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Twitter users have accused Lily Allen of 'glamorising' drug use after she posted a photo of herself being carried away from an award ceremony after accidently taking ketamine. 

The singer shared the pictures, which were taken at the 2008 Glamour Awards, in response to a follower who asked her to give "the best reason you've kicked out of an event, building or group."

"Someone gave me a line of what I assumed to be cocaine at the Glamour awards once, but it turned out to be Ketamine. I was thrown out (passed over some railings) of the Glamour awards for being in a k hole," she wrote. 

She went on to explain how the security guards removed her from the venue put her into a taxi.

Unable to direct the driver, Lily's assistant instructed her brother Alfie Allen and chat show host Alan Carr to follow in the car behind. 

When asked if he remembered the night in question, Alan Carr was able to pick up where Lily left off. 

Many Twitter users were quick to criticise the photos, with many suggesting that Lily's experience was nothing to be proud of. 

However, others offered their support for the star who has openenly stuggled with drug and alcohol abuse in the past.


Just when you thought you knew absolutely everything about Friends, an eagle-eyed fans spots something that stops you right in your tracks. 

Whether it's pointing out how much of a d*ck Ross actually, or highlighting the blink-and-you'll-miss-it filming errors, it seems that fans of the show love to analysis every little detail. 

However, the latest fan-theory to come to light actually makes a lot of sense. 

According to Metro.co.uk, one Twitter user has come to the conclusion that Monica and Ross HAD to be brother and sister in order for the sitcom to work. 

It seems that had the pair not been blood relatives, everyone would have sided with Carol in the divorce, meaning the show's dynamics would have been thrown completely off balance. 

While the theory has not yet been confirmed by any of the show's creators, many Twitter users seem to think Emily's hypothesis was bang on the money. 

However, many others were quick to jump to Ross' defence, reminding Emily how it how Carol who cheated on Ross – not the other way around. 



Last night's Eurovision final was one of the most exciting in recent memory. 

Not only were Ireland competing in it for the first time in five years, but the wacky performances, gorgeous outfits and the odd stage invader made it a spectacle to watch. 

As expected, Irish folk gathered to watch the events unfold on screen, and while the show was amazing, the real action was all happening on Twitter.

With disappointment, anguish, and plenty of Father Ted references, here are some of the best reactions to last night's Eurovision final.  











Any Harry Potter fan worth their weight in chocolate frogs will know that today, May 2, marks the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. 

The climatic war between good and evil, which played out in the final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was responsible for the deaths of some of the series' best-loved characters. 

Every year, JK Rowling honours those fallen soldiers by apologising for their brutal and untimely deaths – and this year is no different. 

Tweeting this morning, the author paid tribute to the one and only, Dobby the house elf. 

“This year, I apologise for killing someone who didn’t die during the #BattleofHogwarts, but who laid down his life to save the people who’d win it," she wrote. 

“I refer, of course, to Dobby the house elf.”

For those od you who don't remember, Dobby suffered a knife wound at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange while trying to save Harry and his friends from the Death Eaters. 

A true hero. In life and in death.

Rowling has previously apologised for the deaths of Severus Snape, Fred Weasley and Remus Lupin. 



As posters and billboards from both sides of the campaign continue to take over our cities and towns, the debate around the upcoming abortion referendum is well and truly under way. 

As more and more politicians and high profile figures make their stance on the issue known, an unearthed news piece from 1980s proves that President Michael D. Higgins made up his mind a long time ago. 

Recognising the equal right to life of the mother and the unborn, the Eight Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland came into effect after it was approved by referendum on September 7, 1983. 

The move was backed Fianna Fáil and some member of Fine Gael, though was generally opposed by the political left. 

Michael D, who was serving as the Mayor of Galway at the time, shared his thoughts on the amendment saying how it expressed "no concern for the thousands of women who begin a lonely journey on the boat to England." 

"Mr Higgins said that the opening speeches in last week's Dáil debate 'were monumental in their hypocrisy," and reminded him "of what Davitt said 100 years ago, that if the Irish had a weakness worse than drink, it was moral cowardice," the article reads. 

"'It expresses no concern for the thousands of women who begin a lonely journey on the boat to England. It's a callous referendum. The people behind it are mounting campaigns that are sinister and undemocratic and only half above the surface,' he said." 

The excerpt was posted by Twitter use Maurice Casey, who said he nothing but respect for the now President. 


Reigning queen of Twitter (and our hearts) Chrissy Teigen has once again proved she's an absolute gas bitch with her response to Kim Kardashian's latest nude photo. 

Earlier this week, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a photo of herself covered in plaster as she made a mould of her body so that it could be used as the shape of her new perfume bottle. 

The photo sparked quite the debate online with many people comparing the concept to the classic Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle, while others accused the star of posting the naked picture in order to stay relevant. 

However, if there's one person you can trust to see the lighter side of any situation, it's Chrissy Teigen. 

The model, who is currently pregnant with her second child, responded to the post by saying how she was going to release a rival perfume from a mould of her "giant body", which would ultimately sell better because customers would get more bang for their buck. 

