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Coca-Cola is bringing back its hugely successful Designated Driver campaign this year in order to encourage the nation to give the 'Gift of a Lift this' December.

The campaign will offer free soft drinks to any drivers who stay sober to bring their loved ones home safely throughout Christmas; what a fab way to motivate us.

The Road Safety Authority and Coca-Cola HBC Ireland are joining forces to keep our roads safe, especially during a time where the pubs are full of people celebrating the season.

Over the last 14 years, over €7 million has been invested by Coca-Cola into the campaign to promote road safety, and have rewarded countless Christmas heroes who helped their friends and families get to where they needed to go.

The role of the Designated Driver can be a tedious one, but it's never worth the alternative. Getting yourself and your close friends and family home is the perfect way to give to them this Christmas.

An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety Authority and Drinkaware are all supporters of the campaign, which has local and national heroes such as GAA stars as its representatives.

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross said;

“For many people, December will be a month of celebration; the way to ensure that the season remains festive is to plan ahead…so please, don’t drink and drive, instead travel with a designated driver and ensure you and your loved ones all get to 2019 safely.”

Any Designated Drivers can visit www.DesignatedDriver.ie to download a voucher for two free soft drinks, which can be presented at over 1000 pubs across Ireland. Otherwise they can simply make themselves known to bar staff.

I can think of a good few people who will be wanting the 'Gift of a Lift' this year, that's for sure.


There are some things in life that were just made to go together. Gin and tonic. Sonny and Cher. Millennials and avocados. The list goes go. 

However, one of the greatest pairing has to be the blissful refreshment offered by an ice-cold drink on a sweltering hot summer's day. 

And while we don't get too many of those around these parts, you better believe that our freezers are stocked full of ice-cubes and Mr. Freeze for when such a moment does occur. 

Sheer perfection, right? Well what if we told you that Coca-cola had taken it one step further and created the first official coke slushy. 

Eight years in the making, Coca-cola Frozen Lemon has just launched for the first time in Japan. 

It comes in pouches, and can be enjoyed frozen, melted, or anywhere in between. 

Pro tip: Add a splash of your favourite liquor for a boozy coke daiquiri. 

In Ireland, the latest flavours to hit supermarket shelves are Coke Zero peach, and Diet Coke mango and cherry – so we're hoping the frozen variation will make its way over to this part of the world sooner rather than later. 

Bring on summer! 


At first glance, no one would blame you for thinking that Diet Coke and Coke Zero were the exact same drink in different packaging – after all, both offer consumers a sugar/calorie free alternative to the original Coke recipe.

Sure, marketing comes into play with the silver branded Diet Coke aimed mostly toward figure-conscious women, while the other provides men with a 'manly' excuse for their sugar-free choice.

But once we get past the outdated mind games, the formula is basically the same, right?


Any seasoned Coke drinker will tell you that these two products taste completely different, though no one could ever figure out why.

Well, it seems the mystery has finally been solved and the answer comes down to one simple ingredient – citric acid.

Commonly known as lemon salt, the preservative is exclusively used in Diet Coke, said to give the drink its unique 'tart-taste.'

Meanwhile, Coke Zero uses sodium citrate – an ingredient meant to mimic the taste of its full-fat counterpart.

Mystery solved.


For the 90s kid, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is as synonymous with December 25 as Santa himself.

So, it’s little wonder that Twitter has been left saddened to see the world’s most celebrated holiday campaign tampered with in the most unnecessary of ways.

While the majority of the advert has followed the same general theme for the last 21 years, Christmas enthusiasts have noticed that missing from this year’s ad is the animated Santa Claus who winks at the little boy from the back of the Coke lorry.

Fans also discovered that the jingle at the end of the clip had been altered.

After the ad was played on UK television last night, distressed social media users raced online to discuss the changes.

What follows is just a sample of the chaos which ensued:



Moral of the story?  Don't mess with perfection.


As much as we love eating healthy and keeping fit, there comes a point where you need to let yourself go a bit and just eat some food that you actually LOVE. 

Like snacks. ALL the snacks. Doritos, Coca-Cola, chips and dips, wraps, crisps; the list is endless. 

All of these delicious snacks were put together by Delish to make a mini football stadium. You can see the pitch, the stands and even the goals. 

It's pretty impressive, but to be honest, it's making us super-hungry just looking at it. When is lunch time? 


Model Suki Waterhouse has revealed her rather unusual beauty trick…and we are completely intrigued. 

Speaking to US Weekly, the stunning model revealed that to keep her hair ‘tousled’ she uses Coca-Cola!

Yes – she uses coke in her HAIR!

Erm, really?!

According to Suki, it leaves her hair looking perfect: “I don’t like my hair when it’s washed – it’s fine and limp – but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I’ve been through the Amazon or something.”

We’ve heard of beauty gurus using beer, eggs, honey and even mayonnaise to keep hair in condition – but Coca-Cola?! Now that’s a new one.

Will you be giving Suki’s hair tip a try?


Someone, who is clearly a genius, found every name from Lou Bega’s hit ‘Mambo No. 5’ on coke bottles, and lined them all up in a row.

We love whoever did this, we really do.




We’ve seen our fair share of unusual but sweet proposals – however, Donnie McGilvray’s is definitely our favourite by far.

Donnie decided to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend, Eloise by using his fridge and conveniently lined up bottles of coke.

When Eloise opened the fridge, six bottles of coke spelt out Donnie’s sweet marriage proposal: “Beautiful Eloise will you marry me.”

Eloise of course accepted, and Donnie went on to share the proposal snap on the Coco Cola Facebook page. The post has since gained over 170,000 likes.

Congrats to the happy couple!