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I'm sure we've all told our parents how embarrassing we think they are, how they mortify us beyond the valley of shame for merely existing.

Normally most of the things they do genuinely aren't embarrassing, we're just being dramatic.

In this case, however: one Twitter user explained a genuinely unfortunate mishap which happened when her mother was selling a wardrobe… and it's HILARIOUS.

Sophie Eke captioned the image: "Nice one mum", with texts from a buyer who reportedly could see her poor mums' boobs in the mirror of the item up for sale.

The buyer texted Julie saying: "Hi Julie, I don't mean to sound rude but just thought I'd let you know as I noticed straight away… the photo you uploaded of the wardrobes, I'm unsure if its what I think but it seems that there are some boobs in the mirror!"

"Sorry just wanted to let you know xxx"

Thank God, her daughter didn't upload the full X-rated image, but the tweet has since gone viral. It has been retweeted over 28k times and has over 100k likes, our mums would MURDER us for this.

We wonder what Julie thinks of the whole thing?

We hope she finds it funny, otherwise she might be pretty damn mad (understandably) with her daughter for putting the tweet up about her in the first place. 

It just goes to show, be careful what you put on the internet gals, and maybe check your photos for any nudity BEFORE you upload them?

Feature image: kickassfacts.com


Legally Blonde is an iconic noughties film, and frankly, we'd be lost without the bend and snap. 

Elle Woods is one of our favourite movie characters ever, and her quirky and hidden intelligence make us love her even more. 

One thing in particular that fascinated us about Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of Elle was the amazingly funky wardrobe Elle possessed. 

Image result for legally blonde

Well, clearly Reese was a fan of the Legally Blonde wardrobe too, as she kept quite a few pieces from the movie, 

Taking to Snapchat, Reese showed off her LB wardrobe to fans, and ever tried on a few of the items, 16 years later.  

From the fluffy bunny slippers to Elle's date night dress, we got seriously nostalgic. 

Twitter user Alison screengrabbed the iconic snaps and shared them to Twitter, where they have now been liked almost 40,000 times. 

We now hav a hankering to spend our Saturday binge watching the Legally Blonde flicks…



With an ominous wind blowing through our near-empty bank accounts last month, shopping wasn’t exactly high on our list of priorities in January.

(Sleeping and waiting for this cold, broke and miserable vibe to blow over was.)

But with the first pay check of the New Year landing in our laps in recent weeks, we’re back on form when it comes to a little retail therapy, and thankfully dresses.ie has us covered.

From band tees to floral creations, we’ve let our imaginations run wild in recent days, and despite being more than willing to blow an entire month’s salary on a new wardrobe, the good folk behind the website won’t have it.

With skater dresses going for just €29 and duster jackets a steal at €40, we think we’re millionaires with all this leftover moola lying around.

And without further ado, we give you our top picks.

Choker Neck T-shirt Dress €16.00

At just €16, this versatile piece is an absolute steal.

Whether you team it with skinny jeans and ankle boots or opt for the bare leg look, the choker neck T-shirt dress will see you through the entire year.

Floral Embroidered Skater. €29.00

We're suckers for a skater dress here at SHEmazing! HQ, and we are all over gorgeous number.

Dress down with flat ankle boots or dress up with a pair of heels, and let this dress see you from your desk to the bar in no time.

Waterfall Belted Duster Khaki €40.00

Summer or winter, we're always on the look-out for a coat which will see us through most seasons, and it looks like we're finally sorted.

Elegant, stylish and the perfect finish to almost any outfit, this is one piece we can't wait to get our hands on it.

 High Neck Black Floral Mini Dress

While we may be finally free of the long bleak month that is January, that doesn't mean we're free of the weather.

With that in mind, we're all over this long-sleeved, high-necked dress which would look incredible with ankle boots, thick black tights and your slickest leather jacket.

Khaki Bomber Jacket €14.00

At just €14.99 (down from €27.00), this khaki bomber jacket is, in anyone's language, an absolute steal.

After spending a year trying to find the perfect one, we've only gone and done it now.




Style is something very unique to everyone.

Some pieces you might have in your wardrobe for 11 years, and others you wear once or twice and never see again.

Who What Wear is one of the best sites for up-to-the-minute fashion, but when we came across an article titled 5 Items a Celebrity Stylist Would Remove From Your Wardrobe, we were a little miffed.


A photo posted by Who What Wear (@whowhatwear) on

Micaela Erlanger works with stars such as Hilary Swank, Lupita Nyong'o and Jennifer Hudson, and while they all dress beautifully in their own right, we don't think their stylist Micaela is the one to tell us what socks to wear.

And that's one of her first critiques; mismatched socks. Some people are guilty of wearing these on a day-to-day basis, and guess what? They probably don't give AF. Who's going to see them? What if you got up at 6am and they were the first thing you found?

Plus, they're socks. Not a Chanel embellished jacket. Is it really that big of a deal?


A photo posted by Breeeee (@sockgal) on

The next piece of clothing that Micaela would remove from your wardrobe is a "dingy white tee." Instead, she suggests buying a Gucci logo t-shirt which costs around €600.

Apparently, "dingy white tees happen to the best of us," and after a while they become "not-so-lovely." But does that not happen to mostly everything we wear?

We'll stick to our dingy Penneys' basics, thanks.

In today's society, we all know that trends aren't exclusive to fashion. They extend beyond what we put ON our body, and include what we put IN.

Most women experience weight fluctuation, whether it's because you ate too much over Christmas and still can't shift those extra inches… or just because life is getting in the way of having your five-a-day.

And this is why Micaela's next tip – "jeans that don't fit" – isn't that realistic. If you want to keep those Topshop Jamie's in the hope that you'll squeeze into them next month, work away.

And when you are able to fit into them, you'll feel mega-proud of your achievement.


A photo posted by CECILE, 21yo (@cecile.brwsk) on

So now that we've had our socks, t-shirts and jeans scrutinised, Micaela turns her attention to our apparent inability to spot a soiled garment with her 'no stained blouses' tip.

Obviously, if a blouse has a coffee stain down the front it's going in the wash and not hanging up in our wardrobes. 

"If there's evidence of a stain, it's time to toss." …No hun, it's time to wash.

The last piece of advice Micaela gives is to chuck out shoes that you can't walk in, which is fair enough, but all in all… her guidance is askew, and very much so for the more… privileged of us.

Celebrity stylists may be great for choosing demure, classic red carpet looks, but for day-to-day style, we'll stick to our own fashion guns.


Most women would never let their other half near their clothes, let alone near their wardrobe.

That's why it was so surprising to hear that Julia Roberts husband, Danny Moder, regularly picks out the actress's outfits. 

While attending the Hammer Museum's 13th annual Gala, the Eat Pray Love actress said she is still head over heels for her husband of ten years and trusts this clothing choices. 

When asked by People if there's anything she's obsessed with, Julia pointed to her beau and said, "He's right there."

The couple stayed close to each other during the event and revealed how they help each other pick out what to wear. 

Asked what she was wearing to the Gala, Ms Roberts replied, "It's Bottega Veneta and my husband picked it."

Danny then said he was torn between two possible outfit choices but the sleek dress and blazer combo won because it "was better."

"And I think, absolutely, hit it right on the nose," he continued. "Nice colour, nice shape. She wears it well."

The 47-year-old actress then spent the night holding her husbands hand and making him laugh. Love is still in the air!



If there was any lingering doubt (and there probably wasn't) that summer is well and truly over – today proves once and for all that winter is definitely en route.

And while darker, colder evenings are a bit of a downer, the prospect of roaring fires, Halloween delights and festive fun is admittedly rather tempting. 

Is too early to be thinking of that most essential of Yuletide wardrobe stables – the Christmas jumper?

Here at SHEmazing! we definitely don't think so… which is why we were oh-so excited to discover while wandering around Dundrum Town Centre this weekend that stock has now LANDED in Penneys.

With prices from just €12 (hurrah!) if you spot an item you really like, snap it up QUICK because they're likely to prove extremely popular. 


