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According to GQ, boot-cut jeans are all set for a major comeback, and we have no idea how we're feeling right now tbh. People have thoughts… bad thoughts…

Over a decade ago, both men and women were wearing flared-style jeans 24/7, and boot-cut denim officially hit the mainstream. This was a time where even the ugliest items were considered fashion, e.g. Ed Hardy and Von Dutch.

That being said, who are we to judge? Our era is one of UGG boots, the dreaded 'athleisure' (tracksuits and sports leggings as fashion) and jeans with cut outs just below the booty area. 

The silhouette essentially disappeared from fashion after a few cycles, and then skinny jeans become the token item of denim furore, and more recently by baggy styles in alternate shapes and sizes.

Nostalgia comes and goes, as we have learned recently by the onslaught of 1990s comebacks from Westlife, Boyzone and the Spice Girls.

Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia has included the boot-cut jean in the brand’s spring lookbook, which roughly translates to the fact that a COMEBACK is in sight. *Shivers*

The reaction to this controversial apparel news has been quite hilarious, with reigning Queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen even making a quip;


Eww #chrissyteigen #bootcutjeans #commentsbychrissy #commentsbychrissyteigen

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It's not hard to see why Gvasalia may have chosen the current designer climate to resurrect the style of denim, 2018 has seen a total pants revolution within menswear especially.

Contemporary cargo pants, pleated trousers and blinged-up chinos are proving that men are willing to step out of their couture comfort zone.

Gvasalia is the major designer who has elevated the bulky dad sneaker into a high-fashion item, so if anyone is capable of reviving the trend and somehow making it less of a faux pas, it's this talented man.

The designer has permanently cemented his status as the one to watch for every season, purely based on unpredictability and his gift for bringing 'normcore' items back.

Twitter, however, are NOT impressed with the attempt to bring boot-cut jeans back. 

The jeans taper at the knee like your common modern-fit denim, but then flare out at the bottom of the pant leg, which allegedly seems to OFFEND certain people…

 There's still time to stop this before it gets seriously out of hand.

We propose a fashion intervention, before… God help us… LOW-CUT jeans try and make a comeback as well.

They need to die a slow death, no one wants to see that.


We all get to a stage where our favourite jeans have been worn so much that they total lose their shape.

What were once figure hugging, tight skinny jeans are now just ill-fitted, shapeless pieces of denim.  

However, while this is a total pain in the a**, there are ways to get your jeans back to their former glory, and were here to help. 

Check out these brilliant clothing hacks that will bring your denim to life: 

Vintage jeans


1. Turn up the heat

Put your jeans in the washing machine and run them through a standard washing cycle. Set the machine to the hottest water level possible. Use detergent and liquid fabric softener as usual. Detergent will not reduce the effectiveness of this technique, and fabric softener can actually help to prevent the jeans from becoming too stiff as they shrink. As soon as you remove your jeans from the washing machine, transfer them to your dryer. Dry the jeans completely using the hottest setting possible.

2. Be specific

If you only want to shrink, say, the thigh or waist section of jeans, it's extremely simple. Mix 3/4 cup hot water with 1/4 cup fabric softener, pour the mixture in a spray bottle, and shake to combine. Cover the entire area you want to shrink with the mixture, and then dry on the highest heat setting possible. Important note: air drying won't work.

boots, cardigan, denim

3. Boil em'

Heat a big pot of water until it reaches a bubbling boil, then toss hour jeans in, making sure they are fully submerged. Leave them boiling for 20 to 30 minutes, drain as much as possible, and then dry on high heat. This method is similar to the whole washer dryer one, but will cause more dramatic shrink.

4. Iron them

Wash your jeans using hot water – you can use a standard hot water cycle in your washing machine or you can boil the jeans in hot water. Throw your jeans into the dryer and dry until they are damp but not soaked. Set your dryer on its highest heat setting, then iron the jeans until dry. Place your damp jeans on the ironing board and iron until they're totally dry.

5. Have a bath

For an extremely snug fit, wear your jeans in the hottest bath your body can tolerate. Once the water cools, get out of the bath, and keep your jeans on until they dry. We appreciate that this probably sounds a bit mad, but the jeans will then hug your figure perfectly!

Brown Button on Blue Denim Bottom



The time has come for autumnal dressing, and as the weather gets a little colder, it's time to add heavier fabrics into the sartorial mix. 

Denim is a complete classic, but with an experimental autumn style season on our doorstep, there are so many ways to add some interesting denim to your day-to-day look. 

