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With Brexit seemingly a permanent fixture on every TV channel and newspaper, gender and race disparity as prominent as ever and climate change on everyone's minds; the European Union elections have never been more important.

To coincide with the upcoming election, the EU has launched the 'This Time I'm Voting' campaign to encourage citizens to vote this time around.

Member states nominate direct candidates for the European Parliament through proportional representation. but with numerous EU parliamentarians represented on Twitter, it's hugely convenient to have debates online and exhange views.

The #ThisTimeImVoting campaign explains EU issues and elaborates on the ways in which every vote affects the living conditions of EU citizens.

This #EUelections2019 campaign is being introduced in 25 relevant languages to reach as many people as possible.

Factually-correct information is available on Twitter for first-time voters and EU election experts alike.

A large aspect of the public election conversation is happening via Twitter, which is why the site is showing support by introducing a special emoji for the #ThisTimeImVoting campaign.

The elections for local and EU seats as well as the divorce referendum take place on May 24, make sure you're there.

Every vote counts, so don't forget to make your mark on Europe. 



The hashtag #AskFiannaFáil is trending in Ireland right now, but probably not for the reasons they had hoped. 

TD and Spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs Anne Rabbitte tweeted out to the public, telling them that Fianna Fail would answer their questions if they had any. 

And boy, did they have some.

From snarky suggestions about the state of the country, to genuine queries about love, life and the universe, we're thinking this hashtag is getting a little out of hand. 

Here are a few of our favourites:



Body shaming is still alive and well in society, whether it's in the Instagram comment section or among a peer group.

For many people, body shaming is something they deal with everyday, and the very first time anyone made a comment about their bodies was memorable.

The founder and CEO of sportswear company Oiselle Sally Bergesen took to Twitter to ask women to share that first comment on Twitter to shed light on the issue.

Hundreds of women took to the hashtag #TheySaid after Sally shared her own experience of being called a 'butterball' as a child. 

Women from all walks of life and of all shapes and sizes shared their experiences, proving not only that body shaming is a regular occurrence, but that it effects women of all sizes. 

Many of the experiences were completely heartbreaking: 

The comments were made by family, co-workers and even college professors. 

The hashtag aimed to create a narrative around body shaming, and women from around the world are still contributing.  


As many brides-to-be will know, planning a wedding takes a lot of work.

There's the dress, the rings, the venue, the invitations, the guest list… and of course, the wedding hashtag.

A wedding hashtag has only become popular in the past few years, and while some brides want to steer clear of social media on their big day, others opt to have a hashtag for the memories and the LOLs.

And many guests admit that it's much easier to find wedding photos on social media under a hashtag than trying to look up individual guests accounts'.

So, say hello to the Wedding Hashtag Test.

This new website is basically a time machine to the 90s, as it not only generates a hashtag, but it also calculates you and your significant other's compatibility.

You'll feel like you're doing a ~*groovy*~ test from a teen magazine.

But, it's really fun and you'll no doubt have a laugh with your partner when you only score a compatibility rate of 21 per cent.

Give it a go and let us know the gas hashtags it creates in the comments below.


As anyone with a Twitter account will know, the Internet is a hypersensitive environment at the best of times.

But for an A-list celebrity with links to the most high-profile divorce of the decade, the realm of social media is an aggravated minefield waiting for its next victim.

While attempting to comment on the US presidential race over the weekend, Justin Theroux inadvertently criticised his wife’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and in doing so drew the wrath of the web onto himself.



A photo posted by @justintheroux on

After posting a shot of some Berlin street art – which happens to contain the words “F*ck Brad Pitt” – to his Instagram account, the American Psycho star was forced to deny any intention of wrongdoing.

Since sharing the image, the 45-year-old director has added a lengthily hashtag which claims the post is not shading anyone because he is “not eleven years old”.

With a hashtag like “andNOthispostisNOT‘shading’anyonebecauseimnotelevenyearsoldimeanseriously” we think Justin has proved his point in the most grown-up way possible.

Feat image: Shutterstock



Oh, this is just brilliant.

The Oylimpics is well under way and while US swimmer Michael Phelps was waiting in the 'ready room' before qualifying in the 200m butterfly semi-final, he clearly wasn't impressed with his opponent's pre-race ritual of bouncing around with boxing-style dance moves.

Michael ended up pulling a face, and well, it has gone viral and everyone is LOVNG it:


If you're a naturally shy person then you're going to get so much joy from the #GrowingUpShy hashtag on Twitter.

From seeing people in public, to awkward phonecalls and AWFUL class presentations, the hashtag just GETS us.

