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Are they or aren't they? That's the question we're all dying to get an answer to when it comes to the multiple rumoured pregnancies within the Kardashian clan. 

Ruler of the roost Kris Jenner has keep very quiet about the entire pregnancy rumour debacle, despite being questioned about it on multiple occasions.

Now, Kris has taken to Instagram to show off some pyjamas which may hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the Kardashian coven's alleged reproduction. Yes, really. 


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'Thank you for a collection for every one of my grandchildren,' she captioned the post. 

So far, so Instagram humble-brag, but if you pay attention to the picture, there are nine pyjama sets in the picture…and Kris only has six grandkids.

Penelope, Reign, Mason, North, Saint and Dream. That would mean that Kris has cosy PJs ready for her impending grandchildren as well.

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Kim and Kanye's confirmed incoming arrival makes seven, so could Khloe and Kylie make eight and nine? 

Perhaps the mother of reality TV accidentally let the cat (or the babies) out of the bag with this snap?

However, we're thinking that it wouldn't be like Kris Jenner to make such an astronomical error. 

Realistically, if momager Kris had her way the pregnancy announcements would stay under wraps until a KUWTK special, so we're thinking Kris might just be taunting the world with her latest post. 


Kylie Jenner's biopic docuseries Life of Kylie, has to be one of the most hyped upcoming TV shows of the year.

Despite all of the excitement over the show, the pilot episode received mixed reviews from Kardashian fans. 

The lukewarm reception to the show saw it branded as 'boring' and 'fake.'

However, momager Kris Jenner has offered some evidence which shows that the show has actually been very successful when it comes to views, especially among young people.

The docuseries is the highest rated show of that category of 2017.

The series premier also garnered 36 million social media mentions across social media, which is pretty darn impressive.


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'Now THIS is the kind of email I love to read from our network on a Friday afternoon,' Kris said, sharing a screengrab of an email from network bosses.

'Congrats @kyliejenner and the entire crew and team!! We appreciate all of you so much.'

Whatever fans say about the show, clearly the hype has piqued public interest. 


Kim Kardashian's assistant Stephanie Shepherd basically runs the mum-of-two's life from her smartphone. 

She's the girl slightly in the background of the paparazzi photos, keeping the Kardahian's schedule running smoothly. 

As well as managing Kim's life since 2013, the 29-year-old has become fast friends with the entire family. 

The now COO of Kardashian West Brands opened up to Refiney 29 about what it's like to work for the most famous reality TV star in the biz. 

According to Stephanie, it's a constant stream of work and travel, but with a communal, family feel. 

Reflecting on what ahe has learnt from the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, Stephanie had this to say:


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'If you're a procrastinator, this is not the world for you.'

'If someone tells her no, she has no problem standing her ground and saying, "We're not accepting that, get someone on the phone and make it happen."'

'That woman can literally get on the phone and change the world.'

'And somehow, she juggles all of these kids, all of their careers, and still makes sure that every assistant, every staff member, has a Christmas present, delivered to us by Christmas, with a thoughtful card.'

'And it’s a nice ass Christmas present. That’s the kind of person I aspire to be one day.'

Who run the world? Kris Jenner, apparently. 



Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble have called it quits.

The pair, who have been dating for over two years, ended things on Kris' insistence. 

"Kris told Corey that she needed some space so that she could focus on her family and the show right now," a source close to Kris told Radar.


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"She said that she was getting side-tracked with this relationship and that she needed to put her family before her own needs and wants."

Kris, who is 61, started dating Corey, who is 36, in November 2014 after the breakup of her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner. 


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“Kris just really wants to focus on the show right now to ensure that her family stays on air,” the source continued. 

“A lot of people in her inner circle think that Corey was nothing but a rebound from Caitlyn anyway."

The split comes amid rumours that Kris is pitching a new TV show to producers, featuring the Kardashian family as animated cartoons

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Would you watch KUWTK if it was in a cartoon (or kartoon?) version? 

Apparently, Kris Jenner is pitching just that.

The matriarch of reality TV is plugging an animated television series featuring a cartoon version of the famous clan. 

TMZ have revealed that Kris has had a meeting with Harvey Weinstein's company in L.A. earlier this month to pitch the show.  

"The entire family" will be featured with the exception of Caitlyn, according to the gossip site. 

The cartoon is said to be aimed towards a prime time audience, and is not for kids. 

Kim and co. have already been immortalised in animation in her popular app game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. 

We're not sure how a cartoon version would be different to KUWTK except for it being animated, but we're sure Kris has a genius idea or two up her Balmain suit sleeve. 

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Look, we absolutely recognise that celebrity-types have rather different Christmas Days than the rest of us. 

From ridiculous gifts to increasingly outrageous selfies (we're looking at you, Mariah) – we're hazarding a guess they probably don't end up lounging around in their jim-jams scoffing the end of a Roses tin while shouting at the television. 


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Still, even we were taken aback at just how completely OTT Kylie Jenner's Yuletide celebrations were. 

From ponies, and puppies, to cars and furs – if you're a teenage multi-millionaire, a social media queen, and a cosmetics entrepreneur your festive season is as bling as they come.

Here's a round-up of what Kylie gave and received:


1. She gave a pony to her boyfriend Tyga's four year old son, King:


2. She gave an all-white puppy to her model sister, Kendall, 21:


3. She received this large picture of herself:


4. She gifted a red Mercedes to her grandmother, MJ:


5. She gave her sister's boyfriend, Scott, a watch from Patek Phillipe [it cost around $35K]: 


6. She got personalised Gucci luggage – emblazoned with her initials [Kylie Kristen Jenner]:


 7. There were classic Ford Thunderbirds for her grandmother, MJ, and mother, Kris:



8. She received a Hermes Birkin crocodile bag [value – tens of thousands of dollars]:


9. She received a huge pile of red fox fur:


10. She received these pressies from Tyga – but we don't know what's inside:


There's no one quite like Kris Jenner, is there?

