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Selena Gomez looks healthy and refreshed in the first photos of the star since entering a treatment facility for anxiety and depression in October.

The Wolves singer went on a fun field trip to the snow in Big Bear, California, yesterday.

The star was all smiles on her day out with friends, including her former Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Bailee Madison.


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Selena wore a black outfit for her outdoor activities, striking a pose with her friends and looking healthier than ever after snow-tubing.

Gomez entered a treatment facility for anxiety and depression last October following her struggle and ongoing issues with Lupus, a disease which caused her to require a kidney transplant in 2017.

After undergoing a trip to hospital in September, the star appeared under a huge amount of strain. 

A source told E! News that Selena "started to feel super overwhelmed" but just a week after entering the treatment centre she was "already feeling better than she did last week." 


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Since leaving her treatment programme in New York, Selena hasn't made many public outings or appearances.

She utilised dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), a form of cognitive-behavioural psychology, while receiving treatment.

The 26-year-old told Vogue in 2017 that  "DBT has completely changed my life," adding,

"I wish more people would talk about therapy. We girls, we're taught to be almost too resilient, to be strong and sexy and cool and laid-back, the girl who's down. We also need to feel allowed to fall apart."


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The former Disney star seems to rely a lot on her friendships for support during times of tough mental and physical health.

During a photoshoot for a campaign, she had her friends join her on set;

"I don't know what I would be without my friends. They've saved my life, they've been there for me through the thick and thin of it all," she said in a video for SGxPUMA.

We're so glad for Selena that she has such loyal friends, and wish her all the best with her health in future.

She's truly inspiring, it can't be easy to discuss mental health under the public eye.


The Kardashian-Jenners might be all aboard the drama train Kanye West launched at Taylor Swift earlier this year, but when it comes to business-based in-house disputes the family's united front seems to wane in a pretty obvious way.

And as the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has revealed, the one thing that Kanye does not want the family messing with are his fashion interests.

On Sunday night's show it was revealed that Kanye was totally pissed when his mother-in-law Kris Jenner landed a major sportswear campaign with Puma for her daughter Kylie a few months back.  

Why?  Because Ye was afraid the deal could have affected his relationship with one of the sportswear giant's main rivals, Adidas.

In scenes filmed during a family dinner in Cuba, Kanye compared the deal to him heading off to film his own reality TV series without informing the famous fam.

He said: “So they offered me a deal and I like did it and didn’t tell none of y’all and brought all of my cool friends.  Like now it’ Jay-Z, Beyonce, all on the show.”



The controversial rapper's point was accepted by Khloé who said: “I don’t agree with going against the family in that way.  I think Kylie, whoever, should have presented it to Kanye first.”

“One hundred percent,” said Kim.

But not everyone was in agreement that Kanye should have been given the heads up by family momager Kris Jenner who had not only sealed the Puma deal for Kylie, but had previously tried to get her daughter a deal with Adidas in a move which could have had a major knock-on effect on Kanye's deal with the brand.  

In a later scene Kris tells Kim that it “goes with the territory of wearing all these different hats and being mom and manager” and that “sometimes it’s about a business decision which is completely not personal”.  Ouch!

However Kris does eventually back down by recognising she may have taken her momager role a step too far by saying: “Well…sometimes I get ahead of myself too.  And sometimes I forget to communicate the way I maybe should.  So I feel bad – but it wasn’t intentional.”

And so all's well that ends well in the world of the Kardashians.



Yaaaas Kylie!

Kylie Jenner is the latest celebrity to be picked up by Puma, and her first official campaign shots landed last night.

Although the main focus of the €1m deal is to promote the "zero excuses" Puma Fierce runners, it's Kylie's leggings (oh, and those abs) that had us looking twice this morning.

Above is the first snap, posted by an "excited" Kylie in her role as Puma brand ambassador.

