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Minister for Consumer Affairs in Australia, Marlene Kairouz, has caused controversy among many after she made a broad sweeping statement about the integrity of Irish tradesmen across Australia.

Responding to a recent spate of crimes involving conmen Down Under, Marlene deemed it appropriate to make a wholly racist remark while discussing the issue at a press conference.

"If anybody knocks on your door that has an Irish accent, automatically ask them to leave," she warned the general public.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook users were outraged, and quick to condemn the Minister's remarks.

"Well Minister, I am an Irish Community Nurse who knocks on many doors every day to provide care for people of all nationalities in this beautiful country. Shame on you for your ignorance and sweeping statement," wrote one.

"What about all the Irish that come to Australia and work themselves to the bare bones? I've seen my boyfriend work 70 hour + weeks out here," added another. "Aussies have told us themselves that Irish are often hired because of their work ethics."

"This network should apologise to the Irish community and anyone with Irish friends and family for entertaining this type of blare faced racism. How is this different then saying don't open your door to any person of colour or ethnicity?" remarked another.

Think it's time to see yourself out, Marlene.



An Irish expat has been found dead after he went missing form his home in Bahrain nearly two weeks ago.

Extensive searches were carried out after Dublin native, Conor David Dunne, was reported missing by his colleagues when he failed to turn up for work at Nass Contracting Company.

On Saturday, the body of the 43-year-old was recovered from a canal in the country's Amwaj Islands.

His remains were taken to the Salmaniya Medical Complex where a formal identification process took place.

The exact circumstances around his death are not yet known, though it's been reported that initial details showed no criminal suspicion.

It's also understood that he was admitted to the American Mission Hospital with high blood pressure just days before he went missing.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that they were aware of the case and consular assistance was being provided to Mr Dunne's family.



It's officially the weekend, so there is no better time to head out on the town and let your hair down. 

One thing that can ruin the night out prep is the thought of having nothing to wear, but never fear. 

The addition of one simple new item is all you need to create a load of extra outfit options. 

Here's what's in the shops now:


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We could listen to James Vincent talk cosmetics for hours… and hours… and hours. (No seriously, we're obsessed.)

A make-up artist of incredible acclaim, James' list of clients includes the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga, so we were all ears when he decided to give an appraisal of Irish woman and their techniques.

While appearing on Today FM's Dermot and Dave Show in recent days, James provided a professional insight into the cosmetic trends currently doing the rounds in Ireland, and it sounds like we could all do with an injection of creativity.

While James acknowledged that "Irish women are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world", he's noted that we appear to have a paint-by-numbers technique (our words, not his) when it comes to our faces.

"The thing that is strange to me is that everyone starts to look alike. I just walked through the department store on the way here and everyone has the same face," he surmised.

Joking that this may cause problems on the city's dating scene, James added: "I can only imagine how confusing it is for straight guys at the pub when you meet a girl. She walks away and then comes back over and you don't know who you were just talking to."

James did, however, say that cosmetic trends do tend to sweep major cities meaning that it's not surprising we tend to sport similar make-up styles, with James confirming that New York also has 'a look'.

Delving further still, James has noted the particular features we tend to accentuate in a similar way. saying: "I think if you look at Dublin right now, the brow is very specific, the bronzer is very specific, and it creates a look where people start to look similar."

"That's why I say individuality is really what it should be all about. You know, make up should make you feel individual," he advised.

Fair enough.


The Department of Foreign Affairs is providing consular assistance following the death of a 27-year-old Irish man in Mexico.

It is understood that the individual, who is believed to be from Co Louth, was shot several times at a service station in the Michocán region of the country yesterday.

According to reports, the man was in the company of a female companion when they stopped to ask for directions to a nearby beach.

Having paused at the service station on the La Mira – Lázaro Cárdenas road, they were confronted by two armed individuals who demanded they hand over the vehicle.

When they refused, the assailants shot both individuals and the took the car, and fled.

It is understood that the Irishman died at the scene.


It seems like Jedward are having a great 'ol time on Single AF.

The twins began filming the show two weeks ago, and were quite successful on their first dates, which both ended in good night kisses.

However, it's one of the other Single AF contestants who they seem to be getting along with quite well.