Have a laugh while reading through these and get some comfort in knowing you're not alone:


We all know Kris Jenner likes to see herself as the best mother in the world, so we weren't really surprised when it was reported she wanted to trademark #ProudMama.

She uses it on loads of her Instagram and Twitter posts, but it seems there's another proud mama on her case now.

TMZ has reported that Jenny Present, who owns a jewellery company and who has already trademarked the phrase 'proud mama' gave a warning to Kris when she first attempted to trademark the phrase for herself. 

Jenny says that Kris won't back down (no wonder), so she has issued an cease and desist letter to the reality star's company.

Kris is in the midst of launching her own jewellery company, so tensions are definitely rising to see who will be the proudest mother of all. 

We're guessing Kris might come out on top of this one, though. 



There’s no doubt that us Irish gals are a progressive lot – and let’s face it, we rarely need an excuse to speak up and speak out.

Still, when it comes to putting a ring on it, it seems that folk in this country remain pretty traditional: more than half say they’d be happy to change their name after getting married.

And while the survey – released earlier today by One4All – doesn’t differentiate between male and female respondents, it remains the norm for the bride to make the swap rather than the other way around.

Nevertheless, a quarter have no intention of relinquishing their birth name – probably a figure that will continue to rise as the age of marrying couples also increases (women in Ireland are now a rather mature 33 years; men are an equally grown-up 35 upon marriage).

One in 10 opt for a double-barrel compromise – a particularly popular choice for same-sex couples – while just 2 percent go the way of Dawn O’Porter, drawing on an element of their spouse’s title to create something new altogether.

But regardless of the naming preferences of the happy couple – and despite the obvious expenses of attending – it furthermore appears that as wedding guests, we're usually seriously up for big day out.

According to the same One4all report, which quizzed close to 600 Irish adults, 75 percent of us happily ditch the kids for a proper knees-up and only 2 percent would consider declining an invite if it meant taking a day off work.

Meanwhile, when it comes to keeping unflattering snaps off the internet; a quarter of brides and grooms would implement a social media ban during their nuptials, and only 10 percent would try and get a dedicated hashtag going.

Commenting on the survey results One4all Ireland said: “The survey reflects that we are still very respectful of the ceremony of marriage and we are huge fans of the big day out and all it entails.”​

They added: “There’s no doubt that weddings and the etiquette that goes with them can be tricky to navigate. For any wedding guests looking for the perfect gift for the happy couple, the One4all Wedding Gift Card is an appreciated gift.”

One4All gift cards can also be personalised with a bespoke image or message


The #Hashtag Song



Doesn’t life just look better through a filter?  People everywhere have decided that everything in their lives should be photographed for the world to see but some have taken it further than others. Here are the signs you’re addicted to Instagram.

1. First thing you do in the morning is snap your breaksfast – only three hashtags required #eggs #benedict #eggsbenedict


2. #Hashtags have become the easiest way for you to express your feelings. But you obviously only express the positive ones because no one likes a #moaningmichael


3. All of your food is now eaten at a tepid temperature due to your uploading, hashtagging and filter application having to be perfect before you even thinking about the first bite.


4. You find it hilarious that while Instagraming your coffee, you are putting a filter on a drink that was made by dripping liquid through a filter… #OMG #mindblown


5. Half your followers have followed you due to your over excessive use of hashtags #getsomerealfriends


6. Quotes mean nothing to you and are now only throw away words that are strung together – it’s the #totesamazeballs image in the background that’s the real inspiration..


7. Filters are your #life


8. You curse the quality of your phone’s camera constantly but not enough to even contemplate that you would get a decent camera that is actually built towards achieving quality photos


9. Your friends are constantly asking you to take pictures of them down from your Instagram account #notwithoutmypermission


10. From browsing your account I can tell exactly how many brothers, sisters, cats, dogs, mothers, fathers and bread bins you have in your house #toomuchexposure


12. The best way to show #loyalty to you is to like anything and everything you post #bffs


13. You secretly think you’re a pap for TMZ and follow Kim Kardashian to the levels of stalkerism.


14. You think the followers of Instagram created brunch so they had more meals in the day to put #filters on


15. You’ve abandoned Twitter and Facebook to the degree that you only use them to share your twitpics as they don’t give you enough scope to edit your images.


16. You take a photography course and when asked on the first day why you chose to undertake said course, you reply “to understand why (in your opinion) the different filters of Instagram have changed the photography world forever”. You are instantly thrown head first out the window. #filters #instafilter #twoinstabrokenlegs



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