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Festival season is well and truly upon us and while we are pumped about the live performances and amazing food, we can't help but think of it as an opportunity to get creative with our hair and makeup regimes.

Longitude is the place to be this weekend, and with thousands of festival-goers due to descend on the gates of Marlay park the style and beauty stakes will be high AF.

But never fear, because we've compiled a list of some of the most beautiful festival looks that are sure get those creative juices flowing: 

Glitter Lips 

Who cares if you have to re-apply every 10 minutes? It'll be so worth it. 

Hair Rings

A simple and effective way to jazz up those french braids. 


<< medúzoidné zdobené copánky by @matt_rabb )))) >> #hair #braids #hairaccessories #hairrings

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Delicate Gold Dots

A subtle take on the festival look. 

Sunset Eyeshadow 

This one takes some serious MUA skills, but hey, if you've got it flaunt it. 


When the sun sets… #ankarainspired #mimismakeover #thebeathive #sunseteyeshadow

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Spaced Out 

Cute AF – plus you'll keep the hair out of your eyes. 

Starry Eyed

Let everyone know who the real star of the show is. 


You'd be surprised how creative you can get with white eyeliner.

Glitter Brows 

Old but gold! 


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Feature Image: Music Festival Makeup Tutorial


Kate Middleton completely stole the show at Wimbledon this week when she debuted a brand new do. 

Gone are the lengthy brunette tresses, and in their place is a stylish, lighter summer hair style. 


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The stunning Duchess is giving us all kinds of hair inspiration to see out the summer, and her shorter but not quite lob-length hair is low-maintenance perfection. 

While it's definitely not a dramatic change, the slightly lighter look adds a summery edge to her tresses.

The shorter, but still versatile, length makes this look perfect for those who like the option of still having enough length to play around with different styles, without the mega-maintenance of Rapunzel locks. 


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If you're heading to the hairdressers, picture of Kate in hand, make sure you ask for a long bob with an inch or two of extra length, cut with minimal layering for a full-bodied result. 

As for brunettes looking to add a sun-kissed touch to their hair, request some very subtle, sparse highlights, with most centred around the front of the face. 

If you want to channel Kate's hair style at home, grab the straighteners or curling iron and create around four big, loose curls in the hair, directing the curl spiral away from the face. 

Make sure you use a heat protection spray ahead of hear styling, and then separate the loose curls even more with your fingers. 

Finish with a spritz of hair spray for the ideal curly blow dry look, just like Kate's. 



The world is obsessed with fidget spinners at the moment, and there isn't a kid in the country who doesn't have one of these nifty little toys stashed in their pencil case at this very moment. 

The toys have been adopted by the online beauty community, with MUA James Charles using the spinning gadgets to create a killer contour. 

Now, YouTuber Bunny Meyer, or Grav3yardGirl as she is known to fans, has incorporated them into her hair care routine. 


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Out of curiosity, the YouTuber decided to test the toys to see if they could be used like hair rollers to create luscious wavy locks.

She ordered a bumper-pack of 100 of them, but only ended up needing 18 to complete the hair care trial. 

Starting off with wet hair, Bunny wrapped small sections of hair around each curve of the spinners.

Using bobby pins to hold the whole thing together, she blasted the look with a hair dryer to set it. 


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The result?  

Well, it actually kind of worked if you're into Kesha-eaque wavy locks. 

However, Bunny did comment that the toys were a literal pain in the neck thanks to their weight.

Check out the final look for yourself; 




Getting ready for a big night out can often be the best part of the entire night.

Getting the girls around for 'a few' pre-drinks while everyone primps and preens themselves over a glass of gin & tonic is where the goss is divulged, and sometimes leaving the house for the club gets pushed back later and later thanks to the catch ups 

I'm usually a no fuss, no frills kind of girl, and if my hair gets brushed before hitting the bar, I consider myself made up. 


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Dry & Fly Blow Dry Beauty Bar, nestled on the second floor above L'Occitane on Wicklow Street, is designed with the sole purpose of bringing women together for some quality time, all while getting pampered ahead of a night out. 

I went along to see exactly what pre drinks pampering was all about, and to get a sneak peek of what is destined to be one of Dublin's buzziest salons. 

The city centre space is, for want of a better term, Instagram-worthy, with a modern but feminine aesthetic, assisted by the paint washed exposed brick, pink neon signs and copper accents.

