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Just when you thought you knew absolutely everything about Friends, an eagle-eyed fans spots something that stops you right in your tracks. 

Whether it's pointing out how much of a d*ck Ross actually is, or highlighting the blink-and-you'll-miss-it filming errors, it seems that fans of the show love to analysis every little detail. 

However, the latest fan-theory to come to light actually makes a lot of sense. 

According to Metro.co.uk, one Twitter user has come to the conclusion that Monica and Ross HAD to be brother and sister in order for the sitcom to work. 

It seems that had the pair not been blood relatives, everyone would have sided with Carol in the divorce, meaning the show's dynamics would have been thrown completely off balance. 

While the theory has not yet been confirmed by any of the show's creators, many Twitter users seem to think Emily's hypothesis was bang on the money. 

However, many others were quick to jump to Ross' defence, reminding fans of the show how it how Carol who cheated on Ross – not the other way around. 



Ross Geller and Rachel Green are our favourite tv couple of all time. Always have been and always will be. Always envied their relationship? That is because Ross was the definition of boyfriend material.

1. They started off as friends even though he always loved her deep down
Nothing builds a good foundation for a relationship as much as a friendship. He made it out of the friend zone. Ross, we salute you


2. He genuinely loved her
Soz Emily girl…


3. He chased her to the airport
Hands up who would immediately marry a man who did this for them? We would too!


4. THE kiss
If this didn’t win your heart, you’re made of stone


5. He wasn’t annoyingly macho all the time
We love him for his sweet nature and all of his different interests. Those dinosaurs though…


Now where is that tub of Ben and Jerry's…



Recently, a video of a family trying their damnedest to get a huge sofa into a tiny car went viral…if not, then here it is again!

Everyone remember that amazing episode where Ross is trying to get his new couch into his apartment but can’t seem to get it up the stairs. Rachel and Chandler come to help but Ross gets a little upset, constantly roars “PIVOT” at them. Here's a reminder of the classic moment:

Like we said, a classic.

So, what happens when you combine the two? Well, this: