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According to GQ, boot-cut jeans are all set for a major comeback, and we have no idea how we're feeling right now tbh. People have thoughts… bad thoughts…

Over a decade ago, both men and women were wearing flared-style jeans 24/7, and boot-cut denim officially hit the mainstream. This was a time where even the ugliest items were considered fashion, e.g. Ed Hardy and Von Dutch.

That being said, who are we to judge? Our era is one of UGG boots, the dreaded 'athleisure' (tracksuits and sports leggings as fashion) and jeans with cut outs just below the booty area. 

The silhouette essentially disappeared from fashion after a few cycles, and then skinny jeans become the token item of denim furore, and more recently by baggy styles in alternate shapes and sizes.

Nostalgia comes and goes, as we have learned recently by the onslaught of 1990s comebacks from Westlife, Boyzone and the Spice Girls.

Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia has included the boot-cut jean in the brand’s spring lookbook, which roughly translates to the fact that a COMEBACK is in sight. *Shivers*

The reaction to this controversial apparel news has been quite hilarious, with reigning Queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen even making a quip;


Eww #chrissyteigen #bootcutjeans #commentsbychrissy #commentsbychrissyteigen

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It's not hard to see why Gvasalia may have chosen the current designer climate to resurrect the style of denim, 2018 has seen a total pants revolution within menswear especially.

Contemporary cargo pants, pleated trousers and blinged-up chinos are proving that men are willing to step out of their couture comfort zone.

Gvasalia is the major designer who has elevated the bulky dad sneaker into a high-fashion item, so if anyone is capable of reviving the trend and somehow making it less of a faux pas, it's this talented man.

The designer has permanently cemented his status as the one to watch for every season, purely based on unpredictability and his gift for bringing 'normcore' items back.

Twitter, however, are NOT impressed with the attempt to bring boot-cut jeans back. 

The jeans taper at the knee like your common modern-fit denim, but then flare out at the bottom of the pant leg, which allegedly seems to OFFEND certain people…

 There's still time to stop this before it gets seriously out of hand.

We propose a fashion intervention, before… God help us… LOW-CUT jeans try and make a comeback as well.

They need to die a slow death, no one wants to see that.



Jeans are an iconic item of clothing and we all know that a wardrobe with at least one decent pair of fitted jeans is a happy wardrobe. 

Well, now Levi's has gone and introduced a jean fit that we really did not know that we wanted. 

Yep, now we have the 'wedgie fit jeans.' 

Hmm, while the title might not get you racing to the shops, the wedgie fit is actually quite flattering. 

According to Levi's, these denim beauties are perfect for really showing off your assets. 

The jeans sit very fitted to the derrière and as a result are meant make your bum look more pert. 

They even include back pockets that are titled inwards to create a "mom butt" which is apparently very desirable. And well, if our bums will look anything like this then we would be inclined to agree. 

In many ways, the jeans look like a classic Levi's fit with a high-waist and fitted around the hips but they are also designed to give the wearer a wedgie in order to really accentuate their backside! 

And Levi's reckons this look is going to be HUGE. And they are already up on the site retailing at €110. 

We just hope that they are not too uncomfortable.