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According to GQ, boot-cut jeans are all set for a major comeback, and we have no idea how we're feeling right now tbh. People have thoughts… bad thoughts…

Over a decade ago, both men and women were wearing flared-style jeans 24/7, and boot-cut denim officially hit the mainstream. This was a time where even the ugliest items were considered fashion, e.g. Ed Hardy and Von Dutch.

That being said, who are we to judge? Our era is one of UGG boots, the dreaded 'athleisure' (tracksuits and sports leggings as fashion) and jeans with cut outs just below the booty area. 

The silhouette essentially disappeared from fashion after a few cycles, and then skinny jeans become the token item of denim furore, and more recently by baggy styles in alternate shapes and sizes.

Nostalgia comes and goes, as we have learned recently by the onslaught of 1990s comebacks from Westlife, Boyzone and the Spice Girls.

Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia has included the boot-cut jean in the brand’s spring lookbook, which roughly translates to the fact that a COMEBACK is in sight. *Shivers*

The reaction to this controversial apparel news has been quite hilarious, with reigning Queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen even making a quip;


Eww #chrissyteigen #bootcutjeans #commentsbychrissy #commentsbychrissyteigen

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It's not hard to see why Gvasalia may have chosen the current designer climate to resurrect the style of denim, 2018 has seen a total pants revolution within menswear especially.

Contemporary cargo pants, pleated trousers and blinged-up chinos are proving that men are willing to step out of their couture comfort zone.

Gvasalia is the major designer who has elevated the bulky dad sneaker into a high-fashion item, so if anyone is capable of reviving the trend and somehow making it less of a faux pas, it's this talented man.

The designer has permanently cemented his status as the one to watch for every season, purely based on unpredictability and his gift for bringing 'normcore' items back.

Twitter, however, are NOT impressed with the attempt to bring boot-cut jeans back. 

The jeans taper at the knee like your common modern-fit denim, but then flare out at the bottom of the pant leg, which allegedly seems to OFFEND certain people…

 There's still time to stop this before it gets seriously out of hand.

We propose a fashion intervention, before… God help us… LOW-CUT jeans try and make a comeback as well.

They need to die a slow death, no one wants to see that.



Chunky runners are the trendiest footwear look of the season, inspired by high end designers like Vetements and Balenciaga. 

Penneys is hot on the heels of the runway designers, nailing the chunky, sporty platform with ease. 

A new arrival at their stores and part of their A/W collection, these white and cream sneakers will be glued to our feet all summer.

At only €18.00, they're a far cry from the eight hundred quid you would pay for the designer version. 

We can see ourselves donning a denim skirt and white t-shirt with these bad boys for brunching with the gals, or dressing down a floral, floaty dress with their sporty aesthetic. 

Go full on 90's and opt for some skinny tracksuit bottoms and a crop top for a unique night-out look, or team with a little black button down dress for LA-girl cool. 

A pair of these is our absolute must buy this season.  


Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Nike’s STUNNING limited edition rose-gold runners!

Rose-gold has, without a doubt, been the colour of the year, and we are still madly in love with it!

So naturally, when we saw that Nike were releasing a special pair of limited edition runners, we nearly passed out with excitement. 

The shoes were created in partnership with American store Bandier, and will be available to buy in the Bandier outlets across the US. 

THANKFULLY, the runners will also be available online, so we won't be missing out!

These metallic beauties will set you back €110, which is expensive… but look how PRETTY!

We are definitely popping a pair of rose-gold Nikes on our Santa list!  



We like our clothes and shoes here in Shemazing! HQ, and we have to say that you can never beat a comfy pair of runners.

Well, saying that, we wouldn't even DARE pay $132,000 (€120,000) for them.

That's what this pair are going for… and to be honest, they just look like a basic pair of white shoes.

Look a little closer though, and you'll see that the running shoes are decked out with real diamonds and has 18-karat gold hardware around them. Like… what?!

The footwear are made by Buscemi, who boasts of luxury trainers.

According to Footwear News, they take 20 hours to make and are only available to the elite in New York.

Crazy or what?


Kanye had a MELTDOWN when Kylie Jenner signed up to Puma, and it looks like he might just have another little meltdown since the Jenner sisters are now designing their own range of trainers.

The KUWTK stars shared a sneak peek on Kylie's Snapchat of their new SS17 Kendall + Kylie line, and we have to say, it was unexpected.

In their latest collection out now, the girls flooded the line with strappy sandals and high heels, but these runners are cool and stylish and right up our alley (in case you haven't noticed, our alley is COMFORT).

All we want to know is if these are the only athleisure pieces in the collection (oh, and what Kanye thinks about it).

We'll have to wait a while to find out!



Let's be honest, we're all pretty delighted that comfort in fashion is making a huge comeback.

Gone are the days of ill-fitting tops and sore heels. Now, we're welcoming all the comfy clothes and shoes into our lives – because we all know that if we feel uncomfortable, we just look weird AF walking around.

Life Style Sports has just introduced its new season Trainer Central collection – right on time for updating your summer ‘shoedrobes’. The collection features comfy yet stylish runners from all of our favourite sports fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Puma and Van’s. Hurrah!

