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It was announced yesterday that upskirting will become a criminal offence in England, carrying a two-year prison sentence.

The offence of taking photos under a person's clothing without their permission is currently still legal in Ireland, but is illegal in Scotland. 

Gina Martin has been an ardent campaigner for the criminalisation of upskirting for over two years, and said she was exhausted and happy after it was decided the offence became illegal.

The bill passed its third reading in the House of Lords yesterday, meaning upskirting is to be a criminal offence. 

In June, the Ministry of Justice claimed it would support the ban which formed an aspect of the Voyeurism Offences Bill.

Gina Martin, a freelance writer from London, has headed the campaign since her own experience as a victim of upskirting herself at a music festival in 2017.

"I am over the moon. Upskirting will be illegal. After becoming a victim and recognising a gap in the law, I partnered with Ryan Whelan of Gibson Dunn and began 18 months of exhaustive, emotional and life-changing work."

"Now? We have changed the law! I always thought politics was impenetrable but with the right help and willpower you can do it. We did it. We made upskirting a sexual offence!"

"I am exhausted and so so happy!"

Gina said she spotted one of the men who upskirted her sharing the image on his mobile in front of her. Despite grabbing the phone and showing it to police, four days later the case was closed.

The offence will gain a two-year sentence; victims previously had to try other avenues to get justice, such as outraging public decency.

We think it's high time this became a legal offence in Ireland. Congrats Gina, you're one badass lady.



Feverous Black Friday shoppers are HELLA p*ssed off as they are being forced to wait HOURS in online store queues.

Customers are being forced into virtual lines on store websites, yet retailers are claiming this was all properly planned… eh, what?

One man shared a screenshot on Twitter of his queue number: 107578th in line. Good God, people, this is utter madness.

It's fair to say that the eager online population are sufficiently angry, with complaints coming in left, right and centre for numerous brands, such as Debenhams.

A Debenhams spokesperson claimed that the system was "managed" and that customers have all been successful with their shopping experiences:

"Some customers experienced a short delay in accessing our website at peak hours last night."

"By implementing a managed 'queue system' we were able to ensure that once customers had accessed our site, they were all able shop the offers successfully."

Reports of thousands of websites crashing are also gaining traction on Twitter, it seems that online stores were hugely unprepared for the onslaught of consumerism which Black Friday brings:

Sky News were told by Game:

"Due to the volume of traffic to our site we are operating a queuing system to make it as fair as possible to our customers in getting the deals they want."

However, stores this morning on the high street were experiencing regular volumes of customers, with no queues in sight. It seems online shopping has officially taken over:

Remember gals, Black Friday is a massive marketing campaign, so try to resist the mania surrounding it.

Use deals websites to spot the best discounts, ask yourself if you really need the items and don't assume that just because it's on sale, it's a bargain.

Economically and environmentally conscious shopping needs to be a priority with the massive amounts of clothes going to waste.

shopping GIF

Stay strong gals, resist the urge.

If you can't resist, we hope you get through the online queue hysteria at least.



In a move which has understandably lit a fire under Twitter users today, Sky News presenter, Stephen Dixon, appeared to draw a correlation between the clothes worn by women and the likelihood they would be sexually assaulted.

While appearing on Sunrise with co-star Isabel Webster, weather woman Nazaneen Ghaffer, journalist Sebastian Payne and professor Sarah Churchwell, Stephen put forth an idea which was ultimately shot down by his co-stars.

"Is it a dreadful thing to say that if women are out in short skirts and drunk, that they don't need to take any personal responsibility?" he asked.

Rounding on the presenter, Sarah asked: "Let me ask you a question – if you're walking down the street and you get punched in the face, are you responsible for having left your house?"

Attempting to justify his argument, Stephen responded: "I'd be responsible if I was out provoking them."

"It is not provocative to drink. It is not provocative to wear what women choose to wear," Sarah informed the presenter as Twitter went into meltdown over the anchor's extremely ill-advised remarks.

"All vulnerable ppl are complicit in their own assault? Eg when elderly robbed-shouldn't carry cash?" asked one stunned viewer in the wake of Stephen's remarks.

"Shame on you @skystephen for promoting the myth that women are 'asking for it' depending on what they wear," wrote one.

Stephen replied to the accusation, tweeting: "Nobody promoted that myth. What is terrible for everyone is when an issue can't be discussed without accusations flying."

Dismissing the presenter's ludicrous suggestion, another Twitter user contributed: "A rapist rapes a woman because he's a rapist. To even imply she's to blame is shocking."

