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Constantly checking your ex's social media? – You're not the only one. 

A new survey, conducted by employment firm Protecting.co.uk, has found that a massive 95 per cent of employees use company time to snoop on ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, with women proving to be the biggest offenders. 

Of the 3,000 respondents, an overwhelming majority admitted to having used sites like Facebook and Twitter to glance into the lives of past partners. 

We humans are nosey by nature, and it seems that even getting into a new relationship doesn't stop the urge to have a good ole' gawk at your ex's holiday photos. 

Most offenders are just 'curious' about how their ex-partners are getting on, though some did admit to longing for a second chance. 

The worst offenders were found to spend up to four hours per month nostalgically scrolling, while the average person spent one and a half hours per month. 

We're definitely not doing ourselves any favours, but hey – we'll learn yet. 



Gardaí are currently investigating an incident at the 3Arena during a Shawn Mendes concert involving a teenage girl.

Allegedly, the young woman was 'sexually assaulted' in the bathroom at the Canadian pop singer's sold-out gig in Dublin.

The teenager took to social media to write about her experience, and confirmed that she had explained the situation to the Gardaí.

She wrote: "On Saturday 13th of April I attended a Shawn Mendes concert in a well known Dublin venue near the docks."

"During a visit to the toilets I was sexually assaulted by an unknown person. The venue is aware of this and so are the guards." she continued.

"This is a warning to anybody attending any event from now on not to go to the toilet on your own," she said, shedding light on the lack of safety even at public events.


A post shared by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on

"If this message and my experience can save one person from going through what I went through then my experience will not be totally negative."

A garda spokesman said: "Gardaí are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a female, that occurred at a venue on North Wall Quay, Dublin 1 on the April 13, 2019. Investigations are ongoing."

A spokesperson for the 3Arena has been contacted about the troubling allegation.

Feature image: Flickr/entertainment Dot IE



Gardaí in Navan are investigating an alleged suspicious approach by a motorist to two children yesterday.

The incident took place around 4.25pm at Possextown near Nobber in Co Meath.

An aunt of the children posted to Facebook, warning other parent of the incident.

She wrote, ''Some old guy with longer, white beard and in a blueish vintage car,” had stopped his car, then opened the door of it and “tried to abduct my niece and nephew walking to my house from theirs. They started running away so he drove off.”

A spokesperson for the Gardaí confirmed that, ''Gardaí in Navan are investigating a report of an alleged suspicious approach on the 10/04/19 at approximately 5pm in Possextown, Nobbeer.''

They continued, ''A male described as being in his 50s is reported to have stopped and gestured two children to get in a car. No injuries and car reportedly drove off."

This incident comes just days after another alleged abduction in Co Kerry.


Any eagle-eyed fans of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande MAY have noticed that the gals lost millions of Instagram followers overnight.

Jenner and Grande are two of the most followed people on the social media site, with Ari dropping from 145 million to 142, and Kylie dropping from 127 million to 124 million.

It probably isn't a major deal for them, but definitely is problematic for smaller influencers and YouTube creators. So what happened with Instagram, we ask?

Instagram is currently investigating an issue that is causing some of the biggest accounts to lose millions of followers overnight, and took to Twitter to elaborate:

“We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

James Charles and Zach Clayton, some of the larger names on the site, both tweeted about the issue, with MUA Charles saying; "Why did I just lose over half a million followers, Instagram. What you doing, sis?”

An original suggestion from Fast Company claimed that Instagram was taking action "to remove millions of accounts the company believed to be inauthentic." Translation: BOTS. 

A lot of companies undergo random sweeps of their user bases to get rid of inactive accounts or spam, with Insta announcing in November that it was hoping to remove more fake accounts on the platform/

“We will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity.”

They later updated their status to say that the issue would be revolved by 9am today, Valentine's Day. The team "are hard at work to get things back to normal". Hmmm, suspish.

The site began removing locked accounts from Twitter since last July, so maybe they just cleared out the bots and the uproar over follower counts has them regretting it? 

Kensington Palace lost a massive 150,000 followers overnight, but the page recovered them today. It could be beneficial for influencers to have an awareness of what their 'real' follower count is, rather than just fake bots.

Some social media users got clever by suggesting you could unfollow anyone your heart desires for this one day and blame it on Instagram, which we have to say is pure genius.

