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We all know Jack and Dani are going to win Love Island. There’s no doubt in our minds that the pair will come out on top when the show ends on Monday night.

They’ve been a joy to watch over the past few months (apart from that post- lie detector argument, which we’re still reeling over) and have certainly won the hearts of the nation.

Jack and Dani have gone from strength to strength since their early days on the show and have started planning their future together.


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The couple are moving in together once the show ends, and they're also making plans for their first Christmas.


Fans of the show aren’t the only ones who support the lovebirds, Dani’s mum Jo has opened up about her 21-year-old daughter’s love life, admitting she couldn’t be happier with Jack.

Speaking to The Sun, her mum said: “I think Jack could be the one because he’s older than her. Jack seems grounded.”


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However, the pen salesman better watch his back because there is one man who holds a very special place in Dani’s heart.

Her mum shared that Dani and Jack are perfect for one another, unless chart topper Justin Bieber makes himself known to her daughter.


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She joked: “Unless Justin Bieber comes along, this could be it.”

We’re sure Jack isn’t too concerned considering the Love Yourself singer recently popped the question to Hailey Baldwin.

He may not have to worry about the What Do You Mean singer making an appearance in Casa Amor, but the 26-year-old will come face-to-face (via video link) with Dani’s parents in tonight's episode at 10 pm on 3e.


It’s official, Justin Bieber has confirmed his engagement to Hailey Baldwin. The 24-year-old singer posted two black and white snaps of him and his fiance to share the news.

Alongside the adorable snaps, the Love Yourself singer gushed about 21-year-old Hailey, calling her the love of his life.

“I was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindly,” he wrote.

The What Do You Mean singer vowed to lead their family with honour and integrity. “My heart is completely and fully yours and I will always put you first!”


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He added: “You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. You make me so much better and we compliment each other so well!”

Justin shared that he can’t wait for this new chapter of his life, especially because his little brother and sister will “see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!"

“We’re gonna be better at 70 baby, here we go! ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord!’ This is the year of favor!”

Pass the tissues! Who knew the Never Say Never singer could be so romantic.


We're all guilty of scrolling through Instagram and getting completely hung up comparing our lives to those of the celebs and Insta-famous people we see plastered all over our feeds. 

With the Met Gala just days behind us, we're still pouring over pictures of perfectly made-up and styled singers, actors and models that are saturating our home feeds.

Justin Bieber just took to Instagram to remind his following that while life might seem like it's all fun and gam,es for the rich and famous, it's not worth comparing ourselves to them.


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Justin was absent from the Met Gala red carpet, despite being present in past years. 

'Instagram is full of gorgeous photos from people who live interesting lives, travel the world, live in dream homes and has the perfect hair,' psychologist Christina Greve wrote on her blog. 

'Allow yourself to be inspired by it but keep in mind that everyone has problems in some way or another.'

'A problem-free life just does not exist.'

Hear hear, Justin and Christina, hear hear. 


It's looks like not everyone is happy about Salena Gomez and Justin Bieber's recent reconciliation.

According to reports, Selena's mother, Mandy Teefey, was taken to hospital after an intense argument about the romance left her family concerned for her welfare.

TMZ claim that the LAPD were called to a hotel last week after Mandy 'flipped' upon realising that the pair's relationship was getting serious once again.

It's understood she was then “voluntarily transported for treatment” at a nearby hospital.

Selena's family are said to be deeply concerned over her decision to give her relationship with Bieber a second chance, and have made their disappointed clear to see.

On the other side, Justin's family are said to be delighted by the news, with his mother recently referring to the “special bond” shared between her and Selena.

According to Metro, a source close to the Despacito singer said: “His parents love Selena.”

Adding: “They support him going to church often and having his faith being such a big part of his life.”


Two of the music industry's best loved male performers could be teaming up to help a very deserving cause. 

In an effort to help those affected by the wildfires in Southern California, Justin Bieber and Niall Horan have both pledged their support, with the later suggesting that a charity single would be a "no brainer."

Speaking to Mirror Online, the Mullingar native explained that his house in LA is not too far from the location of the fires, and told how he was inspired to lend a hand when Justin released an Instagram video saying he would do whatever he could to restore the effected communities. 


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"We both live in LA and that's not too far from my house really, where all those fires are kicking off, it's absolutely horrific," Niall said. 

"Three to four hundred homes destroyed and people's lives in tatters, so I thought about it when Justin reached out and sent that video."

In the video, Justin said: "I'm going to have a conversation with some people and we are going to get moving on a solution. Obviously I'm not a fireman but I can use my resources to figure out ways to get some sort of restoration in certain communities.

"Fundraisers or whatever we can do. I'm going to get on that and in the meantime all the families and everyone who are struggling, just know that everything is going to be OK."

Niall quickly responded, (in the most Irish way possible) letting the Despacito singer know that he was willing and able to help. 

"Good man. Give me a shout if ya need a hand," he wrote. 

It is not yet known what fundraising method the star will choose, though we're sure these guys will produce something really special. 


A teenager in the UK was found guilty of plotting an unexecuted act of terrorism at a Justin Bieber concert a number of months ago.

The plot came just one month after the devastating Manchester attack, which killed 22 people and injured many more.

The Welsh 17-year-old, who cannot be named as he is a minor, faced the court this week and was found guilty of 'planning to drive a car into a crowd of people in Cardiff in a Daesh-inspired terror attack.'