John and Edward took to Twitter last night to share a video of them teaching Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham a few Irish phrases.

Some of the sentences included "póg me thóin' and 'Conas atá tú?'.

We have to admit that Farrah didn't get off to a great start, as at the beginning of the clip she said, "tell me some Ireland," before trying to say "Irish," and then going back to "Ireland" again.


Her pronunciation wasn't the best either, but as many of us can't even remember the Irish words we learned in school, we'll let her off.

It's an interesting watch, to say the least.


Where's Samuel L Jackson when you need him?

Remember when Kate Thornton attempted to justify her reason for calling Colin Farrell 'British' due to Ireland's proximity to the UK, and Samuel L Jackson wasted no time calling her out on it?

Well, for those of you who don't quite recall, the Hollywood A-lister, during a conversation with the British presenter, in recent years explained the problematic nature of her remark.

"You see that's your problem right there. You British keep claiming people that don't belong to you. We had that problem in America too — it was called slavery," he deadpanned.

However, it looks like Samuel's remarks may have fallen on deaf ears as we have yet another media outlet in the UK more than happy to claim one of our biggest and brightest as their own.

In the latest issue of the Mail on Sunday's You magazine, Ruth Negga was described as British despite being of Irish-Ethopian heritage.

Highlighting the work of LA stylist Karla Welch in a piece entitled Meet the SUPER STYLIST superstars – and the fashion icons they've created, Amy E Williams became yet another journalist who decided that an actor's Irish heritage was subject to change.

"This year, LA-based Karla was named Hollywood’s most powerful stylist, not least for catapulting British star Ruth Negga into the sartorial stratosphere," Amy wrote.

Having been born in Ethopia and raised in Limerick since the age of four, Ruth has often spoken of her Irish-Ethopian heritage, but it doesn't look like the memo reached Amy.


In a recent survey by music heavyweights THUMP, only 17 per cent of headliners at electronic music festivals were female, transgender or non-binary.

I think we can all agree that's a pretty small number.

That's why on International Women's Day in March of this year, Smirnoff pledged to double that number by 2020.

Smirnoff has many partners around the world inspiring women to take part in #MoveTheNeedle, and now it's Ireland's turn.

ELLLL, DJ and Producer

#MoveTheNeedle is a mini-documentary being launched in the Republic and Northern Ireland today, and features leading women involved in Irish electronic music.

The mini-doc and accompanying campaigns aim to inspire a new wave of female DJs and producers.

To accomplish its aim, Smirnoff, in collab with ELLLL, are hosting #MoveTheNeedle workshops across four cities in Ireland; Galway, Belfast, Cork and Dublin.

ELLLL (Ellen King), a DJ and producer rising to the top of the Irish techno scene, has also founded the GASH Collective, which involves women in the industry holding showcases and training events across the country.

Sally Cinnamon, leading Irish DJ

She took part in the mini-doc and believes, "there's no reason why people – male or female – can't work together to share knowledge and help each other across the board.

"There should be cross pollination in all areas. These workshops are really about everyone getting up and having a go."

Other inspiring women in the mini-doc include Aoife Nic Canna, who has been named the Queen of House by Hotpress, Sally Cinnamon, a leading Irish DJ and Veronica Vasicka, the founder of Minimal Wave Records in New York.

"By 2020, Smirnoff aims to make a difference by doubling the number of women headliners and this mission requires music fans and industry leaders to work together to achieve this bold goal," said Syl Saller, Diageo Chief Marketing Officer.

Aoife Nic Canna, leading Irish DJ

So, if you want to be part of this movement, or you're an aspiring DJ/producer that wants to be involved, here are the workshop dates:

Galway – June 18

Galway Arts Centre – featuring; ELLLL, Lolz and Aoife Nic Canna


Belfast – July 15

Catalyst Arts – featuring; ELLLL, Marian Hawkes and Aoife Nic Canna


Cork – July 22

Wandesforyh Gallery – featuring; ELLLL, Lolz and Aoife Nic Canna


Dublin – August 12

The Tara Building – featuring; ELLLL, Eve and Aoife Nic Canna

The GASH Collective

"By partnering with the GASH Collective for the series of workshops, we are working with a team of immensely talented electronic music producers, DJs and teachers who will provide practical hands on training to the people who sign up," said Head of Smirnoff Europe, Chris Laidlaw.

