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Let's all admit it; commuting to work kind of sucks.

Whether you drive, cycle or take public transport, there's always going to be something that bothers you.

The guy manspreading on the Luas; the child stinking up the bus with cheese and onion crisps; the traffic that moves two inches every ten minutes.

Commuting turns many of us into total cranks, so instead of thinking negative thoughts on your way to and from work, here are some tips to make your journey a little less aggravating.

Headphones all the way

If you take public transport, headphones will be your saving grace.

Say goodbye to listening to whatever chart music the young ones are blasting at the end of the bus, and say hello to listening to your favourite artists.


bicycle, bike, cyclist

Podcasts are your new best friend

If you don't fancy dancing along with Beyonce, then a podcast is the way to go.

There's nothing better than being able to sit back, relax and let someone else do that talking. It's also enjoyable to listen to a constructive conversation without having to say a word.

There are so many podcasts out there at the moment targeted at millennials, so you never know what you could learn on your way home. Here are a few of our faves.

Read, read, read

There's only so many Cosmo articles you can read on your journey. 

Many of us complain that we don't have enough time to read our favourite books anymore, so commuting is the perfect time to catch up on your fave fiction and fantasy novels.

Reading will also help the commute go by much faster.

Stash the snacks

Whether your commute is 30 minutes or two hours, we've all found ourselves thinking about food at some point or another.

Do yourself a favour and bring a few snacks on your commute.

Be smart about it though – nuts or a bar is fine, but you don't to be like that child up the front suffocating people with the smell of stinky crisps.

Walnuts in the jar

But don't drink

There's nothing worse than stepping onto your bus or into the car and realising you need to… relieve yourself.

Try not to drink anything about 30 minutes before leaving your job, and try refrain from drinking once you're on the bus/Luas/train/car.

Buy a portable changer

Going back to traffic being so unpredictable – a 45 minute ride home could easily turn into 90 minutes, and if you have nothing else with you but your phone, you'll be at a total loss when the battery dies.

No games, no music, no reading, no nothing. So, do yourself a favour and buy a portable changer. 

Your future commuter-self will thank you.


Constantly checking your ex's social media? – You're not the only one. 

A new survey, conducted by employment firm Protecting.co.uk, has found that a massive 95 per cent of employees use company time to snoop on ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, with women proving to be the biggest offenders. 

Of the 3,000 respondents, an overwhelming majority admitted to having used sites like Facebook and Twitter to glance into the lives of past partners. 

We humans are nosey by nature, and it seems that even getting into a new relationship doesn't stop the urge to have a good ole' gawk at your ex's holiday photos. 

Most offenders are just 'curious' about how their ex-partners are getting on, though some did admit to longing for a second chance. 

The worst offenders were found to spend up to four hours per month nostalgically scrolling, while the average person spent one and a half hours per month. 

We're definitely not doing ourselves any favours, but hey – we'll learn yet. 



The fun is over guys, it's time to face reality. 

The entire country is suffering from a serious dose of the Bank Holiday blues and if you struggled to get out of bed this morning, you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone. 

Here's a comprehensive list of all the ups and downs (mostly downs) you will likely face today. 

1. How many sick days have I taken this year?

Y'know I think I could be coming down with something.

2. The silent commute

We're all in the same boat. Lets keep our heads down and get this over with.

3. ALL the coffee

Keep it comin'. 

4. Open your emails – and immediately regret it 

It's been THREE days!?

5. At last! Lunchtime

Maybe I just won't go back? 

6. Is that clock even working?

No, seriously. Has anyone checked the batteries? 

7. Home time

Sweet, sweet freedom! 

8. Finally back in bed

…Only to realise you have to it all over again tomorrow. 

It was fun while it lasted guys.  



Zara is our ultimate destination for stunning work wear, and with so many iconic new pieces in stores right now, we had to select our faves that will work inside the office and out: 

Printed Shirt €9.95

This printed shirt is reminiscent of Matisse sketches – and the muted colour palette makes it the perfect companion for navy work trousers or blue jeans and runners on casual Fridays. 

