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Coca-Cola is bringing back its hugely successful Designated Driver campaign this year in order to encourage the nation to give the 'Gift of a Lift this' December.

The campaign will offer free soft drinks to any drivers who stay sober to bring their loved ones home safely throughout Christmas; what a fab way to motivate us.

The Road Safety Authority and Coca-Cola HBC Ireland are joining forces to keep our roads safe, especially during a time where the pubs are full of people celebrating the season.

Over the last 14 years, over €7 million has been invested by Coca-Cola into the campaign to promote road safety, and have rewarded countless Christmas heroes who helped their friends and families get to where they needed to go.

The role of the Designated Driver can be a tedious one, but it's never worth the alternative. Getting yourself and your close friends and family home is the perfect way to give to them this Christmas.

An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety Authority and Drinkaware are all supporters of the campaign, which has local and national heroes such as GAA stars as its representatives.

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross said;

“For many people, December will be a month of celebration; the way to ensure that the season remains festive is to plan ahead…so please, don’t drink and drive, instead travel with a designated driver and ensure you and your loved ones all get to 2019 safely.”

Any Designated Drivers can visit www.DesignatedDriver.ie to download a voucher for two free soft drinks, which can be presented at over 1000 pubs across Ireland. Otherwise they can simply make themselves known to bar staff.

I can think of a good few people who will be wanting the 'Gift of a Lift' this year, that's for sure.


How much would you turn down to maintain the integrity of your family business?

For global business woman Phuong Tran and her home-grown Vietnamese company THP Beverage Group, it was $2.5 billion dollars. Yup, just think of how much guilt-free online shopping you could do…

An unimaginable sum, but for Tran and her father, allowing Coca-Cola to acquire controlling interest in their valued family business, no sum was worth it.


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Watching her father, Dr. Tran Qui Thanh, reject such an incredible amount of money that most could never even dream of has shaped Phuong Tran’s entire legacy from that day on.

Her philosophy revolves around the lessons learned from attempting to compete with giants, and face them down.

Since Tran and her father turned down the astounding offer, they have grown their business to full flourishment and have spread their company to over 16 countries including China, Australia and Canada.

She has now written her debut novel, Competing With Giants, and aims to inspire businesswomen around the world.


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Her first book involves Tran, as Vice-President of THO Beverage Group, weaving her advice from her father alongside her own insights into a rich tapestry which divulges fascinating facts on the changing global business landscape as well as the incredible origin story of her own company.

According to Tran, David can indeed compete with Goliath, and even outperform him. “We proved that nothing was impossible.”

Western style multinationals are now being incentivised to devise of new strategies to compete with the emerging Asian market.

“To western countries, the Asian market is a big piece of pie with robust growth in new economies. The world needs to know how an Asian business runs and how its business culture is formed. That’s the story that I wanted to tell in the book.”


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Tran will travel to Ireland to launch Talent Garden Dublin’s Innovation School on October 30th and will share her vast expertise by delivering an exclusive lecture free of charge.

She will join the faculty at the Innovation School to share her knowledge with Talent Garden’s Innovation School students across Europe in the coming months.

Talent Garden’s Innovation School is a highly-regarded digital skills boot camp model with a proven track record in giving it’s entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed.

Tran will focus specifically on granting expertise to the Innovation School in the areas of female and family entrepreneurial business, through Skype calls, online chat forums and podcasts.


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She will join the commendable faculty at the Innovation School, which boasts employees such as Jen Stirrup, a data strategist and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and Steph Locke, one of only 58 people globally recognised with Microsoft’s AI MVP award.

Innovation School Director Ruth Kearney comments on the school’s aims: “Put simply, we are in the business of developing great 'digital talent' and bringing about a digital cultural and mind-set within organisations.”

The exciting event is free to attend, but places are limited so register early to avoid disappointment. Gets your tickets now from Eventbrite or check out www.talentgarden.org for more information.

The Innovation School is also launching two courses for November;

Executive MINDSET (23rd November): a one-day masterclass on leadership outlooks aimed at CEO’s and senior managers.

Data Science in Practice Informing Real Business (29th & 30th November) for IT professionals, scientists and software engineers.


There are some things in life that were just made to go together. Gin and tonic. Sonny and Cher. Millennials and avocados. The list goes go. 

However, one of the greatest pairing has to be the blissful refreshment offered by an ice-cold drink on a sweltering hot summer's day. 

And while we don't get too many of those around these parts, you better believe that our freezers are stocked full of ice-cubes and Mr. Freeze for when such a moment does occur. 

Sheer perfection, right? Well what if we told you that Coca-cola had taken it one step further and created the first official coke slushy. 

Eight years in the making, Coca-cola Frozen Lemon has just launched for the first time in Japan. 

It comes in pouches, and can be enjoyed frozen, melted, or anywhere in between. 

Pro tip: Add a splash of your favourite liquor for a boozy coke daiquiri. 

In Ireland, the latest flavours to hit supermarket shelves are Coke Zero peach, and Diet Coke mango and cherry – so we're hoping the frozen variation will make its way over to this part of the world sooner rather than later. 