The uproar is uniquely fascinating in pointing out the dependency of many on the website and their follower count. 

If anyone has any cool conspiracy theories on the matter, we'd love to hear them. Instagram are blaming it on a bug, but is it more than that? We do love a good mystery…


New research suggests that social media is becoming a "common problem" in Irish marriages, according to The Independent.

Over 3,000 clients took part in a survey in Maynooth over two years which discovered that both men and women find social media and technology "behaviour" causes difficulties in marriages and relationships.

Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service maintains that constant access to technology and phones has taken away the "cooling off" period following an argument.

The Accord has commented that it will alter it's service to accommodate the issue following couples' feedback.

Bishop Denis Nulty, president of Accord and Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin, said: "Social media is a huge issue. Pope Francis spoke about this at Croke Park and we need to be digitally conscious."

He elaborated on why the results are vital for the organisation; "We're dictated by gadgets so being clued-in is important."

On the removal of the "cooling-off" period he said: "When you send a text, a tweet or a Whatsapp message, there's no way of pulling it back, and it causes huge heartache for everyone involved."

"As we shape our marriage preparation courses in the future, we'll be taking this into consideration," Bishop Nulty mused.

"We have a low divorce rate in Ireland, and I would like to keep it low. I have no doubt people in Ireland still take marriage very seriously."

16,048 individuals attended the Accord's marriage preparation courses across the nation in 2018, which was down almost 800 from 2017

Accord counsellors separately provided 24,180 counselling sessions to individuals and couples during 2018 throughout the whole island of Ireland, which was less than that of 2017.

The bishop attributes some of the drop in figures to couples attending different private counselling services.

Other "problem areas" included unresolved arguments, inappropriate behaviour during arguments and dissatisfaction with their sexual relationship.

75 per cent of clients who saw data reviewed claim that their relationship improved following counselling.


We've all experienced the highs and lows of Facebook, but recently it seems like the lows are endless.

From controversy surrounding Mark Zuckerberg, reports of paying children for labour to eavesdrop on conversations and using our own data for the company's agenda, it seems like the drama ain't worth the effort.

Now, researchers at New York University and Stanford University are saying that deactivating Facebook for just FOUR WEEKS can lead to a big improvement in people's mental health.

The researchers focused their study on the impact of quitting the social network on their mental health and behaviour.

The Welfare Effects of Social Media took place in the lead-up to the 2018 midterm elections in the US and 2,844 users took part in the study. The participants used the platform for over 15 minutes per day.

When the candidates deactivated their Facebook accounts, there was a noticeable increase in offline activities, like socialising with friends and family members.

Their well-being was also boosted, but the people involved were less informed about current events.

Image: Fossbytes

Researchers also discovered that anyone who deactivated their Facebook accounts were more likely to see a consistent reduction in their use of the social media app after the experiment concluded.

The authors wrote; "Our study offers the largest-scale experimental evidence available to date on the way Facebook affects a range of individual and social welfare measures,"

"Deactivation caused people to appreciate Facebook’s both positive and negative impacts on their lives," they said.

In a statement to The Washington Post a spokesperson for Facebook said its teams are working on creating meaningful connections across its platform. "This is one study of many on this topic and is should be considered that way," they said

Feature image; Gizbot



If you've been on your social media accounts recently, you most likely can't avoid the new fad; the Ten Year Challenge.

Celebrities from Mariah Carey, Trevor Noah, Amy Schumer to Caitlyn Jenner participated in the glow up experiment, with most famous faces simply proving how freakishly ageless they are.

Some participants brought humour into the fray, paralleling their image with one of another look-alike celebrity, or in Jenner's case, changing gender over the last 10 years.


Now THAT is a #10YearChallenge Be authentic to yourself 

A post shared by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

The concept of then-and-now images isn't exactly new, but it's gained massive traction over the last week. What harm could it be?

Kate O'Neill of Wired magazine introduced a new notion which essentially blew our minds, and even forced Facebook to deny her semi-sarcastic suggestion.

Her idea? That the 10 Year Challenge could be useful to any entity that’s looking to develop facial recognition algorithms about ageing.

O'Neill flipped a metaphorical table by suggesting the tech giant had initiated a trend solely to contract facial recognition data from the social network's users.

