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A study has figured out which of the Love Islander contestants have fake Instagram followers, and the answer is ALL of them. But who has the most?

Amber Gill apparently has 535,000 followers on Instagram, which will surely increase when she leaves the Spanish villa, but she may want to ditch some of the fake ones.

Data analysis carried out by Instagram influencer marketing service Takumi allege that the Geordie had the highest percentage of fake followers when she entered the villa.

Herself and new boy Jordan Hames both had 65 percent fake followers, which is pretty damn dodgy if you ask us.


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The recently axed Islander Joe Garratt (412,000 followers) and Yewande Biala (365,000) both had 64 percent fake followers, and Michael Griffiths (478,000) had 63 percent.

Maura Higgins had the lowest number, but almost half of her 322,000 followers aren't real. Takumi’s CEO Adam Williams made a statement on the results:

"The results of our research show the extent to which fraudulent activity can take place on Instagram. Yet influencers are still powerful marketing tools due to their ability to resonate deeply with their core audiences."


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He continued;

"Brands must carefully consider who they work with and how they assess their worth. The scale of someone’s social media following doesn’t necessarily equate to real influence among consumers."

In order of who had the most followers, the list was;

Amber Rose Gill, Jordan Hames, Joe Garratt, Yewande Biala, Michael Griffiths, Callum McLeon, Tommy Fury, Danny Williams, Amy Hart, Lucie Donlan, Anna Vakili, Molly-Mae Hague, Anton Danyluk, Curtis Pritchard, Tom Walker and Maura Higgins.


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Every contestant ranged between the 45 percent to 65 percent fake follower mark, which is shameful.

The amount of Instagram followers heavily influence who the stars work with as influencers when they leave the show.

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Love Island has been taking over our lives since it burst back onto our TV screens at the start of the month. 

And while we're still getting to know the contestants, Amber just wasn't coming across nice and we weren't fans.

She was rude to Callum (''I'm 28.'' ''So you're old then.'' ''I look quite young, no? Do I have wrinkles?'' ''Yeah you do.'')

She wasn't exactly charming. 

But my oh my, how the tables have turned. 


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The 21-year-old beauty therapist has gone from one of the most slated contestants to the nation's sweetheart.

After starting off on the wrong foot, the Newcastle native has redeemed herself – by not giving a sh*t.

First up, she doesn't have an ounce of desperation in her body as she proved when she saw right through Tommy trying to crack onto her after getting rebuffed by Lucie.

She was having none of it – when most others might have swooned at his attention. 


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Then, it seemed like she and firefighter Michael were getting close.

She kept her cards close to her chest but anytime they had an interaction together, I felt like I was intruding watching them, you know?

I realised that it was because they had genuine chemistry, they actually *shock horror* fancied each other a bit.

While she didn't shut Michael down, she did keep him guessing and it was obvious that maybe her (sometimes) harsh exterior is a shield for her insecurities – she just doesn't want to get hurt. 

And who can't relate to that?

After she was chosen to go on a date with Danny, she came back saying that it made her realise that she does like Michael.

When they kissed for the first time, you could feel the attraction between them, but it was organic and not forced like, ahem, some of the other couples.

Fans of the show seem to agree.

One said, ''Me trying to figure out how I've come to stan amber this much in the space of an episode and a half.''

While another wrote, ''Ambers actually a g – she is not a player and doesn't take shit from anyone – knows what she wants and is self-assured enough to never settle for less.''


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As well as that, Amber is coming across as a real girls girl and a good mate.

Her close friendship with scientist Yewande is amazing and she stood up for pharmacist Anna when gym owner Anton was a bit tactless.

She and Michael confronted Anton with Amber putting it bluntly when she calls him ''an idiot.''

We love a girl who tells it like it is.

Amber might be brutal and to the point but tbh, we'd rather that then some of the two-faced b*tches that she's in the villa with.

Here's hoping she and Michael pair up in the next recoupling because we think they could easily knock Curtis and Amy off their thrones and maybe even win the show.

Watch this space…


Who is the latest sh*t-stirring good-looking person to be chucked inside the Love Island villa? Danny Williams, that's who. He's already starting a love triangle.

The 21-year-old is a model from Hull, and is exceptionally confident. No surprises there.