We have broken down 10 easy-peasy, one item ways to incorporate new season denim into your life.

Topshop denim top €32.00, Style Soko jeans €25.00

First up, we have the denim bustier. Once the sole territory of 00s pop starlets, the underwear over outerwear trend has led to a resurgence of the bustier trend (and the Kardashians helped).

Wear it over a flowy embroidered dress or colour-pop t-shirt for serious styling credentials. 

Next, these Vetements-inspired Style Soko jeans are doing the deconstructed denim trend in the best possible way. 

Boohoo statement jeans €37.84 , ASOS Denim Jacket €60.00

Statement denim jeans have been doing the rounds, and these Boohoo jeans are combining both the ruffled and the fringed trends for this-season denim.

Pair with a white t-shirt and runners for Sunday brunch, or a slouchy shirt and loafers for the perfect work look.

As for a statement denim jacket, it doesn't get any more out-there than bright red leopard print. Your night-out coat has just been found. 

 River Island co-ord €132.00, Style Soko trench coat €25.00

A co-ord is the easiest way to create a cohesive look without the effort. This river island denim jacket and skirt combo will look amazing on a night out with bare legs and a crop top, and fab with a black turtle neck and tights in winter. The pearl detail is just a bonus. 

Denim jackets are a complete classic, but adding some length to create a denim trench makes the shape all the more interesting. Add a hoodie and trousers underneath for a sports luxe vibe, or layer over a mini dress and boots for drinks with the gals. 

Topshop orange denim skirt €40.00, River Island pearl embellished denim skirt  €45.00

Denim mini skirts have been back for the past few seasons, and the look isn't giving up it's place in our wardrobes any time soon. 

Whether you opt for plain denim, a pop of colour-washed denim, or an embellished statement piece, a denim skirt will see you through autumn. 

ASOS shearling jacket €65.00, Boohoo white denim jacket €47.30

Update a classic denim jacket with some new season additions. 

Shearling is cementing it's place as one of autumn's most coveted textures, and a shearling and denim jacket looks amazing whatever the occasion. 

For something a little edgier, introduce a lace up detail to your denim. 



Whether you're planning outfits for festivals or trips away, one thing that should definitely be on your list is a pair of shorts.

The go-to summer staple is having a moment right now, with embellishments, embroidery and frills taking centre stage.

We scoured through online stores to find eight of the best, so take your fancy:








When will the madness stop?

We're not even halfway through, but 2017 has already brought us more denim faux pas than we care to remember. 

'Knee windows', clear plastic jeans, detachable short-trousers and now this – the '2 Jeans Dress.'

You guessed it, a dress made out of two pairs of upside-down, denim jeans. 

Just because.  

The silhouette of the jeans is still clear to see and the buttons, pockets and even loop hole are all still intact. 

It's a bold statement to say the least, and one we're kind of hoping won't take off. 

Shopbop are selling the questionable garment for €401, but we don't imagine they'll be out of stock any time soon. 




Denim is a staple in every wardrobe. From skinny jeans, and flared legs, to denim shirts, the versatility of this wardrobe essential cannot be denied.

The beauty of this fashion favourite is that it goes with practically everything. There is nothing like the laid-back feel of a denim jacket or shirt. And fashionistas everywhere are pairing their much-loved jeans with everything from very impractical heels, or comfy runners.

Invest in a good quality pair and care for them properly and your jeans could last for several years.

Even then, after they have lost their newness, they can still be put to good use: cut off the legs to create a snazzy pair of shorts, or rip the knees to give them a bit of edge.

Here are five Instagram worthy, street-chic ways to wear your denims:


1. The culottes


Black Barbie tings tap for deets. @thegaragestudio #bloggerlife #fashionstyle #fbloggers

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2. An old favourite



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3. Pure class

4. Edgy chic


@fashionedchicstyling loves her jeans  #jeans #denim #ootd #wiwt #fashion #style #fblogger #inspiration

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5. Double-denim


Double denim done right  #jeans #denim #doubledenim #blue #ootd #outfit #style #fashion #fblogger #inspiration

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POCO by Pippa was a major success for Ms O'Connor at the end of last year. We loved all the styles from 'The Saturday Night' to 'The Off Duty' and everything in between.

And now, Pippa has revealed her plans to grow her already booming business.


A photo posted by Pippa O'Connor Ormond (@pipsy_pie) on

While speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, the entrepreneur said: "I don't know how far I want to go with it, but I really want to nail denim.

"So there will definitely be jackets and skirts – I want to be known for that."


