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Internet trends are a funny thing.

From charity trends like the Ice Bucket challenge and the #NoMakeupSelfie, to the pop culture ones like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge… it seems like once a topic is 'trending', many of us will succumb to it.

However, this latest one is probably the most stupid we've seen in a while.

A meme started floating around about two weeks ago, which gave you instructions on how to break your thumb ligament.

Why someone would want to do this – for absolutely no reason whatsoever – we don't know, but lo and behold, people actually started to break their thumbs.

And then tweeted about it:

Just don't do it.



We literally cannot begin to cope with how ADORABLE this guy is.

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Sam Barsky is an artistic knitter (yep, it's a thing) who creates jumpers that focus on famous places. 


After Sam creates one of his glorious jumpers, he visits the place it features, and takes a photo of himself. 


A simple concept, yet it has stolen the hearts of basically the entire Internet. 

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Sam has knitted and visited Times Square, the golden gate bride, and many more tourism hotspots in recent years. 

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Rock and roll Sammy, keep doing your thang! 





Last week, Tokyo woke to its first November snowfall since records began.

And, as you’d expect, residents of the Japanese capital were quick to document the occasion on social media with the hashtag “tokyosnow”.

Given the striking nature of the shots, the resulting collection of images has received much attention online and so we’ve gathered some of our favourites for you to explore.

Check them out below:









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Feat image: Instagram @chicinkiev 


There are days when fitness bloggers inspire us to work out and there are days when their perfectly sculpted pictures appear anything but achievable.

This week, fitness guru Ashlie Molstad achieved widespread Internet fame when she challenged this perception of unattainability by revealing the difference posing can make to an Instagrammer’s physique.

Placing an image of herself standing upright while tensing her muscles alongside a photo in which she is sitting in a relaxed position, the 31-year-old perfectly demonstrated how one body can shift from sculpted to seemingly untoned because of differing angles, even when dressed in the same clothes.

In the accompanying caption, Ashlie (or @FoodieGirlFitness) pledged that her followers will always be shown both her “posed, put together, professional side” and her “not so flattering sides”.

“Contrary to what society has taught us to think, our worth isn't measured by how many belly rolls we have, or how many dimples on our booty, or how much jiggle hangs out on our arms,” she wrote.

“Loving ourselves exactly as we are is hard.  Because we've been told for years that we're not good enough until we {insert any of the thousands of ideas of perfection that has been fed to us over the years}.”

“But I call BS.  I say that the real magic happens when we embrace who we are, at every angle and size.” 

Demonstrating that the Internet cannot get enough of the authenticity it is so commonly criticised for lacking, Ashlie’s post has been liked 164,000 times since it was uploaded on Friday.

Among the post’s 9,000 comments, one inspired follower wrote: “This is exactly what young girls need to see!  And even at 25 I needed this reality check.  Thank you so much for being brave enough and posting this.”




We’ve had trampoline loving boxers, robin rescues and history reimagined around a coat, but a pair of teddy bears making their way through the airport is quickly becoming a favoured Christmas ad.

Much to the surprise and delight of holiday enthusiasts, Heathrow Airport has released its first Christmas campaign – a brief documentation of Mr and Mrs Bair’s journey home.

The video features heartwarming moments involving mistletoe, toy passport checks, a lot of paw holding and an all too real struggle with a baggage carousel.

Check it out below:  



Hundreds of people joined a dog owner for his whippet’s final walk in Cornwall yesterday after an invitation to do so went viral.

Before putting his pet of 18 years to sleep, Mark Woods used social media to encourage people to share Walnut’s last visit to Porth Beach by launching the “WalkWithWalnut” hashtag.

18,000 people have liked Mark’s Facebook post which explains his decision to have Walnut euthanized because of his deteriorating health.

Hours after his final trip to the beach, Walnut passed away.  His owner and friend has since taken to Facebook to thank those who supported him both physically in Cornwall and virtually from around the world.

“Walnut passed away this morning at 11.56am.  The family and our three whippets, Monty, Nelson and Charlie were also in the room,” wrote Mark.  “He went very quickly and in my arms.”

“Thank you to the hundreds of people that attended the walk this morning and to all those that had their own walks with their beloved pets at 9.30am all around the world.”

Those following the movement online have used Twitter to document the impact Walnut’s story has had on them.

“If #walkwithwalnut has done something, it’s restored my faith in the compassion of humanity, in a particularly dreary year,” wrote one person.

