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It might be their first Christmas together as a couple, but Adam Collard and Zara McDermott won't be spending it together.

The Love Island stars, who are one of three couples still remaining from the show, will be with their families on Christmas Day.

Zara confirmed that the pair had spoken about it and decided that it was best if they went to their hometowns for the day.


Baby baby

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The 21-year-old told OK! online that, ''Because Adam’s family’s in Newcastle and my family are in Essex, I said to him I’m not fussed about him being with me for Christmas.''

She continued, ''Because I’m with him all the other time of the year, I think it’s important to be with our families. So I said to him, ‘if you want to spend time with your family and I’ll be with mine then we’ll just see each other on Boxing Day.’''

She added, ''I’m not fussed about him being with me on Christmas Day, it doesn't bother me.''

She went on to say that her birthday is the week before and she was happy if she spent that day with her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Zara also spoke about the upcoming Love Island Christmas reunion and how her friend Ellie Brown was feeling about coming face to face with her ex Charlie Brake.

Zara said, ''It will be the first time her and Charlie have spoken since they split. The thing with Ellie is she’s got absolutely nothing to be worried about, nothing to be concerned about.''

She continued, ''If he was to say anything to try and be nasty to her it would just completely backfire for him because everyone loves her, everyone knows she’s an amazing girl and knows that he’s just not a very nice person clearly. I think it’s gonna get a bit ugly if I’m honest.”

We LEGIT cannot wait. 


They might have been at the centre of controversy not too long ago, but it seems that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are fully embracing the Christmas spirit

After Kylie slammed fake photos claiming Travis has been unfaithful to her, she uploaded a video of his and hers Christmas presents.


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In a clip posted on her Instagram Story on Friday,  the 21-year-old showed off the “first two gifts under the tree” this year.

She zoomed in on two gold-wrapped gifts, one with a “Daddy” tag and the other with a “Wifey” one.

The video, which has since been deleted, has gotten fans talking about whether or not the pair are married.


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However, the couple frequently refer to each other as wifey” and “hubby,” and seem to be in no rush to tie the knot, rather they are focusing on raising heir 10-month-old daughter, Stormi.

Kylie has been posting regularly about her little on on her Instagram.

She uploaded a gorgeous snap of the tot on a plane, captioning it, ''Stormi takes the snow'' with a bow emoji.

She also posted several pictures of her carrying the little one, both of them wearing matching beanie hats. 

Being Stormi's first Christmas and Kylie's first as a mum, we're sure they are all so excited to spend it together. 


We all know that friend who has a SERIOUS case of Netflix addiction, and if you don't know which member of your friend group it is… then it's you.

From the Orange is the New Black days, to Black Mirror to the more recent Riverdale phenomenon, certain shows on Netflix really know how to reel us in.

There are days when we don't even get out of bed, all we do is watch shows over and over again and only pause for occasional snacking and bathroom breaks.

It's called dedication, people.

sad bbc GIF

Here are a few key items on the gift list for those Netflix addicted friends or family members, or even just for yourself.

1. Noise cancelling headphones

If your Netflix-addicted gift recipient really appreciates their streaming game, they NEED noise-cancelling headphones.

Or else how can they show how dedicated they are to their true craft? We recommend these audio-technica headphones, you won't be interrupted by anything except good-quality Netflix.

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Price: €108.33

2. Wearable blanket with sleeves…of course…

Any decent Netflix fan needs the ultimate blanket for their watching needs.

This snuggie blanket has SLEEVES, so there's no need to get tangled in your blankie and trip as you take a much-needed bathroom break or stock up on snacks.

It's practical, it's cosy, it's a gift.

Buy: New Chic
Price: €15.06

3. Reusable water bottle 

24Bottles have created the perfect reusable water bottle in their Eclipse pattern, and a Netflix addict has to stay hydrated while they're carrying out all of that bingeing.

This one is great value, environmentally friendly, sleek and lightweight. What better gift for a Stranger Things nerd than the present of H2O hydration?

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Price; €14.93

4. Huggable Alpaca Cooling & Heating Pad

Each and every one of us could make use out of this precious baby alpaca cooling and heating pad.

If we're bingeing on Netflix shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Riverdale, temperature has to be taken into account.

You may get overheated watching Archie Andrews on screen, or need some warming up after seeing the creepiest show of aLL TIME; The Haunting of Hill House.

Either way, the alpaca is bae.

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5. Lovato Candles

You'll be needing a top class atmosphere while you dedicate the rest of your life to streaming services.

Candles are ideal for your shrine to Netflix Christmas movies such as The Holiday, Love Actually, The Princess Switch, A Christmas Prince and The Christmas Chronicles.

Get yourself in the mood for some treat yourself time.

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6. Fairy lights

Setting the mood involves creating the perfect lighting.

Fairy lights are your best buddy when it comes to getting a sense of total relaxation and cool vibes for your Netflix sessions.

Festive Lights have some unreal ones on offer, including these ORCHID ones, which we are frankly dying to buy. Dying. Dead. Deceased.

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7. Ice Cream… for obvious reasons.

Whether you're watching a sob story, rom-com or straight-up horror, you'll be needing some frozen yoghurt or ice cream to keep you company.

Irish brand Nobó make dairy-free frozen yoghurt that is honestly one of the best things we have EVER tasted. 10/10 would recommend for a Netflix friend.

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Price: Ranges by product

8. Luxurious fur throw blanket

Surround yourself with luxurious fur as you stretch out on the sofa and watch yet another TV programme.

You know how it is… promise yourself it will only be 'one more episode', and four seasons of Drag Race later, you're sprawled out on the ground covered in popcorn.

Have this gorgeous fur blanket with you for support, at least?

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Price: €119

9. Just Eat voucher

For Netflix nights with the gals, a night in watching movies with your significant other or just to stock up on food for yourself, Just Eat vouchers will go a long way.

You'll need all of that energy to finish Black Mirror, trust us.

Buy: Just Eat
Price; Whatever your bank balance allows

10. Stranger Things Monopoly board

We have no idea who came up with this absolutely outstanding idea but we THANK THEM.

Play the classic monetary board game with Eleven, Mike, Hopper, Lucas, Will, Joyce, Mike and Nancy and prepare to battle against the Upside Down… cash money style.

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Price: €29.99

11. Rick and Morty mug

The classic animated satiric comedy has resulted in an absolutely MASSIVE fanbase, and every fanbase needs a mug. FACT.

This Rick and Morty mug is the best thing you'll see today, the alcoholic science genius is the perfect face to have on any drink holder.

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Price: €14.99

12. Riverdale Southside Serpents t-shirt

Riverdale fans, your time has come.

If you want to feel fierce in your Southside Serpents gear, try this Red Bubble t-shirt to get in the gang zone and embody your inner Jughead Jones.

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13. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic book

Read the basis behind Netflix' hit series, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

The young half-witch Sabrina Spellman must decide between an unearthly destiny or her mortal life on her sixteenth birthday.

Archie Comics' most recent horror sensation is a decent read, consider it 'research' for your Netflix binge.

Buy: Book Depository
Price: €13.94

14. 'I Do Marathons' t-shirt

Ah, the classic humorous t-shirt relating to how lazy you are. Perfect for a gift.

We're all human, and good quality humans have extreme Netflix marathons. It's just life.

If you don't do it, we can't understand you as a person.

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Price: €17.72

15. Gourmet popcorn maker

Why make microwave popcorn when you can create your own gourmet popcorn in this gourmet contraption from Brown Thomas?

Your Netflix loving pal will shower you with gratitude for this present, we promise.

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Price: €30

There you have it, friends.

All of the gifts and goods you'll need for the perfect Netflix bingeing session this Christmas.

Enjoy waking up covered in melted chocolate and regret at losing the last 26 hours to whatever show has changed your life.


She looks like an Irish cailin if there ever was one.

And now Angela Scanlon has shown us all how much her homeland means to her.

The 34-year-old had posted on her social media about the annual heading-home-for-Christmas and it's made us all a little proud of our country.

The TV presenter might hail originally from County Meath but she has called the UK her home for a number of years now. 

However, that all changes when it comes to Christmas. 


A post shared by ANGELA SCANLON (@angelascanlon) on

Angela took to Instagram to post a stunning image of her sitting somewhere on the Wild Atlantic Way, looking out at the sea.

She captioned it, ''We’re not quite there yet but that trip home for Christmas is one of my favourite of the year. Excess baggage, mammoth to-do lists, frantic meet-ups, lingering hugs (sounds creepy) and pints in Grogan’s.''

She continued, ''And then…QUIET. After a few days eating my weight stuffing and penny sweets I get cabin fever and need OUT! Cliff walks and forest rambles and 50 shades of green. I feel like an American tourist let loose.''

Her followers couldn't agree with her more and the comments section was buzzing with how great the Emerald Isle is at this time of the year.


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One said, ''Sure we can't help it! The more we're we're away from the aul sod the more we long to return!'' followed by a shamrock and green love heart emojis. 

While another wrote, ''Ireland at Christmas is the best and my favourite place!''

Angela has welcomed her first baby this year with her husband Roy Horgan –  a little girl named Ruby, who will celebrate her first birthday in February.

We're sure Christmas in Ireland will be even more special than usual this year. 


It's a modern-day Christmas classic that everyone loves. 

It's Richard Curtis being the most Richard Curtis he can be and it has a stellar cast that includes everyone from Emma Thompson to Mr Bean to Bill Nighy as an old rock star trying to cling onto his music career.

What more could you want in a festive flick?

However, there has been murmurings that there is a few questionable plot lines going on in Love Actually.

And now actor Gabriel Bisset-Smith has taken to social media to point one of them out.

He wrote, ''It’s that time of year where we all have to remember that Love Actually has THREE separate storylines about old men sleeping with women who work for them. #romance.''

The 2003 movie is made up of an ensemble cast and their intertwining stories in the lead up to Christmas. 

Gabriel addresses three sub-plots in the movie that all are centred on older men having relationships with younger women that they work with – and all the men are their bosses.

There is Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), a secretary to the Prime Minster (Hugh Grant), Portuguese Aurelia, a housekeeper to heartbroken Jamie (Colin Firth) and Harry (Alan Rickman) who is having an emotional affair with his employee Mia (Heike Makatch).

Gabriel's post started a conversation about these sub-plots. 

One wrote, ''I fail to see your point. A significant percentage of romantic relationships begin ‘in the workplace’, so this is merely an accurate representation' to which someone replied, ''It's the power imbalance that is the issue.''

While another commented, ''Unless we are saying that no two people who work together or have ever worked together can have a relationship under any circumstances.''

Hmmmm, we're not entirely convinced – what do you think? 


It's the time for celebration as graduation ceremonies are still on-going around the country, Christmas is on its way and we look forward to a New Year.

Moët has always been a key-part of our parties and they've now launched something that would make a very special event – that bit extra.

They're offering a personalised pop with a typed or handwritten message which is then transferred onto the bottle.

It's a gorgeous gift or a very special touch to your own magic moment.


A post shared by Moët & Chandon Official (@moetchandon) on

Furthermore, personalisation is FREE for the Moët & Chandon Imperial range, from Mini (200ml) to Methuselah (6L) bottle.

Moët & Chandon has also unveils its holiday-season bottle designed in homage to the perennial refinement of the French “art of living” – and it's STUNNING.

The elegantly festive and highly symbolic limited-edition bottle is perfectly titled “Tribute to French Art-de-Vivre”.

Take an enchanting journey and taste French excellence and swirl that glass like a true connoisseur this Christmas – g'wan gal. 


A post shared by Moët & Chandon Official (@moetchandon) on

If that doesn't tickle your champagne fancy, you can get an equally memorable moment this holiday season by gifting a limited edition Mini Moët & Chandon Cracker.

Available in Moët Brut and Rosé Impérial, each special gift set contains a Mini Moët 200ml with a crown, a riddle & confetti. 

For all your Moët needs check out Brown Thomas who have all these exclusive treats.

This is definitely going on the Christmas list. 



Listen up beauty fans.

This time of year is when we want to look out most glam but realise that our bank accounts cannot support this.

So what's a gal to do?

Bargain time, right?

We've gathered a few beauty bits and pieces that won't break the bank but will make you feel like the bell of the ball this festive season.

La Roche Posay Cleansing Christmas Gift Set

Available in selected retailers, €24.00

Too Faced – 'Sexy Prime Time' Makeup Gift Set

Image result for 'Sexy Prime Time' Makeup Gift Set

debenhams.ie, €14.00

L'Oreal Paris Millionized Lashes Eye Kit Gift Set For Her

littlewoodsireland.ie, €18.99

Burt's Bees Treat Pot

littlewoodsireland.ie, €10.99

Cruella De Vil Lipstick

Cruella De Vil Lipstick

www.primark.com, €4.00

Cocoa Brown GOLDEN GODDESS Shimmer Oil

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cocoabrown.ie, €11.95

Waxperts Advent Calendar

Image of Waxperts Advent Calendar 2018

waxperts.bigcartel.com, €10.00

BENEFIT Confection Cuties Mini Makeup Trio

arnotts.ie, €17.55

All Covered Under Eye Concealer

All Covered Under Eye Concealer (see shade matching guide)

inglot.ie, €20.00

Luxury Gift Mini Bar Small

bareessentials.ie, €15.00

ELIZABETH ARDEN Grand Entrance Mascara Set

arnotts.ie, €27.00

Mini Hollywood Liquid Lipstick Charms


charlottetilbury.com, €21.00

SMASHBOX Always On Liquid Lipstick Duo

arnotts.ie, €12.60

LANCOME Monsieur Big Mascara Gift Set

arnotts.ie, €24.75

Yves Saint Laurent – 'Elle' eau de parfum natural spray

debenhams.ie, Now € 40.50 – € 52.00, Was € 81.00 – € 104.00

VOGUE NAILS Amazing Manicure & Pedicure Offers at Vogue Nails, Dublin 1

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pamper.ie, RRP from €20Now from €15

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED collection

€72.00, Worth €163.75

Yves Saint Laurent – 'Manifesto' eau de parfum 50ml