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90s girls, listen up! 

One of the decade's most iconic characters has returned to our screens, as Alicia Silverstone reprises her role as Cher Horowitz in the ultimate Lip Sync Battle

In a teaser clip released yesterday, the Clueless actress can be seen rocking the iconic yellow plaid skirt suit as she lip syncs to Fancy by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX.

A fitting choice given that the video for the 2014 smash hit paid homage to the classic 90s rom-com. 

In the episode, which is due to air on Thursday June 14, Alicia will go head-to-head with her American Woman co-star Mena Suva, who is set channel some seriously psychedelic vibes with her performance of Deee-Lite's 1990 track Groove Is in the Heart

Host of the show and Clueless super-fan, Chrissy Teigen clearly enjoyed the throw-back performance as she's seen screaming "this is amazing", from the sidelines. 

Other stars line-up for this series of Lip Sync Battle include country diva Shania Twain and former Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. 



Model Chrissy Teigen and husband, John Legend have shared the first picture of their second child.

Teigen announced the arrival of their first son on Twitter on May 16. 

Taking to Instagram, the model uploaded the sweetest picture of their newborn, along with his name.

The adorable snap was captioned:

"Hello, world! This is Miles Theodore Stephens – We are drowning in his little peeps and nuzzles. Our household feels overwhelmed with love. Thank you for all your well wishes!"

The couple is also parents to Luna, who turned two last month. 

It seems that their little boy resembles his big sister.

The mum-of-two took to Twitter to say they have the "same nose."

John Legend according to Refinery29, revealed details of how the newest member of the family got his name. 

On the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, the singer said his children's names always have a sprinkling of musical history.

Inspired by one of the most influential jazz musicians, baby Miles got his name from the great Miles Davis. 


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Little Luna didn't miss out either, as her name links back to the incredible Nina Simone. 

"We named our first daughter Luna Simone Stephens, and every name we give to our kids will have a little bit of musical history," Legend said.

"So Miles, of course, is the same name as the great Miles Davis."



Here's some fantastic news to start off your morning!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may have just welcomed their second child. The parents have previously said that they are expecting a boy.

The mum took to Twitter and wrote, "Somebody's here!" With the baby bottle emojis added in, it didn't take long for fans to read between the lines.

According to People, the parents were expecting their new addition in June, so they may have gotten to meet their son sooner than expected!

We're sure their daughter, two-year-old Luna, is also thrilled to meet her little brother early.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more on this story.

And, of course, congrats to John and Chrissy on their growing family!


So, in case you didn't know already, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are about to gift the world with another offspring and if that's not an excuse to celebrate, I don't know what is. 

To mark to occasion, Kim Kardashian threw Chrissy the cutest surprise baby shower, complete with a stellar celebrity guest list and some of the most PUN-derful cakes we ever did see. 

Of course, fans were able to catch a glimpse of all the action on social media, with Kim uploading several Snapchats over the course of the festivities. 

One clip in particular made had us drooling at the mouth, when Kim showed her followers the array of gorgeous cakes on offer, all of which were iced with various puns including "A Legend in the making" and "Legendary."

Y'know – just in case there was any confusion over who the father is. 

John Legend and Kanye West also shared a sweet moment when they put there political differences aside and posed for joyful selfie. 

Taking to Twitter, Kanye captioned the snap, "We got love. Agree to disgaree" –  most likely referring to the fact that the pair has been involved in an exchange over differing views on Donald Trump's presidency earlier in the week. 

All in all, it looked like great craic altogether, with Chrissy even showing her silly side by taking a seat on a decorative sheep which Kim claims is a priceless collectors item. 

But hey, it's Chrissy's baby shower so she can do what she wants, right? 


Pregnancy, weight-gain, and general physical changes can lead to the very common commodity known as stretch marks. 

If you feel that your stretch marks are something you're not about, manoeuvring through the world of anti-stretch mark products can be confusing and frustrating.

However, according to Chrissy Teigen, this everyday household item is something she swears by. 


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In true Teigen style, the model talks frankly to the website, Refinery29 about her skin care routine, and the fact that she was well acquainted with stretch marks before her pregnancy.  

"I'm from a real stretch mark-prone family.

I had stretch marks way before the baby. Mine went to my inner thighs for some reason — my thighs just got really angry one year."


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The magic product is coconut oil. Yes, that’s right: coconut oil! Prevention also plays a key role in keeping away stretch marks, according to Teigen. 

“I like coconut oil… Sometimes, we only take care of our skin when we see a breakout happening, but with stretch marks, it's all about prevention." 

Teigen is expecting her second baby in June, with husband John Legend. The couple already have a two-year-old little girl, Luna. As her belly grows, the entire family has been recruited to help her with her routine.


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"I'm big now, so it's hard for me to bend over. John helps me a lot with everything at the end of the night. Luna loves helping out.

It's exhausting to do this 10-15 minute session of lubing up your belly and body, with all these different layers, especially when you're like, 'I don't even have a stretch mark yet!'"

No matter who you are, supermodel or not, according to the 32-year-old, no one is exempt from encountering stretch marks at one point in their life.

"People are so worried and so self-conscious of them, but I've never seen a woman without them," she says. "I've worked with every supermodel in the world. I'm lucky to know that the most incredibly beautiful women all have stretch marks and all have the butt dimples. It really is our common bond."

We hear you gal!


Reigning queen of Twitter (and our hearts) Chrissy Teigen has once again proved she's an absolute gas bitch with her response to Kim Kardashian's latest nude photo. 

Earlier this week, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a photo of herself covered in plaster as she made a mould of her body so that it could be used as the shape of her new perfume bottle. 