Reindeer burgundy jumper, €18;
Ivory penguin jumper, €18


Express yourelf pup sweatshirt, €13;
Blue Advent calendar jumper, €18;
Grey Rudolf jumper, €12


Elf knitted dress, €20;
Santa knitted dress, €20


PS: It's not quite a Christmas jumper but we still LOVE it… 

Longline brown faux fur coat, €45




We all love a good trend and there are some pieces in our wardrobes that we just can't live without.

But while most of these pieces are super-duper easy and handy, there are the few that are just so impractical you wonder why you ever bought them in the first place.

But then again, you look in the mirror and remember that you are rocking that trend (no matter how hard it is to walk).


Strapless Tops

Has anyone ever managed to wear a strapless top or dress without having to pull it up constantly throughout the day? We've all been there and while they might look oh-so-chic, it is a pain to have to keep adjusting.


Platform boots

While you might think you look like a member of the Spice Girls with platform boots, good luck running for a bus in them. They totally slow you down and make you feel like you have a heavy bag of sugar dragging from your feet.


Pencil skirt

A good pencil skirt is perfect office attire. They are probably one of the most flattering skirt shapes on the market and ooze sexiness too. But it's better to keep still while wearing one as you will resemble a penguin hobbling along the office floor if you try to walk. Not such a good look.


Leather trousers

Admit it, you own a pair. And if you don't you have definitely thought about it. It's alright, we all think we look like a rock princess if we wear a pair. But be warned, what happened to Ross is Friends is a legit concern. They will either stick to you as you try to get them on or off; and we won't even mention the squeaking that comes on when you walk. 




These pieces are a God send when you're stuck for something to wear as they are so easy to pop on in the morning and you instantly look great. But have you tried to go to the toilet in one? Hello freezing upper body as you have to strip all the way down to pee. The struggle is real. 


White jeans

This is another item that mostly everyone has in their wardrobe. They look great on and how perfect are they for summer days? They're fabulous really – until you spill your glass of red wine down them, oh and that piece of chocolate, and every other piece of food you eat that day. They are a magnet for any type of stain and within an hour the pristine whiteness is now blotted and smeared and you have to pop them in the wash again. #drag




The thought of clearing out your wardrobe may seem daunting at first, but it doesn't need to be as boring and stressful as you may think. Here are the questions that you should definitely ask yourself when deciding what's in and what's heading for the bin. 

1. Does it fit anymore?
Yes those jeans you had when you were 13 did look great at the time, but things have changed, including the size of your hips. Maybe you just aren't made for each other as much as you used to be. 

2. Have you worn it in the past 6 months?
If the answer is no then you're probably just attached and can't let go. That kind of relationship is toxic. You're dependent on a love that isn't even really there.

3. Will you even remember it after you've thrown it out?
We are all guilty of this "Awww but I love that top!" then when it's gone you don't even notice. MOVE ON. 

4. Would you buy it again?
If you could go back would you say "Yes, you're mine, it's always been you" or head to a different part of the shop?

5. Does it make you happy?
Do you feel you could never be apart and you just look perfect together? or are you staring at the dress for 20 minutes every morning like "Why did I choose you again?"




Katy Perry is known for her girly and sweet dress sense with a sexy twist and rarely gets it wrong. Even when she does, she manages to pull it off!

But this? No, we cannot forgive this.

The singing superstar was seated front row at the LA Fashion Awards alongside Kanye West and Rihanna dressed from head to toe in bubblegum pink…complete with pink Adidas flip flops.

Yes, Katy Perry actually wore real-life flips flops to a fashion event. And Twitter have LOTS of feelings about the pink flip-flops:

She better be careful or Kanye might be gifting her with some fur-flops very soon!

In one way, we admire this clear laugh in the face of the fashion world, but in another way, we’re scared for Karl Lagerfeld’s reaction…

Good luck with that, Katy!



Kim Kardashian has shared new photos of a shoot she did for Love magazine and she is virtually unrecognisable! In the snaps, the reality TV star can be seen wearing orange, pink and black fur trim scarf with a skirt and crop top.

It also looks as if this may be the photoshoot which caused Kim to bleach her eyebrows, perhaps one of the reasons she looks so unlike herself!

Kim told her Twitter followers that the spread for Love, which was done by Steven Klein was over thirty pages: “Can’t wait for u to see 30+ page spread with Steven Klein for Love Magazine. @kegrand @Prada.”

