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On November 29th, Deborah Ross of The Times wrote what can only be described as a SCATHING article about influencers which began like this;

"I have a dream. It is not a big dream. I am not Martin Luther King. I only do dreams on a small scale, so it is a small-scale dream and my small-scale dream is this: might there be any way we could do a find and replace on the word “influencer” so it is replaced by “detestable freeloader” wherever it appears? So we all know what, in fact, we are dealing with."

Yikes. To add to the drama-fest, YouTuber and Blogosphere's Influencer of the Year 2018 Melanie Murphy has responded. 

We have to say, Murphy makes some noteworthy points;

Starting off her 13-minute YouTube video with a cool "Okay Deborah, calm down", she proceeds to explain the hypocrisy behind Ross' points with a level of clarity which is hard to deny.

Ross essentially slated influencers in her article, describing them as 'detestable freeloaders', essentially people who deserve to be hated because they receive complimentary items and give nothing in return.

Murphy responds by issuing the point that the media in general is funded by advertising and marketing, for example, on the bottom of Ross' article had a sponsored post, without which the article possibly would never have been read.


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Promotion and marketing absolutely surrounds us, from celebrities such as David Beckham for Adidas, Beyoncé for Pepsi, Justin Timberlake for McDonalds, Jessica Simpson for WeightWatchers, Brad Pitt for whatever cologne he's feeling that day, Julia Roberts for Lancôme, Hannah Witton for PlayStation, Holly Willoughby for Marks & Spencer etc etc.

It's inescapable. However, just because they receive free objects doesn't mean that they give nothing in return. 


Happy Holidays from the House! @house99 #House99 #HomeToYourNextLook

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The issue which Murphy takes with Ross' article is the sheer hypocrisy as well as the generalisations which she makes. She places every influencer in the same category, when many of them promote noble causes such as LGBT+ charities and organisations, cruelty-free and paraben-free beauty products, health foods, nutrition, sexual health organisations, disability and accessibility rights, chronic pain activists, and more.

Jameela Jamil's i_Weigh movement has become hugely successful, and empowers people to weigh themselves on their overall worth as a person rather than their body mass index. Jamil suffered from an eating disorder for years, and now uses promotion and Instagram to create a unified group of people who value and respect themselves. She also is a major campaigner for banning airbrushing.


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Melanie Murphy claims that every successful creative has the support of brands behind them, and receive freebies. Many of them self-fund their projects, and use the money for other causes, others simply give away any freebies which they receive.

Murphy also points out that just because they gain complimentary products does not mean that those people aren't extremely hardworking. Many influencers balance their life online with their family and a side-job.

"95% of what I show, what I wear, I pay for myself," she claims. Through advertising and word of mouth, companies can use influencers for their branding, but this doesn't undermine the level of thought which goes into choosing which brands to work with.

Murphy works with Always pads to talk openly about periods, Barclays, who sponsor Pride, a show which explores bisexuality, PicMonkey, Wella for hair dyes which work against allergies, Holland and Barrett for cruelty-free health and nutrition products.

Numerous influencers and their agents are hugely picky about who they work with, the brands must make sense for the influencers for them to collaborate with them.

"I'm always so bloody proud of my paid-for content, always. The money these brands pay me enables me to write a novel and work on more artsy things like short films which I invest in myself but don't get money back."

According to the Youtuber, the media wouldn't survive without branding and advertisements. From YouTube ads to websites, podcasts, radio, television, newspapers and magazines, advertising is saturated in our industry.

For Deborah Ross to call followers of influencers 'morons' is entirely unfair, from Melanie's point of view;

"Under-researched drivel such as this which contributes to the negative rhetoric that surrounds bloggers and influencers, thousands of hard-working people. Some of which juggle a family or another job."

Many believe for Ross to declare that influencers have done nothing to merit this lifestyle is flawed and reductive, Murphy herself demonstrates a great engagement because of how she chooses brands to work with;

"I never try sneak anything in, I'm never shady. I am lucky and I'm very grateful, I don't swan around."