Bring on summer! 


Christmas is all about giving back, and this year it's all about celebrating the real unsung heroes of the festive season – the designated drivers.

The good folk at Coca-Cola are encouraging the people of Ireland to stay sober on nights out and give the 'Gift of a Lift' this Christmas to ensure everyone gets home safely.

What better way to show your love and appreciation for family and friends than by offering the 'gift of a lift', so they enjoy all the fun of Christmas and get home hassle-free?

In support of these selfless designated drivers, Coca-Cola will once again offer two free drinks at participating bars across the Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Choose from the Coca-Cola range or a 'Coketail' – an exciting non-alcoholic drink created especially for those giving the 'gift of a lift' this Christmas.

With digital vouchers that can be stored on smartphones, it's now easier than ever to claim your well-deserved treat.

Vouchers are available by free texting Coca-Cola to 50015 in the Republic of Ireland and 80800 in Northern Ireland.

Designated drivers can also scan the QR code displayed in participating bars and restaurants across the island.

For more information visit designateddriver.ie.



The arrival of the festive period brings with it the onset of countless family arguments regarding the appointment of a designated driver. 

While some people are more than happy to go on the dry to ensure a safe trip home for all involved, others aren't quite as quick to offer their services, and stick to soft drinks for the night.

In an attempt to counteract the latter, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland today launched its 13th annual Designated Driver campaign, which encourages people across the island of Ireland to give the ‘Gift of a Lift’ to friends and loved ones this Christmas.

And as one of the most appreciated gestures you can give to family and friends is the freedom to enjoy all the fun that Christmas offers by providing the ‘gift of lift’, Coca-Cola is adamant the designer driver needs rewarding too.

To support these selfless designated drivers this season, Coca-Cola will once again offer two free drinks from the Coca-Cola range or an alcohol-free ‘Coketail’ that can be redeemed in participating bars and restaurants across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

 And that's not all!

This year Coca-Cola is also making it even easier for designated drivers to claim their free drinks – with digital vouchers that can be stored in the mobile wallet app on their smart phones.

The campaign, which is fronted by 2017 All-Ireland Football and Hurling finalists and rivals, Dublin’s Paul Flynn; Mayo’s Aidan O’Shea; Galway’s Gearoid McInerney, and Waterford’s Austin Gleeson,as well as Ulster and Ireland rugby star Craig Gilroy has the lads' full backing.

“Christmas is a time when we all like to catch up with loved one. It’s an opportunity to go out with friends and family who you don’t see as often as you would like throughout the year, " said Aidan O’Shea.  "Nights out are a big part of the season but, let’s face it, getting home can sometimes be a challenge!"

“Being a designated driver is one of the best gifts you can give over the holiday season to help keep your mates safe, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Given my sporting commitments, I’m often the designated driver but I certainly appreciate it when the favour is returned."

“I’m delighted to support Coca-Cola with this campaign; helping to get the word out to encourage everyone to give the gift of a lift this Christmas. If you are the designated driver, be sure to claim your two free drinks!"

In the Republic of Ireland, the Designated Driver campaign is supported by An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety Authority and Drinkaware. It is also backed by the Licensed Vintners Association, the Vintners Federation of Ireland, the Restaurants Association of Ireland, and the Irish Hotels Federation.



Coca-Cola's latest advert is receiving mixed reaction online.

In what is presumably at attempt to celebrate the Saudi government's decision to allow women to get behind the wheel for the first time, the short clip shows a father teaching his daughter how to drive.

In a scene that pretty much every learner driver can relate to, the nervous woman makes several failed attempts at driving the vehicle before pausing to take a sip from an ice-cold bottle of Coke.

Much to the shock of her father, the young female driver proceeds to cruise down the desert road with confidence as the words 'Change Has A Taste' appear across the screen.

While some viewers have praised the advert for acknowledging the introduction of the new law, others have accused the company of exploiting the historic ruling.

“The ad, which debuted on November 2, celebrates the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s decision to lift its longstanding prohibition on women drivers, focusing on a heart-warming scene of a father teaching his daughter to drive," a spokesperson said. 

“The campaign touches on the brand’s values surrounding diversity and inclusion and aligns with Coca-Cola’s commitment to enable the economic empowerment of women.”

You can check out the full clip below:



For the 90s kid, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is as synonymous with December 25 as Santa himself.

So, it’s little wonder that Twitter has been left saddened to see the world’s most celebrated holiday campaign tampered with in the most unnecessary of ways.

While the majority of the advert has followed the same general theme for the last 21 years, Christmas enthusiasts have noticed that missing from this year’s ad is the animated Santa Claus who winks at the little boy from the back of the Coke lorry.

Fans also discovered that the jingle at the end of the clip had been altered.

After the ad was played on UK television last night, distressed social media users raced online to discuss the changes.

What follows is just a sample of the chaos which ensued:



Moral of the story?  Don't mess with perfection.


We can probably say we use cans pretty much everyday. Whether you're a fizzy drink lover, a beer lover or a sparkling water lover, we've all used one.