“Well I’m going to put out a COMPETING PERFUME from a mold of my giant body and it will hold TWICE as much perfume as your bottle and the people will get MORE perfume,” she wrote. 

And while the response was obviously meant in jest, we definitely wouldn't say no to a Chrissy fragrance. 



Disney fans were left baffled yesterday after a bleak tweet from the company's official Twitter page went viral. 

The post in question, which was posted on Sunday, featured a GIF of the classic character Pinocchio, along with the caption: "When someone compliments you, but you're dead inside." 

Needless to say, this type of dark humour isn't exactly in keeping with joyful and happy vibes that Disney are so famous for, leaving followers to question whether the tweet was meant to be posted or not. 

It amassed just under 30,000 retweets and countless comments before it was pulled, with many followers demanding an explanation for the sinister caption. 

One theory behind the off-brand tweet is that the company was attempting to reach millennials with a 'sharable' and 'relatable' meme, but the execution didn't exactly go to plan.

Of course, not everyone was offended, and some people actually praised Disney for stepping away from its sugar-coated online persona. 

Like it or not, the post was not intended to offend anyone, and once you take Disney out of the equation, it's actually pretty funny. 



It’s been the highlight of every Sunday night for the past 6 weeks, for one glorious hour at the end of the weekend the nation collectively came together on Twitter to share their opinions on walls, windows, secret doors and Dermot’s favourite… open plan living areas. 

RTÉ's Room To Improve has become somewhat of a national institution – after all, there's nothing like a bit of begrudgery to bring the community together. 

To ease the Dermot Bannon shaped void in our life, we present to you the top 3 most Tweeted about episodes, so you can relive the magic of one of the most iconic series yet. 

1. Coming in at the number one spot it's Katie and Padraig from the farm in Tipperary.  

It was drama from the get-go with this pair, and with a number of clashes over the benefits of an open plan house wreacking havoc on the build, a nation united in Dermot's favour. 

2. Who could forget Christine and her massive wish list? 

This episode was without a doubt one of the most talked about moments of Irish television this year, with viewers flocking to Twitter to give their two cents. 

3. And last but not least, in third place is the nation's favourite couple, Daniel and Majella. 

We learned a lot about one of our national treasures – namely his love of secret doorways and luxury ensuits. 

As what is arguably the show's greatest series comes to end, you can catch up on all the best moments during this weekend's highlights episode on RTÉ. 

Until next year! 


Now more than ever, people are starting to realise that none is immune to mental health issues. In fact, figures from Mental Health Ireland indicate that one in four of us is likely to experience poor mental during our lifetime, ranging from general everyday worries or low periods in your life, to more serious long-term conditions. 

Poor mental health can manifest in a variety of ways, be that anxiety, depression, bipolar, eating disorders, or a combination of one or more of the above, and the response to such conditions can differ from person to person. 

It is that broad spectrum of symptoms, signs, and often unpredictable reactions, that make it such a difficult illness to understand, and now sufferers have taken to Twitter to share the things they wish people knew about mental health


If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that dogs really are too pure for this world. 

Aside from being downright adorable, their loyal and caring nature is often wasted on us mere humans, and honestly they deserve so much more. 

And that's not even to mention the thousands of service dogs that devote their lives to helping people with disabilities, whose good work of course earns them and extra special treat every now and again. 

Twitter user Nicole Brown spread some joy across the internet this weekend when she posted photos of Labradors and Golden Retrievers stopping for a break while they sported their cutest Disney attire. 

It was later revealed that the adorable doggos were from Canine Companions, a service which provides highly trained and skilled service dogs to people with disabilities, particularly autism.

The field trip is just one of the ways the company rewards the dogs for all their hard work, but as well as being a fun day out, it also serves as a fundamental part of their training. 

As theme parks are filled withe huge crowds, small children and loud noise, the exercise teaches the dog how to cope in stressful situations.

Our hearts ever never felt so full!

Feature Image // Twitter 


The art of writing fiction is expressed differently by everyone who seeks to pursue the challenge of crafting a novel.

However, some female fiction fans have noticed that female-identifying characters in some male-written novels are rather two-dimensional. 

One Twitter user challenged the internet to describe themselves like the trope of a male author would. 

While there are undoubtedly hundreds of esteemed male authors, the responses to the call were quite familiar:



Ah, April Fool's. That one day of the year the when some the world's least funny people unite over a love of bad jokes and ridiculous fibs. 

Sure, we loved the chaos it cause when we were children – after all, what seven-year-old doesn't get a kick out of telling their mother they put bleach in the washing machine – but as we grow up, the mischievous air around the first day of April is replaced by copious amounts of eye-rolling and sighing. 

At the end of the day, it's all a bit of fun, and perhaps we're just too old and cynical to see the pint in any of it, but after a quick scroll through Twitter, it's safe to say we're not the only ones who feel this way. 

Here's some of our favourite anti-April Fool's tweets so far. 

1.  … yay! 

2. It's the best way.

3. Ruining it for everyone. 

4. Just the tip of the iceberg tbh. 

5. We'll all get caught out sooner or later.

6. He's got a point. 

7. It's honestly not even worth it.

8. Let's just do away with the old tradition altogether