Speaking in the aftermath of the controversy, a Sky News spokesperson attempted to clarify teh stance taken by the presenter during the debate.

“In his capacity as presenter, Stephen was playing devil’s advocate during a discussion of the controversial findings of the Fawcett report. He was not reflecting a personal view.," they said.



From the end of last year we've had every storm imaginable, from Barney to Gertrude, it seemed like they just didn't stop.

However, one Irish weather woman became a national hero when she battled it out with Storm Desmond for a once in a lifetime weather report.

Teresa became so popular that many gifs and memes were made, as well as song remixes and even a ceili dance.

Well, one Sky News weather woman is trying to take our very own Teresa Mannion's place by conducting a very similar news cast.

Joanna Simpson became the UK's national hero overnight as she was almost swept away by Storm Katie.

Very much like Teresa's report, Joanna tried to keep a straight face as the wind bashed against her and blew her hair away.

We have to say, we think Teresa's report won by a long shot as she had to battle the rain as well, but who knows, maybe we need a competition to equal things out.

There's only one weather woman able to brave a bristly storm, and that's Teresa Mannion.

*Exclaimer: This is purely for fun and we really feel sorry for Joanna having to work in that weather.*


During the week there was a lot of irritated Irish people on Twitter after Sky News reporter, Richard Suchet, said Saoirse Ronan was British and claimed her as "one of our own."

Of course, there was a huge outcry on social media, and at first the news reporter didn't back down, getting into a war of words with RTÉ on Twitter:

But, he certainly changed his tune last night as Richard, once again, took to Twitter to apologise for what he said. 

In the tweet, he stated: "On Saoirse, I apologise. It came out wrong. I know the UK can't claim her, of course. But the British would love to see her win for Ireland."

Many people retweeted his message, but of course, you can't please everyone: 



This week, a Sky News reporter referred to Saoirse Ronan as British and "one of ours."

Now, of course, many people took to social media to share their anger that Saoirse, is indeed Irish, and no, you can't claim her.

RTÉ even got involved, calling out the reporter, Richard Suchet, on what he said.

But Richard hit back at the irritated tweets and revealed, to many surprised users, that he didn't misspeak.

And it didn't end there. Richard really seemed like he wanted to start something:

When will it end?!


Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has been all over the papers this week as she does the press circuit ahead with Brooklyn ahead of awards season.

But unfortunately a few high-profile media outlets still refuse to consider her as 'Irish,' despite her Carlow upbringing and Irish passport.

Sky News made that exact faux-pas today, when discussing the BAFTA Best Actress nomination list, on which Saoirse was included.

"If we look at the leading actress category, I think we can take Saoirse Ronan as one of ours," one presenter said, also referencing (actual British person) Dame Maggie Smith.

"She's in Brooklyn, she's nominated."

German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender was another star noted as British later in the report, to really mess things up.

Hmmmm. Needless to say, Twitter went into overdrive after the unfortunate comments:

Barely a month ago, the same problem befell Saoirse, Michael and Colin Farrell as they were all nominated under 'Best British Actor/Actress' categories at the London Critics' Circle Awards.

Anyone need a map? It sounds like it…


As we all know, there is no topic more interesting to discuss than British Prime Minister David Cameron and his promises about their NHS healthcare reforms… Hmmmm. We didn’t think so either.

And it seems that we weren’t the only ones. These two guys apparently knew exactly how dull this topic was when they decided to hijack Sky News’ airtime by performing a magic trick in the background.

Reporter Ashish Joshi was standing on the grass in front of Westminster when the stage illusionists, Young and Strange, decided that this was their opportune moment to get some real airtime and put on a show.

And the result is absolutely hilarious. 




Sky News reporter Kay Burley made a rookie mistake last night during a live report about the Scottish referendum when she didn’t realise her mic was already on!

As her colleagues were handing over to her, she can be heard saying someone looks like “a bit of a knob” as she had been trying to decide with her crew whether or not the man should be shown on camera!

She obviously didn’t realise her mistake until later as she carried on reporting as if nothing had happened, though she did apologise for her language on Twitter later, saying that the man who looked like "a bit of a knob" was trying to hit her cameraman:

We really enjoy these live TV mishaps, though no one will ever beat our Aengus! “What?!”



A routine report goes horribly wrong for this Sky News reporter. Apparently the chimes of Big Ben can prove quite a distraction! Back in studio, the anchors face says it all…

This will be logged in the Sky News history books, poor chap.

Warning: contains foul language! Tut tut.