And here's the second, shared on the official Puma Instagram moments later:

Puma, who also signed Rihanna to create an athleisure wear range last year, first teased news of Kylie's campaign last month, much to the distress of her brother-in-law Kanye West.

After Kylie took to the catwalk for Yeezy Season II last year, Kanye obviously had her pegged as a loyal Adidas soldier, even confidently telling reporters that she'd "never" work with Puma despite the ongoing rumours. Oops.

Kanye later went on to explain that his sister-in-law had signed the lucrative deal in secret, adding that there was no bad blood… at least not anymore.

"She had already signed and I was mad for a little bit… but I'm really happy for her though."

Somehow we doubt that…



So we all thought that Kylie Jenner's deal to work with sportswear brand Puma was dead in the water after being subjected to a Kanye Twitter attack. 

But as it turns out (and as we expected), Kanye's now daily Twitter rants actually have no impact on real life proceedings. 

Considering Puma is a direct competitor to Kanye's Yeezy collection with Adidas, the rapper was simply not having a member of the Kardashian clan working with a rival sportswear brand. 

"1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That's on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!" came the furious tweets as news outlets began to report on Kylie's deal. 

"Puma we gone give you your measly million dollars back!!! Never try to divide the family!!!"

Well, consider the family divided as Puma officially confirm that Kylie will be the face of an upcoming campaign for the brand. 

"I am pleased and excited to be able to confirm that Puma is indeed working with Kylie Jenner. Kylie will be featured in the brand’s SS women’s training campaign launching in April 2016," said the brand's global director, Adam Petrick. 

"Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion and we couldn’t think of a more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign for Puma.”

And Kylie must be excited to have another million dollars rolling into the bank, if she even notices anymore. 



After Rihanna's sell-out shoe collaboration with Puma (you know, the shoes we are STILL yearning after), the sportswear brand got the pop-star on board for a stint as creative director. 

And with the new collection debuting yesterday at New York Fashion Week, we have to say the results were pretty impressive. 

The star-studded event featured model powerhouses Gigi and Bella Hadid with some questionable new hairstyles. 

The models all rocked 'ice-queen' style hair, with the roots painted in what looked like white paint. We reckon it was a nightmare to wash out. 

The collection was very Rihanna featuring a lot of racy styles, black, lot's of skin and over-sized, slouchy and urban silhouettes. 

We don't know about you, but we reckon we will be pining after this collection too. 


Yesterday, it was reported that Kylie Jenner signed a seven-figure deal to be the new face of Puma, as well as its brand ambassador.

But in a weird turn of events, Kylie's brother-in-law Kanye has gone on yet another Twitter rant about how Kylie is on the "Yeezy team."

Kylie has walked in two of Kanye's fashion shows, so it seems that the rapper might be feeling a little pressure ahead of the release of his new line and album.

The 38-year-old took to Twitter to share his views (again) and even said that the brand can even have its money back:

As we all know, Kanye has his own shoe line with Adidas, and he clearly doesn't want Kylie to make any money for his competition.

So, is Kanye right or is this just another stunt since his album is about to land? 


Not only is she making her own beauty empire, but Kylie Jenner has reportedly been asked to be the new face of sports brand, Puma.

Not shy of a photoshoot, Us Weekly reports that the reality star will only take on the role as "brand ambassador" and won't be designing anything like Rihanna did last year.

While neither Kylie or Puma have confirmed the story, it's looking pretty solid. Kylie even retweeted a news piece about it this morning.

We do think she'll be an insanely cool cover girl for the brand though and we're expecting a very edgy vibe coming from her.


It seems to be one gig after the other for Rihanna these days.

The singer is already balancing being a creative director of Puma, her own beauty line, a new movie role AND her upcoming album ANTI – but being the ultimate Bad Gal, she's not stopping there. 

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that RiRi quietly started her own styling, hair and make-up agency with her managing partner, Benoit Demouy.