Lastly, Murphy places emphasis on the fact that YouTube is a community which supports one another, they collaborate and shout each other out and lift each other up. In the journalism industry, there is minimal collaboration and no support between competing publications;

"You sit and write and you get aid to do that, there was a time where people would scoff at your job and say that that's not a real job. We actually support each other. You're not going to see The Times supporting an article from another publication."


It's International Day of Disabled Persons. This year's theme is “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusion and equality.” I think about this every day. Empowerment, inclusion, equality. It's in every story I tell. In every adventure I have. Every relationship I am in has navigated it to some extent. The other day I was talking to a friend who said, "I don't even see you as disabled, you just sit a lot for someone so active.” "I think I know what you mean, but I am disabled, it's not bad to me to be seen as disabled. When people say that, it's like they're saying, in order to accept you, I have to separate you from this thing I have a problem with. 

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She describes the loneliness which perpetuates society, and how YouTube can be used as escapism, or for self-help, for comedy, entertainment, advice or even just to connect;

"A lot of people are lonely and it's a beautiful thing to be able to connect with people through words through a lens. Families are smaller, the Church has collapsed, community has gone to shit. I feel like through my monthly blogs I encourage people to connect with their real-life friends and family"


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As Murphy points out, building a following of thousands or millions doesn't just happen for no reason.

'Detestable freeloaders' aren't just empty vessels of advertisers; they're entertainers, they're singers, actors, writers, comedians, models, creatives, editors, lighting experts, agents and so much more.

Do you agree?

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Article by Kate Brayden


Club Valentine and The Grand Social are bringing you one of the most unique sesh spots of the year, you'd be mad to miss it.

There's something maddenly satisfying about solving a case, figuring out a secret and immersing yourself in another world of drama and disguise.

"The year is 1950 and the circus has come to town. However, dark secrets are hidden beneath this big top, and not even the kookiest of clowns or the cottonest of candies can keep them hidden."

Ooohhhh, spooky. Club Valentine are debuting their Interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Extravaganza, where YOU lat witness to a murder most foul, YOU get to interview their cast of crazy characters, and YOU can piece together their twisted tale of treachery and torment.

"Enjoy the festivities while you can, because one member of this travelling troupe is about to learn that showbiz can be MURDER…"

If you're an avid murder mystery fan, this event is definitely for you. Comedy plus a decent night out plus a staged murder? HELL YEAH.

Some of the characters look hilarious, check out the full list on their Instagram

Why not go along and see if you can catch the murderer? They've got some absolutely unreal prizes, it's ideal if you and your pals are looking for a night out with a major twist – think The Hangover but with Miss Marple vibes.

Will you be a Sherlock or a Watson? Agatha Christie or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? There's only one way to find out, fam.

The deets=

Tues Nov 6, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

The Grand Social, 35 Liffey Street Lower, North City, Dublin, D01 C3N0, Ireland

Feature image: Barnham Broom


If you spent your childhood wishing you could – for just two seconds – have a go on the giant piano which lined the floor of a toy store in Big, then it’s time to re-live your youth.

Kicking off a series of seven outdoor movies which will be screened around the country throughout the summer, the Law Society in Dublin’s Blackhall Place will be showing everybody’s favourite coming of age movie at 8pm tonight, and we are PUMPED.

Not only giving the good people of Dublin the chance to kick back in the great outdoors and get their nostalgia on with pals, 7UP Free and Happenings will also be providing thirsty movie-goers with 7UP Mojito Free on arrival.

Oh, and just in case you think the giant piano will be confined to the screen, think again – Oh yes ladies, they’ve thought of everything.

So after tiring yourself out tickling the ivories, bail on to a billow bag and watch Tom Hanks get big while the sun sets over Dublin city.

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Here at SHEmazing! we particularly covet our cinema trips. In fact, there are plenty of evenings where we’d embrace the big-screen over a big night out on the town.

Which is why we are oh-so excited to see that the capital's much-loved Vue cinema has been given a seriously fancy-pants overhaul and revamp. 

Located in Liffey Valley, to mark the occasion, it is hosting a gala, Vip event on Friday, October 23 at 6.30pm.

On the evening there will be a special screening of the new Saoirse Ronan film, Brooklyn, and to celebrate, Vue has given us two pairs of tickets to giveaway. 

