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Pride is one of the biggest events of the colourful year, and the rainbows will be flying loud and proud in Dublin this weekend.

Make-up and fashion are two of the festival's most noteworthy aspects, since using beauty to express ourselves and our individuality is empowering.

Expect to see some swoon-worthy looks being served by queens far and wide for the parade, and nightlife events shortly after.

Though Pride was, and still is, a protest; Showing off your inner and outer beauty has become a staple part of the festival. The march is about never being afraid to stand out, in many ways.

To celebrate the amazing event, Urban Decay will be giving away complimentary mini-makeovers this Saturday, June 29 in their Grafton Street boutique and we're literally bursting with anticipation.

The rainbow-inspired makeovers will use the brand's new Sparkle Out Loud Glitter collection, made to turn heads and stay in it's place. Basically, it's ideal for a night on the dancefloor.


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Included in the range is the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in eight glorious shades (including the limited-edition Stonewall), which contain water-based, superfine glitter.

The Heavy Metal Glitter Gel is featured in six new shades as the vibrant, hyper-sparkly, buildable formula for your eyes, body and face. Lasting up to nine hours with minimal fallout, the gel will fast become your cult product.

The award-winning 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil wows in the collection, coming in four more shades which are spreadable with a super-creamy and metallic finish. It's even waterproof, so those tears of Pride joy are protected.


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Last but certainly not least, is the Hi-Fi Ultra Cushion Lipgloss in four brand new hues. The glitz and shine won't stop you from kissing your LGBTQ+ love interest on the night, don't worry.

Check out the full Urban Decay Sparkle Out Loud Glitter Collection in the boutique, 50-51 Grafton Street. Get yourself down there ASAP on Saturday for the makeover of your rainbow dreams.

Each makeover will take roughly 15 minutes and are subject to availability. We feel a physical connection to the glitter that's about to be spread all over our face this weekend…See you there.

Feature image: Urban Decay



Every since June began, we've been waiting in the shadows for the explosion of rainbows and glitter during Pride Month.

Mainly, we've been anticipating PrettyLittleThing's brand new Pride campaign, which pays homage to the LGBTQ+ community with a gorgeous line of clothes.

They're hoping to fly all colours of the rainbow this year, representing equality, love and acceptance through some epic threads.

The latest PrettyLittleThing campaign collaborates with some badass babes in fashion and social media: Jade Laurice, Mitchell, Julia Ofelia, Gothy, Alexander Ko, Leslie Sidora & Chloe Scantlebury.

The online retailer has gathered the ultimate gang of pride advocates, who each have their own #MyPride story to tell. Despite their race, sexuality and gender, they're loud and proud and we love them for it.

100 percent of the profits of the stylish campaign is going towards various registered Pride charities across the UK, which makes buying every gorgeous item of clothing even better.

Some of the PLT Pride advocates have opened up about why Pride is so special to them, from self-love and positivity to making bold political statements.

Down-to-earth make-up artist Mitch has a sunny personality that glows as bright as the glamour he creates; 

“No matter where you come from, what you are, what you identify as, what you look like, we can all share the same love. For me, that’s what Pride is all about.”


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Jade Laurice infuses style with substance, as an influencer and all-round badass babe. Her goal is to smash expectations of queer women and challenge your misconceptions;

“Pride is important to me because it is an event where my visibility and equality as a queer woman is prioritised and celebrated.

"Pride makes me feel empowered as an individual but also gives the LGBTQ community a platform where we can help the next generation.” YAS kween.

Julia Ofelia is a vibrant pansexual babe, with a Scorpio sting and zero time for intolerance in our heteronormative society;

“Pride reminds me that there is a huge community of beautiful and diverse people who do accept me for who I am.”

Left: Black FREEDOM Crop Tee, €14.00
Right: UNISEX Pink EQUAL Oversized T-shirt, €14.00

UK-based drag queen Gothy Kendoll from #hausofkendall spins serious tunes as a DJ and serves serious looks on his Instagram too, so the level of fierce is always sky-high.

Rumour has it the queen is appearing on the UK series of Drag Race, and we desperately hope the gossip is true. We'd love to see Gothy working the runway and winning lip sync battles.