A photo posted by POCO By Pippa (@pocobypippa) on

She finished off by saying: "I live in my jeans – it's my uniform – and I always wanted to do something like this."

We can't wait to see what Pippa will come out with next.



Jeans are the cornerstone of a good, solid wardrobe, and thankfully Penneys have just launched the denim collection of dreams

You have your black, high waisted pair for hitting the town, your ripped up on-trend blue denims, and your slouchy mom jeans for brunching.

However, the bargain high street store isn't restricting it's new spring collection to just jeans. 

Black skinny dungarees €21, White wide-legged dungarees €19

Oh no, every Irish girl's favourite affordable fashion store is coming up with cool new denim concepts for spring 2017.

This includes a pair of very Kendall Jener-worthy black skinny dungarees, as well as some contemporary white denim wide-legged dungarees.

Blue denim jacket €25, Black denim jacket €35

Statement, embroidered jackets have been doing the rounds lately, and a loose denim style is a great alternative to winters heavy embroidered biker jackets. 

Whether you want simple embroidered florals, some stencilled lettering or a full on scene from the tropics, Penneys is serving up some seriously summery looks. 

Crop top €13, Mom jeans €19

Keeping with springs obsession with embroidered everything, Penneys is introducing a seriously stylish embroidered denim co-ord.

While the pieces would look divine as separates, the double denim look could even work for the office with a white shirt under the crop top and a blazer over top. 

Blue jeans €19, Stonewashed jeans €19, Frilled jeans €17

No denim collection would be complete without some amazing jeans, and Penneys has added a whopping 19 new pairs to it's spring line up. 

Paint speckled, ripped and distressed denims feature heavily, as do some seriously stone washed styles. Our favourite has to be the frilled it-jeans that have taken over our Instagrams lately.

No one will believe you when you say "thanks hun, Penneys." 



Let's be honest, we've all tried to turn a pair of old jeans into shorts, and most of the time it has gone horribly wrong.

They either end up uneven or cut at the wrong length and most of the time you probably just throw the jeans out.

Queue this video from Cosmo, where they show you step by step how to create the perfect cut-offs.

Now, go and show off those legs (when the weather permits).


Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but denim is a girl's best lover.

Say what?

Yup, it's not good news for the boys: a new report has now revealed that women hang onto their clothes longer than they hang onto their men.

While the average relationship lasts only two years and nine months, a woman's favourite piece of clothing, a pair of blue jeans, lasts more than three years. 

The research, which appeared yesterday in the The Sun on Sunday, shows that nearly half of denim devotees keep their favourite pair of jeans as it makes them feel more confident, and more than a third say they either look great or feel cosy in jeans. 

However, a worrying factor from the survey revealed that BOTH men and women admitted they rather lose their wedding ring than their favourite bit of clobber. 

And 90 percent confessed that they would be gutted if they lost their cherished items, while ten per cent said they rather lose their… mother-in-law!

The survey, which was conducted by Colour Catcher, furthermore revealed that many of us keep clothes we don't wear in the hope they will either come back into fashion, fit us again or because they remind us of good times. 

So, would you swap your boyf for your favourite pair of blue jeans? 


The bubble nail trend went viral last week as we saw all the weird and wonderful designs flood the internet.

But as it's a new week, there's a new nail trend on the horizon. And this time it's all about denim! We love a good pair of skinny jeans as much as the next person, but pulling the trend off on your nails might be a bit more tricky.

But at least you can say goodbye to summery pastels and sunshine neon colours: this look is just about perfect for autumn. 

We searched online for the best and easiest tutorial to have your nails as glam as they can be.

Japanese YouTube beauty user, Yagala, uses a denim-look nail polish but any dark navy or blue nail polish will suffice.



Do you love jeans? Because apparently half the world’s population is wearing a pair at any one time, meaning denim is probably the wardrobe stable that you don’t want to be without.

And now plus-size fashion brand Simple Be has dug deep into the style archives to find out exactly how denim styles have evolved, offering expert tips on how you can recreate those classic styles today.

Victoria Beckham wearing Chloe jeans in Paris 


How Jeans Conquered Fashion explores the history of denim from the Wild West, to Woodstock in the Sixties, punk rebellion in the Seventies and the coloured skinny jeans of more modern years.

Style icons such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe feature too – as do Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, who infamously wore matching, all-denim attire to the 2001 American Music Awards.

Britney and Justin back in 2001


Plus, there are lots of interesting facts and figures to devour. For example, denim sales increased by an astonishing 800 percent during the Eighties, and the industry will be worth €86.5bn by 2020.