And if you're unsure about what would suit you, the store has every runner and trainer style imaginable for this upcoming high summer season. Their new campaign focuses on four fashion looks  – Trend, Original Classics, Terrace and Look of Running – as part of the Sports Born, Street Worn fashion ethos at their HQ.
The Sports Born, Street Worn campaign highlights the key fashion trends for the ever-popular leisure wear, which celebrates the authenticity and heritage of sports fashion. 

Life Style Sports has always been at the top when it comes to sports fashion and trends and they totally recognises that the humble runner is now a total wardrobe staple for many women.

We think the Athleisure trend is only going to get bigger from here. (YAAAS!)


We love our Irish men. And to hand it to them, some do follow up-to-date fashion and style… But then, some do not

Guys may be able to get away with these things on a third or fourth date; but on a first date, these things are a definite no-no: 

1. Bootcut jeans and dress shoes

Who are you trying to look like, Billy Ray Cyrus? And if you're going to wear bootcut jeans, wear them with boots as god and denim manufacturers intended. 


2. Workout shirts

We get it. You workout. And while this is great, there's no need to wear a sweaty gym shirt to our date. Gross. 


3. Over-sized polo shirt

This is another shirt that is just not OK. A polo shirt is fine, but an over-sized one makes you look like you want to be from the gansta town… even though you're from a very posh side of South Dublin. 


4. Your favourite team's jersey

We totally applaud your devotion to your favourite team, but we're on a date, so maybe the jersey can sit out. 


5. Runners

Just wear nice shoes, please. 


6. DIRTY runners

Even worse than runners are dirty, worn-out, ripped runners. They just look shabby and in the words of Summer Roberts, "Ew!"


7. Chains hanging from your trousers

We get you don't want to lose your keys or whatever, but you don't need a metre-long chain hanging from your bum pocket. 


8. Weird grandad-style jumpers

We think it's cute you're trying to dress your best, but a grandad jumper isn't going to impress us. Sorry to let you know. 


9. Flip flops with jeans

We. Are. Not. In. Spain. 


10. Way too much Lynx

Ah, Lynx. The smell of every Irish man. For some reason you guys can't get enough of it. But spraying too much on yourself before a date will not only kill our sense of smell, it'll kill the mood too. 



To people who have no interest in the latest Yeezy Boost 350 runners, queuing overnight for a pair of shoes probably sounds like absolute madness. But to Yeezy fans, it's just a normal day.

As the second edition of the highly covered runners go on sale tomorrow morning the 22nd of August at 9am, people are queuing up patiently outside BT2 on Grafton Street, Dublin.

With only 26 pairs of the shoes going on sale in store, people began queuing extremely early to make sure they had a good chance of getting their hands on a pair. 

At lunch time today, there were 14 people already in the queue. We spoke to some of them who were waiting and they told SHEmazing! that chances were slim of getting a pair in the right size, or at all. 

"There's fourteen of us in the queue now and most of us are looking for the same sizes. I want a size ten and so does he and a few of the other lads," one dedicated Yeezy fan said.

Kanye West's shoe design has gained a seriously huge amount of popularity the world over, with similar scenes occurring when the first edition runners went on sale earlier this year.

In London queues began as early as last Sunday for the shoes being released tomorrow. The "mocassin style" trainers are said to "transcend current trainer trends," and of course adding Kanye's name to the mix helps Adidas a bit too.

If however you can't give up 24 hours to queue for the footwear, don't worry, Mr. West insists everyone will get their hands on a pair eventually, they may just have to wait.

"I just wanna make sure we keep it safe. I've heard about people getting hurt over sneaker culture.. Just be patient, we'll make more Yeezys," he promised. "Eventually everyone who wants Yeezys will get them. I talked to the heads of Adidas."

Thanks Kanye!



The Yeezy 350 runners have yet to even hit the shops, but already they're the most coveted piece of footwear around,

The runners are a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas and go on sale this Saturday the 27th of June, but people so desperate to get their hands on a pair have began queuing in the UK already. 

These excited footwear fanatics know that it's extremely likely these shoes will sell out as stores have only been given a limited number of pairs… and Kanye's wife Kim has already claimed one pair for herself.


So happy I ran back inside to grab these! Lifesaver on these long flights! Most comfy shoes in the world! Yeezy Boosts 350

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One man in the queue two days ahead of their sale, told the Mirror that Kanye's influence was a huge factor.

"There is so much hype around them, linked to Kanye West, and just to wear them would be amazing. They should cost about €220 but they are priceless – they sell out immediately and there are queues all over the world," he explained. It is expected that the queue will continue to grow over the next two days before shop gets their delivery on Saturday morning. 

And it's no coincidence that Kim, Kylie and co have been sharing snaps of their chosen footwear on social media all week, as they enjoyed a few star-studded days in Cannes.



A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Granted, they do look extremely comfortable and stylish, but we are pretty sure it's the link to Mr. West that has people wanting these bad boys!


If you think that there's no point in exercising if you only have a few minutes, then think again.

Researchers have found that running for just seven minutes a day decreases the risk of dying from heart disease and stroke up to 45%. Not only that, but it can help you live up to three years longer than non-runners.

The study followed 55,137 participants over the course of 15 years between the ages of 18 and 100. Over that time, over 3,000 participants died. 1,217 of deaths were related to heart disease.

Apparently it doesn’t matter how slow you go, once you do go, for about seven minutes a day. Surely even the busiest among us could fit this into our schedule?!