“Working throughout the year within the gay community, I recognise that pride season is a time when we can truly celebrate who we are and how far we’ve come in recent years.”

The Pride collection is live as of this week on the PrettyLittleThing website, so wear your rainbow colours and don't let anyone hold you back.

Stand proud to support the LGBTQ+ community, and refuse to hide your pride. Equality is the greatest look of all.

lady gaga pride GIF by MTV Movie & TV Awards


Lady Gaga SLAMMED Dr Luke's lawyer during her deposition in September 2017, where she tearfully defended singer Kesha's allegation that Dr Luke sexually assaulted her.

The deposition was recently unsealed and released by The Blastwith the lawsuit centring around Kesha's claims against the music producer and her attempt to escape her recording contract with Kemosabe Entertainment.

The A Star Is Born singer's lawyer warned Dr. Luke's lawyer that Gaga was experiencing PTSD as a result of her own traumatic memories of sexual assault.

"I just want everyone to understand that, as she has publicly stated in other contexts, as a sex abuse survivor…there are trigger events, and this deposition has proved to be a trigger event for Ms. Germanotta."


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Her lawyer stated; "She has experienced in the past few hours some PTSD reactions which is causing some trauma and emotional reactivity. So she is crying now, the record will reflect."

Dr Luke and Kesha's ongoing legal battle has been much-publicised, especially following the emergence of the Me Too era.

In the deposition, Gaga was requested to speak about how her and the Rainbow singer met, and what herself and Kesha spoke about after Gaga witnessed her in her underwear in Luke's studio.

Gaga explained;

"What we discussed was, what I recall was her immense sadness and depression and fear. She was visibly very different than when I had seen her before, and–but I can't say specifically what we spoke about. I just recall it was emotional and I wanted to be there for her."

Image; E! News

Dr Luke's lawyer questioned Lady Gaga on her "personal knowledge or information as to any interaction" between the producer and Kesha, and if the incident has damaged his reputation.

Gaga elaborated fiercely on why she believed Kesha, who claims Dr. Luke abused her consistently.

In her own words, Gaga said:

"That was an image that–of something that happened to me, and I felt and knew in my heart that she was telling the truth, and I believe her….Yes, I do have knowledge. She told me he assaulted her…Well, you know–when men assault women, they don't invite people over to watch."

"And when this happens in this industry, it is kept extremely secret, and it is compounded by contracts and manipulative power scenarios that actually include this very situation that we are all in right now," she said.


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When Gaga was quizzed about the possibility of being falsely accused of rape, Gaga hit back at the lawyer;

"You–how about all of the women that are accused of being liars and how she was slut shamed in front of the world, how about that?…I have factual knowledge of the spiral that I watched that girl go down."

"I have factual knowledge of trauma. I am informed and intelligent about this issue. That girl has experienced serious trauma and she is in the middle of the right now. And you are all a party to it."

Gaga became frustrated at the lawyer after he asked her if she was present when the alleged assault happened. She responded;

"Why on earth would this girl tell the entire world this happened? Why on earth? Do you know what it’s like for survivors? Do you know what it's like to tell people? Don't you roll your eyes at me. You should be ashamed of yourself."


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Dr. Luke has since hit back at Gaga after she sat through the heartfelt deposition defending Kesha.

An attorney for Dr Luke said in a lengthy statement to The Blast: "Being passionate about a topic that concerns us all is admirable. However, Lady Gaga has no knowledge of what happened on the night at issue because she was not there."

It continued: "Kesha got kicked out of a party after drinking too much and vomiting. As an act of kindness, Dr Luke offered to allow her to sleep in his hotel suite, a few blocks away. Kesha slept on the bed in the hotel suite, while Dr Luke separately slept on the couch," the statement continued.

"Dr Luke testified under oath that he did not have any contact with Kesha. Kesha herself admitted under oath that she has absolutely no memory of Dr Luke even being in the hotel room."

"Kesha has no memory of Dr Luke engaging in inappropriate contact with her because it did not happen," it finished.

Lady Gaga has been outspoken of her repulsion of Dr. Luke and abusers in the industry, but has yet name her own abuser. 



