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A brand new campaign in England has been launched in order for beauty salons to encourage cervical cancer screenings.

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust released a worrying survey in January revealing that many young women are put off from having smear tests.

According to the charity, eight out of 10 women surveyed stated that they delayed or failed to attend a cervical cancer screening out of embarrassment.

Online beauty marketplace Treatwell has claimed that cervical screening attendance is at a 20-year low, but the number of women choosing to have intimate waxing treatments is on the rise,

To combat the declining amount of women having smear tests, Treatwell has teamed up with Public Health England (PHE) to launch the "Life Saving Wax" initiative.

Over 500 Treatwell partner salons across England will place posters and information about cervical screenings in their salons today.

Beauty therapists are also being supported in their goal to talk to customers about cervical screenings and provide advice on where they can discover the right information.

A study carried out by Treatwell of 1,006 women aged between 25 and 34 revealed that almost half (47 percent) of participants said that they feel comfortable speaking with beauty therapists about personal topics.

Three quarters of the people interviewed stated that they would listen to their beauty therapist's advice.

The director of Screening Programmes at PHE, Professor Anne Mackie, says that the organisation is "thrilled" to be partnering with Treatwell on the campaign.

"Two lives are lost every day to cervical cancer but this needn’t be the case. Cervical screening can stop cancer before it starts as the test identifies potentially harmful cells before they become cancerous and ensures women get the right treatment as soon as possible," Professor Mackie states.

"The decline in numbers getting screened, particularly those aged between 25 – 34, is a major concern as it means millions of women are missing out on a potentially life-saving test."

Beauty director at Treatwell, Liz Hambleton, explains that beauticians are "uniquely placed" to discuss personal topics with customers;

"We see thousands of women booking intimate waxes everyday through Treatwell, so when we heard that women aren’t attending a potentially life-saving test due to embarrassment, we wanted to see how we could change this," Hambleton states.


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"Just one conversation is all it could take to remind or encourage someone to go for their screening when invited."

Each year in England between 2016 to 2016, about 2,600 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer and more than a quarter of those diagnosed died from the illness.

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer claims that if everyone who was invited for a smear test went to their appointment regularly, an incredible 83 percent of cervical cancer cases could be prevented.

However, more than one in four women who are invited for a smear test don't have the procedure, says Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.



Irish brand Waxperts has been making waves in the beauty world in recent years and are rapidly becoming one of the most popular waxing brands across Europe.

Waxperts was established in 2008 when owner Ellen Kavanagh Jones along with friend and business partner Trish O’Brien began the journey of creating their own wax, the only of its kind in the world.

And since then, it’s been our haven for getting a wax – something before Waxperts, that we dreaded.

So first off, lets talk about what waxing actually is.

It is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root.

Waxing not only removes hair, it also exfoliates the skin – double win!

Waxing also lasts much longer as shaving only removes the visible hair on the surface of the skin whereas waxing removes hair from the root allowing two- six weeks (depending on the individual person) for hair to grow back.

As waxing removes hair from the root, this in turn weakens the hair follicles, and therefore overtime hair will grow back thinner.

And leaves us with silky smooth pins.

The Waxperts Original Hot Wax is fab – it was formulated for sensitive skin types to achieve a smooth, pain free, easy wax with little to no redness afterwards.

Waxperts Wax was formulated to be applied thinly, so it would then glide off during removal and leave no sticky residue behind.

Waxperts has a unique waxing technique to make waxing easy for therapists, and as comfortable and pain free as possible, almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face and bikini area.

It’s pretty much the wax of dreams tbh.

When it comes to waxing, there are so many myths that we all kinda believe – but Ellen is here to set us straight.

MYTH: “Waxing is super painful”

Not with Waxperts Wax! Obviously pulling hair out from the root is going to be a little bit uncomfortable whether you are waxing, plucking, epilating, sugaring or threading.

With Waxperts Wax, we use lower temperature waxes with a range of pre and post oils to protect and soothe skin to make any wax treatment super comfortable.

Sounds perf to us.

MYTH: “I can’t get waxed on my period”

This is untrue. (Phew!)

Of course, you can get waxed on your period, just make sure you have a fresh tampon in.

However, some people may be a little more sensitive during this time of the month.

MYTH: “I need to trim before a wax”

No, you should never trim before getting waxed.

For waxing to be most effective, the hair would need to be a least a grain of rice.

We always say the hairier the better! Leave it up to your wax therapist to make the decision on trimming.

And with that, we’re off for a wax.

Find your nearest Waxperts salon at www.waxperts.ie


Do you groom your pubic hair daily or weekly? If so you are classed as a ‘high frequency’ groomer and new research has found you at a higher risk of catching an STI.

According to research published in the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal, ‘extreme groomers’ – those who groom up to 11 times per year –  are also at risk of acquiring STIs.

It's not all bad though! Luckily, groomers are less likely to have pubic lice – always a silver lining, right?!