In her article, Facebook's 10 Year Challenge Is Just A Harmless Meme- Right?, she claims;

"I knew the facial recognition scenario was broadly plausible and indicative of a trend that people should be aware of. It’s worth considering the depth and breadth of the personal data we share without reservations."

Allegedly, the conspiracy translates to Facebook needing to experiment with data, and the meme proving the perfect way to achieve it.

"Imagine that you wanted to train a facial recognition algorithm on age-related characteristics and, more specifically, on age progression (e.g., how people are likely to look as they get older)," she added. 

"Ideally, you'd want a broad and rigorous dataset with lots of people's pictures. It would help if you knew they were taken a fixed number of years apart—say, 10 years." WHAT.

O'Neill is saying that the powerful technology company could use the algorithm for advertising, insurance assessment, healthcare and finding missing children. Both positive but simultaneously dangerous consequences.

Of course, this is all total speculation, unsubstantiated evidence. Yet Facebook was forced to dispel the rumours:

Do we place too much trust in sites like Facebook? Even if the challenge isn't a case of social engineering, the website has come under fire following numerous controversial claims against them.

Examples of social games designed to extract data aren't far from reality, let's cast our minds back to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The mass data extraction of over 70 million American Facebook users was performed, and rocked the country so much that Mark Zuckerberg himself had to turn up to Congress.

Another aspect of the website which garners negative attention is their suspicious community guidelines which seem to apply more rigidly to certain types of people.

Let's face it, Facebook is already heavily involved in politics, such as the critical 2016 US Presidential election and Russian interference.

According to Kate O'Neill, major tech corporations acquiring data could be used for population control and law-and-order;

"After Amazon introduced real-time facial recognition services in late 2016, they began selling those services to law enforcement and government agencies, such as the police departments in Orlando and Washington County, Oregon."

"But the technology raises major privacy concerns; the police could use the technology not only to track people who are suspected of having committed crimes, but also people who are not committing crimes, such as protesters and others whom the police deem a nuisance," she continued.

Facebook's implication in various privacy concerns has created a tumultuous relationship between the tech giant and its users.

O'Neill is definitely right about one thing- data is one of the most powerful currencies, so don't spend it dangerously.

“Regardless of the origin or intent behind this meme, we must all become savvier about the data we create and share, the access we grant to it, and the implications for its use."

Feature image credit: Mamamia


When The Social Network was released back in 2010, it became one of the most talked about films of the decade.

A movie about Facebook seemed ridiculous at the time, but then major writers, producers and actors were signed on, and it essentially exploded.

David Fincher was roped in to direct the movie, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross found fame as bona fide Oscar-winning soundtrack maestros.

AP Entertainment recently interviewed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who began writing the film back in 2005 and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his efforts.

According to Sorkin, the world is ready for a sequel considering the sheer amount of controversy the website has caused over the last nine years.

"First of all, I know a lot more about Facebook in 2005 than I do in 2018," began Sorkin when questioned about the idea of revisiting the infamous film.

"But I know enough to know that there should be a sequel," he joked.

"A lot of very interesting dramatic stuff has happened since the movie ends with settling the lawsuit of the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Saverin." 


A post shared by Poltrona Nerd  (@poltronanerd) on

We're pretty sure you could write a dozen films about all the Facebook drama- Mark Zuckerberg ended up testifying data protection in front of CONGRESS, for God's sake.

The scandals featuring leaked user data, interference in the US Presidential election in 2016 and Russia's cyber-hacking has plagued the CEO since 2016.

As well as hate groups being allowed to stay on the website, many are arguing that content restriction is not strict enough, or else discriminates against minority groups. 

Aaron Sorkin claims that Scott Rudin, producer of The Social Network, is vying for a follow-up film, and we're SO on board.

"I've gotten more than one email from him with an article attached saying; 'Isn't it time for a sequel?'"

Um, YAS. PLEASE. Zuckerberg needs to be dragged, all day.


Club Valentine and The Grand Social are bringing you one of the most unique sesh spots of the year, you'd be mad to miss it.

There's something maddenly satisfying about solving a case, figuring out a secret and immersing yourself in another world of drama and disguise.

"The year is 1950 and the circus has come to town. However, dark secrets are hidden beneath this big top, and not even the kookiest of clowns or the cottonest of candies can keep them hidden."