Steven, the giant dog statue, who looks like a piece of art, is actually a speaker imported from France for the sole purpose of bringing the ultimate ladies night playlist to Dry & Fly's clients, adds to the ambience. 

The blow drying stations are positioned specifically so that groups of gal pals can get their hair and nails done as a group ahead of an event, and the salon offers each client a glass of Glendalough gin and tonic garnished with blood orange and rosemary (delish) or a glass of Prosecco to get the party started. 

The beauty bar even boasts a DJ booth, where local DJs spin tracks on Friday and Saturday nights while clients enjoy their luxurious blowdries.

Andrew O'Neill, one of the founders and visionaries behind the salon, sought to create a cool, collective experience for women to go straight from the salon to their destination, freshly made up and ready to take the town. 

Big, bouncy blow outs are the aim of the creative stylists at Dry & Fly, and and their look book features all the classics, from the sleek and straight glossy blow out to Hollywood waves. 

For those feeling a little more experimental, the salon stylists are also well versed in festival braids, dramatic pony tails and up-dos. 


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The salon deal exclusively with Kevin Murphy hair products, a staple in the beauty arsenals of both beauty bloggers and professional hair stylists across the country. 

Gin in hand and after a quick flick through the salon's look book, I settled on the Ty Twist blow dry, a beachy, bouncy look that gave life to my long and admittedly lifeless locks.  

I opted for the full experience, getting my hair washed in one of the salon's comfy basins, with a full view of the painted letters on the ceiling, which read 'relax, you're not cheating on your hairdresser.' 

You can also come in with your hair washed and just go straight for a dry blow out. 

I sat down in one of the socially set-out chairs to have my hair and nails done simultaneously, feeling like I was one pink silk robe away from a backstage Victoria's Secret moment. 

The salon seats, laid out so that friends can face each other and chat, were ideal for receiving both treatments at once.

Having two stylists working on my hair and nails seemed like the ultimate pinnacle of having notions, but hey, who doesn't want to feel like they're working with a Kardahian-esque glam squad at least once in their lives? 

The salon is open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday for those pre-night out blow dry sessions, and from 7am to 7pm through the rest of the week.

Check it out for yourself at www.dryandfly.com.



Summer is in full swing (seriously, don't let the weather fool you!), and that means holidays, swimming and music festivals – for the lucky few.

As the weather heats up, it can be tricky to tame your hair, but braids are a FANTASTIC way to do so. 

They keep your hair away from your face, while also looking really great!

The best part? Braids can be as exciting or traditional as you like, with a chance to spice things up with glitter and bling. 

We have done a round up of our favourite braids and plaits on the Internet, and we dare you not to fall in love! 

You're welcome! 

1. Pigtail Braids

2. Glitter Buns

pinterest: @ nandeezy †:

3. Dreamcatcher Braids

 4. Braided Roots

☼ nσt єvєn thє ѕun cαn ѕhínє αѕ вríght αѕ чσu ☼::


5. Rainbow Braids 



#festivalhair #amazinghair #esmehairandbeauty

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6. Braided Crown

Obsessed with these perfect beachy waves and braid crown on @emmachenartistry:

7. Wrapped French Braid


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8. Earring Braids


9. Fishtail Braids


¡Somos fans de las #fishtailbraids! #braidstyles #braids #hairstyle #bestfriends

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10.  Glitter Braids

These glitter-encrusted Dutch braids are seriously to die for. I can't help but think how perfect this look would be for a holiday party!:



Some people are blessed with enviable hair, and while good genes definitely play a role, it's important to remember that the women whose tresses you want to reach out and touch on your morning commute likely invest time and effort into caring for their locks.

And loathe and all as we are to admit it, the friends, colleagues and family members who boast stunning styles act as constant reminders of the importance of hair care at its most primary level.

From choosing a shampoo that properly reflects your hair type (and not because it’s on special offer) to investing in tools which will protect your hair (as opposed to damaging it), this is all about making the best of your barnet.

And here are just six things those women do on the regular.

Remain loyal

Most of us have been guilty of choosing products based on their price tag rather than their USPs which means we often chop and change when it comes to the products we apply to our hair.

Experts recommend you do your research, find a shampoo and conditioner that works for you, and then stick with it.

Simply put, the moment you land on a combination that works for you, guard it with your life.

Blot hair when wet

Our hair is at its most vulnerable when it's wet, so you'd never find a woman with enviable tresses pulling on wet hair with a rough towel and bristle brush moments after hopping out of the shower.