While most grandparents would be overjoyed by the arrival of a new grandchild, it seems Kris is struggling to hide her irritation over the child's chosen name.

After welcoming baby girl Dream Renee last week, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have had to deal with the fact Dream's granny is unhappy with Rob for refusing to chose a name that begins with K.

Yeah, we know.

"Kris would have loved them to follow tradition and pick a K name for the baby," an insider told HollywoodLife.

"They told her all along it wasn't going to happen but she was still holding out hope right up until she saw the birth certificate," the source added.


Dream Renee Kardashian@dream

A video posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

And while Kris' other children didn't choose 'K-names' for their offspring, it appears the onus was on Rob to continue the tradition after Kourtney and Kim broke from it with their five children.

Thankfully, Kris pulled herself together and has since accepted that the name 'Dream' is here to stay, with the source adding: "She's over her disappointment."


It was all a DREAM❕❕ haha I love her

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

"The most important thing to her is that the baby is healthy and Rob is happy," they added. "Her heart is so full right now, she feels like this baby saved her son's life."

Dream saved Rob's life, Kris. Good ol' Dream…


Kris Jenner has updated fans on the condition of her daughter, Kim, after a brutal Paris Fashion Week robbery saw her lose $10 million worth of jewellery.

Speaking to E! News at the launch of Khloé’s new denim line, the famous momager described Kim’s recovery as “a process”.

The 60-year-old reality star also explained that she is “doing what a mother does” by ensuring her daughter is surrounded by friends and family who can make her feel safe as she comes to terms with the trauma of being bound and gagged by a gang of armed robbers.

The Kardashian matriarch also stated that Kim’s main focus right now is spending time with her own children.

Yesterday, Kim’s personal assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, updated the star’s app for the first time since the October 3 break-in.

Using a handwritten note to communicate with users, Stephanie wrote: “Keeks is taking some much needed time off.”


#familysquad @balmain #balmainss17

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

“But not to worry. We’ve called upon Kim’s closest friends, fam and yours truly to serve up some exclusives. Stay tuned for new posts and app takeovers!”

“Thank you so much for your support for my girl. Love you mean it.”


#goodsquad @goodamerican @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash @joycebonelli @steph_shep #dreamcometrue

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While the world’s been busy obsessing over Kylie Jenner’s humongous promise ring, it looks like her famous momager has gone and got a sparkler all of her own.

Stepping out at a star studded charity event in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, 60-year-old Kris Jenner was snapped wearing a sizeable diamond ring on her ring finger.

Meanwhile her 35-year-old boo Corey Gamble – who Kris has been seeing since 2014 – was also spotted with a sparkling band.

According to the Mail Online, this isn’t the first time the pair have sparked engagement rumours as back in November they were also seen sporting the impressive set of rings.

At the time Star reported that Kris was using the rocks to test how the public would respond to the possibility of she and her music executive partner getting married.


#TBT #family #love

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

Since the jewels are now officially back on, it looks like Kris could well be ready to move forward with Corey.

Feat image: E!

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Since the advent of social media, we've ALL had to up our game in the snap stakes.

Embarrassing photos can no longer be shredded and stuffed under our beds, so it's up to everyone to bring their A-game when it comes to a photo opportunity.

While a simple head tilt and hand on hip works wonders for us ladies, it's not as simple for the lads…and if you're Corey Gamble, it's not simple AT ALL.

Here are just 9 times Kris Jenner's bae looked like he didn't know WHAT was going on.

1. Oh, he's there physically, but mentally? Forget it.

2. "I'll just copy the girls for this one."

3. "Corey, stop. I told you there'd be photographers."

4. "It's those paparazzi again, Mom… I mean, Kris."

5. "I miss my old life."

6. How a man can look surprised by his own selfie is beyond us, but this guy manages it.

7. Checked out before he even reached the red carpet.

8. "Am I doing it right? "

9. "Who? This guy? No idea."



Currently cruising around on a yacht in the French Riviera, suffice to say that Kourtney Kardashian's Thursday is probably going somewhat better than yours is. 

Yup, the 37-year-old reality TV star is right this moment spending a spot of down-time with her kids – Mason, six, Penelope, four, and 18-month-old Reign – on a sprawling boat on the Mediterranean.

She has also been joined by her mother Kris Jenner and Kris's long-term boyf, Corey Gamble, 35.

Scott Disick, the father of Kourt's children, was not in attendance. 

And just when we reckoned we couldn't get any more envious of her carefree holiday – Ms Kardashian this evening posted a selfie of her gorgeous gold bikini, showing off her pretty rockin' bod in the process. 

The snap has already garnered hundreds of thousands of likes, with many fans commenting that Kourtney looks all sorts of seriously amazing – especially considering she has had three children.

The star has said in the past that she works out up to five times a week with a personal trainer. 


Last week it was reported that Kris Jenner had been involved in a car accident near her home after a car cut in front of her at a Calabasas intersection.

And while Kris’ new Rolls-Royce was badly damaged in the collision, it has now emerged that the person driving the other car has been left homeless as a result of the crash.

According to TMZ, out-of-work actor and model Jack Way had been living in his car for a number of months in the run up to the accident while he searched for a new job and because Jack’s Prius was written off in the collision, he now has nowhere to live.

While the accident is widely believed to have been Jack’s fault and he does not have collision insurance, he is said to have made contact with a lawyer in relation to the incident.

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Centre image: TMZ