Thirty pages – wow! That is quite a spread, we’re excited to see the photos! Although we’re glad Kim’s eyebrows are back to normal…

The KUWTK star also revealed on Twitter earlier that she and Kanye had spent all night planning her 2015 wardrobe, writing: “Up all night redoing my whole wardrobe with Kanye…..I’m so ready for new looks for the New Year! New 2015 vision.”

Yikes…we wonder what we’re in store for this year! There’s no doubt Kim’s style has changed dramatically since she started dating and subsequently married the self-proclaimed fashion mogul back in 2012. 



Have you ever felt like you have no clothes to wear, despite the fact that you have absolutely no space in your wardrobe, because of all the clothes?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone and there IS help out there. All it takes is a little organisation. Here are some top tips on how to do it:

Throw it out
If you have piles of clothes that you haven’t worn in years for whatever reason, you need to get rid. If they’re in good enough shape you could sell them, or bring them to a charity shop. Otherwise, it’s off to the clothes recycling bin for you, unless, of course, you’re handy with a needle and thread and could turn them into something amazing.

Lift and separate
Separate all your jeans from your jumpers, your tops from your dresses and your underwear from your outerwear. Having all the different types of clothing in a different place makes picking an outfit MUCH easier.

There are different ways to organise jeans – whether by size, colour, or style. The easiest is probably by colour, as it’s the most visual which is what you need when you’re staring into your wardrobe at 6am. Whether or not you decide to fold them neatly on a shelf, or hang them on the railing, is up to you.

It’s best to fold heavy jumpers so that they don’t lose their shape on the hanger, and do use some kind of moth repellent to protect your woollen clothes. Natural repellents such as patchouli oil, or cedarwood oil are always worth a try.

A hanger is the only place for your dress. Organise them by colour rather than length, as it makes them easier to find. You could also have sub-categories of day and night dresses, if you’re REALLY organised!

It’s best to hang these on those hangers especially made for skirts with the clips. Fold them in at the sides so the outside doesn’t get damaged and organise them by colour, but also by style. That skirt you wore in Ibiza last year probably isn't going to make an appearance any time soon, so you could stick that one at the back.

If you have one of those closet organisers that are made for holding shoes, use it. They do collect a lot of dust, but isn’t that better than running around the place looking for your missing shoe first thing in the morning? If you don’t have one, the bottom of your wardrobe does the job too. Organise them by the height of the heels and style.

Keep your fancy underwear separate from your normal, everyday underwear. Otherwise you’ll end up wearing your nice things to work, and they won’t seem so fancy anymore. If you want to REALLY go all out, you could line your underwear drawer with silk. How very seductive!



If you are bored with your wardrobe it may not be your clothes that are the problem.

Try adding some of these fun accessories to your outfit for an instant lift and style update.

1. Rings
Stack lots of rings for a fashionable look.

2. Hat or headscarf
A cute fedora will be great for springtime while a headscarf will add a certain retro charm.

3. Scarf
Scarves don’t only have to be for winter! Wrap a beautiful pashmina around you for a summer look.

4. Ankle bracelet
There is nothing more charming than a cute ankle bracelet with a bikini, maxi dress, skirt, shorts, the list goes on!

5. Hair bows, ribbons or flowers
Hair accessories can match your outfit and look really adorable. Channel your inner Belle and wrap a pretty coloured ribbon around that pony tail!

6. Sunglasses
It’s almost summer so it’s time to find your perfect pair of sunnies. Are you brave enough to go for the stylish cat eyes? Or maybe your more of a classic aviators gal? Whatever your into, sunglasses will add style to your outfit on top of protecting your eyes.

7. Statement earrings
You don’t have to go all Pat Butcher on it but a cute ear cuff or chain will add an edge to your look.

8. Layering necklaces
Long necklaces, and lots of them will give you that boho look that everyone loves. Add it to a flowing maxi and kimono for a seriously stylish look.

9. Handbag
Bags are a style staple and adding a trendy one to your outfit will update your look.

10. Statement lips
If in doubt, always add red lippy. Or perhaps brave the spring time trend of berry coloured lips.