Ooohhhh, spooky. Club Valentine are debuting their Interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Extravaganza, where YOU lat witness to a murder most foul, YOU get to interview their cast of crazy characters, and YOU can piece together their twisted tale of treachery and torment.

"Enjoy the festivities while you can, because one member of this travelling troupe is about to learn that showbiz can be MURDER…"

If you're an avid murder mystery fan, this event is definitely for you. Comedy plus a decent night out plus a staged murder? HELL YEAH.

Some of the characters look hilarious, check out the full list on their Instagram

Why not go along and see if you can catch the murderer? They've got some absolutely unreal prizes, it's ideal if you and your pals are looking for a night out with a major twist – think The Hangover but with Miss Marple vibes.

Will you be a Sherlock or a Watson? Agatha Christie or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? There's only one way to find out, fam.

The deets=

Tues Nov 6, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

The Grand Social, 35 Liffey Street Lower, North City, Dublin, D01 C3N0, Ireland

Feature image: Barnham Broom


Ireland has been anxiously anticipating Pope Francis' upcoming visit, and this woman has something to say about it.

Helen McNamara recently shared a powerful testimony about her experience with the Catholic Church and titled it an “Open letter to Pope Francis”.

The aggrieved mother shared her journey from womb to womanhood, explaining that she had been born inside a religious institution in the village of Castlepollard in Co. Westmeath.

The woman was a 'nameless' baby when she was adopted by a loving family, who christened her 'Helen'.

Now a mum with a family of her own, she returned to her birthplace to seek answers about her biological mother. “Forty-seven years later, I went to the exact same address in Castlepollard,” Helen wrote.

Now owned by the state, she was led to the chapel nearby where an employee explained: “how things had worked in Castlepollard in the days of the nuns.”

Young women felt compelled to give up their babies to “wealthy Irish women and foreign people” or families simply wanting to provide a safe and loving home.

After hearing the hardship of women in this position, Helen completely understood when her own birth mother, Bridget, confessed that she never told a soul of her existence.

Bridget was too terrified to even consider meeting her grown daughter.

And Helen has some words to say about her mother's experience to not only Pope Francis but to those in attendance of his visit as well.

She dubbed the church’s acts “disgustingly shameful” and called for more than an apology: “I just wonder what good an apology from you is to the thousands of victims of the institution of the Catholic Church.”

Helen calls out Pope Francis for his €30 million, all-expenses-paid visit to Dublin and asks why the church, that she claims makes over €4 billion, cannot fund its own “publicity trip”.

The mum continues by shifting her focus to those who have obtained tickets to see the pope. She asks if the "half a million planning to attend" have forgotten about “the baby trafficking, the systemic demoralisation and shaming of women for doing something as natural as eating and breathing.

“Have they forgotten about the divide the behaviour and teachings of this church caused in our land, and most importantly, have the WOMEN attending this event, have they absolutely no soul at all.”

While Helen may be spot on naming the atrocious acts the Catholic Church has been accused of, not everyone agrees with her attack on the women planning to be present for his visit.

One commenter replied: “I do also believe Francis is a good man. Much has improved but more can be done including helping victims. The law must also step up to the mark in all of this.”

He argued that wanting to see the pope does not mean that people condone the church’s past actions.

Helen concluded her letter with a call to action, demanding that Pope Francis take action instead of merely apologising to the public.

“Why don’t you, Pope Francis, offer to fund counselling to the thousands and thousands of people who have been affected by the churches actions. We don’t need meaningless apologies [..]

“We need for you to help repair the damage done to the victims, and this is best done by counselling which can then hopefully help them to learn to forgive – both themselves and your church.”

Many have called Helen's bold letter a “nail on the absolute head” and “well said”.

Like Bridget, women and mums have been deeply affected by the horrific institutions and conditions for young girls during those times.

A few months ago in June, 230 Magdalene survivors travelled from all over the world for commemoration. The survivors were finally able to share their tragic experiences and start their process of healing as a community.

“We're being heard after all these years,” one woman said.

It is inspiring to see victims of clerical abuse, like those mentioned in Helen’s letter, band together, and start healing old wounds.

The pope’s visit has caused widespread controversy about the Catholic Church’s actions and its interwoven threads throughout the country’s past.

