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Coca-Cola is bringing back its hugely successful Designated Driver campaign this year in order to encourage the nation to give the 'Gift of a Lift this' December.

The campaign will offer free soft drinks to any drivers who stay sober to bring their loved ones home safely throughout Christmas; what a fab way to motivate us.

The Road Safety Authority and Coca-Cola HBC Ireland are joining forces to keep our roads safe, especially during a time where the pubs are full of people celebrating the season.

Over the last 14 years, over €7 million has been invested by Coca-Cola into the campaign to promote road safety, and have rewarded countless Christmas heroes who helped their friends and families get to where they needed to go.

The role of the Designated Driver can be a tedious one, but it's never worth the alternative. Getting yourself and your close friends and family home is the perfect way to give to them this Christmas.

An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety Authority and Drinkaware are all supporters of the campaign, which has local and national heroes such as GAA stars as its representatives.

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross said;

“For many people, December will be a month of celebration; the way to ensure that the season remains festive is to plan ahead…so please, don’t drink and drive, instead travel with a designated driver and ensure you and your loved ones all get to 2019 safely.”

Any Designated Drivers can visit www.DesignatedDriver.ie to download a voucher for two free soft drinks, which can be presented at over 1000 pubs across Ireland. Otherwise they can simply make themselves known to bar staff.

I can think of a good few people who will be wanting the 'Gift of a Lift' this year, that's for sure.


Our one saving grace after a heavy night on the sesh is being able to tell ourselves that the carry-on we exhibited the night before has absolutely no connection to the person we are the following morning.

But if blaming questionable behaviour on 'drunk you' is your go-to response, findings from a study conducted by researchers at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health may leave you feeling a little cold this afternoon.

According to those in the know, alcohol doesn't impact that heavily on an individual's personality.

While we have home footage which seriously begs to differ, findings, which were published in the journal of Clinical Psychological Science, have concluded that the individual will identify internal changes to their personalities when intoxicated which aren't actually evident to an observer.

So, how did they go about studying this theory?

Researchers surveyed 156 people, and focussed their attention on alcohol consumption as well as the participants' perception of their own typical sober and drunk personalities.

15 minutes after giving half the group a soft drink and the other half vodka, which brought their blood alcohol level to .09, researchers then provided both groups with a range of activities which involved social interaction.

Following this, outside observers and those who had consumed alcohol were asked to watch footage of the exchanges  in order to identify shifts in personality, and interestingly, the supposed changes were barely recognisable.

The study suggests that the intoxicated person believes their personality to be different following the consumption of alcohol when the changes are actually only very minor

"The participants experienced internal changes that were real to them but imperceptible to observers," asserted the study’s lead scientist Rachel Winograd

Far be it from us to question science, but 15 minutes? We imagine the findings would be very different after a good two hours on the lash.



For the day that was in it, Jamie Dornan appeared in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was brilliantly Irish.

Sitting in a pub, Jamie knocked down a pint while telling the camera various words for 'drunk'.

We'll admit that a few were far-fetched and we'd probably only say them if we were langers drunk, but still, the 1.45 minute clip is just gas.

From "sh*t-faced" to "rat-a*sed," and everything in between, here's Jamie Dornan describing 41 Irish terms for drunk:




Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are already couple goals, I mean, we've all seen that infamous pool side chicken wings picture.

But after last night's Grammy's party, the couple's Snapchats had us crying with laughter.

Chrissy got a teeny bit too tipsy at the party, and decided to document her post-Grammy adventures on the instant sharing app. 

“Okay, I’m home. We’re having ramen,” she declared in the first video, making us all feel a little bit better about our 4am food choices.

Next thing we knew, Chrissy was on the ground, removing her gorgeous jewellery with the help of her equally gorgeous husband. 

Channelling all of our inner drunk girls, she asked: "Are you mad at me?"

“Why would I be mad at you? …You’re perfect,” he replied, melting hearts the world over.

”Cause I got drunk,” she replied, cementing the couple's status as our official relationship goals.

However, the model turned TV presenter was feeling the effects of her night out the following day, as she tweeted about her hangover.

We feel you Chrissy, we feel you. 


If you regularly devour half a chipper before starting in on the contents of the fridge after a night on the booze, it's because… well… you're totally normal.

According to a recent study by the Francis Crick Institute in London, the consumption of alcohol activates a hormone in our brains which is directly linked to appetite.

Using mice as part of their exploration of the theory, researchers injected the creatures with alcohol once a day for three days – a measure which was the human equivalent of two bottles of wine or ten beers.

Researchers quickly realised that the mice which had, essentially, gotten tanked up consumed 25 per cent more food than the sober control group.

Further to this, researchers established that agouti-related protein (AgRP) neurons – proteins linked to their food cycles – experienced an increase in the amount of electrical activity following alcohol consumption.

So, the next time you hoof into the entire kitchen after a night on the beer, console yourself that your body is doing exactly what it should be.



Poor Mary Berry. It seems like things got a little too heated for the Great British Bake-Off star at the National Reality TV Awards during the week. 

