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When it comes to influencers, some of the settings which are staged for that perfect shot look absolutely effortless. Too effortless, tbh… suspiciously effortless…

An absolutely gas video has been posted online by @TaylorLorenz which sheds light on the environmental factors which influencers endure.

Whether it's freezing cold weather, sunlight blazing in your eyes or just awkward angles, getting the perfect shot isn't as easy as it looks.

The video displays several influencers and bloggers jostling to take the perfect picture at an intersection in New York, 59th and 5th avenue;

They're working hard, to be fair; they've all gotta compete for the best image possible.

Apparently 59th and 5th is some kind of blogger hotspot, an aesthetically pleasing location which influencers have now plagued.

Some witty Twitter users have compared the video to a favourite dystopian show…

It is pretty reminiscent of THAT Bryce Dallas Howard episode, where everyone can rate each other and give points based on their image and personality, similar enough to Instagram.

 Whether you find the video disturbing, hilarious, mediocre or just plain creepy, it says a lot about how different today's social media world is.

We are hugely entertained by the reaction tweets though… keep 'em coming.


New research findings by global technology leader Huawei have just revealed that more people now aspire to be a social media influencer than a pro sports player as their 'dream job'.

Seeing as we're all budding photographers, they've decided to launch the Creatives competition for the fourth year in a row, which aims to find Ireland's most creative and talented amateur photographer.

The winner? You can earn the prize of travelling to ANY destination in the whole world, taking snaps on your Huawei premium device from their flagship P30 series as an extra gift.

You can have the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world, putting Huawei's camera to the test in the trip of a lifetime.

Huawei coincided the launch of the competition with their research findings, which state that 67 percent of Irish people believe that social media inspires them, and 78 percent say it gives them ideas for creative projects.

For a traditionally sports-obsessed country, it speaks volumes that more of us now want to be an influencer. Irish people took a whopping 3,924,723,984 photos in 2018 alone, and social media is now a way to showcase creativity.

Talent can be promoted from your phone nowadays, so Huawei's Creative competition fits perfectly with our budding photographer nation. Why not enter?

All you have to do is share a photo entry with the hashtag #HuaweiCreatives, and one lucky winner will gain flights and accommodation for two to search for new photography experiences.

Last year, the competition had 15,000 entries, but 2019 now has SEVEN additional categories, including night, nature, street and cityscapes.

Capturing Irish scenery, skylines, buildings and fashion shots on Instagram could now lead to a life-changing all-expenses paid trip.

To apply for the Creatives campaign, photograph, your should be uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #HuaweiCreatives as well as the hashtag for the category they are entering.

Find out more on their website, happy snapping ladies. We hope your travel dreams come true.



Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, or how good you look, it just doesn't come across on camera.

And with social media being all about the snaps these days, we want to show the world just how fab we can be. 

So next time you know you'll be snapped, follow these five rules in order to look your best. 

Wear bright colours

If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure to be noticed in something that is a bright and clean colour. 


If you want to wear a pattern, go for a bold one

Bold, graphic patterns look better on camera than small stripes or tiny micro-prints.


Often, less is more

Simple and elegant looks will come across as more chic and stylish on camera.


Dark clothes sometimes don't look great

If you wear dark clothes, the print or details will get lost once it's photographed.


Sunglasses are lifesavers

Sometimes, if you've gotten little sleep or your make-up didn't turn out too well, sunglasses will be your saviour.



This is unbelievable, but yet so believable at the same time…

Kim Kardashian has admitted that she took 1200 selfies in one day.

Yes – one thousand two hundred selfies.

Kim made the admission to her mum, Kris, whilst on holiday in Thailand when she asked: “How many selfies are you gonna do in one day, you’re like obsessed?”

When Kim admitted the (crazy) amount, her mum simply replied: “This is remarkable.”

Yes, that’s certainly one word for it.

Why all of the selfies though? A selfie book for Kanye, duh.


A new and improved vibrator has been designed that could save your life. The sex toy has an in built camera that you can use to perform health checks. Perhaps not at the same time though, that’d be kind of a mood killer.

The idea is that if you become familiar with what is normal for you, you’ll notice when something is up. It’s not a bad idea considering a lot of women are too embarrassed to go to the doctor with intimate problems.

It’s called Gaga (not the lady), and it’s the first of its kind. It costs $180 – is it time to crack open the piggy bank?


A curious fellow decided to take matters into his own hands and place a GoPro camera inside his dishwasher. Apparently, alot of us have been wondering how it cleans dishes as the video has gone viral amassing over 1.5million views and counting.



When standing in front of half of Dublin, the last thing you want to do is mortify yourself!

Sadly that’s exactly what happened to Liam Payne when he was left red-faced after falling flat on his back during One Direction’s concert at Croke Park last night.


After the gig, the 20-year-old hit Twitter to laugh off the fall with his 16 million fans.

“Well you gotta think on the bright side of these things least I get to watch myself on a fail compilation on YouTube,” he joked.

Click here to see the tumble!

We’re sooooo mean!