The new venture is named Fr8me and is based in LA. Their plan for the agency is to style artists for booking commercials, editorial photoshoots, advertisement campaigns and red-carpet appearances. 

Rihanna spoke to THR on her new business saying, "Hair, makeup and styling play an important role in creativity​. I am very involved with that part of my process, so this agency was an organic thing for me to do." 

And Ri has already lined up hotshot staff to work in her new business. Her make-up artist Mylah Morales is taking to the main stage along with Taraji P Hensson's stylist, Jason Bolden and celebrity hair stylists Marcia Hamilton and Patricia Morales.

Along with her partner, Rihanna is planning to use social media to drive her new venture. 

"The industry's changed so much — rates have gone down, and clients just grab images off social media, trying to bypass paying artists. But we're concerned with social media, too — we'll take a makeup artist with 500,000 followers over someone else."

There's no word yet on which celebrity clients  plan to work with the agency, but one thing's for sure – we'd have a Bad Gal Riri makeover any day. 



We've waited a while for this!

Almost a year ago, Rihanna was named as the Creative Director of Puma. Her new role was to "create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio."

Seems simple enough, but as the months went by, there was no sign of anything Rihanna-based coming from the footwear brand. 

Yesterday, pictures were uploaded to Instagram which gave a sneak peak into the new shoe box and footwear which might mean the singers designs are coming soon!

Although the box looks a bit bruised and battered, we're looking forward to this release since Ri-Ri has been wearing one-of-a-kind Puma runners for months now! They will be hitting stores late September and will have multiple colourway options.

We're ready for them!



We thought that we knew Rihanna as an eight-time Grammy winning pop star and social media extraordinaire (check out her Snapchat stories for guaranteed laughs).

Now though, it has finally happened: Riri is set to have her very own fashion line.

Never one to just go with the crowd when it comes to her fashion choices, the one-time creative director for Puma and the River Island collaborator is going to have her very own line of clothing. Yay!

According to reports by Grazia the Umbrella singer has filed an application with the US Patent And Trademarks Office for the name $CHOOL Kills. The patent is filed under “leather products” and “clothing products” categories.

If the rumours are true and the patent filings mean what we all hope they mean, this would be Rihanna’s first ever exclusive clothing line.

Not too surprising considering Rihanna has had previous ventures into the fashion industry.

Her Rihanna For River Island designs were responsible for boosting the retailer's sales in 2014.

But given their chief executive Ben Lewis has previous said there were no further collaborations planned with the singer, we’ve all been hoping her unique style choices would be available to us mere mortals soon.

We're thinking lots of sport luxe bomber jackets and dramatic maxi dresses. Also, plenty of gold accessories and snapbacks. 

While we wait impatiently for further news on Riri’s future fashion adventures, we can always check in with the superstar’s Instagram account for some fashion inspiration.

After all, no one rocks a crop top or over the knee socks quite like this fashion icon. 



Rihanna must be celebrating in a big way today!

The singer has always had a serious love for fashion, but she's really taking things to the next level with this newest project. Riri took to social media this morning to announce that she had accepted the role of creative director with sportswear label Puma. The multi-year partnership will allow her to oversee the brand's entire female line.

Although it's not uncommon for celebrities to collaborate with big name brands, Rihanna's role is a legitimate high-level position with the company.

According to the brand's reps, the singer will "design and customise classic Puma styles as well as create new styles to add to the product portfolio."

The Diamonds singer teased the news earlier today with this snap on Instagram, captioned "on the dotted line #PUMA":

Shortly after she revealed her big news with this picture of her getting up close and personal with the Puma sign, captioning it, "the face you make when you the Creative Director of a sportswear company #PUMA":

Speaking about Rihanna's new role and her appointment as Puma's global ambassador, the company's CEO Bjorn Gulden said, "Her global profile, her charisma and individuality, her ambition – all these things make her a perfect ambassador for our brand."

We can't wait to see what she designs!