In a teaser which aired at the end of Friday's episode, Danny said:

"I would describe myself as a happy-go-lucky guy. I think I'm funny, I can be, but definitely someone who's ambitious and knows what they want."


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He added; "I don't think I fall in love easily because I think I have high standards. I think the right girl for me would be ambitious, independent and have loads of fun as well."

Danny's Instagram describes him as a 'fashion model", with a bio saying, "Work hard, be nice." He's really transforming the world of philosophy there, isn't he.

Williams has chosen to go on a date with both Amber and Yewande, which will go ahead in tonight's episode. Drama is to be expected, but we suspect he'll suit Amber more. They both have that ego thing going on…


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Danny joins Amber Gill, Anna Vakili, Amy Hart, Anton Danyluk, Joe Garratt, Molly-Mae Hague, Tommy Fury, Curtis Pritchard, Lucie Donlan, Sherif Lanre, Michael Griffiths and Yewande Biala in the Spanish villa.

The first dumping of the series happened on Friday, with Callum Macleod getting eliminated from Love Island first. He later shared that he had a bit of a crush on Yewande, which was some spicy goss.

The hit ITV2 show continues nightly on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm. Will Danny choose Amber or Yewande to be his lady? Time will tell.

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It's that time of the year again…the point in the summer where you become absolutely glued to Love Island and obsessive over these reality TV relationships that are most likely staged.

The hit show is back for its fifth season, and its set to become the biggest event of the summer. It succeeds in garnering a huge fanbase who follow the originals like the plague.

We've been dying to see who this years' group of contestants are, and Love Island have finally released their full cast. They're as attention-loving as ever;

This year has already seen controversy surrounding the show itself, as two former contestants have died by suicide and other participants have criticised the show for not supporting them after they left the villa.

The islanders find themselves instantly famous after the series airs, and they become the subject of intense media scrutiny and social media conversations.

The show has now said it will provide therapy sessions for the contestants, and will take more care over their mental health. So who are these brand new faces entering the luxury Mallorcan villa?


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Host Caroline Flack will once again welcome the contestants to their Spanish paradise, and Iain Stirling will continue his hilarious duties as the show narrator.

The Islanders must couple up to secure their their place in the villa, and the singletons are at risk of being dumped from the villa. Loyalties will be tested, no doubt, with some unexpected twists on the way.

They're kicking season five off with seven guys and five ladies, so one of those boys will have to graft their ass off to save themselves. The public will once again decide their favourite couple, who walk away with a huge cash prize.

Who is this years' Irish interest? 23-year-old Dubliner Yewanda Biala, who is also a scientist.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

Next up, it's Lucie Donlan. 21-year-old Lucie is a surfer from Newquay…will she catch waves or catch a boyfriend?

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

The third lady entering the villa is 28-year-old Anna Vakil, a pharmacist from London.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

Girl #4: Amber Gill. The 21-year-old beauty therapist from Newcastle is used to getting what she wants, and is big on the Geordie party scene.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

Last but not least for the ladies: Amy Hart. The 26-year-old is from Worthing, Essex, and works as am air hostess and cabin crew manager

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

First up for the boys (they're quite the cocky bunch) is Tommy Fury. The 20-year-old boxer from Manchester is Tyson Fury's younger bro, and rates himself as a 10.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

Secondly, 22-year-old Joe Garratt from South East London. Joe works as a catering company owner, and those curls are going to get the ladies going.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

The third boy on the list is Anton Danyluk. The 24-year old is a gym owner from Airdrie, Scotland.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

Fourth on the list is a firefighter, Michael Griffiths. The Scouser from Liverpool is 27-years-old, and calls himself a hero.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

Number five for the lads is Callum MacLeod. He's a 28-years-old aircraft engineer from South Wales.

Image: Instagram/@loveisland

We can't forget about Curtis Pritchard, brother of Dancing With The Stars' AJ Pritchard. He's 23 from Shropshire, and is a ballroom and Latin dancer.

He's already used to being on reality television, which is an advantage, but can he waltz his way to victory?

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Last but not least: 20-year-old Sherif Lanre from London. Lanre works as both a chef and semi-pro rugby player…we love versatility.

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Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two on Monday June 3 (only six days away) and an experience like no other awaits the brand-new influx of contestants looking for love.

Feature image: Instagram/@loveisland