High Rise Buttoned Trousers Details €39.95 

Tuck a white shirt into these with sandals for summer, or go all our clashing with an acidic green jumper and white chunky runners for a head-turning work look. 

These trousers could also be teamed with heels and a bodysuit for a simple but statement night out look. 

Hoodie With Seashells Details €29.95

Not all work spaces can get away with a hoodie, but the sea-shell detailing on this coral-coloured piece makes it an exception. 

Add a plisse midi skirt and mules for a fashionable but casual look. 

Dalmatian Print Maxi Dress €49.95

This polka-dot print dress will last you years as a classic-print piece.

Add a trench coat and baker boy cap for a trendy high-street look, or a leather biker jacker and boots for off-duty edgy style points. 

Tie-dye Blouse €59.95

Tie dye is having a major moment – and this tunic tucked slightly into black skinny jeans is a lewk. Hold on to it to pack in your suitcase for a summer holiday dress, too.  

Pearly Crossbody Bag €45.95

Looking for an accessory to take your wardrobe into the summer months? Look no further than this pearl-coated bag. 

Trench Coat With Belt €69.95

Trench coats are a classic staple piece, and they are having a resurgence as the coat du-jour. Try this light wash and light weight option on for size to add interest to the classic blue-jeans-white-tshirt combo.  

Blouse With Voluminous Sleeves €49.95 

A structured sleeve is giving us major 80s vibes, and with the decade being all the rage, this jewel-toned beauty is ticking all of the style boxes. 

Add to trousers for work or a denim skirt and boots at the weekend. 

Short Tunic Dress €39.95

 Add tights, a belt and boots to this colourful look when the weather is colder, or brave bare legs and a panama hat as we move into warmer months. 

Vinyl Technical Fabric Backpack €29.95

This handy backpack is ticking off the perspex trend in a big way. 



January has almost drawn to a close, and if you managed to maintain your healthy eating resolution, fair play to you. 

You weren't alone, with Deliveroo seeing a 63% increase in the number of healthy orders made to offices for lunch across Ireland, particularly in Dublin and Cork. 

According to data accumulated by the foodie app, certain careers enjoy particular cuisines the most: 

Work in Finance? You might enjoy a standard lunch.

Deliveroo found that accountancy employees order classic sandwiches and wraps, while their investment services counterparts are a tad more adventurous, enjoying halloumi and grain salads, focaccia and artisan sandwiches. Swit swoo. 

Business and Consultancy workers tend to like a protein packed lunch with lean meats. This sector orders mainly from modern Greek restaurants.

Tech workers seem to enjoy the taste of Asian cuisine, ordering mainly Japanese foods such as sushi, ramen and noodles.

Advertising and Marketing employees are focused on a vitamin-infused breakfast, ordering double the amount of juices and smoothies versus any other profession.

They also favour brunch over lunch ordering egg pots, avocado toast, acai bowls or yoghurts, often in bulk for those morning meetings.

Engineering workers on the other hand, crave a good carby Italian to get them through the afternoon, ordering the most pizza and pasta out of all the professions. Delish. 

According to Deliveroo, those working in the Law sector make the most amendments to their lunch orders and love a good salad, just add extra chicken, remove the bread and give them extra sauce.


It looks like we're FINALLY getting some updates on Bad Gal Riri's forthcoming album, after R&B legend The Dream revealed some details in an all-encompassing interview.

It's been almost three years since her last work, 2016's ANTI, and since then Rihanna has taken on world domination through fashion and cosmetics.

Savage x Fenty and Fenty Beauty have been hugely successful, and we thank her for those gems, but now we need the TUNES to match, mmkay?

Fans have been waiting a long time to hear more music from the iconic singer, and her newest record is "about done", according to The Dream. The singer has worked closely with Rihanna since 2007.