Gently blotting your hair with a soft towel is the way to go if you want to protect against damage while using a wide-tooth comb for de-tangling is paramount.

Oh, and this woman knows better than to force her hair under piping hot water, and instead opts for warm water while lathering and a cool spray for rinsing out conditioner.

Apply treatments

If you only apply a hair mask once a year and find yourself wondering why your hair isn't in the same condition as other people's, you might just have your answer.

Taking time to apply treatments to their hair is as an essential a haircare step for hair-savvy women as regular brushing.

Get regular trims

Not only do they schedule regular trims, but they take their stylist's advice on board every time they attend an appointment.

And just like product use, it's important to stay loyal to a stylist as long as you're happy with the service they provide.

By sticking with a stylist, you can be assured that they will be able to spot a potential problem before it becomes an issue as they'll know your hair almost as well as you do.

Invest in tools

When it comes to the haircare tools, there is a distinct hierarchy, and you can be certain that women with amazing hair know this all too well.

Take the Dyson Supersonic, for example. Entering the world of haircare with a groundbreaking new addition, Dyson's technology allows for faster, more precise drying, while producing minimum noise due to acoustic silencers.

By measuring the air temperature 20 times every second, it controls heat distribution to reduce damage and protect your hair, with company founder, James Dyson, saying: "Hair dryers can be heavy, inefficient and make a racket. By looking at them further we realised that they can also cause extreme heat damage to hair."

Give it a break

And while treatments and tools do work wonders when it comes to proper haircare, it's also important to remember that everyone's hair can do with a break from time to time.

Being able to strike that balance is how you go from mediocre to mesmorising in six easy steps.

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While others can get too hot, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer works differently. It measures air temperature 20 times a second, preventing extreme heat damage to help protect natural shine.



Whether you're running out the door to work, or spending hours getting ready for a night out, it's safe to say that a lot of our beauty routine time is taken up by our gruaige.

In fact, 29 per cent of Irish women admit that styling their hair takes up most of their time when getting ready.

It's a total effort, and a new study conducted by Peter Mark found that a quarter of us completely ditch the styling process in the morning if we're late for work.

barber, bathrobe, bathroom

According to the survey, half of us spend an average of 4.3 days per year blow drying and straightening our locks, so you'd think we'd come up with a quicker way of doing by now, right?

Well, that quicker way has been invented and it goes by the name DAFNI.

Say hi to DAFNI, the new hair brush that quickly straightens your hair in a matter of mere minutes.


Created by engineering graduate, Sharon Rabi, all you have to do is give your hair a quick blast with the dryer, and then DAFNI does the work for you. A speedy brush through and you'll have super sleek, super straight hair.

What's more, if you're worried about the damage a straightener is doing to your hair (and you should be, 54 per cent of us straighten our hair up to four times a week), this tool won't damage your locks, and it's safe to use daily.

The DAFNI is available now from Peter Mark salons nationwide or online here.  The DAFNI Classic retails at €149 and the travel version, the DAFNI Go retails at €115.



Summer is on the way ladies, and as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, some of you may be in the mood for a change – we certainly are.

Now, we're not saying you have to go off and dye your hair a mad or unusual colour, HOWEVER, if are looking for some unusual hair inspiration – then mother-of-pearl hair might just be your answer.

We have seen so many bizarre hair trends in recent months, from rainbow roots to phoenix locks, but mother-of-pearl hair is quirky while also actually being wearable (we promise).

The new hair-colour trend involves using multiple metallic pastel hair dyes, all blended together to create an effect that resembles the inside of a mother-of-pearl shell – and it is SO pretty.

The results are pretty mesmerising, which explains why it is currently all over our social media feeds. 


Silver & pewter pearlescent hair!  Via @leysahairandmakeup

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But a word of warning – this look is not exactly easy to achieve, but nothing good ever is, right?

Kate Reid, who is a world-renowned colourist, told POPSUGAR that: "It's a slow process to create pearliest hair well. It's a long-term commitment to have this colour, not a quick fix."

She also said that healthy, well-conditioned hair is a necessity when going for a pearly look, as "It reflects light better and creates luminous shine."

Noted, and stored. 

With this gorgeous opalescent hair, at-home maintenance is as important as the salon service itself.

Kate urges her clients to: "Treat your hair like a silk dress, always handling it delicately and following the care steps recommended by the hairdresser."

Whether or not this pearly hair is for you, none of us can deny that it sure is pretty! 



Another day, another weird and wonderful hair colour trend that is slowly taking over the Internet. 