The photo sparked quite the debate online with many people comparing the concept to the classic Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle, while others accused the star of posting the naked picture in order to stay relevant. 

However, if there's one person you can trust to see the lighter side of any situation, it's Chrissy Teigen. 

The model, who is currently pregnant with her second child, responded to the post by saying how she was going to release a rival perfume from a mould of her "giant body", which would ultimately sell better because customers would get more bang for their buck. 

“Well I’m going to put out a COMPETING PERFUME from a mold of my giant body and it will hold TWICE as much perfume as your bottle and the people will get MORE perfume,” she wrote. 

And while the response was obviously meant in jest, we definitely wouldn't say no to a Chrissy fragrance. 


Chrissy Teigen has spoken out about her influencer on social media. 

Speaking to the Associated Press, the model and TV presenter described how she feels about the scrutiny placed on celebs online, and how closely their social media posts are monitored.

Describing the pressure to monitor her online presence, she said: 


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'Honestly when I first got my first major brand endorsement that was the first time where I couldn’t say something that I thought was funny because there could be brand backlash.'

'Or when I couldn’t go to award shows anymore because I always prided myself on being an outsider so I got to comment on performances just like a regular fan.'

'When I couldn’t do that (anymore) I knew that it was over for me. I can’t remember who was performing but someone clearly wasn’t singing live and I said it and, wow.'


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'I really don’t have the intention of things becoming a moment or a quote or a thing.'

'Sometimes the things we do are not some grand statement about something bigger.'

While it might be ironic that we're writing about this considering the point of her statement, it was too thought-provoking not to discuss. 


Deciding to take your husband's last name or keep your own surname or double barrel is an intensely personal decision.

However, one woman decided to broach the topic on Twitter, writing, 'I'd really like to hear the reasoning behind women who won't take their husband's last name.'

Of course, social media maven Chrissy Teigen couldn't leave this query unanswered.

Bringing the sass, she replied: 'My husband didn’t even take his last name?'

The 32-year-old was referencing the fact that John Legend's surname is actually his stage name.

Well, we knew it was too cool a name to be real tbh. 


A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

His actual last name is Stephens, which is their daughter Luna's last name, too.

The model further explained her stance on this topic, emphasising that it's a personal decision all women must make for themselves.

'The best part is, I am not anti-taking the last name at all,' Chrissy wrote.

'I was going to, just never got around to it and it isn't even the name he goes by. It wasn't some grand statement not to. I just don't see how the choice affects anyone else – why do people care so much!' she tweeted.

Fair enough, Chrissy!


In November of last year, Chrissy Teigen announced that she was expecting her second child with husband, John Legend.

And earlier today, she went one step further by revealing the sex of her unborn child in a move which has delighted social media users.

Taking to Instagram six hours ago, the model and author announced that she and John will be welcoming a son into their lives.

"Mama and her baby boy," Chrissy wrote alongside a photo which shows the pregnant mum-of-one tenderly touching her bump at last night's Grammy Awards.


mama and her baby boy

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The upload, which has amassed more than 843,000 likes in mere hours, has been inundated with congratulations from fans and followers.

"You’re radiant and every mother to-be’s dream," wrote one Instagram user. "All the best of luck and love in you’re birthing and continuing your beautiful family. You deserve nothing less."

"She must be the most glamorous pregnant woman in ever!" added another.

32-year-old Chrissy, who married John in 2013, welcomed baby Luna in 2016 after battling fertility issues.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Chrissy confirmed that she and John took the same route when conceiving their second child, saying: "We did the IVF thing again. We put it in, we knew what was going on. So, that was easy. But we’re really excited."



Chrissy Teigen is our Twitter queen, her witty tweets and blunt statements never fail to make us laugh.

The soon to be mum-of-two has yet again won us over by opening up about ageing.

Chrissy revealed that her hair was turning grey, and her reaction to her transformation was simply iconic.

She took to Twitter to share the discovery with her followers:

'I have a skunk-like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it.'

She added: 'My Cruella dreams are coming true!'

If Glenn Close can rock that look, surely Chrissy can too.

There’s nothing wrong with embracing change, especially when it comes to ageing.

Having grey hair isn’t a bad thing, and we love how Chrissy is spreading a positive message about it.

Turning grey is a completely normal thing, it's part of the ageing process. Chrissy's tweet kick-started an empowering conversation about grey hair, with thousands of Chrissy's followers sharing photos of their grey locks:



Massive congratulations are in order for model Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend, who are expecting their second child together!

The mum-of-one announced the exciting news about their second baby via her Instagram, sharing a video with her 15M followers jokingly saying, 'It's John's!.

She also shared the post with her 8.5M strong Twitter following, where it already has over 44K likes.


it's john's!

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The video shows their daughter Luna, alongside Chrissy's growing baby bump.

Luna Simone, who was born in April 2016. 

Chrissy has been very open about the fact that Luna was conceived through IVF, as well as the difficulties she faced both during and after pregnancy.


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Fans have been celebrating the expecting parents' good news non-stop on social media.

'Congrats to your beautiful family,' said one of Chrissy's Instagram followers.

Another fan commented, 'Luna is going to be a great big sister. Much love to you and your family!'


Look, it's fair to say, Chrissy Teigen can do very little wrong in our eyes, so it's no real surprise that we're already fan-girling over her recent collab with Vogue.

Taking part in their iconic 73 Questions feature, the Lip Sync Battle host gave us an insight into all things Chrissy.

And it's as good as we would have expected.

From the impact Luna has had on her life to the Hollywood heavy-hitters who have left her totally starstruck, the mum-of-one fields the publication's questions like an absolute pro.

Ladies, feast your eyes…