Almost as good, the lucky SHEmazing! users who nab the passes will also be treated to complimentary popcorn and drinks. Hurrah! 

Good luck! This competition will run until 5pm on Wednesday, October 21, so make sure you're quick.




It’s an age-old debate – who are the better drivers, women or men? Here at SHEmazing! we have found that No Nonesense have discovered the answer, with the help of the SmartDriver device.

nononsenseSmartDriver is a small self-installed device that measures how and when you drive and is available to customers under 30. SmartDriver is a service offered to customers who wish to avail of it, on a voluntary basis.

For 90 days, this device will help No Nonsense build a picture of your driving behaviour. After this period, if you qualify, you will receive cash back on your premium. No Nonsense will continue to measure your driving for a further 90 days (6 months in total) to calculate your renewal premium.

No Nonsense will not focus on minor or isolated incidences of driving – the idea is to assess your driving behaviour and calculate a driver score.

If you are under 30 you can sign up to SmartDriver and receive 10% off straight away. Simply plug in a device and drive. The better you drive the more you score. Score over 55 to get some more cash back. Score over 70 to get an additional 20% cash back. That’s a total saving of 30%. Sound good to us!

To celebrate the fact that women are better drivers than Men, with thanks to No Nonsense we are giving you the chance to win a €100 Dundrum voucher.

To enter follow the steps below.


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Exposure to the cold, harsh weather can leave our hands cracked, dry and may even cause them to age prematurely.

Roger&Gallet have launched two new moisturisers which are especially for dry to very dry skin and come in a thick balm texture with a relaxing fragrance. The hand & nail balms nourish, repair and protect the hands and contain no colourants, no parabens and no silicones.

Roger&Gallet Bienfaits balm is for hands and nails with aloe vera and is enriched with five red berries whose antioxidant properties can slow down premature ageing of the skin on your hands.

Roger&Gallet Fleur de Figuier balm is for hands and nails enriched in shea butter and contains the gentle scent of fig extract.

Simply massage Roger&Gallet balm into your hands and nails in the morning and throughout the day as needed. Each hand balm moisturises and softens your skin for lasting hydration.

The moisturisers come in handy, handbag-friendly 30ml tubes, meaning you can take them on the go.

To celebrate the launch of these new Roger&Gallet Hand Balms  are giving one lucky SHEmazing! fan the chance to win a Roger & Gallet hamper worth €100! We also have four sets of their new hand balms to give away.

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If you love cooking but have a habit of burning things, you will absolutely adore Sharon Hearne-Smith’s cookbook No-Bake Baking! No oven is required for these simple treats, all you need is a fridge, freezer, microwave or blender.

To make your Monday that little bit brighter we have two books to give away. Yes TWO! All you have to do is follow us on Instagram and Twitter. And remember sharing is caring, so tag two friends. 

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Based on a true story, MILLION DOLLAR ARM is an inspirational and uplifting journey packed with funny moments which celebrates teamwork, commitment and what it means to be a family. With business failing, struggling US sports agent JB Bernstein (Jon Hamm) travels to India in a last ditch effort to save his career by finding a young cricketer to turn into a major sports star. With the help of a cantankerous retired talent scout (Alan Arkin) JB sets up a national contest called “The Million Dollar Arm” and discovers Rinku (played by Life of Pi’s Suraj Sharma) and Dinesh (Slumdog Millionaire’s Madhur Mittal), two 18-year-old boys who have a knack for throwing a fastball. Hoping to make a quick buck he brings them to LA to train, however the boys, who have never left their rural villages before, struggle as they try to adjust to their new life and cope with the pressure being heaped on them. His livelihood on the line and relationship with the boys at stake, with the help of his friend Brenda (Lake Bell) JB realizes that family and friendships are more important than sealing the deal.

From Walt Disney Pictures, MILLION DOLLAR ARM is released in cinemas August 29.

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It’s competition time! We have an amazing hamper of YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics goodies to give away to one lucky winner.

The hamper includes Mineral Primer, Setting Powder, Mineral Foundation and more!

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