Social media's latest offering comes in the form of "Slime roots," and while they sound awful, they don't look half bad – if green hair is your thing. 

So far this year we have seen geode hair, rose gold hair and rainbow roots – but slime green coloured hair is definitely the most outrageous trend yet.


When your new colors got you doin hair flips  #lyssdidmyhair #greenhair #slimehair #btconeshot_colormelt17 #btconeshot_vibrant17

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This new trend was popularised by Tasha Spencer at Bleach, the famous London salon specialising in the crazy hair hues, and has been all over social media ever since. 

Now, of course the folks behind Bleach London are colour experts, so it's only natural that the "slime roots" look is the product of dreams – however we wouldn't recommend trying to do it at home.

Each strand looks glossy and vibrant rather than dry or overdone, which can be tricky to achieve when you're using vibrant dyes.

Now, while we admit that this colour trend looks pretty cool, we're almost 100 percent sure we wouldn't be brave enough to try it – except maybe around Halloween time. 


Slime @bleachlondon

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That being said, we have major respect for anyone who has rocked slime roots. 

We'll be sticking to balayage for now…



Selena Gomez has just become the latest celeb to embrace a new, short do.

Clearly the cropped hair cut is the hottest look for the summer, with the likes of Cara Delevigne, Katy Perry and Kristin Stewart debuting uber-short dos. 

Now, songstress Selena has joined the ranks of it-girls sporting the edgy look.


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The Instagram queen has just posted to the social media site to share a snap of her updated hair style. 

The photo she posted shows two printed photographs pinned to a wall, which resemble test shots (possibly for a yet-to-be-announced project).

The photo has gotten 3.2 million likes since it was shared. 


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Selena has been rocking the very popular long bob in recent months, so her new sharp cut is a big step.

We're loving her brand new look. 



Summer is fast approaching and with a new season comes some fab new hair trends to freshen up your look!  The gorgeous folks at Hession Hairdressing have shared their tips and tricks of the trade with us, including some of their favourite Summer styles that anyone can try. 


This flattering blend of blonde and brown tones has grown in popularity in the last year and is going nowhere.

With celebrities like the ever stylish Olsen twins, Eva Longoria and Chrissy Teigen still sporting the look, bronde is set to be a big trend again this summer. As a hair colour, Bronde is perfect for clients looking for something soft, natural and not too high maintenance. It is also perfect for all skin tones and a great choice for someone looking to change their hair colour for the first time.

Image result for bronde hair

Flat Waves

Neither beachy nor bouncy, ‘flat waves’ are going to be everywhere this summer. Popular with celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Laurence, these waves aren’t your typical bouncy glamorous ‘Hollywood Style’ waves, nor are they overly beachy and boho.

Flat Waves work for everyone as they are understated and chic yet totally on trend and best of all they work for all face shapes and ages. To create this look at home all you need to do is split your hair into sections. Gently wrap each section around your curling iron, starting the curl 2-3 inches from your roots. Leave the ends of your hair straight for a laid back look. When all sections are complete loosely run your fingers through your hair and finish with a spritz of hair spray.

Image result for flat waves hair jessica alba

The High Pony

A final hair trend that never seems to go away is a sexy sleek high pony tail as seen all over the catwalks throughout New York Fashion Week. To get the sleek shine in front, load up on the mousse before slicking it back into a tight pony at the crown of your head.

Flip your head forward and gather your hair for maximum height.  Use two hair elastics for extra volume and iron out any waves in your pony using a hair straighteners (Don’t forget that heat protection spray!) Smooth any fly away hairs around your hairline with a comb and hold in place with hairspray – et voila you’re left with a super sophisticated pony that never goes out of style!

Image result for high ponytail tumblr

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Clearly the cropped hair cut is the hottest look around at the moment, with the likes of Katy Perry and Kristin Stewart opting for uber-short dos. 

Now, brow behemoth and actress Cara Delevigne has joined the ranks of celebs and it-girls sporting the edgy look.


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Taking to Instagram, the model-turned-actress showed off her new short and spiky do, which has been dyed a pastel shade of lilac.

Cara also updated her Instagram story, showing a pile of her chopped hair lying on a counter.

The British star captioned the snap "Oh No!"


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She also uploaded a video of herself practicing self defence, and her rose-tinted crop looks absolutely deadly. 

The iconic hair style has previously been rocked by the like of Zendaya, Twiggy, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Moss. 

We may have a new favourite hairstyle…

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