If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram at 2am, and can't seem to think of a reason why, we feel you.

We spend literal hours on the social media site, but with pictures like these to look at, it's easy to see why.

For those of you who love decor, forget about copper accents and neutral tones, because it looks like rainbow hues are the way to go.

Amina Mucciolo has designed her house based on rainbows and unicorns, and it looks like an actual dream. 

The rainbow-spattered wall is our favourite thing:


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


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We think we need to re-do our homes! 


Just when we feel like we've had enough of rainbow everything… these wine glasses hit us up and we're all over the trend again.

Mermaids and unicorns have been taking centre stage this summer, but if you're not bothered rushing into Art & Hobby for some glitter, then feast your eyes on these little beauties.

Urban Outfitters has a range of wine glasses with a translucent rainbow pattern, and all you have to do is pour the wine and walk away… before coming back over to down it, obvs.

The coupe glasses come in a set of two, and are probably the easiest way to get in on the trend.

And just imagine the Insta pics…

If you fancy showing off at your next dinner party, you can buy the glasses here.


It's been almost five years since Kesha released her last album, Warrior,  but she's finally back with her most emotional record to date.

Since 2014, the singer has been involved in a very public legal battle with music producer, Dr. Luke, following allegations of sexual assault.

In August 2016, Kesha dropped the case saying, "this lawsuit [has been] so heavy on my once free spirit, and I can only pray to one day feel that happiness again”, however, Dr. Luke has since been dismissed by Sony Music.

Kesha's highly anticipated comeback album, Rainbow, was written during her court battle, which she admits was a dark time in her life.

Now writer and producer Ricky Reed, has said the new record is "gonna change the world".

He told People magazine: "Some of the most emotional experiences I’ve had in the studio have been with Kesha … I mean, the world is not ready for the music that she’s making right now. It’s heart-stopping; I think it’s gonna change the world."

"She’s channelled so many experiences into just some of the most honest and powerful songs that I’ve ever been a part of. I really think the world of her, and also, I can’t wait for the world to hear her sing the way she’s been singing in my studio – it really is a very, very special album. I’m just so honoured to be a part of it."

Speaking to Metro.co.uk during a special playback of her new tracks, the singer said: "I am so nervous, which I never get nervous, and I’ve never felt like I’ve ever written close to this in my life before. I’ve never been in touch with a huge part of who I am and who I’ve become."

"I am very very grateful for all of you for being supportive and being open to listening to my music. There was a very long, long long period of time when I wasn't sure if I’d be able to put music out again."

Rainbow is out August 11, but for now, you can check out the first single from the album, Praying, below. 



Rainbow highlighter probably isn't the first thing we'd be reaching for on a day-to-day basis, but when the new beauty product started going viral across social media at the beginning of this year, we were obsessed with the hued highlight. 

Beauty junkies hailed the rainbow highlighter as the best way to get closer to your inner unicorn, as tonnes of Etsy shops and boutique beauties started creating their own versions. 

PS… Rainbow Highlighter, €4.00

Now, Penneys has stepped up to the plate with their own offering in the form of the PS…Rainbow Highlighter. 

We spotted this little number while browsing around Penneys in Dundrum (see what else we found over on Snapchat at shemazingie) and we just had to have it. 

First things first, the highlight comes in at a very reasonable €4.00, so experimenting with this festival look definitely won't break the bank. 

However, you better get into Penneys ASAP, because when we went, there were only a couple of pans of rainbow fairy dust left. 


When swatched, the highlight proved that it was shimmery and pigmented, which left us thinking that the six rainbow shades might be more suited as eye shadows than anything else. 

Our main prerogative was to test whether this highlighter is actually wearable, and to see what it looks like on top of our usual face of makeup. 

We were seriously hoping that the dazzle dust would look cool rather than gimmicky, but at the same time we wanted to see exactly how rainbow-esque the highlight applied.

So, we used a PS… fan brush from Penneys to apply the highlight in one swoop, creating a rainbow line of highlight across the cheekbone. 

While definitely not for everyday wear (or maybe it is, you do you boo) the look was pretty, colourful and shimmery, and an excellent pared back alternative to glittery festival make up (we're still finding glitter particles in our makeup bags from Forbidden Fruit).