The Dublin showcase will take place on the same night of the Dublin workshop, August 12 in Yamamori Tengu from 11pm-2.30am.

If you want to sign up or get more information about the mini-doc or workshops, check out this website.

And of course, check out the mini-documentary, #MoveTheNeedle below:




Last night saw Ireland's biggest, brightest and best influencers and entrepreneurs in the fields of beauty, fashion, fitness, food and creative media take to the red-carpeted steps of the Mansion House in Dublin for the inaugural SHEmazing! Awards.

The style was absolutely fierce, with a special prize going to the Best Dressed attendee on the night.

Here are just a few of the sartorially sound looks from last night's event:

Lisa Jordan, our Best Dressed Winner


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Roz Purcell, our Foodie of the Year Winner


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Sarah Hanrahan, our Social media Influencer of the Year Winner


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James Kavanagh


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Niamh Cullen


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Clementine MacNeice, our Style Icon of the Year Winner

Holly Carpenter 


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Rosie Connolly, our Most Stylish Influencer of the Year Winner


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Joanne Larby


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Claudine Kehoe


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Rachel Purcell


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Doireann Garrihy

Ashley Kehoe


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Lorna Jane Duffy


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Brittany Mason

You can check out the entire event over on our Facebook page, or head to our Snapchat at @shemazingie to check out the story of the night before it's gone! 


Most of us are lucky if we have a cúpla focal, but one American teacher has put us all to shame by becoming a fully fledged Gaeilgeoir.

Shannon O’Neill was a final year Music Education student in Los Angeles when she was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

The condition affected her cognitive ability and both her short-term and long-term memory.  

Shannon described her diagnosis to TheJournal.ie: ‘’It’s like the flu, it can hit you at any time.”

‘’Being diagnosed with an illness, I sometimes explain it as, ‘I had to greet myself as a new friend’ because there are changes that you have to accept, and you need something to centre yourself around.’’

The condition inspired Shannon to reevaluate her life and she became determined to make something positive out of it.

So, in order to focus her mind and improve her memory, she stared learning Irish.

“I became really interested in the culture that I had no idea about. I started getting books out of the library on Irish culture, politics, literature and music.’’

Having fully completed DuoLingo’s Irish course Shannon now describes herself as an advanced beginner/intermediary speaker of Irish.

Shannon now plans to travel to Ireland and visit the Gealtacht regions in an attempt to improve her Irish.

‘’This summer, I’ll be using the rest of the money I’ve saved up for college to travel for three months around the different Gaeltachts and speak as much as possible.’’

After her trip, Shannon plans to return to her job as a substitute teacher and is hoping to incorporate the Irish language in to her lesson plans.

Shannon is a fifth generation Irish-American and admits she never felt entitled to claim her ancestry because she was so far removed, but we’ll welcome anyone who tackles the native language with open arms. 


Good Friday is a funny auld day, between the lack of meat eating and the no-drinking rule.

However, Ireland is a place full of mischief and excellent observations, as we discovered by checking out the Irish Good Friday hashtag. 

10. Stocking up in a national pastime. 

9. As is confusing tourists.

8. And watching them being confused.

7. Hear, hear!

6. Not that you can get near a lick of drink today.

Good Friday in Ireland from ireland

5. Build a wall. Make the thirsty pay for it. 

4. Any excuse for a house sesh really.

3. The fear must have been real. 

2.  He's ready to go.

1. Up to a bit of mischief 

So, while we have you here; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Well, our foodie hearts have just died and gone to heaven… and saying that, our Instagram-loving hearts have followed after.

Take a look at these bespoke cake designs and toppers, coming all the way from Skerries.

Yep, we might as well be looking at a bride's Pinterest board!

Shindigs is a brand new custom cake design and toppers company which has just opened its doors.

The company designs and creates cake toppers, which are lazer cut and come in a huge range of colours.

The one-of-a-kind pieces are made to order, and right now, shipping in Ireland is free (so tell all brides-to-be!).

We completely fell in love with the Ferrero Rocher cake, which is made up of chocolate biscuit cake, Malteasers, Crunchie, Toffee Pops, Nutella, shortbread and whole hazelnuts.

Mmm hmm, we're drooling too.