When asked about the versatile artists' newest work, he said; "She’s cooking, she’s about done. She’s about done. Super close." TAKE IT OUT OF THE OVEN.

He flat out refused to give any more details about the Disturbia hitmaker's album, but also teased that Beyoncé is "doing something" in the studio. Praise the Lawd, the Queens are returning to their thrones.

Speaking in an interview with Ebro Darden, he said: “I actually haven’t talked to her about it – I’ve talked to the team about it because it’s kind of just being coordinated. But she’s doing something."

RiRi recently joked to her fans that her internet connection was too poor to answer their questions about her album, though many are saying her ninth studio album is close to being finished.

The singer posted a video to her Instagram Stories which featured her waving a wad of cash, smiling and blowing a kiss to the camera, with the caption, '"Fans: "Where the album?" Me: sorry my connection poor."

Kuk Harrell, who worked with the star on ANTI, and co-wrote songs such as Umbrella and Only Girl (In the World), recently responded to one of the singer’s fans who asked about the album, saying; 

"R9 is great. R9 is amazing. It’s incredible, And that’s all I’m going to say." Obviously it's amazing, but we need it NOW.

There have been zero announcements yet on a release date, but we'll be patient for Bad Gal RiRi. 


Meghan Markle has the world at her feet, a prince on her arm and a very hectic work schedule. 

The expecting mother isn't allowing pregnancy and newlywed bliss get in the way of her various projects. 

It is reported that the Duchess of Sussex intends to work all the way up to her due date.

Vanity Fair's royal correspondent reports that: 'Meghan has told aides she wants to work as close to her due date next spring as possible.'

This is similar to Kate Middleton, who appeared at royal appointments until the end of her pregnancy. 

Both women have extremely busy schedules as they manage their time committed to various projects. 

Meghan has been very busy of late – working with the Hubb Community Kitchen, who she collaborated with to make the Together: Our Community Cookbook earlier this year.

She has also been spotted with her husband at many philanthropic events. 

Meghan is also expected to announce a collaboration with at least one more charity by the end of 2018.

She is due in April of 2019. 


It's time to buy hand sanitiser and disinfect wipes in bulk.

It turns out many of your work colleagues, friends and family have forgotten what their mama taught them at age three.

Three-quarters of us are failing to wash our hands properly, according to the results from a survey by Initial.

Now before you go waging a war on germs, there are only certain ones that aren't our friends.

There's an important reason why your mam would stand over you and make sure you got every inch of your hands nicely lathered – bacteria. 

The survey showed that a staggering 95 percent of the 264 participates did not spend long enough washing their hands to fully remove those little germy fellas. 

The excuses offered up was poor hand-washing practices (sorry, mammy), being in a hurry, and another fifth said they refused to sud up in a dirty bathroom – which is fair.

And the results show that people aren't loving soap – in fact, only 60 percent occasionally use it when getting those hands clean.

It's the lads that are the biggest offenders, with two third of them never using soap or very rarely, compared with 36 percent of women – Gross.

Something you mightn't have known, according to the experts, cold water is far less effective in removing oils and germs – so get ready to scald the hands off yourself in the name of hygiene.

Getting into the nitty-gritty, the hand washing pros say we NEED to spend over 20 seconds giving them a good scrubbin'.

But only 5.3 percent of those surveyed actually did this…could you only imagine how much bacteria is sitting on your phone after you give your hands a quick rinse and run? – Puke bucket, please. 

And moving to manners, before we inhale our food, only a tiny 23 percent wash up before every meal.

And three-quarters of us sinners, only wash their paws occasionally before a meal – like Christmas.

So the next time you go to shake someone's hand, just keep this information in mind.

And remember it for the next time a co-worker asks to borrow your stuff or hands you something to you – the horror. 

The expert advice to all you disgusting people is to wash your hands AT LEAST six times a day –  in particular before every meal and after using the bathroom. 

20 seconds is the golden rule with warm water and get every inch of the hand – I'm talking to you boys. 