Helen’s words have moved many, contributing to heightened tension nationwide, especially as we wait to see how the public will react to Pope Francis’ arrival.


So, despite our constant jokes and straight up rejection, many men still seem to think it's perfectly ok to send women unsolicited intimate photos.

But as we know, that is not always the case. 

One woman has come up with a rather daring way to combat the problem – send the picture to their mother.

Like many woman, Rebecca McGregor was sick of being sent unwanted snaps from eager men, so much show that her Instagram bio now reads, “Do not ask for/send me nudes”.

And as one man recently found out, she was serious about her request.

After receiving a nude photograph from someone called Glenn on Snapchat, Rebecca took a screenshot of the conversation, found his mother on Facebook, and sent it to her, along with the message:

“Hey doll, I see you're listed at [sic] Glenn's mother? I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women – see attached xx”

Now, we'll be the first to say that she could have gone about this a different way and perhaps contacting his mother wasn't completely necessary, but you've got to give it to her, the girl's got guts.

Rebecca then uploaded the picture to Facebook (again, not a great move), and the post now has over 4,000 reactions, 1,000 comments and 1,000 shares.

It seems many people assume Rebecca is asking to receive unwanted images because of her career as a lingerie photographer and boudoir model, but as we can see, this couldn't be further from the truth.

She then followed up with two more screenshots showing examples of the types of messages she is sent on a regular basis.

“Don’t complain when they get sent to your fam because you didn’t listen to me,” she wrote. 

“So the only other option I have left is to have your fam speak to you and educate if not re-educate you that when someone says NO it means NO.”

Of course, not everyone was on board with the in which Rebecca chose to teach this man a lesson. 

One user wrote,  "Glenn’s mum didn't deserve this, no one deserves this, and the condescending way you spoke to her was quite frankly disgusting."

And they've got a point to be fair. 

There are many lessons to be learned here:

No.1 – It's never cool to send someone an unwanted picture, especially when they've specifcially said no.

N0.2 – Sending said picture to someone's mother and posting it online to for the world to see, isn't much better. 


Poor Caroline Flack.

Not only is the end of her engagement being strewn across the press with seemingly EVERYONE having a say about it, but now the reason behind the split has been made public.

And it's not good.

While Caroline was reeling from the sudden break up, her new ex-fiance was sitting in a meeting with the producers of Celebs Go Dating. Unbelievable. 

According to The Mirror, just one day after they parted ways, she posted to her Facebook page calling out Andrew for his shady behaviour.

She wrote, ''when you find out your fiancé had been planning a meeting to go on Celebs Go Dating, and has the meeting the day AFTER you break up. In utter shock. Kill me now."

We can actually feel her heartbreak through that post.

It was reported by The Sun that Andrew had met with producers of the dating show in an attempt to enhance his fame.

Wait, is this coming from a guy who shot to fame on the Apprentice and then CBB? It just doesn't add up. *rolls eyes*

A friend of Caroline's told the paper that she ''is livid'' and we don't blame her. 

It also alleged that Andrew is being a complete pr*ck and making the break up “as difficult and painful for Caroline as possible.'' 

If this all wasn't;t bad enough, Flackers literally just told the whole world via her Cosmopolitan mag cover/interview that she had found ''The One'' in Andrew.

She wrote, '''my life was complete before you came into  it – a man doesn't’t complete your life. But I wanted to make room in it for you. I look at you and I think, ‘Yes, Andrew, you’re the one I’ve been waiting for.’''


Social media have voicing their disgust in Andrew, commenting, ''Andrew Brady is a user who will do anything to extend his 5 minutes of fame he just needs to go away. If I ever see him I will clout him.''

Others made it clear that they weren't surprised.

''Anyone with half a brain worked him out on Celeb BB. Complete fantasist, user and fame hungry. A vile human being,'' one user wrote. 

Mostly, though, people just wished Caroline well because, let's face it, heartbreak is tough enough without the intense media scrutiny mixed in.

''Poor old Caroline Flack….however Dr Alex is still single…'' one person tweeted  and another said, ''sorry for Caroline but I’m glad her and Andrew are over! He’s a horrible, immature boy – from watching him on celeb big brother, his behaviour was appalling.''

The former couple announced their engagement in April after a whirlwind two months together.

All we have to say is – Caz, you had a lucky escape!