However, while extreme groomers are more likely to get frisky, this ultimately increases their chances of getting an STI.

“By contrast, low intensity/ frequency grooming was associated with a doubling in risk of a lice infestation, suggesting that grooming might make it harder for lice to breed successfully,” researchers said.

During the study, over 14,000 people, aged 18-65 answered questions about their grooming habits, focusing on the intensity, frequency, and tools used.

With 74% of the respondents saying they had groomed their pubic hair before, men opted for electric razors, while women favoured the manual razor.

Divulging their sexual habits as part of the study, 7470 participants said they had at least one sexual partner.

The researchers surmised that the link between STIs and grooming could be based on the theory that increased grooming could lead to higher levels of sexual activity, which may result in skin lesions. Thus allowing bacteria and viruses into the body.

Lead author Dr. E Charles Osterberg said, “Intensity and frequency of grooming also seemed to be linked to the magnitude of risk.”

“Among high frequency and extreme groomers, the practice was associated with a 3.5 to 4- fold heightened risk, particularly for infections that arise through skin on skin contact, such as herpes and HPV.”

However, the observational study has not proved that grooming causes STIs, so “no firm conclusions can be drawn about cause and effect”.

“The researchers were not able to determine the timing of grooming relative to acquisition of infection, or account for either safer sex practices, or indeed risky sexual behaviours.”

So, don't bin the razors just yet.


A French teenager has kicked off a new Twitter trend which supports women who choose not to remove their body hair after she was teased at school for not shaving.

According to the Mail Online, 16-year-old Adele Labo started the hashtag #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils – which means “Princesses have hair” – to show women that the removal of underarm, leg and facial hair should be viewed as a choice rather than a necessity.

Since the tag first emerged, it has been used over 25,000 times on Twitter as women take to social media to share pictures of their hair.


In a video shared by AJ+, the Lille teen said: “I created the hashtag to encourage people to post about their body hair and relax, be comfortable with their own body.”

“And I wanted women in general to not feel obliged to shave their hair but to feel that they have a choice.”

“In society, the woman has to be shaved, soft, beautiful.  We ask the woman to be natural and herself but we impose a lot of stigma on [hair] and it bothers me.”


Adele was keen to stress that the movement is about acknowledging that the removal of body hair should be viewed as a personal choice rather than some form of social obligation and said she is not implying that all women should stop shaving and waxing in favour of a more natural look.

She said: “[Remove your hair] if you really want to.  But if you feel obliged to do it, don’t.”

“The movement is not at all to prevent women from [shaving].  It’s really to tell women they have the choice.  They shouldn’t feel forced.”


“They shouldn’t feel dirty or ashamed for not doing it because it is normal.”

The tag has launched quite the debate online with some Twitter users saying they wish they'd had Adele’s courage when they were a teen, while others have described the trend as “disgusting and foolish”.


Well, there you have it: up until this point we knew an AWFUL lot about the grooming habits of the Kardashian sisters.

And now, it seems, we know EVEN more. 

Taking to her website yesterday, younger sibling Khloe ahem, laid bare, the family's waxing preferences.

“Let’s talk about the hair down there. No subject is too taboo to touch!” the 31-year-old said kicking off her latest entry.

“You guys know I’m not gonna beat around the bush (no pun intended), so let’s get straight to it: I’m all about the landing strip,” she revealed.

“I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird, in my opinion – especially when you have tits and an ass. It just freaks me out a little bit.

“I don't like looking at an adult woman and seeing nothing down there.

“Whenever I'm at the spa, it just makes me uncomfortable when I see that. But then again, it also makes me uncomfortable when I see something wild and untamed.”

But she doesn’t just talk about her own likes and dislikes, no siree.

Ms Kardashian continues: “I know Kim is completely bare, and now she says she wishes she still had a lil' somethin' going on but she lasered it all off.

“I mean, I'm never gonna want hair on the lips of my vag, so I'll laser that! I'll laser other places that the sun doesn't shine.

“But I like that if I ever want to go bare, I can just shave it and change my mind later,” she continued. 

And no, Kourtney, 36, wasn’t spared either.

“Kourtney's with me!” she went on. "I always think of Kourt as large and in charge with a full '70s-style bush – it just matches her personality,” she added.

“Lol, very boho chic. But she swears that's just a joke and has a landing strip… sometimes.”

Khloe also wants her fans to know that she doesn’t “understand people who vajazzle”.

“Seriously, get over yourself,” she continued. “Who has the energy for that? Can’t do it.”

She concluded by telling her fans to do their thing, but be “clean.”


Of all the beauty appointments women make throughout the year, booking in for a wax is up there with the dreaded dentist.

It's painful and uncomfortable, not to mention potentially embarrassing – though many of us decide it's also a necessary evil. 