According to former WAG Lizzie Cundy who was there on the night, the baker just couldn't handle the drunken behaviour that was going on around her.

"Mary was dismayed at the chaos. Her eyes were popping out like the snake from the Jungle Book," Lizzie told the Daily Mirror.

"She didn't know who anyone was. I think she was shocked by all the outfits but she kept on smiling."

Mary won the award for Best Television Chef, but insiders say she made a swift exit after she picked up her gong.

We doubt she'll be back next year!



Ah, Freshers.

Look, most of us have been there and MANY of us have had the odd drunken night out (OK, there's been a lot of drunken nights out), but as always, college Freshers go to a whole new level.

We're going to call it a learning experience here, but just one note to future Freshers; don't eat chips off the dirty ground. Pleaseee.

Here's a look at how a few students got on in their first week back, and check out The Sun for the gourmet floor food…

This lad has it totally right, though:


Lamar Odom was reportedly removed from a Delta Airlines flight last night after getting drunk in the airport lounge and then vomiting on a plane.

According to TMZ, the former pro-basketballer was seen “pounding down” beer and whiskey in LAX’s Delta Lounge before drunkenly boarding a New York-bound flight.

Passengers on the plane reportedly saw Lamar vomiting in the aircraft’s kitchen area before making his way to the toilet where he continued to throw up with the door open.

Lamar – who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse – was then escorted off the plane by staff before returning to his seat again ten minutes later.

Shortly afterwards the athlete got up again to go to the bathroom, before being removed from the plane for a second and final time.

The fight eventually took off without Lamar and safely arrived in NYC 40 minutes later than scheduled.

The incident occurred the same day it was reported that Lamar’s ex Khloé Kardashian has kicked him out of the Calabasas mansion she was renting for him so he could recover from last year's near fatal overdose.

In May the reality star filed for divorce from Lamar for the second time.

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As Ryan Thomas bid farewell to his Corrie character Jason Grimshaw, he was joined by all of his soap co-stars – even former Corrie actress Michelle Wright.

The cast and crew went to Rosso Restaurant in Manchester for Ryan's leaving do, and when they exited the venue, they all looked fairly on there way (if you know what we mean).

Simon Gregson seemed to thoroughly enjoy his night as he was seen cosying up to his wife shortly after leaving Rosso.

And a snap of Ryan leaving in a car after the night out is circling on social media which sees him with a fairly happy grin on his face.

Mr Thomas has been a favourite on the cobbles of Corrie for 16 years now, so it's no wonder the cast came in doves to say goodbye.

He'll be missed!




Farrah Franklin, the lesser known Destiny's Child singer was arrested during the week for public intoxication.

Farrah was a part of the girl group before they really became famous, and while being arrested, she allegedly told the police that she should have "downed" more alcohol, according to TMZ.

The site claims that the former singer got into an argument with a male friend around 3am on Thursday outside a gym and when the police turned up she said she was not ready to go home. 

They noticed she was clearly drunk, and when asked how much she had, Farrah replied: "Not enough."

She was then arrested for public intoxication and she was also in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

The bail was set at $250, but no one has bailed her out yet…


We all know being a drunk mess in front of your boyfriend is never pretty, but we don't think we've ever been excited to drink because our other half was out of the picture.

There has been a lot of rumours over the past week as to whether Lauren Goodger has broken up with her boyfriend Jake McLean because of her suspicious activity on social media.

It all came to light when Lauren began to delete every picture of her man off Instagram and Twitter, just like the other times that the pair have called it quits.

But, in Lauren's latest New! Magazine column, the former TOWIE star admitted that she was excited to get drunk at a party because Jake wasn't going to be there.

She told her fans: "My mate Della's son Miles had a private party. TOWIE's Liam Gatsby was there and so were some of Jake's other mates, but Jake didn't come.

"I was like, 'Yes, I can get as drunk as I want!' Ha ha."

Whether that's a normal part of their relationship, we don't know, but for many it's a worrying sign, with hers fans calling her out over it on social media.

One user asked, "Why are you not allowed drink if your bfs there???" and another said, "That's a bit sad."

Lauren isn't one to back down so no doubt in her next column she'll hit back at the haters' comments.


Kerry Katona has been making the headlines a lot lately (for the wrong reasons) and today she appeared on This Morning to clear up her drunken airport antics.

The former singer was filmed in Gran Canaria airport pulling her trousers down around her ankles and rolling around on the ground.

When Philip and Holly asked her what went wrong, this is what she had to say: "To be honest, I feel like I don't have to explain or say sorry to anybody. I was just being a typical Brit on holiday.

"I went away for a few days, the first time without my children. We’ve had a bit of a rough year, and I was on the plane, we got up at four in the morning, we had no food, and I hit the champagne as one does on holiday… and as soon as the fresh air hit me – I was just desperate to get a suntan!"

She added: "This isn’t something I do all the time, I got too drunk and I’m all or nothing. I am embarrassed and mortified by it, but I got too drunk, nobody was hurt. The only thing that was hurt was my pride."

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