He also planned to execute attacks on Cardiff Castle, the Capitol Shopping Centre, and the Justin Bieber concert on June 30. 

Police also found a hammer,knife and 'martyrdom letter' on searching his home.

In the note, the teen described himself as  'a soldier of the Islamic State,' according to The Guardian.

In court, he denied the charges and told the judge: 

'I wanted to see how easy it was for people who had an interest in terrorism to go online and get information because the police and the government are trying to crack down on terrorism and radicalization,' The Guardian reports

'I wanted to see if it was possible, not for me but from someone else's point of view.'


PDA alert!

Rumours have been swirling that Selena Gomez and ex Justin Bieber are back together, but neither of the couple's reps officially confirmed anything. 

Now, it seems that the pair have confirmed it themselves with a public kiss. 

Selena and Justin, who dated on and off for four years before totally ending things, were seen spending yet more time together last night when the kiss happened. 

Selena attended one of Justin's weekly hockey games, which she has done in the past, but this was the first time the duo shared a PDA moment. 

Leaning over the barrier, Selena planted a kiss on her ex.

The two still haven't personally confirmed the reports that they're back together, but now that this snap is going viral, it may be in the pipeline. 

'They are great and very happy,' a source told People.

Are they or aren't they? 


Could it be? By the looks of recent images, it seems like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber could be rekindling some kind of relationship. 

Selena and her ex Justin, who dated on and off for four years before totally ending things, were seen spending some time together this week. 

The snaps come after news broke that Selena is back on the market, having ended things with fellow musician The Weeknd. 

Twitter has been up in arms since TMZ broke the images online. 

The pair rekindled for a bike ride around LA, where they stopped for coffee before being pursued by the paparazzi. 

The duo were seen linking arms and cuddling as they walked along. 

This is not the first time the pair have been seen hanging out together in recent weeks. 

Selena and Justin were papped grabbing breakfast together on Sunday. 

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Scooter Braun manages some of the world's biggest pop talents, including Ariana Grande.

However, the manager and talent scout is most famous for managing Justin Bieber. 

The industry pro has spoken out about some of Justin's darkest days, when back in 2014 the singer faced jail time and a negative relationship with the press.

'It was worse than people realised,' Scooter told The Wall Street Journal Magazine. 


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'I failed him day after day. We were living in hell because he was in such a dark place.'

'I have inconveniences, and other people have problems,' he said

'Mine feel important, but they're not. They're not life or death.'

'Justin's stuff got to a point where it was a problem.'


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It's clear from his managers words that the superstar was struggling greatly, but Scooter stuck by his pop prodigy. 

'Some of the biggest people in the industry, people invested in Justin's career, told me, 'It's over. Focus on something else. That kid is done,'' he told the mag.

'I made a promise to him when he was 13 that I would never give up on him.'

'I plan on keeping that promise.'

From Scooter's account that the singer has had some dark days, but his manager clearly had his back through it. 


Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity victim of a cyber hack.

A group of unknown hackers took control of the singer's Instagram account, and used it to post nude, explicit images of Justin Bieber. 

The hackers took a paparazzi photo of Bieber, taken a number of months ago, and posted it in a three-image collage on Selena's page to her 125 million followers. 


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It sat above a caption which seemed to poke fun at the Biebs genitalia: 'Look at this n***a lil shrimpy.'

The caption also included links to the hacker's troll accounts, with a claim that they 'run da scene.'(sic)

The hackers also changed the name of Selena's account to 'islah gomez,' according to TMZ. 


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Selena disabled her Instagram account after the hack after regaining control of the account. 

It has since been reinstated with the correct user name and nudes removed. 

Selena is not the fist celebrity to be the target of a hacker group on Instagram. A number of weeks ago fell victim to a similar hackAriana Grande fell victim to a similar hack. 


Justin Bieber shocked fans when he cancelled the remainder of his Purpose World Tour. 

The star was about to embark on the last leg of the tour, and had already performed the concert 150 times.

The tour was cancelled without much of an excuse, only citing unforseen circumstances.

Now, the 23-year-old singer has taken to his own Instagram account to reach out to fans with an explanation. 


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'I'm grateful for the tours but most of all I am grateful i get to go through this life WITH YOU.!' he wrote.

'Learning and growing hasn't always been easy but knowing I im not alone has kept me going. I have let my insecurities get the best of me at times.'

'I let my broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people and the way I treated them! I let bitterness, jealously and fear run my life.'

'I am extremely blessed to have people in the past few years help me build my character back up reminding me of who I am and who I want to be.'


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Referencing the tour, Justin expressed to fans: 'Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE.'

'I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable.'

'So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be.'

Justin's heartfelt letter comes just a week after he was involved in a collision with a paparazzi member. 


Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident this morning, after the 23-year-old hit a member of the paparazzi with his car. 

The singer accidentally hit the photographer with his car after attending a church service in Los Angeles. 

The police have described the incident as accidental. 

Justin exited his vehicle after the accident to assist and comfort the injured party. 

Emergency services were called and Justin remained at the scene until they arrived. 

The photographer was taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries, which are described as non-life threatening. 


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The news comes after Justin cancelled the remainder of his Purpose World Tour. 

The rest of the tour was cancelled due to unforseencircumstances.

'Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them,' reads a statement.