Still, there are definitely a few tips and tricks to make your waxing experience as pain-free as possible:


Exfoliate and moisturise

For best (and less painful) results, get into the habit of exfoliating your whole body. This removes dry and dead skin which will not only make waxing easier but will also prevent ingrown hairs.

Try to moisturise daily as well because if your skin is too dry, waxing will really hurt.


Keep it regular

We know it's horrible but it's a simple fact that the more you wax, the easier and less painful it will be. Your hair grows in cycles so if you book in for a wax every four to six weeks, it will ensure you are hair-free for longer. Over time, the hairs will grow weaker too – which means much less ouch.



Hair needs to be between 30mm and 60mm to ensure the wax can grip on and leave you with a smooth finish. If you go with the hair too short it won't work and if the hair is too long, it will take ages and hurt… A LOT. 


Hot Vs strip

Hot wax stiffens on the skin and is then peeled off; it has a reputation for not hurting as it clings to the hair rather than the skin.

Strip wax is put onto the skin and removed with a piece of paper or cloth, although slightly more painful, it's better for removing fine hairs. For a long lasting, smooth finish, ask for a combination of the two. 


And if it's still too much…

If the discomfort of waxing is still too much, head to your local pharmacy and ask for a topical anaesthetic cream. These creams are available over the counter and are known to relieve some of the pain. Apply to the area you're waxing about a half hour before your appointment to numb the skin.



The opinion about waxing and shaving varies from person to person. Whether you only do one, or vary from one to the other. Here are the important differences between both.

Pain is the first thing we panic about when we consider waxing. Of course it hurts slightly, but it depends on the area and the person. Waxing lasts a lot longer so if you find you get sore after shaving, you will have to experience that pain more regularly, whereas waxing is just a second of bravery, intense pain and then, boom, smoothness all round.

How long does it last?
Waxing removes the entire hair follicle rather than just slicing off the top of the hair which is why waxing lasts for so much longer. Over time, waxing also causes the hair to become thinner so it will stop growing back as much as it did before. Shaving needs to be done regularly and doesn’t grow back as nicely as the hair that you’ve had waxed. Shaving can cause stubble and itchiness. However, in order to be able to wax the hair it needs to be quite long so you need to wait for it to grow back.

There can be problems with both waxing and shaving but like anything, it depends on each individual person. Both can irritate the skin, leaving it itchy and red. Shaving can also cause the hair to grow back thicker and darker which is why you should never shave areas such as your face and arms (even if you’re tempted for a quick solution.)

The pro’s of shaving
1. It is quick
2. It is less painful
3. It is helpful in emergency, going out last minute scenarios
4. It’s cheap

The pro’s of waxing
1. It lasts much longer than shaving
2.  It can reduce hair growth
3.  Skin stays smoother for longer
4. Ingrowing hairs are less common



As every woman knows, a waxing appointment is not exactly a cause for celebration. Yes, we leave the salon silky smooth and oh-so-super-sexy, but we also have to deal with a hell of a lot of discomfort in the meantime.

If you dread your appointments, but adore the results of a good wax, then you should definitely consider some of the following hacks to make sure your beauty regime is as agony-free as possible.

Hell, we don’t have time for pain, we’re busy women.

1. Refrigerate some soothing lotion the night before your appointment and turn to it in case of an emergency later.

Future you will thank you for it!

2. Pop an over-the counter painkiller about half an hour before you’re due to hop up on that table.

You, girl, are ready for this.

3. Do NOT schedule a waxing appointment when you’re due your period because your sensitivity to pain is heightened at this time of the month, however your tolerance to pain is at its highest a few days after your period!

Bring it ON!

4. Apparently our pain threshold is at its highest between 3 and 5pm every day girls, so get booking an afternoon session!

No, a morning appointment doesn't suit me unfortunately.

5. Avoid using scented body creams, working-out or wearing restrictive clothing for about 24 hours after your waxing session.

You do NOT want your perfectly smooth skin ruined by an eruption of pimples due to misuse of lotions or excessive sweating from a tough work-out.

If you follow these tips, you will have done everything in your power to make the appointment as painless and stress-free as possible. Go you!



We would all love not have to wax or shave. Every. Single. Week. Which is what makes laser hair removal treatments so tempting. 

However, before you book your first visit, you need to ask the beautician the following questions:

How many sessions will you need?
Obviously your budget is going to be greatly affected if you need lots of sessions. If you know from the onset how many you need you will be able to make better, more informed decisions.

Does it hurt?
If you have a low pain threshold it would be a good idea to ask the beautician if it will hurt. This way you won’t end up with only half a leg done because you can’t bear the pain.

What precautions do you need to take?
This is probably one of the most important questions to ask. If treatment is going to affect your life, for example you are going on a sun holiday soon, it might be best to wait.

How much is it?
While you might be in a rush to get started the cost of it is a huge factor, so keep this in mind. Treatments and sessions can add up if you have to undergo a number of them.