I have of childhood. They’re symbolic, but not overtly so,"she says of her art.

“I get the memory and I go with my trail of thought and see what comes out of it.”

What comes out of the past has a lot to say about the future. Several of Deirdre's works tackle the construction of femininity and break down what exactly it means to be a woman in today's society. 

"I did an ironing board sculpture and it really represented the futility of domesticity. Why do we bother ironing? Why are we wasting our lives doing the same thing day after day?" 

An image that Deirdre keeps returning to are dresses. For her, they have a personal meaning as well as feminist one.

"I remember drawing myself on the back of a wedding invitation when I was about three. I was curious about it so I tracked down that same paper online. I didn't realise that they were the colours that I always used in my painting." 

Dresses are not only a source of memory for Deirdre, but they also represent something deeper. 

“For me, dresses represent conformity and non-conformity. They’re the christening gown, the communion dress and the wedding dress. They represent what’s expected of a nice, Catholic girl.”

After studying Fine Art in The University of Ulster, Deirdre now brings art and creative projects to Belfast's local communities. She's passionate about finding healing through art. A recent instillation finds beauty in barbed wire. 

"That was my childhood. There was barbed wire at the end of our street, that was my play-ground growing up. That's why I call these instillations accidental gardens. It's all about finding those tiny spots of beauty." 

She works with community groups bringing out creativity in everyone from children to elderly groups. 

“One of my favourite things is creating art in what are known as ‘problem spaces’. These are places that have a lot of bad feelings and memories attached to them.”

One such problem space was an old RUC police barracks. With Deirdre's help and encouragement, a seniors group used their croqueting skills, tuning a place that many of them had loathed and feared into a colourful knitted garden. 

"Seeing them have a tea party in the garden surrounded by their work- that's the kind of thing that drives me." 

Historically, certain communities in Belfast suffered real or perceived barriers accessing art galleries. With the help of EU funding, Deirdre is breaking down these barriers. 

"You only have to look at the giant murals on the Falls road to know that the creative instinct was always there. They’re phenomenal works of art, now we have tourists come just to visit them.

“Twenty years ago, there was a distinct lack of place for the arts and creative activities. Now a lot of the community art projects are funded by the EU. We’re working with artists to create public art trails around the city. It’s all about turning the physical scars of the conflict into something people can feel proud of and have ownership of.

“It greatly contributes to the health and wellbeing of people in the community, being about to claim ownership of a sculpture or a piece of art is a powerful thing. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about art in the community.”

As well as looking out for the community, Deirdre also takes care of her own health and wellbeing and makes some extra cash dollar at the same time. 

“I've always loved cycling. I remember seeing lads on Deliveroo  bikes and thinking that that was something I’d like to do.

“I saw an ad not long after, so I just decided to go for it.”

Being out on the bike is a fantastic way to keep fit, after her first day she "couldn't move for days" but now takes it all in her stride, or spin if you will. 

While there are good and bad days on the bike, the positives far outweigh the negatives of the job. 

“Some days it can be freezing for you can get soaked. I’ve fallen off my bike once or twice but the great thing is you just hop back up and keep going.

“I really enjoy it, I get to see parts of the city that I never would otherwise and have made some great friends for all different kinds of backgrounds.”

Most of Deirdre's co-cyclists are men, which "surprised" her. 

"I definitely think that it's a great job for both men and women. You get out and about in air, there's just so many advantages.

"Or maybe I'm just mad," she laughs. 

Her advice for any aspiring creative types out there? Just go for it. 

“If you want to do something, all you need is to want to do it. There’s just this switch that decides ‘right, I’m going for this now’. Listen to it." 

An artist with a spinning ambition, Deirdre is definitely one to watch this International Women's Day! 

To find out more about becoming a Deliveroo driver see here. 


Whether you're avoiding sweet treating, ditching the booze or trying your hand at Veganuary, well done you if the integrity of your New Year's Resolution has remained intact. 

However, we regret to inform you that today is the day that most people fall of the wagon. 


According to Deliveroo, every year on January 17 they see a significant jump in orders of alcohol and sweet treats – hardly a coincidence? 

17 days without gin and tonics or refined sugars is enough of a detox for us, thanks. 

The exact time people give into temptation is in the magic half hour between 6.30pm and 7pm this evening.

Specifically, 6.34pm is the time your craving for a beer becomes too much, and 6.52pm is when most of us cave to the sweet tooth. 

Whether you're ready to throw in the towel right now or have disbanded your resolution days ago, we have to say that one evening of indulgence won't ruin the entire diet and exercise plan you have going on. 

However, if you manage to soldier on through the day of retracted resolutions with your's intact, then fair play. 

We know what we'll be choosing… *opens Deliveroo app* 


Let's be honest, there is nothing quite like the excitement that sweeps the nation in the build-up to the annual Late Late Toy Show.

A mixture of nostalgia, Christmas spirit and excess sugar means that the vast majority of us can barely wait for this year's episode to take place.

With fires to light, Christmas jumpers to don and wine bottles to uncork, the last thing we feel like doing is standing in the kitchen, agonising over what to cook in time for the show's opening credits.

Thankfully, we won't have to.

In honour of the wonderful event, Deliveroo will provide a special Toy Show Tuck Bag option on the app tonight to ensure everyone in your audience can tuck into something tasty while watching The Late Late Toy Show.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: “The special tuck bag will be full of delicious treats and surprises for all of the family to share from the comfort of their sofa."

"The nation likes to watch Ryan and the Toy Show in their favourite Xmas jumpers, or matching PJs and onesies, so we want to ensure everyone is comfy and stocked up for the night ahead.”

Since its launch in Dublin in 2015, Deliveroo has signed up over 500 restaurants across Ireland and created work for more than 800 riders in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast and Limerick.

To order your Toy Show Tuck Bag visit the Deliveroo app, you can download the Deliveroo app in the app store on an iPhone or Android device.

Ladies, what are you waiting for?


Food delivery service Deliveroo has put an end to minimum order spends in Irish cities.

Until now, customers were required to spend a certain amount before Deliveroo would make a delivery, however with the addition of 250 riders this year, the minimum spend is no longer necessary.

The recent recruitment added to its network of 861 riders in Ireland.

The company currently operates in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast, where local customers can order dishes through their website and app.

The delivery service also revealed country's most popular dishes – and they're as millennial as they come. 


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Dublin café Eathos scooped the title of favourite breakfast for its eggs benedict while Ramen in Cork was named the most popular lunchtime choice for its black bean chicken ramen.

And last but not least, Mexican eatery Boojum claimed the top spot when it came to Deliveroo dinner with the chicken burrito bowl proving to be the most popular choice.

No surprises there, really!