We had seen some YouTube tutorials about the original rainbow highlighter, which suggested blending all the shades together on a fluffy brush to create a seamless single shade. 

Using a Morphe Tapered Duo brush, we gave the pan a swirl and buffed it along the cheekbone, creating a dewy, golden highlight when all the shades were blended together.


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The effect was subtle and glowy, the complete opposite to the rainbow-striped look we created using a fan brush. 

Our verdict? Whether you want a muted, golden highlight or a dramatic rainbow festival look, this €4.00 bargain could see you through summer.

Plus, think of all the potential eye makeup looks.



When we dream of our future homes, these little magical soaps are definitely on the cards.

Created by Carmen Iclodean, the person behind Earth's Raw Beauty, the soaps will liven up any bathroom.


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But, they're not just there to look pretty. They're scented with a mixture of berries, peaches, nectarines, apples, and kumquats, so you're guaranteed to smell like a dream.


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Earth's Raw Beauty also upload the process of making the soaps on social media, and we have to admit, it all looks pretty cool.

The soaps are currently not in stock due to such a high demand, but are about to be restocked, so keep an eye open if you want them to be a new feature in your bathroom.


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We feel like basing our whole bathroom interior on this product.


If you are looking for something to brighten up your day, then you have come to the right place. 


Candyland  Original @thesamgraves

A photo posted by Ramzy Masri (@space.ram) on

Ramzy Masri is a designer for Nickelodeon, and also runs the most glorious Instagram account that we have ever seen. 


Stopped by Barbie's Central Park Townhome for a mani / pedi and a martini today 

A photo posted by Ramzy Masri (@space.ram) on

The artist takes your standard lovely pictures, and then blasts them with what can only be described as a "rainbow gun". 


 want a unicorn for Christmas, only a unicorn will do  Original  by the fabulous @larissattack

A photo posted by Ramzy Masri (@space.ram) on

Ramzy's main inspiration is his home city of New York, where he has taken many images of the Empire State building and various other land marks. 

Ramzy has gained quite a fan base, with over 22,000 people following his colour-tastic Instagram account. 


The flatiron building is *ready* for the pride parade tomorrow! #nycpride #WHP

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Seriously though, if this doesn't put a smile on your face, we don't know what will! 



These days it feels like we can’t open our laptops without coming across another must have beauty product.

And while you might think the good people at Urban Decay have already outdone themselves this year with the launches of their shimmering highlighter and Vice Ltd Reloaded palettes, we’re here to tell you that there’s still plenty of good stuff on the way.

Hot on the heels of the much raved about Naked Ultimate Basics collection, the celebrated beauty brand is about to launch an absolute rainbow of a palette which – while not being for the faint hearted – has our inner unicorns bucking with excitement.

The limited edition Full Spectrum palette features 21 colourful shadows – 18 of which are new – which range from the highly pigmented canary yellow ‘Calavera’ shade right down to a shimmery silver called ‘Iced’.


Sneak peek of what's to come…say hello to Full Spectrum —21 shades (18 are new!) from bold brights to matte white. #ColorUnleashed #UrbanDecay

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Did we mention we're excited?



The beauty world is going crazy for rainbows at the moment. There's been rainbow roots, rainbow shimmer and even rainbow cornrows.

But now there's a new rainbow trend and everyone on Instagram is going nuts over it.

Rainbow lashes. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet coloured eyelashes are popping up all over social media, and after seeing a few, we're completely obsessed too.

Here's a look at some of our faves:





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New beauty trends are coming in from high and low – contouring, strobing, baking – but we'd trash them all for this rainbow highlighter.

The stunning product from Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty has gone viral since it was posted last week – and it's easy to see why. 


A photo posted by @bitter.lace.beauty on

Not only does it look like you're a princess, but imagine this at festivals? You will become the QUEEN. 

The colours can either be used separately or altogether to get that true unicorn-space-trooper feel. 


A photo posted by @bitter.lace.beauty on

Prism is currently sold out at the Bitter Lace Beauty Etsy shop, but its owner says to keep a close eye on the brand's social media accounts for updates.

We're totally DYING over this.