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Discovering you're pregnant can be one of the most exciting moments in a person's life. 

Khloé Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share how that special event played out.

'Tristan kept saying 'You're pregnant' and I was like: 'Be quiet. I'm not pregnant,'the 33-year-old told the talk show host.


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'I was nauseous, not feeling well and then he had to leave the country and I took a pregnancy test… I was like, screaming. It's so weird and surreal,' she said excitedly.

Khloé can hardly walk down a street without being photographed, so getting her hands on a pregnancy test was a task in and of itself.

The mum-to-be sent out her 'trusty assistant' Alexa to get the test. For weeks on end, only Alexa and Tristan knew the good news.


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The couple refrained from telling the rest of the Kardashian clan until Tristan was back in the States, as they wanted to spill the beans together.

The happy moment was captured Keeping Up With The Kardashians, of course. 

The show's crew actually knew that Khloé was pregnant before her own family. In a way, though, the crew are family as well.

'I've known the crew since 2007. We've had pretty much, essentially, the same crew. And they've been involved in so much of the best and the worst of our lives. And they keep quiet," the reality star shared.

Jimmy asked the TV personality if she's received any advice from her sisters or mum since they found out she's pregnant. Khloé said yes, but that 'a lot of it is, you know, unwanted'.

'Kourtney gives a lot of advice, and I think it's so sweet, but I don't want to do some of that stuff…It's either her way or no way,' she admitted.

Khloé said she and Kourtney been fighting a lot lately as a result, and that usually they 'never fight'. One point of contention was Khloé's desire to have a TV in her nursery.


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She said her big sister thinks Khloé is 'the worst person ever for wanting a TV'.

Hopefully, though, they'll patch things up, as Kourtney and the rest of the fam are expected to be in the delivery room in Cleveland with Tristan and Khloé on the big day.

'I've been in the delivery room for all of their babies…I even witnessed Kylie being born from my mom,' the expecting mum shares.

She was only 13 years old at the time, and she said the experience was 'horrifying'.


Khloe Kardashian broke the internet with her recent pregnancy revelation. 

Amidst the joy and well wishes from fans, came some unexpected criticism for the mum-to-be. 

Avid viewers of the KUWTK star's online content criticised the reality TV personality for continuing to work out and exercise while being six months pregnant. 


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Khloe has had a well documented fitness journey, which saw her lose weight and hone her body the way she wants it over the past few years. 

Now that she is pregnant, the Good American entrepreneur has had to defend her training sessions to mum-shamers. 

According to E! News, the 33-year-old took to Twitter to fight her corner. 


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'For the ones who think they are physicians all of a sudden but MY doctor and I communicate and my workouts are cleared and highly recommended,' she tweeted.

'Thanks kiddos! Don't make me stop sharing sh**.'

With a doctors recommendation, we don't think the critics have a leg to stand on. 



For the last few month, rumours have circulated that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with her first child, and with no confirmation from the famous family, fans have had to do a little detective work of their own.

Between supposed sightings of baby bumps and dodged interview questions, the “is she, isn't she” debate doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon, and her latest Snapchat has fans more confused than ever.

The reality TV star recently posted a photo of herself wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses from her new eyewear range – nothing strange there.

However, eagle-eyed followers spotted what looks like a pregnancy pillow in the reflection of the glasses.

The product is often used by mums-to-be for extra support and comfort while sleeping.

It's worth noting that the pillow could belong to Khloe's sister Kylie, who is also rumoured to be expecting.

A source told People magazine: 'Kylie isn’t going to publicly address her pregnancy until she gives birth. She’s not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take six months off.'

Can we just get a confirmation already? The suspense is killing us.



Calling all Kardashian fans!

Khloe Kardashian has branched out into the fashion business with her clothing company Good American. 

Previously, the line was only available to Irish women via online websites, but now Brown Thomas is here to change all that. 


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There is nothing better than being able to try before you buy, and for Good American fans, this denim pop-up provides just that. 

According to the Brown Thomas Instagram, the jeans landed in stores yesterday, so make sure you get in this weekend and snap up a pair of your own. 

The collection is hailed as being suitable and flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. 


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Brown Thomas is stocking jeans in US sizes 00 to 20, or UK sizes 4 to 24. 