But little did we know just how much work actually goes into making one.

It has about a thousand stages (well, not a thousand, but a lot) and it's been worked on severely over the years to make it better and better. 

It truly is mesmerising. And we're loving the Engineer Guy, he's like the Science teacher who gave everyone A's in school.



When it comes to Christmas advertising, Coca-Cola are often considered the ringleaders of the perfect Christmas ad. 

The popular soft drinks company are single handedly responsible for the fact that Santa is always dressed in red. Before the Coke ads of the early twentieth century, St. Nick used to be decked out in green!

Not only did the company make festive advertising a thing, but the Coke truck that was featured in their most popular ad campaign still gets people into a frenzy. So yeah, they defo know what they are doing. 

However, it turns out that even Coca-Cola can get it wrong from time to time. 

The company has recently been forced to pull a Mexican Christmas ad after it received a barrage of negative comments on social media following its debut. 

The ad starts by stating that "81.6% of indigenous Mexicans speak an indigenous tongue and feel rejected by Mexican society." 

Then, a group of pretty, white twenty-somethings decide to selflessly make a trip into the mountains to share a coke under the tree with the indigenous people of Mexico. 

The message is topped off by the hashtag #openyourheart. 

Following the advertisement's release, various health groups got in contact with Mexico's National Council to Prevent Discrimination labelling the ad as discriminatory and "outrageous for the indigenous [people]"

And the purported reason for the outrage is that Mexico has one of the highest rates of fizzy drinks consumption in the world as well as one of the fastest growing rates of obesity. While these issues are becoming increasingly difficult for people all over the country, they pose a significant and ongoing problem for indigenous people. 

So yeah, considering the amount of sugar one Coke contains, it's no surprise that people find the ad a bit hypocritical. 

Coca-Cola quickly removed the ad stating "We appreciated you sharing your concerns. We will be sure to pass along your comments."

Best stick to the big red trucks so. 


If you're one of many Irish folks who take the first sighting of the Coca-Cola truck on TV as a sign Christmas has arrived, prepare to get very excited indeed.

Coca-Cola has just revealed that the famous red truck will be cruising its way around Ireland this year, stopping in various Irish towns along the way.

There are 16 stops on the Irish leg of the 2015 Truck Tour – eight Tesco branches and eight Supermac's branches.

If you fancy heading along for a look, you'll not only be entertained by the Dublin Gospel Choir while sipping on a free can of Coke, but you'll also get a free souvenir Polaroid of you and the truck to take away. 

The Holidays Are Comin' truck will make its first Irish stop in Tullamore on November 27, before taking a (pretty bizarre) route around the country – down to Clonmel, up to Maynooth, down to Killarney and more before finally ending the tour in Drogehda on December 21.

Each visit will take place between 4pm and 9pm, and Belfast folks will be able to check out the truck any time between 12pm and 8pm when it pulls in on December 16.

Excited? Here's a little taster to help you along…



Knowing something is bad for you doesn't necessarily stop you from doing it, which is why you probably drink fizzy drinks from time to time. 

And while you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who'd recommend drinking a can of Diet Coke a day, new research suggests that it's not one can that will put your health at risk, but two or more regular servings a day could really tamper with your health – especially when it comes to your heart. 

A Swedish study published in the medical journal, Heart, tracked soda consumption and risk of heart failure among more than 42,000 individuals over 12 years.

The individuals who drank at least two fizzy drink servings a day had a 23 percent greater risk of developing heart failure during the study.

However, what the researchers didn't mention is if there's a difference between sugar-sweetened beverages (like regular Coca-Cola) and artificially sweetened beverages (like Diet Coke), so rather to be safe than sorry, both diet and regular sodas appear to have an equal risk with heart failure.

We think we'll stick to water now…


Coca-Cola’s most recent results have shown that there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of Diet Coke sales.

The company have said that sales of the once popular drink have fallen seven percent on the same quarter last year, which is continuing the decline that begun in 2008.

But why is the popularity of our favourite diet drink falling so rapidly? We KNOW it can't be because of their advertising…

Well, according to The Independent, there are two possible reasons.

Firstly, analysts have associated the recent results on consumer awareness of the obesity risks that are connected with drinking sugary drinks.

Euromonitor noted that, “as consumer awareness of the risks of a high sugar diet has grown, the sugar content of regular Coca-Cola could hinder the company as the consumer agenda increasingly switches to looking for healthier food and drink options.”

But, as Diet Coke has no sugar in it, you may wonder why this would affect healthy eating habits? Consumer health awareness has also made people wary of the potential dangers of ingesting chemically produced sugar substitutes, like the ones found in Diet Coke.

The other possible reason is that within their own brand, Coca-Cola have developed a number of healthier alternatives, and the increase in their sales has contributed to the diminishing of other products.

For example, both Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Life have seen an increase in sales since their production began.

So, if they really are that much better for us, we should probably get used to the idea of switching over ourselves. We just really hope that they put the same effort into advertising their new drinks that they did with Diet Coke…