I can hear the collective mammy's sighing around the country as they've attempted to teach us this basic life hack for YEARS. 


We all know the drill. With overflowing workloads, deadlines to see to and just general stress, it can be hard to take yourself away from your desk for an hour to eat your lunch.

Combined with cafes either being too expensive or simply not there, it can seem like more of an effort to leave the office.

However, if you actually knew how many extra hours you spent every year not taking a break, we bet you'd feel different about your lunch hour.

Image result for working


According to Workthere.com, the average person only takes 34 minutes a day for their lunch, and that actually racks up a whole lotta hours.

Refinery29 sat down and did the maths, and the numbers are pretty shocking.

So, there are 232 working days this year (minus holidays). 232 multiplied by the amount of time you don't take for lunch equals 100 hours and 53 minutes.


That means you end up working 12 extra days a year.

TWELVE. That's half of your holiday allowance.

Bet you'll think twice when lunch time comes around tomorrow…


There is nothing quite like a holiday – first we have all the planning, which can be semi-stressful but oh so satisfying. 

Then the lead up, the packing and the scrolling through Instagram at the location tag wishing you were there already. Finally theres the actual trip – the cocktails, the beach, the sun and the relaxation. 

The aftermath is also beneficial, you get to come back to work feeling well rested and with a spring in your step – however, taking time off work for a vacay can do much more than elevate your mood and outlook on life. 

In fact, having a nice long holiday from work can add years to your life expectancy, according to a new study. 

As if we needed an excuse, but the study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Ageing, suggests a reasonably strong connection exists between time off and a later mortality rate. 

1,222 middle-aged male executives in Finland, born between 1919 and 1934, were studied over a whopping 40 year period

The participants recorded when they were going on vacations from work throughout the study.

Many of the original participants have since passed away, and the data they left behind is pretty damn interesting. 

Within the group, men that took three weeks or less annual holiday days had a 37% higher risk of dying between 1974 and 2004 than those who took more time off. 

The men who contributed to the data were healthy, with regular check ups and limited health issues, and it seems that their healthy lifestyles combined with adequate time off work to truly relax on holidays benefited them astronomically. 

So, if you're lucky enough to have paid vacation time, you better be taking it. 



When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you worry about?

It's safe to say that in this day and age we all have a lot to worry about, however a new survey has revealed just what is on the nation's mind.

And, it turns out that work is the biggest worry for Dubliners.

businessman, client, coaching

Research by Royal London, a pension and investment company, questioned 1,000 people and found that 11 per cent of people in Dublin worry about their job, compared to just eight per cent in the rest of the country.

And just as much as we worry about work, we also crave some time away.

The survey found that 17 per cent of Dubs focus on travelling, which is above the national average of 13 per cent.

adult, book, business

However, along with work and travel, money tops the list across the whole of Ireland, with 37 per cent of the nation claiming that it's their biggest worry.

We seem to have our priorities in order though, as health came out on top of what the nation focuses on (37 per cent), while career came in second with 26 per cent and travel came in third with 13 per cent.


We all love a good moan over the housing crisis, the state of our hair or that annoying friend who stood us up for brunch plans, but actually, complaining it pretty bad for you.

One study found that complaining about work can be really bad for your performance and your mood. 

So while muttering darkly about someone stealing your yoghurt from the fridge or how uncomfortable your chair is might seem cathartic, is actually has an impact on how you perform in situations. 

One study in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology found that there is a huge difference between chronic complainers and those who keep their issues to themselves.

A group of volunteers kept a diary for three days, reporting on their mood and how well they’d slept the night before . 

They then described something negative that had happened at the office that day, and how that made them feel, and how they reacted to it, before completing the third entry about their mood. 

The researchers found that those who complained about their negative work experience performed worse that day, and the day after. 

As we're not ones to bottle up our emotions, we don't think we'll be taking this event to heart anytime soon.

After all, if we had nothing to complain about, what would we even discuss?