The pop-up is being hosted in the Grafton Street store on the second floor. 

We'll see you in the queue, laden down with denim. 


Last month, fans of the Kardashian family were sent into a tailspin when rumours began circulating that not one, not two, but three of the world-famous sisters were pregnant.

And while Kim has confirmed that she is, indeed, set to welcome a third child with husband Kanye, Khloé and Kylie have refused to confirm their own reported pregnancies.

However, it seems like Khloé may be growing tired of the speculation if a post on Instagram is anything to go by.

Taking to the site in recent days, the 33-year reality star and businesswoman showcased a piece from her Good American line, and it wasn't long before social media users began discussing whether Khloé's pose was an attempt to conceal a baby bump.

"I see her bump. I really believe she is pregnant and don't nobody deserve a baby more than her after all she has been through," wrote one.

"Hurry up and make a new show of you and baby and Tristan!!! Congrats again," added another.

Feeling compelled to address the comments, Khloé chose to dismiss the reports, explaining that the 'bump' her fans are apparently seeing is little more than the design of the skirt.

"This is a peplum skirt, " Khloe wrote beneath the post which has been liked more than a million times in three days.

"It flairs out at the bottom. It's just the way the skirt is designed. In some of the next pictures coming up from the SAME shoot. Showing a lot of skin…"

Seriously though guys, what bump?


Khloe Kardashaion has had one hell of a week on Instagram, for both good and bad reasons. 

First up, fans of the KUWTK star are convinced that Khloe has revealed her baby bump in a new campaign shot for her denim company Good American. 

The image shows Khloe in a skin tight leather dress, posing with her arm over her stomach. 


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'Yesssssss she is pregnant can’t u see her bump,' said one fan. 

Others disagreed with the pregnancy rumours, putting the curve of Khloe's tummy down to a peplum-style top or lighting. 

'She has no bump people – shuuuuuuut up,' one said. 


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The snap comes after another of Khloe's Instagrm photos was deleted. 

Khloe posted another campaign image for Good American, one which depicted model Slick Woods kneeling beside her. 

Fans quickly took offence to the image, branding it racist and claiming it mirrored master-slave positioning. 

'Maybe if Khloe has a different pose and facial expressions it wouldn't portray the Master and the Slave,' commented one fan, according to Bustle.

The image was quickly removed.

'Thank you for deleting that disrespectful photo depicting a Black woman cowering down at your feet,' said one Instagrammer.

'Please think twice before posting, there was a message within the message and you apparently and ignorantly missed it, but that's what a team is for – they failed you too.'


As fans of the Kardashian / Jenner family continue to speculate over Kylie's reported pregnancy, word has landed that Kylie's older sister, Khloé, is also expecting.

Khloé, who is in a relationship with Tristan Thompson, is reportedly thrilled by the news, with sources confirming as much to media outlets.

"Khloe is so happy, you have no idea," one source told E! News.

Another source speaking to PEOPLE confirmed the same, saying: "Yes, Khloe and Tristan are expecting and they are absolutely thrilled."

"This isn’t something they were in a rush to announce to the whole world, and it’s only been in just the past week or so that they’ve felt comfortable telling most of their inner circle," the source added.

With the press and public scrutinising Kylie's every move since word landed that the reality star is due her first child, insiders have revealed that her 33-year-old sister has attempted to play down the rumours.

“Things were complicated a bit by Kylie’s announcement as they don’t want to be seen as intruding on that moment for her but it is now reaching a point where Khloe doesn’t want to be openly lying to people, and just staying quiet isn’t going to work anymore," the source added.

Revealing that Khloé's inner circle are busy celebrating the news, the family source continued: "This is such a wonderful moment for her: not only is she going to be a mother, she is going to be raising a child with a man she truly loves. Everyone is over the moon for them both."

Interestingly, Keeping up with the Kardashians producer, Jeffrey Jenkins, has reached out to the star on Instagram, writing: "Congrats my beautiful Khloe! You will be a great mom! God bless you all three!"

However, like Kylie, Khloé has yet to confirm the reports personally, so Twitter is understandably feeling a little impatient…


Over the course of the last ten years, the Kardashian family have come in for a wealth of criticism.