“Did our #walkwithwalnut in the mizzly rain, weeping for his family & others who know that pain.  Fly high sweetie,” said another. 




Having covered the likes of Coldplay, Garth Brooks and Adele, Coláiste Lurgan is already well established in the Irish music scene.

Combining its students’ linguistic and musical talents once again, the Irish language school recently took on one of 2016’s biggest hits.

Earlier this week, the popular Gaelscoil released its own rendition of Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s This Is What You Came For.

As with all of Coláiste Lurgan’s musical ventures, the track has been translated into Irish and is accompanied by a thought provoking music video.

Check it out below:




A nine-year-old girl has become an Internet sensation after a video of her performing Adele’s Hello in a bid to connect with her late father went viral.

After her mother asked her why she was repeatedly singing the song in her bedroom, Sadiella Shroyer explained that it was her way of apologising to her dad “from the other side”.

In a heart-breaking Instagram post Ami Shroyer wrote:  “This song became popular about the time we lost Mike.  She would sing it over and over in her room, and I asked her one time why she liked this song so much.”

“Her response: ‘I think Daddy can hear me from the other side, and I'm sorry for everything I ever did that was wrong.’”

Ami – who is herself a singer-songwriter – revealed the emotions her daughter’s words evoked in her.

“Broke. My. Heart,” she wrote.  “Still… she loves this song, even if the rest of the world is tired of it…I really really love this girl!”

According to Babble, Sadiella’s dad died in December 2015 after an unexplained obstruction eventually caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

Months later, her grandfather, Ami’s father, died from a brain haemorrhage.

Ami told the site that her family have dealt with those tragedies through a combination of faith and music.



While Uber has certainly made taxi hailing a hassle-free scenario, getting into its cars is generally a pretty predictable experience.

Unless you land Jonathan Gaurano’s cab, that is.

This week, the LA based taxi driver filled his car with puppies in a bid to surprise his unsuspecting customers.

In a video which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Do GOOD Jonathan shared his customers’ reactions as they met the dogs he had borrowed from a shelter.

Check it out below:

Feat image: Shutterstock


With so many varieties to choose from and such wonderfully comforting properties, if any food is BAE, it’s got to be bread.

And if you’ve ever wondered which type of bread best represents your personality, an online quiz now exists which could help you find the answer.

Earlier this year, 25-year-old college admissions employee Liz White used a quiet day at the office to develop the bread personality quiz which is now dominating the Internet.

The quirky personality test – which links humorous human traits to different categories of bread – has been shared tens of thousands of times in recent weeks and has caused a major stir on Twitter.

The test makes a connection between people who love wholegrain bread and those who suffer from the dreaded Resting Bitch Face.

It also claims that those of us who enjoy a bit of French stick always feel cold and have a strong liking for tequila.

Since the quiz is based on the personalities of its creator’s friends, it can’t exactly be called scientific.

But for those who love bread, it certainly is a lot of fun.

Feat image: 100ita.com

GIFs: giphy.com




If you've never heard of it before, Discing, it's a new Internet trend.

To be honest, we've seen our fair share of social media challenges but this one is probably one of the funniest viral trends we've seen in a while.

It exploded in America at the start of the year, but has recently resurfaced and people all over the Internet are giving it a go.

It's basically when one hooks a CD on each arm of their glasses and then flicks their head forward to make a 'disc-face'.

It's simple, but pretty hilarious, and to be honest, the people in the office that don't wear glasses are raging they can't do it.



Fernwood fitness club posted a video on their Facebook page, and it has gained viral status for a fantastic reason. 

In this moving video, a group of young girls, ranging from the ages of 6-12, are interviewed.

The question these youngsters are asked is: "Has anyone ever told you that you can't do something because you're a girl?"

The answers are heartbreaking, with each of these beautiful girls claiming they have been held back from sports based on their gender. 

"I've been told I can't do basketball, because it's a boy's sport" said 10-year-old Meg. 

However, these girls may have been told they can't do certain things, but that has NOT stopped them. 

12-year-old Stephanie tells the interviewer that she believes "that all girls can do the same things that boys can do"

The video sends an inspirational message to girls all over the world: You can do anything! 

 A number of people have left positive comments on the video, with one saying "LOVE this- girls rule!"

"Aim for your dreams and believe in yourself always" wrote a proud mum of one of the girls in the video. 

We LOVE this!