Accused of being talentless, fame-hungry socialites with little more to offer than sex tapes and scripted spats, the blended family have endured their fair share of condemnation.

Reflecting on their ascension to superstardom following the launch of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé has penned an essay for Glamour which provides an insight into what it felt like being one of the most filmed families on the planet.

"In 2007 my sister Kourtney and I were living together in a townhouse in Calabasas where we grew up. " Khloé explained.

"We were running our clothing store, Dash, and our kids’ store, Smooch, right next to each other in the mall. We were there every day, and we had no other employees."

"We did everything ourselves, from the taxes to the housekeeping and inventory. We would take our 15-minute lunch break together and eat in the back."

Khloé remembers the family dinner which ultimately signalled the beginning of a whole new chapter in her family's story, writing: "At my mom’s house, we’d always have these big family dinners. Ryan Seacrest came to one and was like, “You guys are crazy. You need to be on TV'."

"My mom and my sister Kim wanted to do the show, but Kourtney and I were really against it. We were like, “No – we love our little life. We love what we’re doing.” But Ryan said, “We need the whole family or nobody at all.” So my mom kind of sold it to us as a great commercial for our stores. We were like, “Ugh, fine.”

The show's popularity intensified massively as the year progressed, with Khloé recalling how the family began by shooting just three days a week – minimal in comparison to the current schedule.

"Now our lives have evolved. We film six days a week, 12 to 18 hours a day, every single day. When you compile that much footage into 13 or 14 44-minute episodes, you can find a lot of drama."

And while this means that millions of viewers are kept glued as the seasons progress, the family often second-guess their decision to capture certain trials and tribulations.

"If you put a microscope over any family for 10 years, you’re bound to find cracks in the foundation," the 33-year-old reasons.

"Not every episode is juicy to us; it’s only juicy to the audience. Things like Kim’s robbery or Caitlyn’s transition? That’s the kind of stuff we wish we had never filmed," Khloé admits.

"We aren’t ever like, “Oooh! Let’s do this for season nine.” This is our life, and these are the things that happen. And it’s funny – when we decide not to shoot things, people feel slighted. But when we film too much, they’re like, “Oh, you never should have filmed that.” It’s a catch-22."

And yet despite these regrets,  Khloé continues to support her family's approach to the show, writing: "This is what we’ve chosen, and we’ve chosen to be as raw and honest as we can."


Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 33rd birthday on Sunday, and has sent fans wild today over her latest Snapchat picture.

The reality star shared a snap of three Polaroid photos of her and her boyf, Tristan Thompson, and on one photo she wrote "Dad + Mum" in marker.

However, it seems Khloe re-thought her wording as she deleted the picture within ten minutes of posting.

She then took to Twitter to ask her followers for "hangover cures" after her birthday party.

But of course, that didn't stop fans from speculating:

Many fans will know that Khloe has wanted to be a mum for years, so whether the news is true or not, we hope to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in the near future.


An independent clothing designer has accused Khloé Kardashian of copying her work.

Last Friday, Khloé tweeted a video, featuring a number of well known faces supporting some of the stars Good American looks.

However, one Twitter user was less than pleased with what she saw. In response to the video, Destiney Bleu, the brains behind dbleudazzled, a brand that specialises in custom crystallised lingerie and swimwear, had this to say:

Destiney argues that some of the designs seen in the video bare a striking resemblance to the pieces seen on her Instagram account.  

And we have to admit, she's got a point. 



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#FridayNightIn #dbleudazzled x @NubianSkin LFW collection #NubianSkin

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Destiney revealed that Khloé had purchased clothing from her in December of last year, but thought she was planning to wear it to the NBA finals. 

Although some fans were determined to defend the Kardashian sister, Destiney received an overwhelming about of support following her claim. 

Destiney expressed her feelings about the situation in a series of tweets: 

"I had stylists friends working on the Good American set and they told me they were shook when they saw her black x nude @dbleudazzled copies," she wrote.

"Dazzle is my livelihood. I pay 3 rents, 5 employees & handmake everything. I did it w/no investment or guidance, I'll always fight for this."

She continued, "I have an epic resume and have outstanding relationships with my clients. Im not sitting back and letting this snake shit slide…I know its prolly unprofessional of me to spill the tea but I've had it with these non creative millionaires stealing from indie designers."

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, a representative from Good America has this to say: 

"Under no circumstances did Good American or Khloe Kardashian infringe on another brand’s intellectual property… We are going through the proper legal channels to handle the situation."


Ads about fitness supplements are usually eye-rollingly unrealistic, but one particular ad for Protein World prompted a slew of complaints.

The poster showed reality star Khloe Kardashian wearing a leotard with the caption 'Can you keep up with a Kardashian? Take The Protein World 30 Day Challenge.'

The ad has been cleared for use after people complained that it was irresponsible and promoted competitive dieting. 

The Advertising Standards Authority received 14 complaints and the ad was heavily criticised across social media.

Others felt that Khloe has been unrealistically photoshopped.

'People taking the Tube should not have to be bombarded with adverts that imply their bodies aren’t good enough,' Green Assembly member Caroline Russell told The Evening Standard.

'Young people receive this negative message from enough social media channels and it’s appalling that this is being reinforced on Tube platforms, against the Mayor’s own policy, when people are taking trips to school, to work, or going out to socialise,' referring to another Protein World ad which was banned for asking commuters: 'Are you beach body ready?' 

'We considered that the ads promoted Khloe Kardashian's body image as desirable and aspirational; this was supported by her pose and the airbrushed style,' said the ASA. 

'However, we did not consider that she appeared to be out of proportion or unhealthy.'


In the past 24 hours, I've seen three celebrities being body-shamed online… and I just don't get it.

Why is this still happening? Why do people still feel the need to comment on a woman's weight?

Honestly, I don't have the answers.

In a recent article on Cosmo, alleged emails from Dr. Luke were leaked where he was complaining about Kesha's weight, and said he'd be better off if she was a machine and he could do whatever he wanted with her.

He wrote: "We were having a discussion on how she can be more disciplined with her diet. There have been many times we have all witnessed her breaking her diet plan. This particular time – it happened to be diet coke and turkey while on an all juice fast."


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Kesha's manager, Monica Corina, replied that the singer is "a human not a machine," to which Dr. Luke responded, "if she were a machine that would be way cool and we could do whatever we want."

I get that Kesha is in an industry where a lot of emphasis is put on how she looks but, give her a break. If she wants to eat turkey, let her eat fecking turkey.

In case Dr. Luke hadn't noticed, the world is fighting against the idea of 'perfection' – women come in all shapes and sizes, and they're all beautiful.

Look at Ashley Graham, who just walked for Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week. 

Being the first plus-size model to grace the designer's runway; she was celebrated and applauded for staying true to herself and not succumbing to what people like Dr. Luke think is 'the perfect size'. And fair play to her – it's the way we should celebrate every woman.

However, on the flipside, former model, Tara Reid, was blasted online for looking "too skinny" yesterday.

The model shared an innocent photo on Instagram of her holding her dog, who sadly passed away, but instead of people offering support, they focused on Tara's weight.

"No one is naturally that skinny, it doesn't look great and it's very ageing," wrote one user, while another quipped, "if she was my friend, I'd insist on her getting help."

Why do people, who don't even know this woman, feel the need to comment on her weight?

Are they doctors? Nutritionists? NO. They're not even her friends.


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We need to realise that some people are skinny and some people carry a few extra inches – and that's all OK. 

Another celebrity to be caught up in an online body-shaming torrent was controversially, Khloe Kardashian.

She was recently made an ambassador for Protein World, and her ad campaign suffered backlash, as people said it made women have "low self-esteem."

But, why? It seems like no matter what your body shape, people have a problem with it. Yes, it's air brushed (as all campaigns are) but, Khloe has curves, and she celebrates them. Yet, people say it's unrealistic.

Maybe it is, but if you exercise and eat well – is your goal not to be toned up? Just like it was Khloe's goal three years ago? She achieved it, and people are still condemning her for it.


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She's been extremely vocal about being healthy, but maintaining her shape, so why are people so offended?

Whether you're big, small, short, or tall – everyone has a different body type. EVERYONE.

Why can't we get our heads around that? Why is commenting on people's weight still a thing? Why was it ever a thing? And, really, why can't we just get past it?

We all need to build a body-shaming bridge and get over it.